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In these first few months of 2011, I'€™ve gotten the opportunity to talk to a lot of the bands growing in Boston that are getting their name out there and one of the clear stand outs is this next band in Small Talk! Their live show is incredibly dynamic including the set I caught last night at All Asia from the boys and I knew they were a band I wanted to sit down with.

Back in January, I sat down with the boys for the first time and through our interview it became clear how much the band gets along and how far they'€™ve come already in the writing process and everything that is important for a band to succeed! Playing on huge bills including a spot on the upcoming Love Via Dance Machine headlining show on March 26th, the band hopes to be touring starting this spring and can be currently found playing tons of shows in the New England area for the rest of the winter. Read on for what the boys think would be their careers if they weren'€™t in the band to how they chose Small Talk as a name and catch the boys at their next show with Stereo Skyline this Sunday at The Middle East in Boston!

Perfect, so a little soft one to start! I know you guys have done a little bit of touring from what I understand. I know you went out with like Matthew Barletta so if you could go out with any three dream acts, who do you think they would be?
Brian: Three? For touring?
Jimmy: What do you think?
Brian: I actually feel like I could answer for you.
Jimmy: Alright, answer for me then!
Brian: Can we answer for each other? Okay I'€™m going to answer for Jimmy. So for Jimmy Welsh because I know this kid very well, he would go with number one this artist from the UK that he really likes, actually, we all pretty much enjoy him. His name is Jamie T. He'€™s kind of like this indie rock and roll rap artist all combined into one. It'€™s just really fun music. I feel like he would want to do like a UK tour with him. Number two would be Kings of Leon. Big Kings fan. He'€™s got a lot of favorite artists but for the third one, I'€™m going to go with the classic Beatles. Hands down! How did I do?
Jimmy: Pretty good!
Brian: Pretty good (laughs)?
Jimmy: I'€™m answering for you? Alright let'€™s see! First-
Brian: Drew'€™s the easiest.
Jimmy: Drew would go on tour with Katy Perry. For sure!
Drew: Oh yeah, in a heart beat!
Jimmy: I don'€™t know, Drew'€™s pretty hard. Second, I feel like we would go, if it was up to Drew, we would go on tour with just like a deejay who just does mash ups.
Drew: Maybe Girl Talk.
Jimmy: Like Girl Talk yeah and third let me think. What has Drew been listening to lately? I need help.
Drew: A lot of stuff.
Brian: What'€˜s the one band?
Jimmy: Oh what is it? Empire of the Sun?
Drew: Yeah!
Jimmy: Dude I'€™m going to pick that because I would want to do that too.
Brian: How'€™d he do?
Jimmy: It was pretty good right?
Drew: It was pretty good.
Looking through your iphone?
Jimmy: You got cheats over there?
Drew: I got cheats. Alright so Brian, easy. His first act, all time favorite, Dashboard Confessional.
Brian: Oh that was a good one!
Drew: But I mean, who wouldn'€™t? So obviously. I'€™m definitely going to throw out Kenny of Person L so we'€™d probably go on tour just for that and then let'€™s see here definitely finally last Four Year Strong.
Brian: (laughing) Yes dude, that'€™s perfect!
Drew: He would love to see them every night!
Brian: I'€™d feel like a little kid every night.

Then another kind of goofy one! Like what are the three things you must have while on the road? I mean you'€™ve been doing a little bit of touring but you'€™re starting to break out nationally.
Jimmy: Three things? I'€™m going to say peanut butter sandwiches, what else do I need? I'€™d need my computer just to fill time. I don'€™t know why I'€™m having so much trouble today. You need baby powder because you don'€™t get to shower that often and we learned the trick that baby powder makes your hair not look quite as greasy as it is so that'€™s a very important thing to have.
Brian: I'€™m going to go with one, a toothbrush because dental hygiene is important for everybody not just for a rock band (everyone laughs).
Only important for people who are in bands!
Brian: Number two would be my phone just because I get homesick very easily. I make sure that I can keep in contact with my friends at home and family and like also I have one of the smart phones so I can browse the internet and do whatever to kill time. Then number three? iPhone 4! Three would be my hair products because (Jimmy laughs) if I don'€™t put anything in my hair, I look like a fool. Like it'€™s night and day. Call me superficial but whatever. It makes me comfortable.
Drew: Easily my labtop. My labtop is awesome and it is everyone'€™s essential and a clean pair of socks.
Jimmy: Clean ones.
Drew: You can not go wrong with a clean pair of socks and a blanket. Easily a blanket.
Jimmy: You'€™re just a cold guy.
Drew: Pretty much what you want to pack on tour is something like you would bring on like a hiking trip. Really like something that would get you by.
Jimmy: You don'€™t know if you'€™re going to have a bed or not.
Drew: Yeah exactly!

Perfect then I know you'€™ve probably have answered these questions a lot but I haven'€™t seen many interviews of you guys yet online and stuff so why did you choose Small Talk for the name? I know these are lame questions sometimes but you guys are just getting your name out there!
Jimmy: I held off on a band name for a little while just because I wanted something that just came naturally but then I realized that Small Talk just fit us.
Brian: It'€™s our personalities.
Jimmy: It'€™s our personalities yeah!
Brian: We come off as very shy, I mean we'€™re not shy guys really.
Jimmy: Yeah but we get it all the time and I mean we love talking about anything really. We love talking small talk!
Brian: As a band we obviously do the van talks. Like we love going off track and like talk about whatever.
Jimmy: And I felt like it fit'€™s the songs too because like all the songs we have are true and they'€™re sort of each a story and I felt like that fit with the band name.
Then I know you have a few EP'€™s out, two? So how do you normally go about the writing process for you guys as a band? Is it different every time?
Jimmy: Yeah there'€™s definitely no set structure. I write songs a lot and I barely ever like sit down, write a song and just finish it. I'€™ll just start something, get side tracked about something else and start a new one. So then we'€™ll go back and I'€™ll finish the lyrics to something and we just kind of play it out sometimes and just see what music would fit best with the story for the song. We like to make it all about the story. We'€™re not gonna have a heart break song with real upbeat music. So it really just as long as it falls together that way in the end there is no structure.

Then are you guys hoping to write a full length or is that like far off in the future?
Jimmy: Well, we'€™re always writing. Like the day we put out the last EP, we were still writing. So we'€™ve talked about it. We definitely want to do it. We'€™re just trying to figure out when we want to, when we think it will be ready enough. So no official plans.
So no official plans? If it happens, it happens.

Then has there ever been like a really strange place you'€™ve found inspiration? Strange place like something some one said? Like for example, Lights said she reads like sci fi space magazines and that'€™s what she gets inspired from.
Brian: I don'€™t know our songs are more about personal experiences.
Jimmy: Like all the songs we write are all about personal experiences but they are actually a couple that we have and they'€™re still a work in progress that I wrote about a book I was reading. Like as if I were a character in there and about all the other characters so for a few songs at least we definitely do that. But for the most part, it'€™s just inspired by real life. Just kind of putting it out there. I feel like we don'€™t really have a theme. Eclectic.

Then what was like the first concert you guys all went to? There'€™s a second part too!
Jimmy: I know mine! Alright the first show I ever went to was Warped Tour. My mom brought me I was a little kid and she was just mortified but it was great. I went back the next year.
Brian: My first real concert I went to, I mean when I was younger I went to a lot of local shows but the first real one where I paid to see like a touring band would be when I moved back here from out of the country. I saw this band called The Mighty Mighty Bosstones which is funny because the venue that we'€™re playing today are their old stomping grounds. They actually have a CD that was recorded here. I don'€™t know I was really into ska and pop punk back then. I still am now but it was just a blast. Oh my god. On a high school night, like school night, it was great.
Drew: I think the first legitimate concert I went to was this thing called Edge Fest in Texas and it'€™s just a huge concert pretty much run by a radio station. It was all hard rock, like Papa Roach and like Breaking Benjamin. It was like all this stuff that I didn'€™t really listen to.
Brian: I listened to that! I would have gone to that!
Drew: I know you would! Pop rock!
Perfect! Then the first CD you ever bought or cassette?
Brian: Oh no!
Even if it'€™s embarrassing!
Brian: Oh it'€™s so embarrassing!
Jimmy: I'€™m proud of mine! When I was younger my dad gave me money because I was going to the mall or something and I got '€˜Bringing Down The Horse'€™ by The Wallflowers. That was the first CD I ever purchased myself.
Drew: Wow that'€™s a great album.
Brian: Alright I'€™m going to answer twice because my first album wasn'€™t on CD. It was actually on a cassette so that'€™s why I separate the two answers. My sister got me this album by Green Day called '€˜Dookie'€™ and I had that album on my walkman on repeat all day. I had so much fun with that and then my first CD I purchased was a band called Boyz II Men. Their album '€˜II'€™. I looked up to those dudes they were so cool.
Drew: My first CD purchase was the Good Charlotte album which I actually can'€™t think of the name. What was that called?
Brian: Cardiology (laughs) yeah that'€™s it! Young and The Restless?
Drew: The Young and the Hopeless.

Then one last one to send it off! You guys are all still young and first year graduated.
Jimmy: Yeah I was the last one. I'€™m fresh out!
Fresh out of high school.
Jimmy: I got out a little early actually so we could go on our first tour and..never went back! I guess so yeah this year is the first one I'€™m not going to school. I can'€™t talk today something'€™s wrong with me (laughs). So yeah we'€™re fresh out! It hasn'€™t been that long.
It'€™s kind of goofy so obviously you'€™ve been doing music but you'€™re still really young so maybe take the person next to you what would they be doing if they weren'€™t in music.
Brian: Should I go first? So if Drew was not playing drums he would be in college with probably a business major and on the side he'€™d be very passionate about online gaming. I'€™m sorry Drew! The world needs to know and he'€™d just be living it up. Simple life style. He'€™d be very successful because I think he'€™s a very, very smart dude.
Drew: Alright, Jimmy Welsh! If he was not doing music, I think that he would probably be a mathematician of some sort in college right now.
Brian: He'€™d be playing soduku.
Drew: Yeah!
Brian: He'€™s really good at it.
Drew: He'€™s filthy at it.
Brian: Record timing.
Drew: He'€™s a very smart individual and he'€™d be doing something very well in college.
Jimmy: Man you called him smart, he called me smart and I was ready to throw you under the bus (laughs) but I feel like if Brian wasn'€™t doing music. Let me think about this. What would you be doing?
Brian: Dead end jobs.
Jimmy: No I feel like Brian would have a really awesome job but I feel like for some reason, I don'€™t know why it'€™s just something in my head, but something would happen but you'€™re innocent don'€™t worry! Then you got to go on the run for like years and years and you had to make like different names and stuff. So therefore Small Talk saved Brian'€™s life. Thank you!
Brian: They'€™d make a Lifetime movie that'€™s based on my life.
Jimmy: Yeah I mean I'€™ve already started the script.

Perfect then what'€™s going on for you guys? I know you'€™re playing here again next month I believe so when I saw the schedule so obviously you have shows coming up.
Brian: Yeah we'€™re going to be playing with The Sophomore Beat. We'€™ve played with those guys a couple times.
Drew: The Sophomore Beat. We'€™ve played with them a couple times (laughs). We got this new band Directions on the bill. We'€™ve played with them twice those guys are really tight. They'€™re great!
Brian: Then we'€™re here March 26th.
Jimmy: Oh yeah we have a show downstairs. We played downstairs once but this is our second show down there with Love Via Dance Machine and the line up is pending right now.
Brian: Patent Pending. Don'€™t tell anybody!
Jimmy: But yeah we'€™re really hoping that show will be great because we'€™re hoping that we'€™ve built a great following in this local scene with all of these other bands. We think that we could do it and put on a great show. It sounds great down there too so we'€™re excited about that.

So are you going to try and get back on the road do you think? Like start leaving Boston?
Jimmy: We have some things being thrown around right now for future tour plans but once again like our full length nothing is set in stone but we'€™re pretty set on wanting to leave this spring. Like as soon as possible I'€™m thinking this spring. I mean hopefully with in the next couple weeks we'€™ll have it all sorted out and we'€™ll post it up so everyone can see.
Perfect well thank you so much!

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