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The next band up is a definite familiar face around Music Remedy and over the past year, I have had the chance to steadily catch up with the band be it just a month after their latest release '€˜Selfish Machines'€™ dropped till the point where they are already talking about writing the follow up! I recently made it out to meet up with Vic, Jaime and Tony just minutes after they played the second night of their two night stand in Massachusetts during their current time on the Gamechangers tour with A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon and it definitely was a treat!

From talking about the antics in the crowd I had seen the last time I caught them play to how crazy their time has been so far on their current tour, we covered everything currently going on with the band. Included was a shout out about Vic and Jaime'€™s supposedly rumored relationship to how happy they are not to be on IsAnyoneUp but not just the humorous was covered! They gave me the run down on what they'€™re most excited for with their upcoming Australian run and much more! While they may not be on the road much this summer, it'€™s worth it since the boys will be writing their new record as well!

Obviously Attack Attack was a huge tour for you guys! Playing huge rooms and sold out shows but this is just starting and already it'€™s been nuts! Like completely sold out, two night stands for the first two cities, how has it been going so far for you guys?
Jaime: It'€™s been so, so sexy.
Vic: Sexy. Yeah this tour'€™s been cool. This is probably the only time I'€™ve ever gotten butterflies before I go on because there are so many frigging people out there.
Jaime: These shows like, the Attack Attack tour was awesome for us because we were back in big, big rooms and stuff but with this tour these are some venues that we have never even played before. So it'€™s definitely butterflies.
Tony: Dude, I get nervous all the time. I'€™m used to it!
Jaime: The good thing about this is we'€™re playing in front of a lot of kids who normally wouldn'€™t get a chance to hear us. So that'€™s always a good thing and I think the shows have been going great. The response for us has just been awesome!
Vic: We'€™re stoked!

Perfect and then actually I wanted to ask about this. I saw you guys, like I said, play for the first time that night after our interview because I didn'€™t get to see you guys at Warped Tour and girls were like trying to put their hands down your pants (to Vic) and since then I'€™ve talked to a lot of people who talk about fans getting too close. I wanted to ask you about because that was pretty intense I'€™m sure for you as well of fans getting too close and crazy moments.
Jaime: Well we train him so he gets used to all the touching. We got to get him prepped. The lead singer'€™s got to get used to it.
Vic: Yeah I'€™ve installed a electric shock system to my crotch area and when anyone gets pretty close, it just goes off.
Tony: You don'€™t even want to know what happens when he gets a boner.
Vic: Oh yeah!
Jaime: That means game over. The whole bus just shorts out.
Tony: Yo Vic! Trying to watch a movie man!
Vic: Sorry guys.

Then you guys went out with Silverstein I want to say and Miss May I and then this tour obviously is already nuts. Maybe what'€™s like one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen lately?
Vic: Lately? Lately at shows craziest thing that I'€™ve seen. Let'€™s see-
Jaime: There'€™s a part in, oh my god it'€™s so funny, A Day To Remember'€™s set where they bring out this like creepy hamster ball. Like a life sized hamster ball.
Vic: I wouldn'€™t, yeah.
Jaime: Give it away? It gets pretty crazy (laughs)! Let'€™s just say A Day To Remember does a lot of crazy things in their set.
Vic: Yeah and it'€™s really fun to watch!
Jaime: It'€™s already on the internet.
Tony: Fair enough. It'€™s like fourth show in!

No big deal, two cities played! Then you guys have announced a new Australia tour which just got announced and you guys were just there after Warped Tour last year I believe. So what are you most looking forward to like going back? I know it'€™s with Escape The Fate?
Tony: Yes, Escape The Fate!
Vic: Oh man! All of Australia was really fun.
Tony: I don'€™t know! I mean I can'€™t even describe it. Like all the people there are so nice and the shows were awesome. Escape The Fate I'€™ve never really met them it should be fun. The drummer looks like he'€™s in Guns '€˜N'€™ Roses I'€™m all about it.
Jaime: The female population is great. For every one dude, there'€™s like five chicks. No it'€™s awesome, I had a great time. Surf'€™s up!
Vic: (laughs) Surf'€™s up!
Jaime: There'€™s just (laugh) so many ladies out there ya know?
Tony: What are we looking forward to (laugh)? Yeah, tons of chicks! No, I'€™m excited for the shows Jaime.
Vic: There ya go!
Jaime: Well I hope all the chicks come to the shows.
Vic: I think you'€™re cut off for a minute.

And then it had been like three years between Selfish Machines and the debut record and now that it has been out for almost a year it will be getting to that point in a few months. Are you even thinking about writing again?
Jaime: Oh yeah!
Vic: We got to keep that ball rolling. We got to keep that creation ball rolling. Yeah we'€™re going to write this summer. We'€™re not going to do Warped Tour or anything we'€™re just going to write. Yeah, I'€™m stoked on it!
Tony: It will be the best record of all time.
Vic: Yeah, best three! Third time'€™s a charm!

Where is like one of the stranger places you guys have found inspiration writing? Like something some one said or something that happened?
Vic: One of the stranger places we'€™ve found inspiration? I was watching The King'€™s Speech and it'€™s about a king who has a speech impediment. He can'€™t talk right and he goes thru all this training to learn how to use his voice and stuff. As a singer, I found it a little inspiring. Sometimes it'€™s like we'€™re not fucking up there doing speeches so it'€™s kind of hard to talk to the crowd all the time. We'€™re singers before we'€™re actually learning how to talk to big crowds and stuff so I thought it was kind of cool.
Jaime: Great! I actually just watched '€˜Tron'€™ for the first time. Not to segue into Tron but that movie, just the fact that I think it'€™s crazy how movies now a day are just being crazier and crazier. To the point where I'€™m like looking forward to seeing what, in like five years, what'€™s going to be on the screen. That movie was unreal and I was just like what is going on. Music, movies. We all wear weird costumes from time to time.
Tony: Jaime inspires me.
Jaime inspires you, Tony?
Tony: He has a beautiful behind.
Jaime: Write that down!

Then how has '€˜Selfish Machines'€™ been doing? Maybe just by the kids because you guys have been touring like nonstop since the release?
Vic: It'€™s been cool! Like off the get go, like when we started off on Warped Tour, we had been off tour for a really long time and that was the first time we played any new songs. The reaction was great. It was really refreshing for us to play new stuff and it was cool to see that we still had fans after taking such a long break to write the record. It was awesome!
Jaime: It was also crazy because our new set is probably the most new songs that we'€™ve ever had all together. We'€™re only playing one song off the old CD right now and the crowd has been singing like crazy.

Just one song from the first record?
Vic: Yeah well since we'€™re not headlining we can'€™t play a whole lot of songs so we'€™ve got to keep it tight. Keep it short!

Then you guys obviously are able to do it somewhat on this tour. I know Jeremy comes in at the end of '€˜Carapharenelia'€™ but you'€™re still screaming for the most part and you guys are doing it on your own, but maybe what would be like your dream person to have in a song with you?
Jaime: Come out on stage with us and do a little bit?
Yeah like be on a track with you.
Jaime: Elton John?
Vic: Elton John is like down the street right now. We'€™ll probably hit him up!
Jaime: He'€™s not my dream but he'€™s probably the most-
Tony: He'€™s not your dream guy?
Jaime: He'€™s my dream guy for the record.
Vic: I don'€™t know if I could bring Freddy Mercury back from the dead, I'€™d like him to be on our record. That would be pretty fun!
Jaime: I think we'€™d just take this tour and have everybody on this tour do something on the record. That would be fun! Or just make a crazy side project called We Came As Mexicans who Brought You To The Horizon and It'€™s Going to be a good day to Remember.
Vic: Worst band name.
Jaime: What is that when you just like take the first letter of each name?
Tony: I don'€™t know!

Then this one'€™s kind of different but with all the like Fueled by Gossip sites and everything, what'€™s like the craziest rumor you'€™ve heard about yourself or about another member of the band?
Vic: There was one recently saying that we broke up, that was weird.
Tony: Hey guys! Just got the news that we broke up!
Jaime: There was one but it was only one and I think it might have been a joke. That said me and you (Vic) were dating. There was like a picture of us that'€™s totally out of context. It'€™s just like wow I didn'€™t know.
Vic: There'€™s always girl rumors. Like trying to say that I'€™m dating somebody because they'€™ll see a picture of us and it will be like a friend of ours. Then they'€™ll start saying that that'€™s like my girlfriend and they'€™re not.
Jaime: One of my friends put like this face book, I don'€™t have a face book but every one does, and my friend from high school we took a picture together at New Years and she went and posted it on her page. Immediately, I started getting creepy things like '€˜You have a girlfriend?'€™ '€˜Girlfriend? You got a girlfriend now?'€™ I was like..what?! It popped out of nowhere it was such a random thing.
Vic: I don'€™t think we'€™ve had like any really gnarly things said.

No one'€™s died?
Jaime: All of us!
Tony: Thank god all of us aren'€™t on Is Anyone Up yet.
Vic: I will fear the day when that happens.
Jaime: I'€™m just going to start taking nudes. Start sending pictures of myself. Instead of picks, I'€™ll just start throwing out pictures of me nude.

And then next few months, what'€™s going to be going on? I know you said you'€™ll be writing this summer instead of doing the typical Warped Tour thing but after this tour, are you guys going to take some time off before you go back on the road?
Vic: Yeah after Australia, we take the summer off to write and then we have more tours lined up but we'€™re not going to announce them quite yet but pretty soon we'€™ll announce more tours. Then we'€™ll start working on our new record and stuff! That will be the plan!

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