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I'€™m a sucker for interesting music videos and one of them that definitely struck gold in my mind was '€˜Anna Sun'€™ by Walk The Moon. It'€™s a single shot for about three minutes that includes dance sequences and lead singer Nicholas Petricca walking through what seems to be a scene kid house party filled with black lights, sparklers and wild outfits to end up in a field with painted faces and drum beats! After I saw the video, I definitely knew the band was one that I wanted to sit down with and I recently got that opportunity while the boys were en route to playing some special dates with Tokyo Police Club.

We talked about everything from the video itself in depth with who worked on it and how the concept came about to how the bands the guys were listening to changed and influenced the records they'€™ve released so far to how it all began. I definitely see the band as a great find and know personally hopefully I'€™ll be able to be dancing along with you guys at their next Boston date on April 9th. For all you SXSW goers the band is also playing their fair share of sets at the incredibly famous festival so I hope you take the time to give your ears a taste of something incredibly refreshing and thanks, as always, for checking out my exclusive interview!

You'€™re about to play some shows with Tokyo Police Club. What are you most looking forward to from this experience?
Nick: It will be my first time seeing them and playing with them. Although a few of us are big fans and it'€™s always a really fantastic opportunity for bands like us who are just getting some attention to open for a band that'€™s really well established and as we say, It'€™s an opportunity to play for a bunch of people who wouldn'€™t otherwise have heard us.

Then maybe if you guys could go out with any dream bands or acts, who do you think they would be?
Sean: I guess we'€™d really like to go on stage with like, oh sorry this is Sean speaking, Miike Snow and Vampire Weekend.

Perfect then how did Walk The Moon come together?
Nick: It started a few years ago, this is Nicholas, I'€™m like the remaining member from the original line up but these guys came together about a year ago or so. A combination of old friends and high school friends just people in the local music scene.

Perfect then the first full length record '€˜I Want! I Want!'€™ it'€™s been out since November so it'€™s still pretty new but how do you think it'€™s been doing so far? Like how is it going over? Maybe not just by sales but by the kids at the shows?
Nick: The response has been incredible. It was a long time coming. It was sort of keeping the CD mostly to ourselves until the tracks were ready. Till the whole thing was packaged and in its'€™ complete form then when we put it out it'€™s been selling really quickly. Probably my favorite thing is that people come up to us and tell us their favorite song and it'€™s different every time so it'€™s our ten favorite songs on the album. So we'€™re pretty stoked with that.

Great then how do you guys normally go about the song writing process? Is it one person? Is it pretty collective? Is it kind of different every time?
Nick: It'€™s slightly different every time. I'€™m the primary song writer but whatever way it starts being that I bring a whole song or I bring in a piece of a song the rest of it is always really collaborative. Especially sonically, as opposed to lyrically, so sonically it really gets fleshed out with the four of us.

Then do you think the music or maybe the writing changed? I know you guys put out an EP before the record. Do you think it changed at all? Did you write it differently? How did it go?
Nick: Yeah absolutely. Between '€˜The Anthem'€™ EP and '€˜I Want! I Want!'€™ I think the whole sound and the whole sort of song writing style just took a very different direction. I think it was influenced just from being introduced to new music at the time. Being around Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend and Talking Heads. Before, the influences were more sixties and seventies sort of song writers and then when '€˜I Want! I Want!'€™ was being created it was more like eighties and new age and then like contemporary indie artists.

Perfect then you'€™ve put out a pretty crazy video for '€˜Anna Sun'€™. I know for the first few minutes at least it'€™s a single shot taken with the dance sequence and then ending up in the field. Where did you come up with the idea for that video? Like how fun was that to shoot?
Nick: It started when I was working with the videographer who'€™s name is Patrick Meier with Contrast Productions. He basically called me up really late one night and was like '€˜Dude we have to meet! I have this idea for Anna Sun'€™ and it was a one shot, one take sort of journey idea and over the course of a few months and involving a choreographer named Kim Popa from a group called Pones Inc. The whole thing was conceived and we found the location which is at the building called The Mockbee and it started to really flesh out in rehearsals and we involved the other band members. Eventually involved the whole community on the day of the shooting.

Then the last one! What'€™s coming up for you guys in the next few months? Do you think you may do the touring thing again? Maybe new shows or taking a little breather? What'€™s in the plans?
Nick: Definitely not taking a breather! Only rolling with the momentum that we'€™ve had from the video and the album. We'€™re planning on hopping on tours in the summer. We'€™re going to South by Southwest in March and so looking forward to a lot of dates on the road!

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