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Weekly starting today, I'€™ll be featuring an interview with a band who'€™s new record drops that day and the first one up? Sparks the Rescue! The great rock band based out of Portland, Maine has just dropped their sophomore record '€œWorse Things I'€™ve Been Cursed With'€ today and it only impresses me beyond my expectations. From stand out tracks like '€˜The Weirdest Way'€™ to '€˜Better Side of Me'€™ I'€™m sold on the lyrics and after talking to the band through the past year and a half or so, I know how hard these boys work and it'€™s definitely paid off!

For this record, they all moved into a house in Maine to write the record and it must have worked beautifully for them because this is quite possibly the best pop-rock record I'€™ve heard so far this year! Recently I spoke with Toby of the band to talk about the record where we talked about everything from what may be the most left-field song for the band to their dream collaborations. Read it all here!

So the new record '€œWorse Things I'€™ve Been Cursed With'€ finally comes out May 10th. What are you most looking forward to with finally having this sophomore record out?
Just being able to, you know, have people hear new music of ours because we haven'€™t put out a CD in like a year and a half or something and also being able to play new songs at live shows now. That'€™s always my favorite part of releasing new music is going out and playing in front of kids and seeing like what their reaction is and people are into it and stuff like that.

Awesome and then you just played your record release show along with releasing a few of the tracks off the record. How do you feel it'€™s maybe going over so far with the fans? Meaning the new material.
Yeah it'€™s been going really well like when we released '€˜She'€™s A Bitch and I'€™m a Fool'€™, we played Ohio the next day after we released that song and there were like a handful of kids that already were singing along to it and like the release show in Portland was crazy. Just like how quickly the kids had learned the words to the new songs and stuff. It kind of gives you the chills, you know. It'€™s really awesome that we have kids that like are that into our band and that'€™s how we can move up and play shows. We'€™re stoked that we can release the whole record.

Awesome and then last time we talked was actually in Boston at the Christmas Brings Me Down tour and after that tour, you went out with The Dangerous Summer, The Graduate and The Scenic! Maybe what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen lately like on that tour?
Well The Dangerous Summer tour was pretty wild. We went all the way to California and back. I would say the craziest thing that happened on that tour wasn'€™t even musically related. It was when all of those tornados were going down and we were pretty much in the exact path of destruction. So in the past few weeks, I'€™ve seen more tornado devastation then I'€™ve ever seen. We had to like postpone our sets forty five minutes and huddle in a hallway with everyone in the venue. That'€™s probably the craziest thing that'€™s happened at least to me on that past tour.

Perfect and then I'€™ve heard the record and it'€™s definitely something where I feel you guys have really matured and grown with this record. You have Spose the rapper on it and a lot of different genres kind of involved. How do you feel you'€™ve maybe grown with this record in comparison to the first one?
I think we'€™re trying to step out of the cookie cutter pop punk band and just try to be a rock band. We all moved into a house in Maine for two months and wrote and demo'€™ed. We didn'€™t want to be like afraid to try new stuff like there'€™s a song called '€™Holiday'€™ on the record that totally comes out of left field from anything else on the CD but we didn'€™t want to be afraid to do that kind of stuff. We didn'€™t want to be afraid to have a rap on a song or do a song that has swear words in it. We just kind of like wanted to broaden our horizons a little bit and I'€™m sure some people are going to hear it and be like '€™Wow, that'€™s kind of bizarre'€™ but I think it flows well as a whole CD. Twelve songs. Beginning to End. I think it all sort of makes sense together.

Awesome and I was actually going to ask about that. Maybe what track on the record do you think will be the most familiar for fans of the band and maybe the most unfamiliar?
I think the first few songs are probably pretty similar to '€œEyes Set To The Sun'€. '€™Holiday'€™ has kind of a Mexico ('€™Hello Mexico'€™) vibe to it so that may not freak people out too much. We did a more of a ballad-y top song at the end of the CD called '€™How To Make A Heart Hollow'€™ which I thought came out really good and we had one of our good friends Jessica Leplon who sings for the band called The Morning Of, she came in and sang back ups on it. That was the first sort of slower kind of song we had written in a long while so I think that one might be the most different.

Perfect and then like you said you did collaborate with Jessica from The Morning Of and Spose so you have a few collaborations on this release. Who do you think would be like your dream person to do a song with?
I don'€™t know I think a lot of us in the band would really like to write a song with Butch Walker at some point. We'€™re all pretty huge fans of him and his work. I think that would be really cool!

Then I don'€™t believe a video has dropped yet for this record. Maybe if you could take any of the songs off of it right now to do a video for, which one do you think it would be? You may have one in the making already.
Probably '€˜Worse Things I'€™ve Been Cursed With'€™ because to be honest it'€™s my favorite track and I think it would be fun to make a video for that.

Awesome then actually this is a pretty quick interview but maybe what'€™s going to be coming up in the near future and the next few months for the band? Are you guys planning on staying on the road after the Go Radio tour? Like what'€™s going to be going on!
Yeah we are planning to just stay busy as soon as this record comes out. We want to be working a lot so expect to see us on tour most of the summer and just hopefully come out and say hi to us because we love making new friends!

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