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Get Scared was a band that I was introduced to in July of last year and since then they have toured successfully to the point where they absolutely killed it the night of our interview to a sold out crowd on the last Escape The Fate headlining tour '€˜The Dead Masquerade'€™! The tour comes to a close after just a handful more shows and it leads up to some exciting news for the band.

The band is finally dropping their debut full length this spring after two incredibly successful EP'€™s that really launched the band to the point they are today and I knew I should take the chance to talk to the band when I could. Minutes after they got off stage, I sat down in the green room with the band in full where we talked about everything from how collaborative their songwriting process is to their brand new video for '€˜Sarcasm'€™ which had dropped literally the night before the interview!

If you weren'€™t in this band or music in general, what do you think you would be doing?
Brad: I'€™ve been wanting to do this thing since I was six years old so I haven'€™t really thought about anything else. So for me that'€™s kind of a weird question.
Johnny: So for the question, I can'€™t have anything to do with music?
It can have something to do with music.
Johnny: Okay yeah if I wasn'€™t in the band I'€™d probably be a producer or an audio engineer. I wouldn'€™t be the one with a white picket fence and family.
Brad: House with a farm.

Perfect, and then you guys have been steadily on tour. I know your most recent one got canceled.
Johnny: Yeah, with the Murder Dolls.
Yeah that'€™s when we were supposed to do the interview but you did go out with a lot more bands like Black Veil Brides and you'€™ve been on tour really steadily. Like, maybe another soft one, what are the three things that you must have while on the road?
Johnny: Three things we must have? A toothbrush, lots and lots of underwear and socks. I can'€™t really be creative that'€™s all I can think of.
Brad: Must have a good attitude. You got to have good people with you.
Johnny: Especially traveling in the van. You all got to be close.
Brad: And a passion and love for music. If you'€™re going to go out and be touring especially in the van it is truly hard. You have to have a real passion for it and go through the hard times. Most people wouldn'€™t be able to handle it. If you care enough, push through it and you'€™ll be able to make your dreams come true.

How did Get Scared came to be? I know it'€™s something different from the past but I heard that you guys have done a bunch of music together. Music in the past but never really something like this?
Johnny: Yes!
So maybe how has this been and maybe what were like the styles that you used to do before Get Scared started getting developed and touring?
Brad: Nick and I were in like a hardcore band before this and then after that band, I started a band with Dan and that was also like a hardcore band.
Johnny: And I was in, it was kind of similar to this, it was like this alternative rock kind of stuff. To go from our old bands to Get Scared, we probably weren'€™t able to relate to anything that we used to do though. It'€™s like a whole new thing and we thought it was very hard to find people that do this style I guess in what we were doing in the past.

And then the new video just dropped. Brand new, right?
Brad: Yeah! Brand, brand new. We heard about it like right after we got off stage last night literally. I got a phone call and it was like '€˜Video'€™s released!'€™ I was like '€˜Oh, cool!'€™ We'€™ve already gotten feedback it'€™s really amazing.
Johnny: Yeah I actually love it. Probably half the views are from me. I'€™m stoked on it!

So it'€™s kind of a two part question! Obviously you'€™re on tour with Craig right now so was this a collaboration that came about before the tour? How did that come about?
Brad: Oh, him being in the video?
Yeah but he'€™s on the song right as well?
Brad: Yeah he is! Actually what happened is that it is an old song from our first EP and then we went to record it and put it on our full length which we were working on and we all thought it was a good idea to have Craig on it because it'€™s fitting. Like the way the vocals are, it sounds like it would be back and forth between two different people and Craig was really down with it.
Johnny: He'€™s been a good friend of ours for so long so he was like '€˜Yeah I'€™m down.'€™ He was in town so we hung out and we did it and we'€™re all stoked on it.

And then how did the idea come about? I mean it'€™s pretty crazy! I mean the video itself. I heard about zombies?
Brad: Oh well the zombies were actually kind of a surprise. It turned out to be a good surprise. Like the video was awesome.
Dan: I love zombies!
Brad: We showed up to the video shoot and there was a bunch of mixed communication about the script and story line and stuff. Johnny had wrote the majority of it and Nick had a totally different vision on it and then we get there. All of the sudden, they have a bunch of zombies there.
Johnny: Make up artists running around! Guess we'€™re doing zombies!
Brad: Body parts everywhere. We had no idea it was going to be like that but it turned out great. The kids love it! It'€™s a fun video. It'€™s not supposed to be like taken too seriously! It'€™s supposed to look like a cheezy zombie movie.
Johnny: Yeah just a fun video! Just looks cool!

Then I know the last EP just dropped in November. I think it'€™s your second EP?
Johnny: Yeah it'€™s a three song EP!
Perfect so how has it been going over? I mean obviously these crowds are insane and you have been touring really steadily so how do you think it'€™s been going over? Maybe not by sales but by like actual kids'€˜ reactions?
Brad: It'€™s been going over very, very well. There are certain kids who like get stuck on the old stuff but we haven'€™t really gotten any negative feedback on it. They seem pretty excited about it and we'€™re just getting more excited for the full album to come out. It'€™s been really good so far! If anything, those kids that are into the old stuff they'€™re still just as excited about the new stuff.
Johnny: Kids are loving it, it'€™s great! They'€™ve gotten way more excited about it then I could ever imagine. To see it grow and see how kids are getting into it, it'€™s like '€˜alright our hard work is paying off'€™.
Dan: Are you eating chips?
Johnny: I am eating chips. Chips and dip!
I'€™ve had people like eating apples it will be fine!
Johnny: They'€™ll be able to hear what I'€™m saying. I'€™m just hungry man, come on! I'€™m on tour.
Nick: Wait, we'€™re on tour?

Perfect then obviously you guys do have the two EP'€™s out but is the full length in the near future?
Johnny: Yeah in late Spring.
Brad: Yeah we actually just randomly did pre-pro for a new song that actually might be on the album too.
Johnny: Yeah it'€™s a good one! We had a day off on this tour and we met up with our A&R rep from our record label. He was like '€˜hey you guys want to hang out, get some coffee, maybe record a song?'€™ so we were like '€˜Alright!'€™ We just went and had an awesome day just hanging out with the guy and just recorded it.
Nick: It'€™s no thong song but I mean it'€™s pretty good.
Brad: It'€™s no thong song but it'€™s pretty good. The words of a true saint.
Nick: I only speak when necessary.

Then maybe how do you guys normally go about the writing? I mean you already have so much physical material out with the full length coming so quickly.
Brad: The writing'€™s definitely collective. It'€™s a complete group effort. There'€™s definitely not one song writer in our band which is awesome. Dan writes just as much as Johnny. I write just as much as them and Nick of course writes all the melodies because he'€™s the singer so for the most part, Nick will bring a guitar and we write the riffs.
Johnny: It'€™s a huge group effort which is awesome. There'€™s just like no position where we have to tell some one what to do. It'€™s just everyone collaborates and we enjoy it. Our goal is that everyone'€™s a part of every song. It turns out very well apparently because we'€™re all stoked on it.
Brad: We all have like totally different styles and tastes in music but at the same time, we still appreciate each others'€™ views of music.
Johnny: I can love Korn and he can like Lady Gaga.
Brad: When it comes to writing, we never get stuck on any parts because there is always some one with an idea that maybe I would have never thought of or something that Johnny would never have thought of that Dan did.

Perfect then maybe this tour is obviously a pretty wild bunch of bands that are on this tour. So maybe not necessarily on the road in general because I'€™m sure a lot of crazy stuff goes down but maybe what'€™s like one of the stranger or wilder things you'€™ve seen in the crowd?
Brad: Strangest what?
What'€™s one of the wilder things you'€™ve seen in the crowd, like at one of the shows?
Brad: At one of the shows. Actually, I remember one night I think in Georgia some poor little girl had a seizure and passed out. It was awful!
Dan: At first, you'€™re excited because you'€™re like oh yeah they'€™re rocking out to it but then you get the scariest look on your face and you'€™re like '€˜Oh this is not going too well'€™. A person is just a floating body in the crowd!
Nick: Kids keep taking my shoes.
Johnny: Yeah kids are robbing Nick of his shoes.
I talked to Chris of Motionless and he said the kids are nuts with that on this tour.
Brad: He'€™s gone through seventeen pairs of shoes.
Seventeen pairs of shoes?
Nick: The crowds are like swallowing them.
Johnny: What'€™s weird is that they'€™re stealing stuff but we'€™ve also been given stuff. We'€™ve gotten like two jackets and a scarf.
Nick: Yeah they'€™ve been throwing stuff up at me.

Then maybe as embarrassing as this may be considering the music that you guys are doing, what are the first CD and cassette you bought then what was the first concert?
Johnny: I know it exactly! The first cassette I ever had was No Doubt'€™s '€˜Tragic Kingdom'€™ and the first concert I ever went to, man I just sound like a huge No Doubt fan, it was No Doubt! And Black Eyed Peas before Fergie.
Nick: My first CD I think was Michael Jackson.
Johnny: And then your first show?
Nick: I think it was Green Day.
Brad: Alright my first cassette was the '€˜Black'€™ album from Metallica. What about you Daniel?
Dan: Man my first concert was Kiss.

And then as strange as this may sound, do you think it influences you guys? Like those first musical experiences?
Johnny: I mean not for me but probably Dan for sure!
Dan: Wait, what was the question?
Johnny: Did those first things, like your first cassette and concert influence you?
Brad: I mean mine did influence me. They made me know that I wanted to rock and play rock ultimately. It influenced me that way! As far as like writing music, no not really.
Dan: As far as like musical writing, I don'€™t think it really influenced me but as far as like doing rock.

Perfect and then what'€™s coming up? I know you guys have the record but are you guys going to keep on doing this straight touring?
Brad: Yeah we'€™re not allowed to say yet, but there'€™s definitely tour dates.
Johnny: Yeah right now we'€™re just planning on touring as much as possible. Just trying to meet as many kids as we can. Just like get out there and then release the album and tour some more and then a lot more touring after that.
Brad: Pretty much just touring a lot for the next little while!

Yeah I mean you guys have already grown so much since that tour with Black Veil Brides. I remember you were like first to play in the other (smaller) room.
Johnny: Yeah that was like our first real tour. Black Veil Brides, they'€™re awesome! They have really, really loyal fans so it awesome and now we kind of like share fans I guess.
Brad: We stole them! Now they'€™re ours!
No more!
Johnny: That tour really helped us out!

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