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When I first sat down with this next band'€™s front man Brian Dales at Warped Tour this past summer, I definitely realized that even at that point the band was one that had broken out that year. With an incredibly successful debut record '€˜Love Like This'€™ and two undeniably successful singles in '€˜Chelsea'€™ and '€˜Boys You Do'€™, tons of touring under their belts and an unbelievable bond as a band I knew that they could only go up from there! Since that interview, I caught up with the band as a whole when they were out on their fall headlining tour a few months later where I learned that the band was about to go into the studio to do their sophomore record.

That record is now about to drop and it'€™s been a recurring topic in my interviews with the band this past year and most recently, I got the chance to sit down with John Gomez of the band during their time with All Time Low where we discussed in full everything about '€˜Everything'€™s Fine'€™ which drops July 19th. We talked everything from how they come up with the title of the new record to how they really feel they grew up with this record to even some song titles and lyrics behind them! I definitely feel lucky that I'€™ve been able to steadily cover and interview this band and I hope that you enjoy our latest interview!

Last time we talked it was like the last hurrah for '€˜Love Like This'€™ on your fall headliner and now we'€™re at the point where you'€™re done with the new record. I believe it'€™s finished?
So it'€™s all done?
All done! Just got the final.
How excited are you to finally have this record ready to roll?
I'€™m so excited for it to be done finally. I mean it'€™s been like a year in the works and writing songs, scratching songs, re-doing songs, taking parts of songs into new songs. On this album I was really excited because I feel like we were a lot more, not that we weren'€™t sincere in '€˜Love Like This'€™, but a lot more sincere and honest in this record. It kind of sounds like a journal I feel like this record. It'€™s a little bit different in the style of writing. It'€™s not as much like in your face pop-punk like our song '€˜Girls Freak Me Out'€™. It'€™s not like '€˜Have you heard about the new girl on the block?'€™ kind of stuff. It'€™s a little bit more personal like close to our hearts. It'€™s a little bit more I have to say honest. It'€™s not as in your face. It'€™s a little bit more sincere I'€™d say.

That'€™s great! I believe the title is '€˜Everything'€™s Fine'€™ I want to say. How did you come up with that title? Is there a story behind it?
In the last like two years, we'€™ve learned a lot about ourselves I think. Whether it'€™s been relationships with people back home and seeing those fail or go well or just change in general. This lifestyle we live so we kind of in the middle of writing this record realized that a lot of it is very uplifting and about like young love and about how like we'€™re growing up but we'€™re still young. You know what I mean? There'€™s a lot of kind of reflection back even to a first love and stuff like that in this record and it'€™s funny how the producer was looking at it at one point. He was like '€˜You guys are talking about how you were young in a lot of these songs and stuff like that'€™ and he was like '€˜what does that mean?'€™ He'€™s forty he'€™s like '€˜you guys are still young kids'€™ but I feel like there'€™s this time period we caught that captured I think a lot of things kids go through. From high school to like even twenty two, there'€™s a lot of change that goes on. That'€™s kind of what we tried to like capture in this and in it there are some songs. Like sad songs about some break ups that Brian recently went through. A break up with a girlfriend and some people have had relationships die. We were kind of listening to the record back and I was sitting there one day. Sitting there listening to this one song that'€™s kind of a little bit sad and then listened to another song that was happy. It was just like '€˜Wow.'€™ I guess in the end of everything like everything'€™s fine. Everything is going to be fine and we were like '€˜Woah. That kind of sounds like a title of the record'€™. We started laughing like that'€™s fucking hilarious. We were listening to super kind of depressing songs next to this really happy song and we were like alright everything'€™s fine. Everything is going to be fine. So that'€™s why we put it with this sad face that we'€™ve been leaking out on the internet. This kind of idea of like the ying and the yang, the good and the bad.

Perfect! No, that'€™s awesome and then do you think maybe the writing process changed for this record or is it like classic Summer Set?
It was the same kind of recording process. I'€™d say we experimented a lot more. The songs kind of opened themselves up more where as opposed to on '€˜Love Like This'€™, we jammed some on acoustic. Like me and Brian then we'€™d bring it to Jess and just be like let'€™s rock it out. Let'€™s get the electrics over it and stuff like this. With some of the lyrics, it was like we could have gone really hard on some of the songs and just hit them like really rock and we were like dude what if we wrote this song down and did it in a different way then a normal pop-punk song? Maybe this isn'€™t a pop-punk song. That was kind of a struggle we had during the record. We were like '€˜Do we keep you know our whole record going as this pop-punk rock thing or do we show some diversity and change some things?'€™ and I think on this record we did. We kept old true to ourselves but we also weren'€™t afraid to do some deep, new things so hopefully people will catch on to this and like them or hate them. I hope people feel one thing about it. I hope people love the album or absolutely hate it. I don'€™t want people to just say '€˜ehh I don'€™t know'€™ afterwards. I want people to think to themselves '€˜Oh, that'€™s good!'€™

Perfect and then what do you think is maybe the most familiar song to Summer Set fans on this record and maybe the most unfamiliar?
On this new record?
On this new record.
I'€™d say one of the most classic Summer Set songs would be a song called '€˜Must Be The Music'€™ and the most unfamiliar would be..there'€™s a lot (laughs) of unfamiliar songs! I'€™d say the most would probably have to be the song called '€˜Thick as Thieves'€™. It took a really quirky way of writing it where it was this idea of this relationship that everyone'€™s experienced whether it'€™s your friends, your parents. Where that person'€™s not right for you and they don'€™t want you to be together that kind of thing and we were like are we going to talk about this from a real standpoint? Like our lives? We decided in this one song to tell a story in a completely outlandish way. A story that didn'€™t happen to these two people. It almost sounds like they'€™re running away from the government. We decided to get weird with the lyrics in this one. That'€™s probably the most unfamiliar song for them.

And then maybe how do you think this record, well obviously you guys have grown up since you wrote '€˜Love Like This'€™ quite a lot, but besides that do you think it matured a little bit? Do you think it sounds a little bit different?
I think it has. It really has! I think that the overall energy is different. It'€™s uplifting and it'€™s still energetic but it'€™s not energetic in a 2003 kind of Blink 182 way where as I feel '€™Love like This'€™ is. I think it'€™s energetic in the lyrics and the actual content and not just necessarily the production of it. I feel like you'€™re hearing the words. It'€™s uplifting as opposed to hearing some really upbeat pop-punk song. It'€™s the same but it'€™s different. I feel.

Maybe for this release itself, where would be like one of the stranger inspirations for a song idea, a lyric? Something some one said.
I think a song that we went out there lyrically with was this song '€˜Mona Lisa'€™ and we kind of described the way. Basically the overall thesis of the song was that you love this girl more then anything and instead of just kind of saying it in normal different ways, we decided to say it using worldly ways. Like I can go catch the moon for you but it wouldn'€™t compare to you. I can go and buy the Taj Mahal for you but like it wouldn'€™t compare at all. We kind of went in to it using these outlandish like iconic ways like climbing the whole Great Wall and these almost like worldly senses to do this out there. Like kind of show like wow, you must really love this person. We definitely didn'€™t go and catch the moon. It'€™s very unrealistic but I see it as more metaphorical so we kind of went out there with that one.

Awesome no that'€™s so good! And then maybe as a person or as a band, who would be like your dream person to collaborate with?
Dream person to collab with?
Yeah like dream person to have on a song with you guys or like in the writing process?
I would love to work with, more than anyone, probably Pat Monagahan from Train. I would love to work with Train. I love them lyrically. I love their vibe. I'€™d die if I worked with them.

Perfect and then this tour obviously comes to it'€™s end tomorrow in Baltimore but how has this tour been going for you guys? Like getting ready for the new record, the fans getting ready? Being on such a big tour with Yellowcard and All Time Low. How has it been for you guys as the opener every night?
It'€™s been incredible. The reaction'€™s been awesome. It'€™s cool to hear kids, each tour, kind of you can hear them singing over the PA a little bit louder and this tour, the energy was awesome. Definitely like just so stoked on all of it and making new fans. The transition to this new record is exciting. At the same time, everyone we'€™ve toured with is so amazing. Like I'€™m so sad. It snuck up on me and I'€™m trying not to be the typical tour thing of '€˜Oh it went by so fast'€™ and going up to everyone being like '€˜Dude I'€™m going to miss you'€™ but it'€™s true.

And then you have a lot coming up that you guys have already announced. You'€™re going to the UK I believe you'€™re headlining, you'€™re main support for We The Kings tour this summer. What are you most looking forward to? Like you guys aren'€™t stopping.
I'€™m excited. I'€™m really excited to go over seas and meet people overseas. Like they'€™re excited, they'€™re catching on to everything but what'€™s funny is that Love Like This just came out in the UK. It came out probably like three or four months ago out there so they'€™re kind of really new to it and to get that support for our first record when our second one is coming out is really cool because we'€™re going to go out there and be able to kind of meet all of these kids. I'€™m excited because we started touring in the US with like 200 to 500 person clubs. Small clubs where we could meet every kid and see every kid and then you start getting a little bit bigger and we'€™re going there and back in the UK going back down to the same size small clubs and it will be cool to meet every kid face to face.

You guys have been together since you were in high school and obviously you'€™re still doing it today. Maybe what was like the first real life moment, like knowing this was going to be something?
It'€™s crazy. I was looking out and there were four thousand kids inside. We'€™ve played you know amphitheaters with ten thousand people before but never in a indoor venue like that. I mean it was wild to look out there and I remember I was sitting there and sometimes you just black out during your shows. You kind of do this everyday. Sometimes it'€™s not as cool. You don'€™t take in as much as you should but I remember that one show and just sat there and remembered thinking I'€™m not going to move on stage. I'€™m not going to interact with fans for this song. I'€™m just going to sit right by my amp and I'€™m just going to look and take this all in. That explains how shocked I still am at this point that I'€™m doing this and it'€™s real.

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