Josh T Pearson

Texan Josh T. Pearson has just released his album "Last Of The Country Gentlemen" on MUTE Records. The album is receiving quite a few very positive reviews. He is ready to tour Europe starting today in Brussels and ending in the UK. Last month I was given the opportunity to ask him a few questions via e-mail. So I did and to be honest I have no idea what to think of it. Hopefully you will, at least, enjoy it.

MusicRemedy asks [Q]: First off, congratulations on your album "Last Of The Country Gentlemen" and single "Country Dumb". Please tell us about the album and single.

[A:] It's a double lp and it's tough being single.

[Q]: Which song on "Last Of The Country Gentlemen" took the longest to complete? Why?

[A:] Honeymoon's Great. It's 15 minutes.

[Q]: Some will remember you, other won't and to other's you are completely new. In what way will your new album be enjoyable to all three?

[A:] It's a masterwork by a master craftsman. Makes for a great beverage coaster for any and all. AND! If you get the vinyl, you can make one of those cool fruit bowls by melting it down later. It's also got a 50 cent coupon good at the Super Walmart in Mexia, Texas, Limestone County. (for a limited time only)

[Q]: It's been 10 years since the "The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads" by Lift to Experience was released. What took you so long?

[A:] Time. Definitely time.

[Q]: During these years, what has changed you personally and musically?

[A:] Nuthin'. People don't change.

[Q]: Any chance for a reunion record with Lift to Experience? Or do you have other (future-)plans?

[A:] Like 'Reunited' by Peaches and Herb or like 'Reunion' by Sabbath? I'm thinkin' more like Peaches and Herb cuz both peaches AND herb are great.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A:] Chicken, er wait, no egg. Both. Music, then words, then rewrite music to fit words, then rewrite words to fit music. Collect one-liners daily, both musically and lyrically. It's a constant contest between the two worlds. Which is better or worse, music or verse. Choose the better. Apply.

[Q]: Are there (still) goals you want to reach as an artist?

[A:] 6' 5'. 6' 4" is ok, but 6' 5" is my ultimate goal as an artist in Texas.

[Q]: First the UK-tour, then you will start your US-tour at SXSW. Why? Can we expect more dates for the US-tour?

[A:] Why indeed.

My old label boss is going to be there and I plan on stabbing him in the heart with a Bowie knife. For some reason, it has to be on Texas land (Possibly for legal purposes). Don't ask me why. I also heard Bowie would be there too so I thought it would be cool to have him sign the knife after. A David Bowie signature on a Jim Bowie knife. That's cool.

And what better than 25,000 drunk musicians trying to get into the same damn bar? You get to play 9 times in a week and not get paid. Actually, you have to pay to play to cover your cost. It's awesome. And you're surrounded by beautiful industry types who only want to help serve you better and who are not in it for themselves. What could be better? Maybe a knife in the back by the people who love ya.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A:] Don't waste my time. 24 Hours.

[Q]: Final words?

[A:] "Woman did you poison my soup again?"
Here's a SXSW joke
So a million people walk into that cool Mohawk bar down on 10th and Red River during Southby and the bartender's says,

'Ok, now some of ya'll are gonna have to leave!'

And here's SXSW hipster joke.
'How many hipster's does it take to screw in a light bulb?'

'What!!!? Ya'll don't know?'

SXSW Rules!

1. Stay drunk
2. Don't 'plan' on seeing anything
3. Follow the currents esp 'Free Beer and BBQ' signs
4. Pass out on your stomach, not your back
5. Don't tell ANYONE you've got cocaine. ANYONE
6. Bring your own cocaine
7. Remember! These people cannot be trusted. They are not your friends.They are called the Music 'Industry' and the Music 'Business' for reasons we don't speak of. It's tough stuck between art and commerce. Bless ya'll for tryin'. Play on. It's Spring Break for musicians. What's not to love?
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Remember VH1's The White Rapper Show back in 2007? $hamrock won that show and after hard work he has released his official debut album with the suiting title "The WyteRapper Show". I sat down with him to discuss his album, how he creates his songs, new song with Mr.Lucci and ups & downs in the industry. And of course how he manages to get girls showing their boobs on tour. Pictures please, $hamrock.

MusicRemedy asks [Q]: In 2008 your debut EP was released. Now three years later, your full debut album. What took you so long?

Shamrock answers [A]: That's just the ups and downs of the industry! I tried to get these labels to listen but it wasn't until this project that I finally got the right attention. I have a fanbase through both music and television.

[Q]: You told us which songs you like best on the album, but which song took the longest to complete? Why?

[A]: The song that took the longest to complete was probably "Str8 From Tha Dec". I rewrote my verses a couple times just to make sure they were perfect. It's about my growing up, so I wanted to get it just right.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A]: 99% of the time I get the beat/production first, because the music always tells me where to take the lyrics and theme. And the lyrics will always ride the beat better if they are written to it. After that, it's prob 50/50 when I write my lyrics in the studio versus at the crib. Sometimes I write in the car on the way to the studio

[Q]: The songs are produced by a lot of different produced. What and why made you choose the producers?

[A]: All the producers I worked with like Ribah On The Beat, Luney Tunez N Yo Area, Lil Awree, Marco Dane, Lil Jay and Juney Boomdata, I picked because they had the Atlanta/Memphis sound I was looking for. I wanted this album to be produced for the cars with systems that beat the whole block down!

[Q]: Most artists tend to change their style due to personal 'growth' or other changes in their live. Over the years what has changed your music? What are the negative sides of this change?

[A]: When I first hit the scene as an artist, I was very raw and unpolished but I had crazy energy and crunkness to my voice. As I get older and learn more and become more professional, my delivery sounds more polished and less forced. I don't really see it as a negative trade-off, I think I keep getting better

[Q]: Any plans for a tour? What can your listeners and fans expect from your tour?

[A]: I've got to do some incredible promo stops in Memphis, Orlando, Detroit, Dallas. We are lining up more, and my next big date is April 15th in Orlando with Three 6 Mafia and Lil Wyte!

[Q]: Any tour-event, or fan-moment, you like to share with your fans?

[A]: My favorite tour moment was perfroming with Lil Wyte and Partee in Detroit, and the crowd knew the words to our songs and chanted them back. That and all the girls showing their boobs of course.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?

[A]: I want to work with more artists in the South for sure- I have a song coming up with Mr.Lucci who is a Dallas legend, and some music with Boondox of Psycopathic Records. I definitely want to work more with the Juggalo nation

[Q]: In the past you hooked up with German DJ Noize. in what way is this different then working with national artists?

[A]: It's really not that different working with international DJs, because Hip-Hop is appreciated all over the world. In some ways its even easier because those DJs know exactly which crowd enjoys Southern Rap music the most

[Q]: Tha WyteRapper Show is the title, you were on the TV-show 'The White Rapper Show', etc... In what way had it helped your career being a white rapper?

[A]: The show and title go hand-in-hand, because the show gave me my visibility and the CD updates everyone since the show. I think the show helped everyone to see that white kids like rap all over the world, and truly respect the culture as well

[Q]: Over the years you probably have (slightly) adjusted your vision. Looking back what would you define as strong and weak points?

[A]: I was definitely strong in dealing with the amount of negativity that came my way, and I was weak in thinking that people would automatically embrace a new artist. I have definitely learned the power of networking and cross-promotion

A couple of 'simple' questions:

[Q]: What is your favorite movie?

[A]: Training Day or Gran Torino

[Q]: What is your favorite music?

[A]: Gyptian, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Wyte, Cartel

[Q]: What is your favorite YouTube clip?

[A]: Highlights of my favorite basketball players

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A]: Wake up, answer emails, hop on the laptop and check my accounts, write, listen to beats, talk to family members and friends, chop up business on the phone, buy some food to cook at home, work out, watch news or sports, and the best days are when I get to hit the studio. Lately, there have been a lot more planes, hotels, and a LOT more emails and phone calls to answer!

[Q]: Final words?

[A]: Everybody go buy Tha WyteRapper $how in stores and online NOW! It is the biggest success in my life and represents my passion to the fullest. Thank-you to everyone for the support and a big shoutout to!
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Natalise has just released her new single "Open Me" with a video underway. The title is suiting for the interview because she truly opened up. She explains what she has been doing since her latest album 'I Came To Play' and how that will reflect on her upcoming album. She also truthfully explains why chose to become a vegetarian. One word: respect! Tip: try nuts (ie., almonds) for the iron intake.

MusicRemedy asks [Q]: First off, congratulations with your new single 'Open Me'. What's the story behind the song?

Natalise answers [A]: Thank you very much. Well, when I wrote the song, I was coming into a new relationship situation. And I found myself completely guarded. I was jaded and unwilling to give up some semblance of control - not always a fun way to start a relationship! In my defense, I haven'€™t had the best track record with relationships. I'€™ve just experienced a lot of heartbreak of the gut-wrenching kind. So when I sat down to write the song, it was as if something came over me. I wrote the chorus in about 15 minutes. And it was the weirdest thing, but as I was writing I said to myself, every heartbreak has led me to this song!

[Q]: Your last album "I Came To Play" was released back in 2005. Where have you been? What can we expect from the third?

[A]: I'€™ve been growing up. Lol. I'€™m joking, but actually it'€™s true. I moved out to LA (from San Francisco), and I just started writing. I experimented with a bunch of different styles, and really I was trying to answer the question, '€œwho am I, as an artist?'€ There are so many genres of music that I like, and if you'€™ve followed my career at all, I'€™ve trained classically, doing opera and musical theatre. But when I commercially released my music, I started with dance/pop. Then my second album was hip-hop. And when I first moved out to LA, I was writing a lot of pop/opera. I'€™m a huge fan of Queen, so that was a great deal of fun for me.

But finally, at the end of the day, I always came back to the piano. And that IS the one consistency through my albums '€“ the ballads. When I sit down at the piano and just play and sing, that'€™s home to me. I know I can always do that. So the next album will reflect that.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A]: When I sit down and write a song, it'€™s often in a different circumstance than the last. Sometimes I am at the piano and I just start playing'€¦ and if I like it then I'€™ll remember it and let it sit. Sometimes, words will come as I am composing. Other times, I will sit in a room with other people and listen to tracks and just vibe off of that. Usually in those situations, I will come up with lyrics on the fly based on the mood of the song, mixed in with how I am really feeling that day.

[Q]: Most artists tend to change their style due to personal 'growth' or other changes in their live. Over the years what has changed your music? What are the negative sides of this change?

[A]: Yes, I agree. My music has changed based on where I am in life '€“ my interests, experiences, and passions '€“ and what has inspired me. As an artist, I love seeing other artists change and grow; it'€™s almost like seeing a landscape of someone'€™s journey. But, I suppose the negative is that if your audience really liked you for a specific song or type of music, and you stray from that, it might not always be favorable to them. You can lose a lot of fans.

But ultimately, I think as a real artist, it'€™s important to stay true to who you are. I think fans will stay with you if they love and understand you as a person. That'€™s a great feeling when you know you have fans like that.

[Q]: Any plans for a tour? What can your listeners and fans expect from your tour?

[A]: We are building dates for the future, but no specific '€œtour'€ at the moment. I am hopeful. I want nothing more in the world than to travel the world and play! Listeners and fans can expect me being real and upfront. No crazy gimmicks. Just unfiltered me.

[Q]: Any tour-event, or fan-moment, you like to share with your fans?

[A]: Hmm... someone once came up to me at an in-store signing event, where he showed me his new tattoo. It was my face'€¦ on his forearm. I reacted with a mixture of feelings'€¦ but I laughed and said, '€œOMG. What does your mother think of this???'€

[Q]: You recently were on a 'Vegan streak' - naturally everybody is pointing out the positives but what are the negative sides (ie., missing out on the necessary (meat) irons, and so on...)? Why not just take the best of both worlds?

[A]: Yes. Well, I love animals. They are adorable and often smarter than people give them credit for. And every time I see meat, I just think of the animal and what it had to go through to provide for this one meal. It just makes me sad. For me, I don'€™t think it'€™s worth it. I don'€™t want to know that something died so that I could eat it. I know a lot of people reading this statement might think I'€™m being ridiculous. But, that'€™s just how I feel. It'€™s a personal choice.

As far as iron intake goes, I do take supplements for that.

[Q]: You have your own Twitter and your own blog, which, unlike some other artists, you manage yourself. How have these activities changed your career and life?

[A]: Well, social media has definitely influenced my daily routine. It keeps me busy. It'€™s something I do everyday'€¦ like checking my email. But it'€™s so great because I can interact with people and get to know the people who support me. I love that.

[Q]: I read in your biography that you were obsessed with the classic game Tetris. Well, still obsessed? Any new favorite games?

[A]: Hahahaha YES! One time I was on a plane from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. It was a 16-hour flight, and I did NOT sleep. I played Tetris the whole time. It was ridiculous. I think I dreamt of Tetris that night.

Currently, I'€™m obsessed with Words with Friends. It'€™s such a time waster. I think I have like 20 games going. It'€™s absolutely horrible! But I love games like that. I also like board games (Cranium is my favorite).

A couple of 'simple' questions:
[Q]: What is your favorite movie?

[A]: I can'€™t just pick one, so I'€™ll give you Top 3: Closer, Garden State, and Legally Blonde

[Q]: What is your favorite music?

[A]: Right now, I'€™m really into Adele. But I love Coldplay, Keane, and Snow Patrol. They are my go-to bands. And when I'€™m in a '€œfun'€ mood, I love Queen, Katy Perry, and Britney'€¦ and even musical theatre-y kind of stuff.

[Q]: What is your favorite YouTube clip?

[A]: OMG. I'€™ve recently been obsessed with '€œThe YES Dance'€ and then '€œBrennan'€™s YES Dance.'€ You have to watch them in that order. I love it. I now do the fork in the garbage disposal on the daily.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A]: Every day is different. I always start the morning with a walk with Bambi (my dog). She'€™s the love of my life. :) And after that, I will be at the piano and writing or go off to a writing session with another writer or producer. I'€™m in the studio a lot writing for other projects or myself. Sometimes I'€™ll take meetings with an agent or a producer/director who has this script idea or that. I love writers. I support and love them. I just reserve a special place for writers in my heart! Anyway, I digress. I am on the computer a lot, whether that is designing something or editing some music or writing. I'€™m constantly working. There is never nothing to do. If ever I am doing '€œnothing,'€ I planned for it. Oh, and I do work out almost everyday. I go running, go to bootcamp, or do yoga. I also have side projects that I work on, involving my passions, whether that is music, film, or philanthropy related. I'€™m a bit of a workaholic, but my rule is, I only work on things that excite me. And that makes all the difference.

[Q]: Final words?

[A]: I'€™m excited about my new song '€œOpen Me'€ and for everyone to hear it!!! Can'€™t wait to interact with listeners about their reactions to the song/video, as well as their own personal thoughts and experiences on the topic. YAYYY!

People can find me at,,, &

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Lightouts founder Gavin found his Robert Smith/Emily Haines in singer Greg Nelson. Except for the lipstick and not being hot but, as Greg mentions, time will tell. In the last few weeks they made their debut by releasing two songs. In the upcoming months more songs will be released as a preview for their debut album 'Want'. In this interview they talk about their love for A/B-side singles, their changes over the years which they encourage and ask to play their music loud!

MusicRemedy asks [Q]: "Robert Smith/Emily Haines, where are you?" Found them yet?

Gavin answers: Greg is not as hot as Emily and doesn't wear as much lipstick as Robert Smith, but he'll do.

Greg answers: To date I have been fairly successful in fending off Gavin's requests to grow a Haines bob and increase my application of eyeliner/face powder. Time will tell.

[Q]: The bands first single 'See Clear' was just released and in the next months more will be released. Are these songs already finished or is it a work-in-progress?

Gavin: A work in progress. Some of the main singles are complete, but the b-sides, both originals and covers are still being worked on.

[Q]: Your single & upcoming ones have an A-side & B-side - a bit of nostalgia. Do you yearn back to the analogue era?

Gavin: These days, it's much easier to make music and disseminate it than it was when I first started playing music. But I do miss the mystery that surrounded bands in those days. You couldn't wiki or google them and instantly find out everything about them. In many cases, for obscure bands, you might only know what was provided in the liner notes of their CD. Knowing everything there is to know about a band instantly takes some of the magic away of being a music fan.

Greg: The album is becoming a bit of a lost art-form and the single package even more so. I have always loved hearing the B-sides and covers put out by my favorite bands and I think it's liberating for a lot of those bands to produce something that doesn't necessarily need to fit within the context of what should usually be a more cohesive album format.

[Q]: Will the B-sides be on the full-length album? How do you decide which ones will make it and which ones not?

Gavin: Yes, some will. Once we have enough material for the full length, we'll decide which ones fit the overall sound and feel of the album.

[Q]: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Gavin: I'm a music obsessive- I listen to it all the time. In a general sense, I get inspiration from my favorite old bands (The Cure, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Stone Roses, Teenage Fan Club, The Misfits) and also from newer bands I'm listening to (Surfer Blood, Yuck, The Black Ryder, Beach House, Arcade Fire). I almost always listen with a critical ear and I'll make mental notes on how I like the way a certain snare drum sounds or what effects are used on a guitar part. Those elements usually end up finding their way into new songs I'm working on.

Greg: By no means are lyrics unimportant, but for me melody precedes lyrics. If something in Gavin's music triggers a vocal melody, I will focus on building upon that melody which will in turn trigger some sort of stream-of-consciousness lyrical response. It just feels too awkward for me to approach a song thinking "I want to sing about this" - in truth I get more meaning out of the lyrics that result from this somewhat subconscious space and despite the vague origins each song does end up having very distinct and specific themes and references for me.

[Q]: Did you have an idea or concept for your new album?

Greg: Similarly to the lyrical process I mentioned before, the themes and concepts for the album came about in a very organic way. A theme that continually came up in the lyrics is the concept of wanting, and how this can be both a positive and negative motivator in our lives. On the one hand want can be a natural and positive effect coming from the desire to progress and grow, but in other forms it can be a selfish and desperate emotion that leads to competitive impulses and the desire for things and power over others. I'm no Buddhist scholar, but the concept of grasping comes to mind, as does a certain other well-known gentleman's concept of winning.

[Q]: What made you choose the producers for "Want"?

Greg: Gavin has produced most of the initial tracks and then we worked with Andreas Altmann, a producer whom I have worked with in the past, worked with us throughout the mixing and mastering process as well as helping out with some basic recording.

[Q]: Most bands tend to change their style due to personal 'growth' or other changes in their live. Gavin used to play in bands when he was in college. Over the years what has changed your music? What are the negative sides of this change?

Gavin: Over the years I've played in everything from punk bands to indie pop to experimental electronic projects. I don't see any negative aspect to that sort of change; it's good to change things up once in awhile in order to have a fresh perspective on the music you're making. With Lightouts I knew exactly where I wanted to go with our sound- play loud and rock out.

Greg: As referenced in our bio, I think we both went into this process with a good idea of the sound we wanted to create and at least in my case it is extremely satisfying to feel that we have achieved that sound to a great extent. That being said I feel that our sound is growing with each new song. New ideas have never been a problem for us - pinning those ideas down into a finalized song is by far the greatest challenge.

[Q]: Any plans for a tour? What can your listeners and fans expect from your tour?

Greg: I really want this band initially to be rooted in the Gowanus/South Brooklyn area. We love this area so much and there are so many great venues here - Littlefield, Bell House, Rock Shop, Union Hall, Southpaw etc. - that we want to establish something real in our own hood and hopefully help build upon this great community of bands and venues.

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as a band?

Greg: Personally I feel we've reached a major goal in creating some songs of which I'm extremely proud. To be able to continue to do so without inordinate strain would keep me pretty happy.

[Q]: How do you combine your marketing mentality with your own non-commercial music thoughts?

Gavin: It's hard to separate the two as I do music marketing and publicity for a living. One of the few times that I'm not thinking about our music in terms of marketing is when we're actually playing it and I'm able to lose myself in it.

A couple of 'simple' questions:
[Q]: What is your favorite movie?

Gavin: Children Of Men

Greg: Miller's Crossing

[Q]: What is your favorite music?

Gavin: The Cure, Superchunk, The Wedding Present

Greg: Prince, Pixies, Pavement, Stone Roses, Replacements, Misfits

[Q]: What is your favorite YouTube clip?

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

Greg: Recording vocals the last two days - glad to be typing this

[Q]: Final words?

Gavin: Our music was made to be played loud. Please do so.
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Polar Bear Club

While this interview may have gone down with Jimmy of Polar Bear Club when they were still in the initial stages of writing and planning out the new record, I thought now would be the perfect time to actually post it! The band is currently in the studio recording the follow up record to '€˜Chasing Hamburg'€™ that dropped in late 2009 and have so much more coming up after they finish some of the recording process including being back on the road!

The band kicks off their next tour right here in this lady'€™s stomping grounds in Boston on April 22nd with a group of bands that are a little more similar to their style including The Swellers and Bayside in comparison to the last time we caught up with Jimmy! That tour was the fall AP tour which included such heavy hitters as Bring Me The Horizon and August Burns Red but the band lived it for what it was worth and it created a huge amount of buzz for the band with a younger crowd and made them plenty of great friends. Read on for our exclusive and look for the record to be dropping later this year!

Soft one to start off! Being a band that obviously does tour really, really steadily what would you say are like your top three things you must have on the road?
I need my labtop because I watch a lot of movies like in the van and stuff like that. Definitely a labtop. Jump rope and what'€™s the third? A good hat because you don'€™t get to shower every day so sometimes you have crazy hair so you need a good hat (laughs)!

Then the last record dropped a little over a year ago so it'€™s been a while but how has it been doing? Maybe by the kids, not necessarily just sales?
It'€™s been great. I mean like it'€™s weird. We sort of had a year of support touring, you know, so a lot of people are getting into Polar Bear Club on this new album which to like sort of our older fans is a little crazy because they'€™re like '€˜Well, we got into you on this album so that'€™s our favorite stuff'€™. But it'€™s been great and even at our headlining shows, we'€™ve been seeing a lot of the older fans getting into the newer songs and that sort of thing but yeah it'€™s been out about a year and we'€™re already working and talking about the next one!

That'€™s what I was actually going to ask about next! With it being out for a year, I mean obviously a record takes a long time to do so it is in the works, like you'€™ve started writing?
Yeah we started writing, we visited some studios and we'€™re narrowing down on where we want to do it and I hope to be recording it in March. So we'€™ll record it then and then get it out you know as soon as we can. I mean depending on when we want to release it depends on what tours we'€™re going to do and that sort of thing but, you know, hopefully early summer but it could be like a total fall album though you know what I mean?
That happens all the time though!
Records get pushed back all the time.
They do but by the time the fall hits, you know it will have been a two year album cycle which could be cool you know. Who knows.

Then how do you normally go about the writing process? Is it one person, is it more collective, does it change?
It'€™s very collaborative. I think the main sort of songwriters in the band are myself and our two guitar players so we bring everything to the table and then sort of construct and analyze and put it all together as a band. But you know the fun part about it is that it never is the same one song to the next. Sometimes some one will bring a song to the table and we'€™ll do it exactly how they planned it and that was the best way to do it or sometimes someone will bring you know a verse to the table and they'€™re like '€˜I need a chorus'€™ and we'€™ll finish each other'€™s songs but it'€™s pretty collaborative.

Then currently you'€™re with Bridge 9 which is one of the most well known indie labels and a great one to be on with like Strike Anywhere and all these guys. How has that been? I know you'€™ve been on it for this last release and a EP as well but being one of the biggest indie labels, how has that journey been?
It'€™s been awesome. They'€™re such a great label and you know as a band our size, it just makes sense to be-(to friends) You guys are leaving? Okay! Good to see you!
Fellow Bridge 9 Band Defeater: Always, always. Sorry to interrupt!
No, no worries!
No worries!
I'€™m not sorry. Those are my friends! Bye guys! What were we talking about?
Bridge 9!
Bridge 9! Those guys are on Bridge 9 too! Those are the guys from Defeater.
Oooh okay!
Um, yeah it'€™s great! It'€™s awesome! You know it doesn'€™t make sense for us to be anywhere else right now. We love it! We love everyone there and we'€™re looking forward to doing this next record with them.

Then maybe where'€™s like the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration for anything from like a song lyric to a song title? Like something some one said?
I mean it'€™s everywhere and movies are big for me too. I get a lot of inspiration from movies. Not like so much specifically but when I see like a great movie or just even like a great scene, it really makes me want to go touch upon and express myself in a way that maybe I could touch someone like it touches me you know. So movies are huge and books as well but even just conversations you know. Like really small conversations always, often, influence a song so that'€™s kind of strange too. Little exchanges that you have with some one and they probably didn'€™t think twice about it but you had this just great idea for a song!

Then you guys are something a little bit different on this line up which I kind of like.
Me too!
So how has it been going for you guys? Like obviously Bring Me The Horizon is so heavy and these guys too (August Burns Red). How has it been for you?
It'€™s been, I'€™ll say it'€™s been a lot better than we expected. You know this was a tour that we were very reluctant to take not based on anything but you know we do sort of stick out and we'€™ve done tours like that. I mean we'€™ve toured with bands from like The Gaslight Anthem to Half Hearted you know to whatever and we will do those tours but we were just like will this one work? You know does it work and what it really boiled down to was that this was the Alternative Press tour so it'€™s more of a festival in our eyes and the press is really good and we'€™re going to be playing to a bunch of new people and that is really what it boiled down to. So we talked about it and it was sort of just a no brainer. It was like '€˜why wouldn'€™t we do this tour?'€™. We don'€™t have anything else going on and we'€™re going to play to, I mean there'€™s 2300 kids here tonight you know and we'€™re going to play to that every night..why wouldn'€™t we do that? And it'€™s been going a lot better than we thought. I think kids at these shows are younger for sure but they'€™re more open to new music where as if you know, you do a support tour for a more established older band with older fans they'€™re a bit more close minded. Just naturally you get older and that sort of happens but kids here they just want to go to a rock concert and see the bands! So we'€™re getting a lot of new kids into Polar Bear Club this tour.
That'€™s never a bad thing!
Yeah not at all!

Then obviously we talked about you guys playing at Warped Tour this summer. Maybe what was like the strangest thing you saw?
On Warped?
Ooh let'€™s see.
Considering how many different kinds of bands there are. Like Bring Me was on that tour too!
Yeah! A lot of days we played right after Sum 41. Like literally the second Sum 41 stopped, we would start the second they stopped. That was strange! No the first day of Warped Tour, we did that and like we had never played a Warped Tour before so that'€™s our first day. Like the second Sum 41 stops, we start. A Top 40 band! The second they stop, Polar Bear Club'€™s gonna start and like that was sort of nerve wracking and strange but it actually worked in our favor because Warped Tour'€™s a lot like this where kids are just like '€˜New music get me into it!'€™. So we were getting their crowd to watch us. It was awesome!

Never a bad thing like I say again! And then maybe if you could take, not necessarily you guys headlining, but if you could take any three past acts you'€™ve toured with on a dream tour today, who would they be?
Oh boy! Let'€™s see.
Doesn'€™t have to make sense.
I mean I can'€™t pick three I just can'€™t because it'€™s just like-. I don'€™t want to say brotherhood because I guess that'€™s sexist but it'€™s such a strong community you know. I mean the bands that I think of as our good friends you know off the bat it'€™s like Fireworks, Trapped Under Ice, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and The Swellers and Broadway Calls and you know Shooked One, Every Time I Die. You know the bands that we'€™ve toured with, all the bands we'€™ve toured with, you look at our touring resume, they'€™re our best friends. You know like across the board. This tour'€™s no exception! You know like if we had never taken this tour-
I saw your Halloween video!
Yeah, yeah and it was just like so cool to do that because everyone all was behind it you know. Like everyone was like we'€™ve got to do this and like honestly I'€™m a bit older. I mean I'€™m only twenty five but it'€™s like I don'€™t listen to a lot of bands on this tour. Like I had heard of Bring Me the Horizon but honestly, I had never heard of August Burns Red or Emarosa. Not because they'€™re bad or whatever. Just I'€™m in a way different scene then that. Music'€™s really separate you know but those guys are our best friends and it'€™s like that'€™s just so great. Bring Me as well! It'€™s such a great thing to go blind into a tour and go out being like '€˜Wow, I learned something'€™. You know I actually learned something about myself and about other types of music and about people that I never would have met like if I had stayed inside my comfort zone. You know if I only decided to tour with certain types of bands.

And then just three more! What can fans look forward to? I mean you said you were aiming to record in March and you may be working on the record a little bit early but what'€™s going on in the new year?
Well we finish this tour in a week and then we just start writing we already started writing but we'€™re going to go finish writing. We'€™ve got about two months till we go to Soundwave in Australia. Do that, come back and hopefully be recording shortly after that and then a short little British tour. Like really short. We'€™re actually sort of just going for our friend'€™s wedding (laughs) and playing shows around it. So we do that and then from there who knows? It all depends on the record you know. Once we set a release date we can sort of plan our summer touring and pretty much (laugh) you know the next year of our lives or two years.

That'€™s really good! Then two different ones, what was the first CD you bought and the first concert you went to?
The first what?
CD or cassette.
I always say cassette now.
Oh yeah (laughs)!
I'€™ve been doing a few of the older bands now like Motion City and they'€™re like '€˜oh no, it'€™s cassettes!'€™
Totally! The first cassette I bought, well okay. The first CD I bought was Alanis Morissette'€™s '€˜Jagged Little Pill'€™. That did not really so much define myself as much as the second cassette that I bought which was Rage Against The Machine'€™s '€˜Evil Empire'€™. I threw the Alanis Morrisette CD away shortly after buying that and I mean Rage Against The Machine that was the reason I wanted to be in a band you know and that was definitely the first cassette that I bought. Shortly after, I remember Deftones'€™ '€˜Adrenaline'€™, Pennywise '€˜Unknown Road'€™ and it just sort of snowballed from there. The first concert I went to, my dad took me to see because I wanted to go to see Primus and Blink 182.
He took you to Blink? Good dad!
Yeah! And this was just as '€˜Dude Ranch'€™ was coming out.
Wow yeah!
So it was clubs like, you know, House of Blues as opposed to when I saw them years later at a stadium but it was awesome and I just knew from my very young age that I wanted to be on the stage as opposed to in the crowd. You know like I loved going to concerts but I knew that I wanted to be up there. Like I want to be watching from the side of the stage or be performing on the stage. I mean I just knew that from very early on after I saw that Rage Against The Machine video. It'€™s like Tibet or something and at a huge concert with thousands of people and everyone'€™s going crazy in that video. I mean my uncle gave me an old bass that he had like with two strings on it and I would pretend I was in Rage Against The Machine watching that video you know and I know that like was a part of who I was now.
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Pace Won Mr Green

Back in 2008 Pace Won & Mr.Green released their, already classic, album. Over two months the follow-up 'The Only Number That Matters is Won' is scheduled for release. Two singles have already been released and a third one is on its way. Going crazy with anxiety I talked with Mr.Green about the new album and how one builds up suspense. He explains why they are not signed by a major label and his upcoming projects (quite a few interesting ones).

The interview has a couple of references to the previous interview. You can read the previous Mr.Green interview here.

MusicRemedy, Jermy Leeuwis, asks [Q]: Quote previous interview: "I get up at about 11 a.m. and check my email hoping someone will have some money for me." Sorry for not mailing you some money.

Mr. Green answers [A]: It's all good man, one day...

[Q]: Quote previous interview: "I am a starving artist and my life is very frustrating here in America. There are a lot of ups and downs. When things are going well I'm getting paid to travel and party in different cities all over the country (and the world). When they are going bad, haha, like now (October, 2008), I'm back home in my apartment (that I share with 4 other people) depending on family and friends to help me float by until my next tour or royalty check comes through." So, what's up?

[A]: I have a little bit more money now but I'm still living with four other people in a pretty small apartment. It's cool though, I have awesome roommates that are into my music. They never ask me to turn my beats off or even turn them down. The other day Pacewon and I shot a music video at the apartment and we had to tear the place apart to make room for the director Jimmy Giambrone set the lights up. My roommates didn't even complain. To make a long story short, money is tight, but life is good.

[Q]: Quote previous interview: "That's right, A MAJOR LABEL. Don't worry though, if it goes through, we are not going to do what most indie acts do when they go major... change our style up and put out a wack album or worse, get shelved by the label and never put out anything again." How is it moving along with the major label?

[A]: They wanted me to change so... fuck a major label, I'm happy with being indie. If an opportunity arrises for me to make classic hip hop for a major label, I will do it but I'm never gonna switch my style up for a chance to be popular. People who do that are followers, not leaders.

[Q]: March 2011 and 2 singles have been released - the latest being in December 2010. Are you building up suspense for a particular reason?

[A]: Making the album's release suspenseful was never something we planned to do, it just happened. Every time we think we are done with the album, we go in the studio and make one more song that is too dope not to be on the album. That has happened like four times so far but now I think we are finally done. In a perfect world, If it was up to me, I would get the album to the fans as soon as possible because I'm not into making people wait on purpose. At the same time I'd rather put the best album out possible. If that means leaving some of our people in suspense, I think it's still the better decision. If you make a quality album no one will really remember how long it took to come out or if the release date got pushed back, they will remember the music. I'd much rather release a really good album late than an ok album on time.

[Q]: Now it is already time for your second album as a duo. What can we expect compared to the previous album?

[A]: It's the same format as the last time, Pacewon on the rhymes and me on the beats but we've both gotten better. I've improved my beats game and Pace is rapping about all kinds of subjects that he didn't used to rap about now. I think people will notice Pace's personality on this album more than the last and they will also hear improvements in the sound quality of my beats.

Another difference with this album compared to the first one is that I did more scratching on it. This time I think I scratched on 5-6 songs where as on the "Colors" album I only scratched on 2.

[Q]: Scratch Perry and, the one and only, Snoop Dogg are rumoured to appear on the next album. True or false? Any other artists doing a guest appearance?

[A]: Yes, that's true and Masta Ace is on the album too. When we got the chance to get Snoop on a song, I considered going the commercial route and making something that sounds like the music they play on the radio, but instead I did the opposite. I put Snoop Dogg on the hardest, grimiest, dustiest beatI could make because that's what I like. The other guest appearances are Burnt MD, Elephant Pelican, Lawrence Arnel; and AYB.

[Q]: Most bands tend to change their style due to personal 'growth' or other changes in their live. Over the years what has changed your music? What are the negative sides of this change?

[A]: Well I'm definitely a crazy human but I do my best not to change. I've had a couple opportunities to make commercial hip hop but it never felt right. I love the music I make and I'm just gonna do my best to make dope hip hop beats forever. Change is bad.

[Q]: Have you ever considered letting another DJ or producer co-produce a song?

[A]: Yeah, I did a remix for the Snoop Dogg song with my boy Point Blank. He's a dope producer and we grew up in the same town (Highland Park NJ) so I wanted to have him work on the remix with me. The remix will be released after the album comes out.

[Q]: A few weeks ago you released the track "Can You Hear Me" as a tribute for the people in Tunisia. Why didnot you involve Tunisian rapper Balti which you previously worked with?

[A]: I don't know exactly what happened but I heard that Balti was being pressured by the Tunisian government NOT to do a song about the situation. They told him if he does a song about the situation they would throw him in jail again. Last time he did something to upset the government he was thrown in Jail and tortured by having his fingers slammed in a door. When Pace and I heard that we decided to step in and make a song ourselves because Balti is our homie. I did a show with him in Memphis last May and it was great to finally meet him. I'd been working with him on and off for nearly four years and I always had wondered what kind of dude he was. His personality, like his music is very intelligent and powerful. He's definitely the type of person that you can learn from.

[Q]: This song "Can You Hear Me" is your first political song. At the moment the United States are not the most popular country in that region. In what way can you explain that a country can be hated and at the same its people support it?

[A]: Well, I haven't been oversees in a while, but as I remember it, people around the world seem to love Americans but hate the American government. It's definitely weird when people come up and tell you how much they love your music or clothes or movies or whatever and then tell you that they also hate the people ruling your country. Being from America these days kind of feels kind of like being from the best place in the world and the worst place in the world at the same time.

[Q]: I remember watching a South Park episode entitled "It's a Jersey Thing". You are from New Jersey and moved away as well. In what way can you relate to their story? Did not see see the show, answer this one instead: To what extent can you relate to the Jersey shows "Jersey Shore" or "Jerseylicious"?

[A]: I'm glad you brought this up. New Jersey is NOTHING like the Jersey Shore or Real Housewives.... most people here are very normal and they don't have italian accents. If you want to go find a flashy, stereotypical outspoken Italian-American person (guido), you can, they are around... but it's not like everytime you leave the house you see ten guidos. Aside from television, I haven't seen a person like one of the Jersey shore cast members in over 6 months and I'm in NJ almost all the time.

To make a long story short New Jersey is great... and it's nothing like what they make it to be on TV...

[Q]: Hip hop, graffiti, BMX & skateboarding. How do these things define your life?

[A]: Hip hop is my life. The other things are activities that I'm a big fan of that I feel relate to hip hop very closely. I get the same feeling when I scratch on a turntable as I used to get when I would bust tricks on my skateboard or bike.

[Q]: Aside from your work with Pace Won you have also released a couple of b-boys/DJ albums 'Classic Beats 1 & 2" and "Green Future". What were your expectations for these records? What are you plans in the future for these projects?

[A]: I made those so all the mc's out there would have some dope beats to freestyle over. I always felt like the best producers (Alchemist, Primo, Rza Etc.) were the ones that made beats that make people want to rap. One day I want to be known as the guy who makes beats that make people who don't even rap want to try.

I'm putting out two new Classic Beats albums soon: Classic Beats Volume 3 and Classic Beats Volume 4.

[Q]: You have posted two videos "Live from the Bedroom" on YouTube. First one is on a CD-panel and the second one on a turntable. Are you so versatile or are you messing with our mind?

[A]: Live from the bedroom is a monthly series I put out. It's just videos of me spinning the classic hip hop that I love live from my bedroom studio.

When I filmed the first one I only had cd turntables in my studio. When I filmed the second I had bought a new vinyl turntable. I prefer real turntables over Cdj's but if Cdj's are the only thing available, I will rock them too.

A couple of 'simple' questions:
[Q]: What is your favorite movie?

[A]: Right now my favorite movie is Get him to the Greek because it's hilarious and the main character has the exact same name as me (Aaron Green).

[Q]: What is your favorite music?

[A]: Classic hip hop.

[Q]: What is your favorite YouTube clip?

[A]: You know how I feel about crazy people so youtube is one of my favorite places to visit on the internet. Right now my favorite clip is of the 7 year old kid who steals his grandmother's car. That kid is hilarious, I sampled him in Classic Beats Volume 3.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you? (yes once more)

[A]: I get up at about 10 am, eat a healthy breakfast... workout on the turntables for an hour or so... then I hit the internet to promote my music and book shows. I've been doing a lot of dj gigs recently so I spend a lot of time researching, practicing my skills and finding shows that I can perform at.

I don't make beats in the day anymore... I used to but I've found that my best stuff comes out at night so these days I don't work on beats until after 6P.M.

[Q]: Final words?

[A]: Yeah check out Pacewon and Mr. Green "The Only Number That Matters is Won" featuring Lee Scratch Perry, Snoop Dogg and Masta Ace. It's coming this June on Raw Poetix Records.

Also be on the lookout for Classic Beats Volume's 3+4 and the crazy album I'm working on with Young Zee called "One Crazy Weekend".
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Dear Zim

Over the last few months, I'€™ve really taken advantage of the local scene we have in Boston and with in it, there are some really amazingly talented acts that are gaining huge followings. One of those acts? The Boston transplant Dear Zim who'€™s electronic and dancy rock is quickly making many kids fall in love! Be it his great positive attitude towards his fans or his honest and clear passion for what he'€™s doing, everyone seems to be charmed.

He'€™s recently been playing tons of shows in the area and a lot of the material is both in his new singles that he'€™s released as of late along with his latest EP '€˜Ready! Set! Dance!'€™ and there'€™s even more new material to come! Soon you'€™ll have a music video as well which are all exactly the tools to his success that he is sure to have soon around the country! Read on for my exclusive interview with Dear Zim also known as David and check him out live as soon as you can!

To start, what would be like your dream tour? I don'€™t think you'€™ve toured just yet but maybe like your three dream acts or bands?
Three dream acts? This won'€™t make sense but it would have to be All Time Low, Blink 182 and I don'€™t know probably like I would say The Summer Set. I think that would be the dream tour line up those three bands.

And then I know you'€™re from Zimbabwe and then you go to school here so how did you get started and interested in doing music? Like did you just want to do it when you were younger?
I'€™d always wanted to be like a famous rockstar as a kid. I was convinced that I was going to be famous by like the time I was seventeen and I was going to be in a band. I was going to be on MTV and stuff. So I always wanted to be in a band and I always wanted to be an artist so it was kind of an easy choice. Like I came here and I studied music and I just thought '€˜I'€™m in America. Might as well do what I love and try. If it fails, it fails'€™. You know I wanted to chase after the American Dream.

Perfect then I believe your last physical material is the new EP '€˜Ready, Set, Dance!'€™
The one that dropped in January so it may be early to tell but how is it going over? I know you have a really strong local fan base so how has it been doing?
The first CD has been really great. It'€™s mainly been a lot of local support that'€™s been people buying it at shows and online as well. It'€™s actually showed a lot of support from across the country. It was online stuff so like a lot of people from I think it was pretty much in the South. I'€™ve been seeing it on iTunes and it'€™s been pretty cool to watch that grow. Aside from that, kind of excited to release the new stuff that'€™s coming out in like the next month so hopefully there will be a lot more support for that.

Yeah! Then how do you normally go about the writing, the music making? It'€™s kind of dancy electronic a bit.
Yeah! It kind of varies. Some songs, most of the time, I'€™ll end up writing the song like making the music first. I'€™ll be sitting at the computer with synths and stuff and then from that I'€™ll start to come up with like a melody and write the lyrics to it but sometimes it varies. Like the song '€˜Myspace Queen'€™ that'€™s on the original EP I was canoeing like in the ocean and I just suddenly started singing the main hook and I was like Oh my god I have to get this down so I canoed all the way back home and I started recording the song from scratch. It was really cool. The new stuff is a lot more rock. Like it'€™s band orientated. It'€™s got a live feel I guess so I'€™m excited to see how that comes out.

Then maybe what'€™s like the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration? Like something someone said or something you saw?
Yet again it kind of varies. A lot of the time, I take it from real experiences like something happens and it hits me emotionally then I'€™ll go with that. It doesn'€™t even have to be l something major that like affects me. It can be something really tiny but what I'€™ll do is I'€™ll take that and sort of elaborate and kind of extortinate it? Is that a word? I don'€™t know. I'€™ll just make it into it.

Then how has it been going over in the shows? Like how do you go about the live show?
The shows, because obviously like the CD is all me and it'€™s kind of hard to be a single guy on stage, so for the shows there is a live band behind me on stage. They'€™re all my good friends and we take what we have on the EP and we try to add a lot more energy to it and make it a bigger live feel. Create more experience for people that are watching I suppose. Opposed to just listening to the music and blasting the volume, we just try to make it more of an experience. You'€™ll probably check it out today.
Yeah I'€™m going to stay for the show!
Yeah you'€™ll see. So it'€™s more about the experience rather then like playing the music when you see it live.

Do you want to, I know you'€™re still in school so currently it'€™s hard to tour, but maybe like is that a goal of yours like maybe this next summer or something?
Definitely, definitely! We definitely have plans to do summer touring. We'€™re going to try and get on a couple tours that we'€™ve been like negotiating with. So touring is definitely up there, like right up there. Number one priority and it'€™s kind of just playing it by ear as far as like record deals go and stuff. We'€™ve had a couple opportunities with some people but we'€™re kind of hanging out for the right one. Touring and just waiting for the right people to come along. We'€™re pretty much just having fun for now!

Then a lot of Boston bands they got started at Berklee or they met at Berklee like The Blue Pages and a bunch of Boston bands like the older ones. Do you think it'€™s affected you at all like in the way you go about your music? A lot of them they'€™re like '€˜No, not at all'€™!
No, to tell you the truth. You'€™re talking to the wrong person. I don'€™t know if I can say this but I kind of, I'€™m not Berklee'€™s biggest fan as far as helping you like musically. So I will say no it hasn'€™t helped me with writing music and everything. It'€™s definitely helped me with networking and meeting other musicians, other like minded musicians, so in that retrospect it'€™s an incredible place. As far as writing goes, I think you have to just stick to what you know. Stick to what you feel and what you'€™re good at. No, it doesn'€™t help but it helps in other ways.

And then two little different ones. What was the first CD or cassette you bought and then what was the first concert you went to?
The first like VHS but the first like cassette tape? Aw man! You'€™ll laugh at me. I'€™m pretty sure it was the Men In Black soundtrack. I think it was because I was really young and that was kind of the only thing they had at the store that I liked. It was either that or like Neil Diamond. So I was like I want the Men in Black soundtrack. It'€™s a good soundtrack!
It was really good. I loved it! I basically went in the store wanting to buy it. And the first concert I ever went to. See growing up in Zimbabwe we didn'€™t really get to go to many concerts because we didn'€™t have any concerts.

Do you think that first record influenced you?
Yeah I still listen to some of it so I'€™m going to go with yes! I love Will Smith and I love everything he does and that album was great and every song that was on there was amazing. It definitely influences me but I don'€™t know how much of it still sticks with me today but it helps me feed my love for music and yeah I'€™ll go with that.

Perfect and that'€™s what coming up? Like I know you'€™re playing that show with Love Via Dance Machine and Phone Calls From Home in the downstairs.
It'€™s going to be cool!
It'€™s going to be an awesome show but then what'€™s coming up for you? Are you going to just keep playing shows? Like you said you'€™re putting out new material?
So the March 26th show is going to be pretty great. Basically going to play some shows outside of the state like Pennsylvania and stuff. We'€™re kind of aiming at doing more shows outside of the state for the next couple weeks and months but yeah new material. We have two songs that are coming out. Two new songs that are both being released as singles and accompanying both songs we'€™re going to have two music videos so it'€™s going to be great. They'€™re both going to be released on line with no physical copies. It'€™s going to be like able to tweet or download, like like the page for a download so it'€™s going to be that kind of thing. Really excited to release and this summer we should have a song out with a guy named Culprit who is the singer who accompanies Cascada on the song '€˜Evacuate The Dancefloor'€™. We'€™re pretty close to finishing that song now so I'€™m more excited about that then anything else so those are the three things to look out for. I'€™m really excited!
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Pierce The Veil

The next band up is a definite familiar face around Music Remedy and over the past year, I have had the chance to steadily catch up with the band be it just a month after their latest release '€˜Selfish Machines'€™ dropped till the point where they are already talking about writing the follow up! I recently made it out to meet up with Vic, Jaime and Tony just minutes after they played the second night of their two night stand in Massachusetts during their current time on the Gamechangers tour with A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon and it definitely was a treat!

From talking about the antics in the crowd I had seen the last time I caught them play to how crazy their time has been so far on their current tour, we covered everything currently going on with the band. Included was a shout out about Vic and Jaime'€™s supposedly rumored relationship to how happy they are not to be on IsAnyoneUp but not just the humorous was covered! They gave me the run down on what they'€™re most excited for with their upcoming Australian run and much more! While they may not be on the road much this summer, it'€™s worth it since the boys will be writing their new record as well!

Obviously Attack Attack was a huge tour for you guys! Playing huge rooms and sold out shows but this is just starting and already it'€™s been nuts! Like completely sold out, two night stands for the first two cities, how has it been going so far for you guys?
Jaime: It'€™s been so, so sexy.
Vic: Sexy. Yeah this tour'€™s been cool. This is probably the only time I'€™ve ever gotten butterflies before I go on because there are so many frigging people out there.
Jaime: These shows like, the Attack Attack tour was awesome for us because we were back in big, big rooms and stuff but with this tour these are some venues that we have never even played before. So it'€™s definitely butterflies.
Tony: Dude, I get nervous all the time. I'€™m used to it!
Jaime: The good thing about this is we'€™re playing in front of a lot of kids who normally wouldn'€™t get a chance to hear us. So that'€™s always a good thing and I think the shows have been going great. The response for us has just been awesome!
Vic: We'€™re stoked!

Perfect and then actually I wanted to ask about this. I saw you guys, like I said, play for the first time that night after our interview because I didn'€™t get to see you guys at Warped Tour and girls were like trying to put their hands down your pants (to Vic) and since then I'€™ve talked to a lot of people who talk about fans getting too close. I wanted to ask you about because that was pretty intense I'€™m sure for you as well of fans getting too close and crazy moments.
Jaime: Well we train him so he gets used to all the touching. We got to get him prepped. The lead singer'€™s got to get used to it.
Vic: Yeah I'€™ve installed a electric shock system to my crotch area and when anyone gets pretty close, it just goes off.
Tony: You don'€™t even want to know what happens when he gets a boner.
Vic: Oh yeah!
Jaime: That means game over. The whole bus just shorts out.
Tony: Yo Vic! Trying to watch a movie man!
Vic: Sorry guys.

Then you guys went out with Silverstein I want to say and Miss May I and then this tour obviously is already nuts. Maybe what'€™s like one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen lately?
Vic: Lately? Lately at shows craziest thing that I'€™ve seen. Let'€™s see-
Jaime: There'€™s a part in, oh my god it'€™s so funny, A Day To Remember'€™s set where they bring out this like creepy hamster ball. Like a life sized hamster ball.
Vic: I wouldn'€™t, yeah.
Jaime: Give it away? It gets pretty crazy (laughs)! Let'€™s just say A Day To Remember does a lot of crazy things in their set.
Vic: Yeah and it'€™s really fun to watch!
Jaime: It'€™s already on the internet.
Tony: Fair enough. It'€™s like fourth show in!

No big deal, two cities played! Then you guys have announced a new Australia tour which just got announced and you guys were just there after Warped Tour last year I believe. So what are you most looking forward to like going back? I know it'€™s with Escape The Fate?
Tony: Yes, Escape The Fate!
Vic: Oh man! All of Australia was really fun.
Tony: I don'€™t know! I mean I can'€™t even describe it. Like all the people there are so nice and the shows were awesome. Escape The Fate I'€™ve never really met them it should be fun. The drummer looks like he'€™s in Guns '€˜N'€™ Roses I'€™m all about it.
Jaime: The female population is great. For every one dude, there'€™s like five chicks. No it'€™s awesome, I had a great time. Surf'€™s up!
Vic: (laughs) Surf'€™s up!
Jaime: There'€™s just (laugh) so many ladies out there ya know?
Tony: What are we looking forward to (laugh)? Yeah, tons of chicks! No, I'€™m excited for the shows Jaime.
Vic: There ya go!
Jaime: Well I hope all the chicks come to the shows.
Vic: I think you'€™re cut off for a minute.

And then it had been like three years between Selfish Machines and the debut record and now that it has been out for almost a year it will be getting to that point in a few months. Are you even thinking about writing again?
Jaime: Oh yeah!
Vic: We got to keep that ball rolling. We got to keep that creation ball rolling. Yeah we'€™re going to write this summer. We'€™re not going to do Warped Tour or anything we'€™re just going to write. Yeah, I'€™m stoked on it!
Tony: It will be the best record of all time.
Vic: Yeah, best three! Third time'€™s a charm!

Where is like one of the stranger places you guys have found inspiration writing? Like something some one said or something that happened?
Vic: One of the stranger places we'€™ve found inspiration? I was watching The King'€™s Speech and it'€™s about a king who has a speech impediment. He can'€™t talk right and he goes thru all this training to learn how to use his voice and stuff. As a singer, I found it a little inspiring. Sometimes it'€™s like we'€™re not fucking up there doing speeches so it'€™s kind of hard to talk to the crowd all the time. We'€™re singers before we'€™re actually learning how to talk to big crowds and stuff so I thought it was kind of cool.
Jaime: Great! I actually just watched '€˜Tron'€™ for the first time. Not to segue into Tron but that movie, just the fact that I think it'€™s crazy how movies now a day are just being crazier and crazier. To the point where I'€™m like looking forward to seeing what, in like five years, what'€™s going to be on the screen. That movie was unreal and I was just like what is going on. Music, movies. We all wear weird costumes from time to time.
Tony: Jaime inspires me.
Jaime inspires you, Tony?
Tony: He has a beautiful behind.
Jaime: Write that down!

Then how has '€˜Selfish Machines'€™ been doing? Maybe just by the kids because you guys have been touring like nonstop since the release?
Vic: It'€™s been cool! Like off the get go, like when we started off on Warped Tour, we had been off tour for a really long time and that was the first time we played any new songs. The reaction was great. It was really refreshing for us to play new stuff and it was cool to see that we still had fans after taking such a long break to write the record. It was awesome!
Jaime: It was also crazy because our new set is probably the most new songs that we'€™ve ever had all together. We'€™re only playing one song off the old CD right now and the crowd has been singing like crazy.

Just one song from the first record?
Vic: Yeah well since we'€™re not headlining we can'€™t play a whole lot of songs so we'€™ve got to keep it tight. Keep it short!

Then you guys obviously are able to do it somewhat on this tour. I know Jeremy comes in at the end of '€˜Carapharenelia'€™ but you'€™re still screaming for the most part and you guys are doing it on your own, but maybe what would be like your dream person to have in a song with you?
Jaime: Come out on stage with us and do a little bit?
Yeah like be on a track with you.
Jaime: Elton John?
Vic: Elton John is like down the street right now. We'€™ll probably hit him up!
Jaime: He'€™s not my dream but he'€™s probably the most-
Tony: He'€™s not your dream guy?
Jaime: He'€™s my dream guy for the record.
Vic: I don'€™t know if I could bring Freddy Mercury back from the dead, I'€™d like him to be on our record. That would be pretty fun!
Jaime: I think we'€™d just take this tour and have everybody on this tour do something on the record. That would be fun! Or just make a crazy side project called We Came As Mexicans who Brought You To The Horizon and It'€™s Going to be a good day to Remember.
Vic: Worst band name.
Jaime: What is that when you just like take the first letter of each name?
Tony: I don'€™t know!

Then this one'€™s kind of different but with all the like Fueled by Gossip sites and everything, what'€™s like the craziest rumor you'€™ve heard about yourself or about another member of the band?
Vic: There was one recently saying that we broke up, that was weird.
Tony: Hey guys! Just got the news that we broke up!
Jaime: There was one but it was only one and I think it might have been a joke. That said me and you (Vic) were dating. There was like a picture of us that'€™s totally out of context. It'€™s just like wow I didn'€™t know.
Vic: There'€™s always girl rumors. Like trying to say that I'€™m dating somebody because they'€™ll see a picture of us and it will be like a friend of ours. Then they'€™ll start saying that that'€™s like my girlfriend and they'€™re not.
Jaime: One of my friends put like this face book, I don'€™t have a face book but every one does, and my friend from high school we took a picture together at New Years and she went and posted it on her page. Immediately, I started getting creepy things like '€˜You have a girlfriend?'€™ '€˜Girlfriend? You got a girlfriend now?'€™ I was like..what?! It popped out of nowhere it was such a random thing.
Vic: I don'€™t think we'€™ve had like any really gnarly things said.

No one'€™s died?
Jaime: All of us!
Tony: Thank god all of us aren'€™t on Is Anyone Up yet.
Vic: I will fear the day when that happens.
Jaime: I'€™m just going to start taking nudes. Start sending pictures of myself. Instead of picks, I'€™ll just start throwing out pictures of me nude.

And then next few months, what'€™s going to be going on? I know you said you'€™ll be writing this summer instead of doing the typical Warped Tour thing but after this tour, are you guys going to take some time off before you go back on the road?
Vic: Yeah after Australia, we take the summer off to write and then we have more tours lined up but we'€™re not going to announce them quite yet but pretty soon we'€™ll announce more tours. Then we'€™ll start working on our new record and stuff! That will be the plan!
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