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Texan Josh T. Pearson has just released his album "Last Of The Country Gentlemen" on MUTE Records. The album is receiving quite a few very positive reviews. He is ready to tour Europe starting today in Brussels and ending in the UK. Last month I was given the opportunity to ask him a few questions via e-mail. So I did and to be honest I have no idea what to think of it. Hopefully you will, at least, enjoy it.

MusicRemedy asks [Q]: First off, congratulations on your album "Last Of The Country Gentlemen" and single "Country Dumb". Please tell us about the album and single.

[A:] It's a double lp and it's tough being single.

[Q]: Which song on "Last Of The Country Gentlemen" took the longest to complete? Why?

[A:] Honeymoon's Great. It's 15 minutes.

[Q]: Some will remember you, other won't and to other's you are completely new. In what way will your new album be enjoyable to all three?

[A:] It's a masterwork by a master craftsman. Makes for a great beverage coaster for any and all. AND! If you get the vinyl, you can make one of those cool fruit bowls by melting it down later. It's also got a 50 cent coupon good at the Super Walmart in Mexia, Texas, Limestone County. (for a limited time only)

[Q]: It's been 10 years since the "The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads" by Lift to Experience was released. What took you so long?

[A:] Time. Definitely time.

[Q]: During these years, what has changed you personally and musically?

[A:] Nuthin'. People don't change.

[Q]: Any chance for a reunion record with Lift to Experience? Or do you have other (future-)plans?

[A:] Like 'Reunited' by Peaches and Herb or like 'Reunion' by Sabbath? I'm thinkin' more like Peaches and Herb cuz both peaches AND herb are great.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A:] Chicken, er wait, no egg. Both. Music, then words, then rewrite music to fit words, then rewrite words to fit music. Collect one-liners daily, both musically and lyrically. It's a constant contest between the two worlds. Which is better or worse, music or verse. Choose the better. Apply.

[Q]: Are there (still) goals you want to reach as an artist?

[A:] 6' 5'. 6' 4" is ok, but 6' 5" is my ultimate goal as an artist in Texas.

[Q]: First the UK-tour, then you will start your US-tour at SXSW. Why? Can we expect more dates for the US-tour?

[A:] Why indeed.

My old label boss is going to be there and I plan on stabbing him in the heart with a Bowie knife. For some reason, it has to be on Texas land (Possibly for legal purposes). Don't ask me why. I also heard Bowie would be there too so I thought it would be cool to have him sign the knife after. A David Bowie signature on a Jim Bowie knife. That's cool.

And what better than 25,000 drunk musicians trying to get into the same damn bar? You get to play 9 times in a week and not get paid. Actually, you have to pay to play to cover your cost. It's awesome. And you're surrounded by beautiful industry types who only want to help serve you better and who are not in it for themselves. What could be better? Maybe a knife in the back by the people who love ya.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A:] Don't waste my time. 24 Hours.

[Q]: Final words?

[A:] "Woman did you poison my soup again?"
Here's a SXSW joke
So a million people walk into that cool Mohawk bar down on 10th and Red River during Southby and the bartender's says,

'Ok, now some of ya'll are gonna have to leave!'

And here's SXSW hipster joke.
'How many hipster's does it take to screw in a light bulb?'

'What!!!? Ya'll don't know?'

SXSW Rules!

1. Stay drunk
2. Don't 'plan' on seeing anything
3. Follow the currents esp 'Free Beer and BBQ' signs
4. Pass out on your stomach, not your back
5. Don't tell ANYONE you've got cocaine. ANYONE
6. Bring your own cocaine
7. Remember! These people cannot be trusted. They are not your friends.They are called the Music 'Industry' and the Music 'Business' for reasons we don't speak of. It's tough stuck between art and commerce. Bless ya'll for tryin'. Play on. It's Spring Break for musicians. What's not to love?

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