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Natalise has just released her new single "Open Me" with a video underway. The title is suiting for the interview because she truly opened up. She explains what she has been doing since her latest album 'I Came To Play' and how that will reflect on her upcoming album. She also truthfully explains why chose to become a vegetarian. One word: respect! Tip: try nuts (ie., almonds) for the iron intake.

MusicRemedy asks [Q]: First off, congratulations with your new single 'Open Me'. What's the story behind the song?

Natalise answers [A]: Thank you very much. Well, when I wrote the song, I was coming into a new relationship situation. And I found myself completely guarded. I was jaded and unwilling to give up some semblance of control - not always a fun way to start a relationship! In my defense, I haven'€™t had the best track record with relationships. I'€™ve just experienced a lot of heartbreak of the gut-wrenching kind. So when I sat down to write the song, it was as if something came over me. I wrote the chorus in about 15 minutes. And it was the weirdest thing, but as I was writing I said to myself, every heartbreak has led me to this song!

[Q]: Your last album "I Came To Play" was released back in 2005. Where have you been? What can we expect from the third?

[A]: I'€™ve been growing up. Lol. I'€™m joking, but actually it'€™s true. I moved out to LA (from San Francisco), and I just started writing. I experimented with a bunch of different styles, and really I was trying to answer the question, '€œwho am I, as an artist?'€ There are so many genres of music that I like, and if you'€™ve followed my career at all, I'€™ve trained classically, doing opera and musical theatre. But when I commercially released my music, I started with dance/pop. Then my second album was hip-hop. And when I first moved out to LA, I was writing a lot of pop/opera. I'€™m a huge fan of Queen, so that was a great deal of fun for me.

But finally, at the end of the day, I always came back to the piano. And that IS the one consistency through my albums '€“ the ballads. When I sit down at the piano and just play and sing, that'€™s home to me. I know I can always do that. So the next album will reflect that.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A]: When I sit down and write a song, it'€™s often in a different circumstance than the last. Sometimes I am at the piano and I just start playing'€¦ and if I like it then I'€™ll remember it and let it sit. Sometimes, words will come as I am composing. Other times, I will sit in a room with other people and listen to tracks and just vibe off of that. Usually in those situations, I will come up with lyrics on the fly based on the mood of the song, mixed in with how I am really feeling that day.

[Q]: Most artists tend to change their style due to personal 'growth' or other changes in their live. Over the years what has changed your music? What are the negative sides of this change?

[A]: Yes, I agree. My music has changed based on where I am in life '€“ my interests, experiences, and passions '€“ and what has inspired me. As an artist, I love seeing other artists change and grow; it'€™s almost like seeing a landscape of someone'€™s journey. But, I suppose the negative is that if your audience really liked you for a specific song or type of music, and you stray from that, it might not always be favorable to them. You can lose a lot of fans.

But ultimately, I think as a real artist, it'€™s important to stay true to who you are. I think fans will stay with you if they love and understand you as a person. That'€™s a great feeling when you know you have fans like that.

[Q]: Any plans for a tour? What can your listeners and fans expect from your tour?

[A]: We are building dates for the future, but no specific '€œtour'€ at the moment. I am hopeful. I want nothing more in the world than to travel the world and play! Listeners and fans can expect me being real and upfront. No crazy gimmicks. Just unfiltered me.

[Q]: Any tour-event, or fan-moment, you like to share with your fans?

[A]: Hmm... someone once came up to me at an in-store signing event, where he showed me his new tattoo. It was my face'€¦ on his forearm. I reacted with a mixture of feelings'€¦ but I laughed and said, '€œOMG. What does your mother think of this???'€

[Q]: You recently were on a 'Vegan streak' - naturally everybody is pointing out the positives but what are the negative sides (ie., missing out on the necessary (meat) irons, and so on...)? Why not just take the best of both worlds?

[A]: Yes. Well, I love animals. They are adorable and often smarter than people give them credit for. And every time I see meat, I just think of the animal and what it had to go through to provide for this one meal. It just makes me sad. For me, I don'€™t think it'€™s worth it. I don'€™t want to know that something died so that I could eat it. I know a lot of people reading this statement might think I'€™m being ridiculous. But, that'€™s just how I feel. It'€™s a personal choice.

As far as iron intake goes, I do take supplements for that.

[Q]: You have your own Twitter and your own blog, which, unlike some other artists, you manage yourself. How have these activities changed your career and life?

[A]: Well, social media has definitely influenced my daily routine. It keeps me busy. It'€™s something I do everyday'€¦ like checking my email. But it'€™s so great because I can interact with people and get to know the people who support me. I love that.

[Q]: I read in your biography that you were obsessed with the classic game Tetris. Well, still obsessed? Any new favorite games?

[A]: Hahahaha YES! One time I was on a plane from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. It was a 16-hour flight, and I did NOT sleep. I played Tetris the whole time. It was ridiculous. I think I dreamt of Tetris that night.

Currently, I'€™m obsessed with Words with Friends. It'€™s such a time waster. I think I have like 20 games going. It'€™s absolutely horrible! But I love games like that. I also like board games (Cranium is my favorite).

A couple of 'simple' questions:
[Q]: What is your favorite movie?

[A]: I can'€™t just pick one, so I'€™ll give you Top 3: Closer, Garden State, and Legally Blonde

[Q]: What is your favorite music?

[A]: Right now, I'€™m really into Adele. But I love Coldplay, Keane, and Snow Patrol. They are my go-to bands. And when I'€™m in a '€œfun'€ mood, I love Queen, Katy Perry, and Britney'€¦ and even musical theatre-y kind of stuff.

[Q]: What is your favorite YouTube clip?

[A]: OMG. I'€™ve recently been obsessed with '€œThe YES Dance'€ and then '€œBrennan'€™s YES Dance.'€ You have to watch them in that order. I love it. I now do the fork in the garbage disposal on the daily.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A]: Every day is different. I always start the morning with a walk with Bambi (my dog). She'€™s the love of my life. :) And after that, I will be at the piano and writing or go off to a writing session with another writer or producer. I'€™m in the studio a lot writing for other projects or myself. Sometimes I'€™ll take meetings with an agent or a producer/director who has this script idea or that. I love writers. I support and love them. I just reserve a special place for writers in my heart! Anyway, I digress. I am on the computer a lot, whether that is designing something or editing some music or writing. I'€™m constantly working. There is never nothing to do. If ever I am doing '€œnothing,'€ I planned for it. Oh, and I do work out almost everyday. I go running, go to bootcamp, or do yoga. I also have side projects that I work on, involving my passions, whether that is music, film, or philanthropy related. I'€™m a bit of a workaholic, but my rule is, I only work on things that excite me. And that makes all the difference.

[Q]: Final words?

[A]: I'€™m excited about my new song '€œOpen Me'€ and for everyone to hear it!!! Can'€™t wait to interact with listeners about their reactions to the song/video, as well as their own personal thoughts and experiences on the topic. YAYYY!

People can find me at www.natalisemusic.com, www.facebook.com/natalise, www.youtube.com/natalisetv, & www.twitter.com/natalise


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