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Over the last few months, I'€™ve really taken advantage of the local scene we have in Boston and with in it, there are some really amazingly talented acts that are gaining huge followings. One of those acts? The Boston transplant Dear Zim who'€™s electronic and dancy rock is quickly making many kids fall in love! Be it his great positive attitude towards his fans or his honest and clear passion for what he'€™s doing, everyone seems to be charmed.

He'€™s recently been playing tons of shows in the area and a lot of the material is both in his new singles that he'€™s released as of late along with his latest EP '€˜Ready! Set! Dance!'€™ and there'€™s even more new material to come! Soon you'€™ll have a music video as well which are all exactly the tools to his success that he is sure to have soon around the country! Read on for my exclusive interview with Dear Zim also known as David and check him out live as soon as you can!

To start, what would be like your dream tour? I don'€™t think you'€™ve toured just yet but maybe like your three dream acts or bands?
Three dream acts? This won'€™t make sense but it would have to be All Time Low, Blink 182 and I don'€™t know probably like I would say The Summer Set. I think that would be the dream tour line up those three bands.

And then I know you'€™re from Zimbabwe and then you go to school here so how did you get started and interested in doing music? Like did you just want to do it when you were younger?
I'€™d always wanted to be like a famous rockstar as a kid. I was convinced that I was going to be famous by like the time I was seventeen and I was going to be in a band. I was going to be on MTV and stuff. So I always wanted to be in a band and I always wanted to be an artist so it was kind of an easy choice. Like I came here and I studied music and I just thought '€˜I'€™m in America. Might as well do what I love and try. If it fails, it fails'€™. You know I wanted to chase after the American Dream.

Perfect then I believe your last physical material is the new EP '€˜Ready, Set, Dance!'€™
The one that dropped in January so it may be early to tell but how is it going over? I know you have a really strong local fan base so how has it been doing?
The first CD has been really great. It'€™s mainly been a lot of local support that'€™s been people buying it at shows and online as well. It'€™s actually showed a lot of support from across the country. It was online stuff so like a lot of people from I think it was pretty much in the South. I'€™ve been seeing it on iTunes and it'€™s been pretty cool to watch that grow. Aside from that, kind of excited to release the new stuff that'€™s coming out in like the next month so hopefully there will be a lot more support for that.

Yeah! Then how do you normally go about the writing, the music making? It'€™s kind of dancy electronic a bit.
Yeah! It kind of varies. Some songs, most of the time, I'€™ll end up writing the song like making the music first. I'€™ll be sitting at the computer with synths and stuff and then from that I'€™ll start to come up with like a melody and write the lyrics to it but sometimes it varies. Like the song '€˜Myspace Queen'€™ that'€™s on the original EP I was canoeing like in the ocean and I just suddenly started singing the main hook and I was like Oh my god I have to get this down so I canoed all the way back home and I started recording the song from scratch. It was really cool. The new stuff is a lot more rock. Like it'€™s band orientated. It'€™s got a live feel I guess so I'€™m excited to see how that comes out.

Then maybe what'€™s like the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration? Like something someone said or something you saw?
Yet again it kind of varies. A lot of the time, I take it from real experiences like something happens and it hits me emotionally then I'€™ll go with that. It doesn'€™t even have to be l something major that like affects me. It can be something really tiny but what I'€™ll do is I'€™ll take that and sort of elaborate and kind of extortinate it? Is that a word? I don'€™t know. I'€™ll just make it into it.

Then how has it been going over in the shows? Like how do you go about the live show?
The shows, because obviously like the CD is all me and it'€™s kind of hard to be a single guy on stage, so for the shows there is a live band behind me on stage. They'€™re all my good friends and we take what we have on the EP and we try to add a lot more energy to it and make it a bigger live feel. Create more experience for people that are watching I suppose. Opposed to just listening to the music and blasting the volume, we just try to make it more of an experience. You'€™ll probably check it out today.
Yeah I'€™m going to stay for the show!
Yeah you'€™ll see. So it'€™s more about the experience rather then like playing the music when you see it live.

Do you want to, I know you'€™re still in school so currently it'€™s hard to tour, but maybe like is that a goal of yours like maybe this next summer or something?
Definitely, definitely! We definitely have plans to do summer touring. We'€™re going to try and get on a couple tours that we'€™ve been like negotiating with. So touring is definitely up there, like right up there. Number one priority and it'€™s kind of just playing it by ear as far as like record deals go and stuff. We'€™ve had a couple opportunities with some people but we'€™re kind of hanging out for the right one. Touring and just waiting for the right people to come along. We'€™re pretty much just having fun for now!

Then a lot of Boston bands they got started at Berklee or they met at Berklee like The Blue Pages and a bunch of Boston bands like the older ones. Do you think it'€™s affected you at all like in the way you go about your music? A lot of them they'€™re like '€˜No, not at all'€™!
No, to tell you the truth. You'€™re talking to the wrong person. I don'€™t know if I can say this but I kind of, I'€™m not Berklee'€™s biggest fan as far as helping you like musically. So I will say no it hasn'€™t helped me with writing music and everything. It'€™s definitely helped me with networking and meeting other musicians, other like minded musicians, so in that retrospect it'€™s an incredible place. As far as writing goes, I think you have to just stick to what you know. Stick to what you feel and what you'€™re good at. No, it doesn'€™t help but it helps in other ways.

And then two little different ones. What was the first CD or cassette you bought and then what was the first concert you went to?
The first like VHS but the first like cassette tape? Aw man! You'€™ll laugh at me. I'€™m pretty sure it was the Men In Black soundtrack. I think it was because I was really young and that was kind of the only thing they had at the store that I liked. It was either that or like Neil Diamond. So I was like I want the Men in Black soundtrack. It'€™s a good soundtrack!
It was really good. I loved it! I basically went in the store wanting to buy it. And the first concert I ever went to. See growing up in Zimbabwe we didn'€™t really get to go to many concerts because we didn'€™t have any concerts.

Do you think that first record influenced you?
Yeah I still listen to some of it so I'€™m going to go with yes! I love Will Smith and I love everything he does and that album was great and every song that was on there was amazing. It definitely influences me but I don'€™t know how much of it still sticks with me today but it helps me feed my love for music and yeah I'€™ll go with that.

Perfect and that'€™s what coming up? Like I know you'€™re playing that show with Love Via Dance Machine and Phone Calls From Home in the downstairs.
It'€™s going to be cool!
It'€™s going to be an awesome show but then what'€™s coming up for you? Are you going to just keep playing shows? Like you said you'€™re putting out new material?
So the March 26th show is going to be pretty great. Basically going to play some shows outside of the state like Pennsylvania and stuff. We'€™re kind of aiming at doing more shows outside of the state for the next couple weeks and months but yeah new material. We have two songs that are coming out. Two new songs that are both being released as singles and accompanying both songs we'€™re going to have two music videos so it'€™s going to be great. They'€™re both going to be released on line with no physical copies. It'€™s going to be like able to tweet or download, like like the page for a download so it'€™s going to be that kind of thing. Really excited to release and this summer we should have a song out with a guy named Culprit who is the singer who accompanies Cascada on the song '€˜Evacuate The Dancefloor'€™. We'€™re pretty close to finishing that song now so I'€™m more excited about that then anything else so those are the three things to look out for. I'€™m really excited!

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