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Since we'€™ve caught up with the band Hey Monday just at Warped Tour last summer, already so much has changed for the band in a positive way. Just after I talked with Alex Lipshaw at Warped, a few things were announced so shortly after with the loss of Michael '€œJersey'€ Moriarty and instead of having a new LP the band instead had an EP put out. Despite those hardships, it is clear that the three original members in Mike Gentile, Cassadee Pope and Alex Lipshaw have only learned and grown from the rough experiences they have had over this past year.

I got the chance to catch up with the band again at one of the last few dates of the Dirty Work tour that just finished and we talked about everything the band is up to with in these next few months! They just got home from Indonesia where they played a headlining show with A Rocket To The Moon and The Downtown Fiction in Jakarta and with a week in South America, the gang will be settling down to write and record some new music which will result in a new full length for the band. As cheesy as it may sound, '€˜Hold On Tight'€™ for a follow up to their incredibly successful first record and keep your eyes peeled for everything coming from this incredibly talented band in the next few months!

It has been almost three years I want to say since the full length '€˜Hold On Tight'€™ dropped.
Cassadee: Yeah!
In 2008! How excited are you guys to finally be like back in the studio? Like hopefully making a full length?
Cassadee: I mean it'€™s just exciting to write together again. It'€™s been a while and you know obviously releasing an EP wasn'€™t our decision because we were really excited about releasing a full length and when we found out, we were pretty bummed out. It was just one of those things where you'€™re on a major label and sometimes they make decisions and you have to kind of just deal with it and hope that after you just kind of roll with things that eventually you'€™ll have more of a say in the long run. You know we trusted them with it and it was just basically like bad timing and we didn'€™t want to release it when all these crazy big artists were releasing their albums. We didn'€™t want to be overshadowed so we decided to wait and I feel like it was a good decision in the long run because now it'€™s like we'€™re finishing this amazing tour with All Time Low and the things we have planned. It'€™s so spread out so we have a lot of time to just write and go into the studio and make a bad ass record and release a full length and that will be really good!

Perfect and then you have toured so much since that record came out. I mean I saw you guys for the first time with Fall Out Boy like '€˜09.
Cassadee: Oh wow jeez!
Alex: Long time!
Oh yeah! Long, long time ago. I honestly did not know who you were and you were first to play. Stuff like that! How do you think that time as the three of you in this band has been helping you since the beginning?
Mike: Go for it Alex!
Alex: I think that for us, touring is the number one factor when it comes to making a band tight. I mean we'€™ve been booked to be on tours pretty much ever since the Fall Out Boy tour. So yeah, I mean traveling every single day together. Also, when you'€™re on tour say you like mess up on a show you always have a show the next day which is kind of like saying you can put it behind you and stuff like that. When you'€™re in like a local band and you play a show once a month and you mess up like a small thing on that show, it just eats at you. Touring'€™s definitely, it just makes you a lot better as a musician and as a band I think.
Cassadee: Agreed.
Mike: And I think because of it, the three of us have this insane bond because in the past three years we'€™ve had so many incredible things happen to us and so many just pretty horrible things happen but we'€™ve gotten through it together. The three of us and we'€™re so close because of it and it'€™s just made us a better band and now we just have such a positive outlook on everything because of our past experiences and I feel like the best way to know something is to learn from an experience and we'€™ve had a lot of experiences to learn from. So we'€™re just going to go into everything knowing what we know and it'€™s going to be awesome.
Cassadee: Yeah!
Well that'€™s a great thing to hear!
Cassadee: Thank you!

Of course you'€™re welcome! Maybe do you think the writing'€™s going to change with this record or is it going to stay pretty similar to like what you guys have been doing? I know when we talked, you had been writing with Butch Walker.
Cassadee: Yeah!
And collaborating some with other people. Is that going to change, happen again with this record? Classic Hey Monday?
Cassadee: I think it'€™s probably going to go a little more towards how Hey Monday sounded before and also at the same time, I feel lyrically I mean I'€™m growing and I can'€™t help it. It'€™s just life! So I feel like lyrically, that'€™s going to mature even more but musically I feel like it'€™s going to be more fun then the EP and a little more lighthearted. We'€™re all in like a different place then we were during the EP. It'€™s like a little bit more of a freeing kind of place and we'€™re all really happy and there'€™s nothing really dark going on in our lives right now. So it'€™s definitely going to be like a lighthearted kind of fun record but as far as songwriting goes we'€™ve been writing, all three of us, a lot recently and I'€™d still like to be thinking of doing some co-writes. I'€™ve done some in Nashville and I want to go back there because that was amazing and next time we'€™ll all go together but I went there alone and it was amazing so they'€™re just like stoked to go and see it for themselves. So that will be fun!
Perfect! No it looks like things are really shaping up.
Cassadee: It is, yeah! Always good things.

And then now that you are two EP'€™s and a full length in. I know you guys did the Candles EP as well and did the video for Candles which was on the first record, how do you think it'€™s all been going over with the fans? Like with that EP and going on all of Warped last summer.
Cassadee: Well ever since Warped Tour, I mean we'€™ve gained a lot of fans that we never would have gained because Warped Tour is slightly more masculine, more like harder demographic so that was cool and it gave us fans and then the Candles EP. When that came out, it was just all really good timing because everyone from Glee like used Candles in their show and that really helped but yeah the fans seem to be taking to it pretty well. It'€™s definitely one of the best received songs we play live. Like the kids seem to really get into it and I feel like it'€™s always been a fan favorite since the beginning but since we'€™ve kind of revamped it and re-recorded it, it was given another life. So we'€™ve sort of kind of given it another shot and are giving it, you know, the actual chance that it deserves.

Perfect and then maybe who would you say is like your dream collaboration for you guys? Like you'€™ve sung on songs, you'€™ve worked with other people.
Cassadee: I would love to do something with Michelle Branch someday. I love her. She could write, cowrite, anything.
Alex: I would kind of love to like write with the guys in Yellowcard. I think that that would be awesome. Maybe. I don'€™t know.
Mike: Oh man! That'€™s so hard. I would, hmm, love to do some stuff with Blink. That would be pretty crazy or like Patrick Stump would be awesome.
Cassadee: Mmhmm!
Mike: I'€™d love to just work with an artist that has done it and experienced it and they know what it'€™s like to be in a band. They know what it'€™s like to write and record a record and they know what it'€™s like to just do your thing and have somebody oversee it. Make it a better product instead of trying to make it something that is really not so that'€™s why I would love to work with people like Mark and Tom or Patrick. Somebody who just gets it.
And those guys (Fall Out Boy) are all really doing something different from what that band was doing, it'€™s really great!
Cassadee: Yeah going into all different avenues it'€™s awesome. Good things!

Then this is kind of a different question but what are like the three things that you must have while on the road to survive? Maybe personally and not just as a band.
Cassadee: I'€™m pretty generic. Cell phone.
Alex: Computer.
Cassadee: Computer. I don'€™t really use my computer on tour but.
Mike: Yeah I mean iPhone kind of takes care of all of that. I mean you can do everything with it.
Cassadee: iPhone I guess. To be specific!
Alex: The iPhone. Tooth brush.
Mike: Hair straightner (all start laughing).
Alex: Electric shaver.
Cassadee: We'€™re getting greedy!
Mike: We'€™d get pretty grody if not.
Cassadee: One thing!
Mike: I thought you said three things!
Alex: Yeah me too my bad but alright and this beautiful painting right there (pointing at a painting on the wall).
Cassadee: Pretty lady!
Mike: That'€™s a dude actually.
Cassadee: No it'€™s not.

Then like I said you did do the video for Candles which was on the first record. How did you guys come up with the idea for that video?
Cassadee: Well ever since we wrote the song, I had this idea. It was actually going to be another girl acting through out the video and I had like a different kind of treatment but we kind of dumbed it down. It would have taken too big of a budget to make the video as I wanted but we dumbed it down. We just wanted it to be like a dark, more elegant video and we'€™ve never done it before. Like the three videos we'€™ve ever done are just super poppy and colorful and fun and we wanted to show a different side to us and the song is very like melancholy and sad.
Mike: Dark but with a hint of light like at the end of the tunnel.
Cassadee: That'€™s true!
Mike: Which is kind of portrayed through the dark video with hints of light in the room.
Cassadee: With hints of light passing by. I guess it is a pretty artistic video if you look into it.
Mike: We really just wanted it to be hipster.
Cassadee: You could think of a lot of symbolism and whatever but you know when it comes down to it, it'€™s just a sad, sad video and sad song.

Then to end it all off, you guys have been busy. You did your headlining tour this past fall with Cartel and The Ready Set, you'€™ve been touring steadily. What'€™s coming up like in these next few months? Are you focusing on the record? Are you going to be taking a little break from the road?
Cassadee: We haven'€™t had any plans come up for the summer so honestly we'€™re going to take that time to write and hopefully come up with a plan to get into the studio and start recording but as of right now the only things we have planned are straight after this. We'€™re going to Indonesia for a show with Rocket and The Downtown Fiction and that will be really fun and then in August, we'€™re doing a week in Brazil, Argentina and Chile so that'€™s all we have planned right now but most of our focus is going to be going towards the next album and making that happen!

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