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It'€™s definitely been a while since the freshman release for Virginia based Parachute but the new record that drops today in '€˜The Way It Was'€™ definitely makes it worth the wait. We'€™ve been treated to a few advanced songs from the record be it through music videos and/or singles but to hear the whole CD in one listening and one sit down makes it clear how good of a record this one truly is.
I was lucky enough to catch the band live last October where those in attendance were treated to a selection of tracks off the record including '€˜Halfway'€™ which seems to be the landmark of the record and '€˜You and Me'€™ to '€˜What I Know'€™. So of course, these ring out as the most recognizable for me and in a great way. From the beautiful lyrics written for these tracks to the musical backing that has become familiar to Parachute fans including the not so traditional saxophone skills from Kit French it is definitely not a disappointment in the least.
Recently I got the chance to sit down again with the front man of the band Will Anderson where we pretty much discussed everything to do with the new full length be it the tracks that will be the most familiar and most unfamiliar to the fans that have been listening to the band for a while to the plans that are to come in the future including their time out with The Goo Goo Dolls this summer! We also talked about the latest music video for '€˜You and Me'€™ and the idea behind making four low budget music videos in comparison to one big budget video for the record. If you'€™ve been a fan of the band for a while, you'€™d know that with these videos coming out for '€˜The Way It Was'€™ the band has more then a handful of music videos for these two releases alone and I think that'€™s something that creates a staying fan base. Read on for our exclusive interview with Will and pick up the brand new record which drops today!

Alrighty so we did talk during your fall headlining tour and being a while ago, the album at that point was almost done. Now that it'€™s about to come out in two weeks, what are you most looking forward to with finally having this record out?
Oh I think just showing the songs off. I think a lot of the fans know the song titles and kind of what they'€™re like but I'€™m just really excited to show them the finished product. We'€™re just super, super excited because we have nine we think really, really good songs. I think one that the fans are going to be really excited about once they finally hear them so just to finally get it out alone is a great feeling! We'€™re excited. We'€™re really pumped.

Perfect and then it has been a while since '€˜Losing Sleep'€™. So maybe how would you say it maybe differs or compares to your first record?
Well I think the new album is definitely just better songs. I think it'€™s better production. I think as a band we gelled in the past few years in a way that I think it really cliqued this recording. I think we hit a new level as musicians and as a collective goal that'€™s really something. We'€™ve always been best friends and in our opinion a good band of friends that has finally hit our stride it feels like. It'€™s one of the albums that just sounds different. It'€™s sounds bigger, more expansive, more ambitious then I think even we were expecting and just with out being pretentious. I don'€™t know. We really wanted it to be huge with out trying to be huge and it ended up that way. I think it was just the natural progression from where we were as the result of playing live. I think we really gelled and just cliqued for some reason. Not for some reason obviously but just cliqued in a way that we hadn'€™t quite felt or experienced yet once we started recording this one.

Awesome and then as strange as this question may sound, what would you say will be the most familiar sounding song to fans of you and the first record and then maybe the most unfamiliar?
I think the most familiar song will probably be the first song. It'€™s called '€˜White Dress'€™. I think it'€™s a good, it'€™s like our original stuff but bigger. More ambitious. I think the least familiar song would probably be something like '€˜What I Know'€™. '€™What I Know'€™ probably is the least familiar in terms of the style that it is. It is familiar that'€™s the hard thing because, well a lot of my friends have heard the record and they'€™ve told me '€˜It'€™s clearly you guys. It sounds like you guys at the next level'€™. I think everybody will find that certain songs are different which will be cool.

Perfect and then like you said you have released '€˜You and Me'€™ and other songs off the album. How do you think it'€™s maybe going over so far with kids? Like how have the reactions been?
I think better than I even expected. Especially with that song. I mean obviously we know '€˜Something To Believe In'€™ was going to be on the radio and we knew that it was going to eventually get to a point where people would be downloading it and we'€™re excited about it but with those two, to see the response it'€™s gotten with out any radio play and with out anything really prior, these past three or four days have been amazing. Just really kind of unexpected and exciting.

Perfect and then you did just drop the video for '€œYou and Me'€ just a few days ago. How did you maybe come up with the idea? I know it'€™s you guys around town on your bikes!
Well what we decided to do was instead of just doing one really big budget video and that be it we wanted to take the money we would have thrown into one video and make four videos. So with that, in the process we had to balance making a great music video and trying too hard. So for '€™You and Me'€™ we wanted something cool and we talked about it and we just wanted something simple and for some reason riding bikes was always something that popped into our head when we were listening to that song. We just decided to do it and keep it simple and not try too hard to make anything because as a band we always wanted to make great budget videos on a small budget so we decided we'€™ll just ride around and have fun doing it and mix it with live stuff and hanging out and I think it nailed it and we really just wanted to capture the essence of the song and it worked out.

Awesome and then you are out with the Plain White T'€™s right now but you are going out with The Goo Goo Dolls which is huge this summer. Being such an historic band, what are you most looking forward to just during that tour? With them and Michelle Branch?
Oh wow just getting to play with one of the bands that you grew up listening to is always a pinch yourself moment and Goo Goo Dolls are one of those bands that I think all of us went through a phase of just loving that band. It'€™s funny but even the too cool kids liked Goo Goo Dolls like back then. They were the jam! So to get to play with them, we'€™re just really excited to hear them every night and especially excited to be playing outdoor amphitheaters with big stages. Summer time touring is always fun.

Awesome and then like I said, you are still out with the Plain White T'€™s on that co-headliner tour. So it'€™s kind of goofier and you'€™re always touring but what would you say are like the three things you must have while on the road to survive?
Ooh, great question! Sheetz which are gas stations, my labtop and probably healing ointment skin care.

Perfect and then maybe what was the first CD or Cassette you bought as a kid?
Ooooh No Doubt'€™s '€™Tragic Kingdom'€™. First CD ever! I went into the store and I remember going to Tower Records in third grade, 1996. No! '€˜97 fourth grade and bought that album.

Awesome and then the first concert you went to and do you think either of those musical experiences influenced the style you'€™re doing today?
Yeah both of them were No Doubt! No Doubt was my first show too in second grade they'€™re so good. Like seeing them getting to do that. Being four high school friends getting to play music together in an arena! I knew I always wanted to do this and then to see them do that it was just like '€˜Yep, that'€™s it!'€™ It really did!

Perfect and then I know with this record obviously you'€™re on this tour right now with Plain White T'€™s and you'€™re going out this summer, what'€™s the plan for these next few months or like this next year? Just plan on staying on the road, maybe going overseas?
Yeah we'€™re going to be here in the states with the Goo Goo Dolls all summer and we'€™re going to do our headlining tour. We'€™re going to go to the UK and Europe and hopefully over to Japan and Australia. Do that this fall and come back late fall through early winter and do some more US headlining touring. So lots of touring basically!

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