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The next interview is with a band that is definitely a familiar face to Music Remedy and this editor and with due cause. We Came As Romans is one of the hardest working bands I'€™ve experienced and been lucky enough to talk to in this industry and it just keeps getting better for them. Their new record is very much so on his way as Josh talked about in our interview '€˜It'€™s on the way! We were in the studio right before this tour and we did a whole ton of pre-production and we finished all the drums for it.'€™ but recording the album is going to come between the touring that the band has become known for. The Gamechangers tour is still very much in the early stages but the band will be headlining in Europe which they embark on after being home for a day and a half and right after Europe will have a day before they go back in to the studio and it doesn'€™t stop there!
The band will be playing all of Warped Tour this summer and not only is that a huge feat but it'€™s also the band'€™s first time playing on the tour at all! Through all of this touring, they are currently having a huge progression from the first time I ever caught up with the band which dates back to February of 2010 where they were opening a line up of five on the Emptiness tour every night and since then have played direct support to Asking Alexandria, headlined a handful of times and played on a huge festival tour this past summer with such heavy hitters as Silverstein, Emery and Dance Gavin Dance! These kids have no sign of stopping any time soon and despite the hardships which included Joshua my interviewee actually battling the terrible disease bacterial meningitis very recently. Read on for my exclusive time with Joshua!

Last February obviously was the first time we had talked to you way back in the day and you guys have grown like insanely every time I'€™ve seen in the size of the crowd so maybe what'€™s one of like the crazier things you'€™ve seen? Your crowd gets more and more insane every time.
Yeah it'€™s just our managers and our booking agents have done amazing jobs in getting us on amazing tours to where we'€™re playing with much bigger bands whose fans can also find stuff that they like in our music. It'€™s been awesome to see, I guess, the growth between just the band here and even we were able to go to Europe and Australia in November and December. That was crazy to see like the crowd response there and just everyone that'€™s on our team of people has been working really hard to, I guess, try and let us succeed and try to make it somewhere. It'€™s cool to see I guess the progress that we really have made. Especially with the headliner that we just did, it went better then any of us ever expected.

Then I know The Word Alive opened for you on that which is kind of crazy.
Yeah you know it'€™s funny because on the Emptiness tour, we were playing first and they were playing third. Then on our headliner, we were headlining and they were playing third but they'€™re on a headliner right now actually. I'€™m really good friends with them and our manager also manages them and they'€™re on a headliner right now with The Color Morale and it'€™s actually doing really well. It'€™s just like this tour it'€™s only like two or three days old. They'€™re still doing really well it'€™s funny because that was like the first time, we toured together before we released '€˜To Plant A Seed'€™, and then we didn'€™t see them for like a half a year and then on that tour we really got to hang out and everything. We were like '€˜this year we'€™re going to make it big for both our bands'€™ and we really did. It was cool.

And then, from my understanding, the record'€™s either finished or it'€™s close?
It'€™s on the way! We were in the studio right before this tour and we did a whole ton of pre-production and we finished all the drums for it. Before we went into the studio though we were on tour constantly. We were on our headliner, we were in Australia, we were in Europe then we were on a headliner before that and so there wasn'€™t really like a whole lot of time to write and to really sit down and figure things out so when we recorded '€˜To Plant a Seed'€™ we went in and all the songs were done. There were songs that were re-written three, four, five, six times even and we went into the studio this time with all just first drafts of songs. Stuff that we really hadn'€™t been able to like experiment with or anything and so the first like week of the studio time, we just sat down and just listened to all the demos just on repeat and we were like '€˜what can we change?'€™ We have a lot of studio time and we really wanted to dedicate a lot of it to not recording anything. To like figuring out what we wanted to record and what we really wanted to go for and so we spent a good amount of time on that and then a good amount of time on the drums and then after this tour we fly to Europe and then when we get back from Europe we go right back into the studio and do guitars and vocals and all the programming and everything.

That'€™s crazy!
Yeah! I think from now until the end of Warped Tour I have like six days at home and three of them we'€™re only home because we'€™re playing a show there. Like between this tour and Europe we have a day and a half at home and between Europe and the studio we have one day at home.
You guys are nuts, never going to stop!
Yeah, hopefully! Hopefully we never stop.

And do you think that full length is going to come out this year? Are you hoping for that?
No it will be out this year. Probably late summer or fall. I mean a lot of fans don'€™t really understand and with in you know good reason that once you finish a CD, there'€™s still a lot of things that need to happen to actually put that CD out and in stores and a lot of planning. Our team at EVR (Equal Vision Records) does a fantastic job at that but, you know, there are just things that take time so it'€™s not like '€˜Ooh! We got the master copies and it'€™s out in a week!'€™ It'€™s not like that but it will definitely be out this year.

Awesome, that'€™s exciting! Then you were one of the first five bands to be announced for this summer'€™s Warped Tour. I believe it'€™s your first full, if not first time?
First time ever! The first Warped Tour I will ever attend will be the one that I'€™ll be playing. Yeah I'€™ve never even attended Warped Tour and it'€™s definitely the band'€™s first time playing Warped Tour.

What are you most looking forward to on that tour?
Just hanging out! Like we'€™re going to Europe. We'€™re headlining in Europe with Miss May I and The Word Alive are playing direct support. Then they'€™re both on Warped Tour. On the same stage as us and just we know a lot of people already on Warped Tour. We got to hang out with August Burns Red a little bit in Australia just because the tour was only like a week so I mean it didn'€™t get too intense but they were super cool dudes and we'€™ll see them on Warped Tour. Like A Day To Remember is on Warped Tour. Everyone'€™s on Warped Tour this year so I mean it'€™s going to be crazy. It'€™s going to be awesome.

Sounds good that'€™s perfect! Then it was a while back but your goal was to do like three hundred shows in 2010 and I don'€™t know if you guys got to that exact number but you'€™ve been playing shows so much.
Yeah I don'€™t know if we did but if we didn'€™t, then I take back the three hundred shows and I say exactly whatever we played that'€™s the new goal!
Count them all up!
Yeah I don'€™t know if I could do more. Especially this year then we'€™re doing right now. I mean I did miss a good chunk of the headliner but I would have been there if I could! All the guys were on it and when we got back from the headliner, like I was only on the last week of the headliner. Well the first few days and then the last week of it but when we got back we left for the studio two days later and when we got home from the studio we left for this tour like fifteen hours later.
Yeah Andy and I drove back and we stayed the night at my house. Woke up. We did some laundry, went out to eat, I went and bought a pair of shoes and then we left. When this tour'€™s over, we get home and you know a day and a half later we go there and fly to Europe and when Europe'€™s over we get home for a day and then we drive back down to the studio then when the studio'€™s over we fly out from there to the first day of Warped Tour and then I don'€™t even know! My mind is just fried after that. I don'€™t want to know what comes next.

And then obviously from what I saw, it came pretty fast the growing of you guys. Like I saw you on Transmission, I saw you with Asking Alexandria and I saw you on the Emptiness. Maybe where do you want to be in like one year from now? Like do you want to be headlining again? Do you want to be like supporting this record?
I love headlining. It'€™s just a lot of fun because I mean at like the end of the day it'€™s your tour. Like of course the support bands are what makes the tour fun and definitely help with the draw and without them the tour wouldn'€™t happen but at the end of the day, you feel such a part of the tour because it'€™s your headliner. It'€™s like these bands wanted to come and play before you. It'€™s an honor. You just feel a huge amount of respect from all the other bands and everyone just attending but I mean ideally I want to be supporting other bands. That always means that there are bigger bands. There are always going to be kids at shows that haven'€™t heard us because we'€™re always playing earlier on the bill and there'€™s always bands that have sold more CD'€™s, that have done more tours, that have more fans and that'€™s been the goal since day one. We didn'€™t want to be one of those bands that like exploded on to the scene and was huge right away and then kind of dwindle. We just wanted to keep growing constantly and that'€™s still the goal. That will always be the goal is to keep the growth constant. Always pushing forward and moving forward. Not trying to hit that big jackpot or being huge for you know a little while and just dying off. So I guess that every goal that we had is still the same I guess just in a little different sense.

Actually I was talking to Neil earlier today of A Day To Remember and I know the first four shows have been sold out. A lot of the tour is sold out these crowds are obviously insane.
Today'€™s was insane.
The line was around like the whole block today. It'€™s nuts! Maybe how have these shows been going for you guys so far even though it'€™s so new? It'€™s only been two cities.
It'€™s been great! I mean it'€™s funny because the first four shows that we'€™ve played we'€™ve only played in two different venues. I noticed today some kids today that I saw yesterday here and they were still going just as nuts. Still just as into it and it just makes you smile because you just saw the same thing yesterday yet still are super into it. Like super stoked on it and it'€™s really because I mean sometimes on the road we play the same set every day. Sometimes it gets a little monotonous and we'€™re like '€™oh cool I get to go play the same six songs in the same order again'€™ but it'€™s seeing things like that that just get me stoked on actually doing that. If there are kids that are paying money to see the same thing two days in a row, I'€™m just being a jerk if I'€™m not giving it my all like every day. So it'€™s been cool. It'€™s I think the first tour that we'€™ve done that we play the same venue two days in a row like a couple times. In our hometown, we play the Royal Oak Theater which is three miles away from my house and we play it two days in a row and so that'€™s going to be crazy because that'€™s a dream come true to me. That was the venue that we were saying '€™oh if we can ever play there that would be so big'€™ so that will be really cool. I'€™m looking forward to that.
And two days in a row!
Yeah two days in a row so I get to stay home and sleep in my own bed which is such a refresher on the road. Even just one day to be staying in your own room. In the morning, you wake up to your own fridge, drink some orange juice, maybe make an English muffin I don'€™t know. If I'€™m feeling crazy, I'€™ll make two English muffins. Maybe some scrambled eggs and we'€™ll see how that goes but just one time on a tour just makes everything better and kind of rejuvenates you I guess. Seeing your family and what not.

Of course then I'€™ve actually never asked this one which is kind of weird. What was the first concert you ever attended?
First concert I ever went to I think I was in third grade I went and saw the News Boys. They'€™re like a contemporary christian band. My mom worked at a church for like ten years so naturally I was like this band rules. They had rotating drums and platforms on stage and stuff. It was crazy like a huge production and I saw them at the Palace which is the place where the Detroit Pistons used to play. They might still play there I don'€™t really know because I hate basketball but it'€™s a big place. It was legitimately like a concert. I think like we play shows. Like I just call them shows just because that'€™s the size that they are. When you'€™re playing for ten, fifteen thousand people that'€™s a concert. Like yesterday, Elton John played just down the street. He had more busses and trailers for himself then our whole tour!

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