Sean Breed

'The Talented Mr. Sean Breed' is the expected new album which includes the fantastic singles 'Superstar' and 'Fresha Than Me'. Both singles are out now and on the latter his middle daughter Kristin Milez sings the refrain. You might recognize him as BREED while being signed to the legendary D&D Studios. Now he returns with a more diverse style which he displays on those two singles.

[Q]: First off, congratulations with your new single 'Superstar' - I am loving it! What's the story behind the song? Any particular woman you know who is your superstar?

[A]: Thanks......the story behind "Superstar" was simple. I always saw the average, everyday women as the biggest superstars. When I got the track from singer, songwriter Flagg.....I went to the studio and knocked it out. My 3 daughters inspire me a lot so I guess they are the first 3 Superstars in my life.

[Q]: On your previous single 'Fresha Than Me' you work with Kristin Milez. When making this song in what way have you taken in account the current economic recession?

[A]: "Fresha Than Me" is actually a current single but in a different market than "Superstar". Kristin Milez is my middle daughter (10 yrs old). She wanted to collaborate with me so the producer of the song, Shane Marcus came with the track and hook. Todays economy played a big part in the making of "Fresha Than Me" because even though it is for sale on itunes, etc.....there are avenues to download it free.

[Q]: Did you have an idea or concept for your new album? Any idea when it is going to be released?

[A]: Right now the title of my album is "THE TALENTED MR. SEAN BREED". It has various musical styles. It literally has every music genre packaged in one album. I love the way it is coming together but its not finished yet. Hopefully by fall it will be ready to present to the world. Until then we will drop dope singles.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A]: It varies......sometimes I will hold a concept in mind until the music marries it. Usually I hear the music and if it has feeling it will speak to me. It will tell me what it wants me to do. I don't really write, I copy from the visual in my head if that makes sense.

[Q]: Most artists tend to change their style due to personal 'growth' or other changes in their live. Over the years what has changed your music? What are the negative sides of this change?

[A]: When I was formerly known as just BREED, I was a street artist. It was more hardcore. I took more responsibility on my subject matters and choice of words with the music I do now. My music is more uplifting now. The downside to that is its tough dealing with corporate politics because they feel that negative sells more.

[Q]: Any plans for a tour? What can your listeners and fans expect from your tour?

[A]: Yes, a promotional tour is in the works. The last tour I did was in 2001 all over Europe so I'm excited and anxious to get out there again. Fans can expect a show. I don't hold back. I give every dollar they spent back.

[Q]: Any tour-event, or fan-moment, you like to share with your fans?

[A]: We performed in switzerland a day after 9/11 and had thousands hold there lighters up in memory of the fallen. It was powerful.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?

[A]: I have some surprise collaborations that I'm very excited about. I would love stevie wonder to bless a track with me...we are still trying.

[Q]: In the past you worked with European artists. In what way is this different then working with national artists?

[A]: I love European artist because they deal with less politics. They appreciate the talent first and the BS comes after. Here in the states its the other way around.

[Q]: Over the years you probably have (slightly) adjusted your vision. Looking back what would you define as strong and weak points?

[A]: The way I look at the business of music. In the past, it was just music. There was no business involved. Now, I am still passionate about the music part but there is someone getting money off of the music that I create and I deserve a piece.....its business.

A couple of 'simple' questions:
[Q]: What is your favorite movie?

[A]: The color purple

[Q]: What is your favorite music?

[A]: 50,60 and 70's soul music

[Q]: What is your favorite (YouTube) clip?

[A]: SEAN BREED "Fresha Than Me" clip

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A]: Right now the Gym, studio and doing great interviews such as this one.

[Q]: Final words?

[A]: I first would like to thank you guys for the love and support. I also would like to thank the fans, please keep on requesting my song "Superstar" on the radio near you. The video is coming soon and the new website is Peace, love and Sean Breed!
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We Came As Romans

The next interview is with a band that is definitely a familiar face to Music Remedy and this editor and with due cause. We Came As Romans is one of the hardest working bands I'€™ve experienced and been lucky enough to talk to in this industry and it just keeps getting better for them. Their new record is very much so on his way as Josh talked about in our interview '€˜It'€™s on the way! We were in the studio right before this tour and we did a whole ton of pre-production and we finished all the drums for it.'€™ but recording the album is going to come between the touring that the band has become known for. The Gamechangers tour is still very much in the early stages but the band will be headlining in Europe which they embark on after being home for a day and a half and right after Europe will have a day before they go back in to the studio and it doesn'€™t stop there!
The band will be playing all of Warped Tour this summer and not only is that a huge feat but it'€™s also the band'€™s first time playing on the tour at all! Through all of this touring, they are currently having a huge progression from the first time I ever caught up with the band which dates back to February of 2010 where they were opening a line up of five on the Emptiness tour every night and since then have played direct support to Asking Alexandria, headlined a handful of times and played on a huge festival tour this past summer with such heavy hitters as Silverstein, Emery and Dance Gavin Dance! These kids have no sign of stopping any time soon and despite the hardships which included Joshua my interviewee actually battling the terrible disease bacterial meningitis very recently. Read on for my exclusive time with Joshua!

Last February obviously was the first time we had talked to you way back in the day and you guys have grown like insanely every time I'€™ve seen in the size of the crowd so maybe what'€™s one of like the crazier things you'€™ve seen? Your crowd gets more and more insane every time.
Yeah it'€™s just our managers and our booking agents have done amazing jobs in getting us on amazing tours to where we'€™re playing with much bigger bands whose fans can also find stuff that they like in our music. It'€™s been awesome to see, I guess, the growth between just the band here and even we were able to go to Europe and Australia in November and December. That was crazy to see like the crowd response there and just everyone that'€™s on our team of people has been working really hard to, I guess, try and let us succeed and try to make it somewhere. It'€™s cool to see I guess the progress that we really have made. Especially with the headliner that we just did, it went better then any of us ever expected.

Then I know The Word Alive opened for you on that which is kind of crazy.
Yeah you know it'€™s funny because on the Emptiness tour, we were playing first and they were playing third. Then on our headliner, we were headlining and they were playing third but they'€™re on a headliner right now actually. I'€™m really good friends with them and our manager also manages them and they'€™re on a headliner right now with The Color Morale and it'€™s actually doing really well. It'€™s just like this tour it'€™s only like two or three days old. They'€™re still doing really well it'€™s funny because that was like the first time, we toured together before we released '€˜To Plant A Seed'€™, and then we didn'€™t see them for like a half a year and then on that tour we really got to hang out and everything. We were like '€˜this year we'€™re going to make it big for both our bands'€™ and we really did. It was cool.

And then, from my understanding, the record'€™s either finished or it'€™s close?
It'€™s on the way! We were in the studio right before this tour and we did a whole ton of pre-production and we finished all the drums for it. Before we went into the studio though we were on tour constantly. We were on our headliner, we were in Australia, we were in Europe then we were on a headliner before that and so there wasn'€™t really like a whole lot of time to write and to really sit down and figure things out so when we recorded '€˜To Plant a Seed'€™ we went in and all the songs were done. There were songs that were re-written three, four, five, six times even and we went into the studio this time with all just first drafts of songs. Stuff that we really hadn'€™t been able to like experiment with or anything and so the first like week of the studio time, we just sat down and just listened to all the demos just on repeat and we were like '€˜what can we change?'€™ We have a lot of studio time and we really wanted to dedicate a lot of it to not recording anything. To like figuring out what we wanted to record and what we really wanted to go for and so we spent a good amount of time on that and then a good amount of time on the drums and then after this tour we fly to Europe and then when we get back from Europe we go right back into the studio and do guitars and vocals and all the programming and everything.

That'€™s crazy!
Yeah! I think from now until the end of Warped Tour I have like six days at home and three of them we'€™re only home because we'€™re playing a show there. Like between this tour and Europe we have a day and a half at home and between Europe and the studio we have one day at home.
You guys are nuts, never going to stop!
Yeah, hopefully! Hopefully we never stop.

And do you think that full length is going to come out this year? Are you hoping for that?
No it will be out this year. Probably late summer or fall. I mean a lot of fans don'€™t really understand and with in you know good reason that once you finish a CD, there'€™s still a lot of things that need to happen to actually put that CD out and in stores and a lot of planning. Our team at EVR (Equal Vision Records) does a fantastic job at that but, you know, there are just things that take time so it'€™s not like '€˜Ooh! We got the master copies and it'€™s out in a week!'€™ It'€™s not like that but it will definitely be out this year.

Awesome, that'€™s exciting! Then you were one of the first five bands to be announced for this summer'€™s Warped Tour. I believe it'€™s your first full, if not first time?
First time ever! The first Warped Tour I will ever attend will be the one that I'€™ll be playing. Yeah I'€™ve never even attended Warped Tour and it'€™s definitely the band'€™s first time playing Warped Tour.

What are you most looking forward to on that tour?
Just hanging out! Like we'€™re going to Europe. We'€™re headlining in Europe with Miss May I and The Word Alive are playing direct support. Then they'€™re both on Warped Tour. On the same stage as us and just we know a lot of people already on Warped Tour. We got to hang out with August Burns Red a little bit in Australia just because the tour was only like a week so I mean it didn'€™t get too intense but they were super cool dudes and we'€™ll see them on Warped Tour. Like A Day To Remember is on Warped Tour. Everyone'€™s on Warped Tour this year so I mean it'€™s going to be crazy. It'€™s going to be awesome.

Sounds good that'€™s perfect! Then it was a while back but your goal was to do like three hundred shows in 2010 and I don'€™t know if you guys got to that exact number but you'€™ve been playing shows so much.
Yeah I don'€™t know if we did but if we didn'€™t, then I take back the three hundred shows and I say exactly whatever we played that'€™s the new goal!
Count them all up!
Yeah I don'€™t know if I could do more. Especially this year then we'€™re doing right now. I mean I did miss a good chunk of the headliner but I would have been there if I could! All the guys were on it and when we got back from the headliner, like I was only on the last week of the headliner. Well the first few days and then the last week of it but when we got back we left for the studio two days later and when we got home from the studio we left for this tour like fifteen hours later.
Yeah Andy and I drove back and we stayed the night at my house. Woke up. We did some laundry, went out to eat, I went and bought a pair of shoes and then we left. When this tour'€™s over, we get home and you know a day and a half later we go there and fly to Europe and when Europe'€™s over we get home for a day and then we drive back down to the studio then when the studio'€™s over we fly out from there to the first day of Warped Tour and then I don'€™t even know! My mind is just fried after that. I don'€™t want to know what comes next.

And then obviously from what I saw, it came pretty fast the growing of you guys. Like I saw you on Transmission, I saw you with Asking Alexandria and I saw you on the Emptiness. Maybe where do you want to be in like one year from now? Like do you want to be headlining again? Do you want to be like supporting this record?
I love headlining. It'€™s just a lot of fun because I mean at like the end of the day it'€™s your tour. Like of course the support bands are what makes the tour fun and definitely help with the draw and without them the tour wouldn'€™t happen but at the end of the day, you feel such a part of the tour because it'€™s your headliner. It'€™s like these bands wanted to come and play before you. It'€™s an honor. You just feel a huge amount of respect from all the other bands and everyone just attending but I mean ideally I want to be supporting other bands. That always means that there are bigger bands. There are always going to be kids at shows that haven'€™t heard us because we'€™re always playing earlier on the bill and there'€™s always bands that have sold more CD'€™s, that have done more tours, that have more fans and that'€™s been the goal since day one. We didn'€™t want to be one of those bands that like exploded on to the scene and was huge right away and then kind of dwindle. We just wanted to keep growing constantly and that'€™s still the goal. That will always be the goal is to keep the growth constant. Always pushing forward and moving forward. Not trying to hit that big jackpot or being huge for you know a little while and just dying off. So I guess that every goal that we had is still the same I guess just in a little different sense.

Actually I was talking to Neil earlier today of A Day To Remember and I know the first four shows have been sold out. A lot of the tour is sold out these crowds are obviously insane.
Today'€™s was insane.
The line was around like the whole block today. It'€™s nuts! Maybe how have these shows been going for you guys so far even though it'€™s so new? It'€™s only been two cities.
It'€™s been great! I mean it'€™s funny because the first four shows that we'€™ve played we'€™ve only played in two different venues. I noticed today some kids today that I saw yesterday here and they were still going just as nuts. Still just as into it and it just makes you smile because you just saw the same thing yesterday yet still are super into it. Like super stoked on it and it'€™s really because I mean sometimes on the road we play the same set every day. Sometimes it gets a little monotonous and we'€™re like '€™oh cool I get to go play the same six songs in the same order again'€™ but it'€™s seeing things like that that just get me stoked on actually doing that. If there are kids that are paying money to see the same thing two days in a row, I'€™m just being a jerk if I'€™m not giving it my all like every day. So it'€™s been cool. It'€™s I think the first tour that we'€™ve done that we play the same venue two days in a row like a couple times. In our hometown, we play the Royal Oak Theater which is three miles away from my house and we play it two days in a row and so that'€™s going to be crazy because that'€™s a dream come true to me. That was the venue that we were saying '€™oh if we can ever play there that would be so big'€™ so that will be really cool. I'€™m looking forward to that.
And two days in a row!
Yeah two days in a row so I get to stay home and sleep in my own bed which is such a refresher on the road. Even just one day to be staying in your own room. In the morning, you wake up to your own fridge, drink some orange juice, maybe make an English muffin I don'€™t know. If I'€™m feeling crazy, I'€™ll make two English muffins. Maybe some scrambled eggs and we'€™ll see how that goes but just one time on a tour just makes everything better and kind of rejuvenates you I guess. Seeing your family and what not.

Of course then I'€™ve actually never asked this one which is kind of weird. What was the first concert you ever attended?
First concert I ever went to I think I was in third grade I went and saw the News Boys. They'€™re like a contemporary christian band. My mom worked at a church for like ten years so naturally I was like this band rules. They had rotating drums and platforms on stage and stuff. It was crazy like a huge production and I saw them at the Palace which is the place where the Detroit Pistons used to play. They might still play there I don'€™t really know because I hate basketball but it'€™s a big place. It was legitimately like a concert. I think like we play shows. Like I just call them shows just because that'€™s the size that they are. When you'€™re playing for ten, fifteen thousand people that'€™s a concert. Like yesterday, Elton John played just down the street. He had more busses and trailers for himself then our whole tour!
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The Belle Brigade

Currently The Belle Brigade are on tour but still managed to talk to us. The duo launched their latest single 'Losers' on February 1st and their album will hit stores next month. Naturally they will be on SXSW as well. In this interview we talk about their album, tour and music but also about their love/hate-relationship, father and their 9 hours trip.

[Q]: What can we expect from the band and this first album?

The Belle Brigade (Barbara and Ethan) answers [A]: We'€™ve been wondering the same thing'€¦ Hopefully lots of fun!

[Q]: Did you have an idea or concept for your new album?

[A]: We wanted it to be meaningful and introspective while also being exciting and fun to listen to.

[Q]: Which song took the longest to complete? Why?

[A]: Shirt. It took us quite a while to figure out the right form and make it exciting...

[Q]: In what way has your father helped with the album'€™s songwriting?

[A]: Our dad is our biggest musical influence and although he didn'€™t have anything to do with the writing on this record, his songwriting influence on the both of us is very deep and important. He taught us a lot of what we know about songwriting and form.

[Q]: In what way has your father'€™s network helped to pursue your own career?

[A]: Growing up around musicians and music business people made music and the music business feel very natural for the both of us. Working with Matthew Wilder was amazing not only because of his talent and good heart but because he instantly felt like family us.

[Q]: Do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A]: We always finish the song in its most bare state before we begin creating the track it will live in. We often walk into the studio with a guitar/piano part and a set groove. We finish all the lyrical and musical content before we start recording.

[Q]: Did music help create a bond in your relationship?

[A]: Definitely. It was a common ground for us to start building a strong friendship.

[Q]: Criticism and Friendship...

[A]: Well, we really respect each other as people and musicians so we try to be really open to each other'€™s criticism. Also, criticism is really important in our creative process and we welcome each other'€™s thoughts and ideas but we are also very sensitive and careful about making our criticism positive, helpful and gentle.

[Q]: Any plans for tour?

[A]: Yes actually. We are answering these questions from our 15-passenger van as we speaktype! We just finished a few gigs with the great Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and we are headed to SXSW. We will also be opening for G-love and special sauce in April.

[Q]: Any tour event you would like to share?

[A]: We have all become Texas Hold Em freaks... We play every night!

[Q]: Do you think success and credibility are mutually exclusive?

[A]: We think both can coexist.

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as a band?

[A]: To have the opportunity to record as many more records as we have in us.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A]: Driving for 9 hours trying to get to our next gig...

[Q]: Final Words?

[A]: Thanks for being interested!

Checkout more of us online!
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JR and PH7

'Let's Get It' is exactly what JR&PH7 with rapper Rasco are doing their latest classic single. The duo recently released their album 'The Update' and like its title everything has undergone an update. The duo tells in this interview about their process, Soulspazm's 'The Office' moments, and much more... There are no plans for a tour but the duo is working on even more music.

[Q]: First off, congratulations with your new single 'Let's Get It'. Fantastic single. What's the story behind the song? How did you guys started working with Rasco?

[A]: Thanks! I met Rasco in Copenhagen like 4 years ago when he did a show with Planet Asia. We were kicking it backstage and just stayed in contact after that. This is actually the first song of a few we did with him. He also came down to Cologne where he hosted our release party for the album. We'll do more music in the future I'm sure.

[Q]: Did you have an idea or concept for your new album?

[A]: Well the concept was kind of like this: After setting the standard with the first album, do everything a little better on this one. We always try to make albums sound cohesive so it's not like a bunch of mcees on random beats. We put a lot of thought into what beat we give to whom and how we want the song to come out. We see "The Update" as the logical progression from the first album. But bottom line it's still the same recipe: Dope beats matched with artists we love.

[Q]: Which song on "The Update" took the longest to complete? Why?

[A]: Mmh. Let me think on that. We didn't really encounter any big delays with any artists or anything on any song. Probably the songs that take longest are the ones with a lot of live instrumentation on. Sometimes it's good to put a song aside for a little bit and then come back to it later...

[Q]: What is the meaning behind the title, "The Update"?

[A]: Well, like I said. The Update is the improved version of the standard. Maybe you could also say that we somehow feel like we update the classic nineties hiphop sound a little bit, inject some freshness and our album is the outcome.

[Q]: I don't want to sound rude but how hard is it for (European) white dudes in the hiphop scene?

[A]: I don't think being white is any problem. If you can bring good music to the table, are straight about your business and not an asshole then it's not that hard I'd say. But of course you have to network and build connections to all kind of people, artists, promoters, labels, video people, etc. There are many people with good beats but it takes a little more to put together a whole project, especially if you don't have a big budget. And we have close to no budget haha.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A]: Usually we have a rough beat pretty much ready when we go to the studio with the artist or send it to them. Sometimes we tell the artists how we feel about the beat and if we have a concept in mind. We definitely don't want 16 bragging tracks on our album but have a variety topics But most mcees we collaborate with are not that one dimesional anyways.

[Q]: Any plans for a tour? What can your listeners and fans expect from your tour?

[A]: Man we would love to go on a tour but as of right now it's a little tough. Pete is finishing up university and has tons of stuff to do while I just started a new job up in Copenhagen, Denmark. we still spin single dates here and there but a tour would be dope. Let's see what happens later this year...

[Q]: Any tour-event, or fan-moment, you like to share with your fans?

[A]: I think we are still flattered by anybody who comes up to us and says that they love our music. I mean this is what we do it for. For me personally working with artists that I'm a fan of myself feels crazy. An artist like Elzhi asks us for beats, thats pretty dope. Last year we also went to NY for a week to promote the album and shot two videos.We slept on the floor in the Soulspazm's office and just had a blast out there. That in itself was big to us and an experience with many hiphop moments.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?

[A]: Mmh. We are currently working on new stuff but we rather don't want to drop any names yet. Later this year will drop a project we are doing with two really talented groups from New Jersey and hopefully an album with some remixes, bsides and exclusives. And after that there will be another full lenght but when that will be excatly? When we are done and happy with it, no pressure.

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as a band?

[A]: Getting our music heard, meeting nice and talented artists and having a good making the music I'd say. So somehow we have already accomplished that I guess. At least we are having a great time. Of course things can always get better and we are still hungry for more but we are also very thankful for what we have done up til today.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[A]: I get up, go to work ( I work as a music supervisor at a publishing/production music company), come home, chill with my girlfriend, make some music or go and play basketball. Nothing crazy. Lately Pete has been studying a lot and any free time he either spends with his girlfirend or making music. I gues we are boring haha. Of course we like to go out as well to partys and shows on the weekend. Pete always tries to get me drunk because I can't hold my liqour.

[Q]: Final words?

[A]: Thanks for the interview and anybody out there hit us up on twitter @jrandph7, or We like to hear from people, be it good or bad.
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Get Scared

Get Scared was a band that I was introduced to in July of last year and since then they have toured successfully to the point where they absolutely killed it the night of our interview to a sold out crowd on the last Escape The Fate headlining tour '€˜The Dead Masquerade'€™! The tour comes to a close after just a handful more shows and it leads up to some exciting news for the band.

The band is finally dropping their debut full length this spring after two incredibly successful EP'€™s that really launched the band to the point they are today and I knew I should take the chance to talk to the band when I could. Minutes after they got off stage, I sat down in the green room with the band in full where we talked about everything from how collaborative their songwriting process is to their brand new video for '€˜Sarcasm'€™ which had dropped literally the night before the interview!

If you weren'€™t in this band or music in general, what do you think you would be doing?
Brad: I'€™ve been wanting to do this thing since I was six years old so I haven'€™t really thought about anything else. So for me that'€™s kind of a weird question.
Johnny: So for the question, I can'€™t have anything to do with music?
It can have something to do with music.
Johnny: Okay yeah if I wasn'€™t in the band I'€™d probably be a producer or an audio engineer. I wouldn'€™t be the one with a white picket fence and family.
Brad: House with a farm.

Perfect, and then you guys have been steadily on tour. I know your most recent one got canceled.
Johnny: Yeah, with the Murder Dolls.
Yeah that'€™s when we were supposed to do the interview but you did go out with a lot more bands like Black Veil Brides and you'€™ve been on tour really steadily. Like, maybe another soft one, what are the three things that you must have while on the road?
Johnny: Three things we must have? A toothbrush, lots and lots of underwear and socks. I can'€™t really be creative that'€™s all I can think of.
Brad: Must have a good attitude. You got to have good people with you.
Johnny: Especially traveling in the van. You all got to be close.
Brad: And a passion and love for music. If you'€™re going to go out and be touring especially in the van it is truly hard. You have to have a real passion for it and go through the hard times. Most people wouldn'€™t be able to handle it. If you care enough, push through it and you'€™ll be able to make your dreams come true.

How did Get Scared came to be? I know it'€™s something different from the past but I heard that you guys have done a bunch of music together. Music in the past but never really something like this?
Johnny: Yes!
So maybe how has this been and maybe what were like the styles that you used to do before Get Scared started getting developed and touring?
Brad: Nick and I were in like a hardcore band before this and then after that band, I started a band with Dan and that was also like a hardcore band.
Johnny: And I was in, it was kind of similar to this, it was like this alternative rock kind of stuff. To go from our old bands to Get Scared, we probably weren'€™t able to relate to anything that we used to do though. It'€™s like a whole new thing and we thought it was very hard to find people that do this style I guess in what we were doing in the past.

And then the new video just dropped. Brand new, right?
Brad: Yeah! Brand, brand new. We heard about it like right after we got off stage last night literally. I got a phone call and it was like '€˜Video'€™s released!'€™ I was like '€˜Oh, cool!'€™ We'€™ve already gotten feedback it'€™s really amazing.
Johnny: Yeah I actually love it. Probably half the views are from me. I'€™m stoked on it!

So it'€™s kind of a two part question! Obviously you'€™re on tour with Craig right now so was this a collaboration that came about before the tour? How did that come about?
Brad: Oh, him being in the video?
Yeah but he'€™s on the song right as well?
Brad: Yeah he is! Actually what happened is that it is an old song from our first EP and then we went to record it and put it on our full length which we were working on and we all thought it was a good idea to have Craig on it because it'€™s fitting. Like the way the vocals are, it sounds like it would be back and forth between two different people and Craig was really down with it.
Johnny: He'€™s been a good friend of ours for so long so he was like '€˜Yeah I'€™m down.'€™ He was in town so we hung out and we did it and we'€™re all stoked on it.

And then how did the idea come about? I mean it'€™s pretty crazy! I mean the video itself. I heard about zombies?
Brad: Oh well the zombies were actually kind of a surprise. It turned out to be a good surprise. Like the video was awesome.
Dan: I love zombies!
Brad: We showed up to the video shoot and there was a bunch of mixed communication about the script and story line and stuff. Johnny had wrote the majority of it and Nick had a totally different vision on it and then we get there. All of the sudden, they have a bunch of zombies there.
Johnny: Make up artists running around! Guess we'€™re doing zombies!
Brad: Body parts everywhere. We had no idea it was going to be like that but it turned out great. The kids love it! It'€™s a fun video. It'€™s not supposed to be like taken too seriously! It'€™s supposed to look like a cheezy zombie movie.
Johnny: Yeah just a fun video! Just looks cool!

Then I know the last EP just dropped in November. I think it'€™s your second EP?
Johnny: Yeah it'€™s a three song EP!
Perfect so how has it been going over? I mean obviously these crowds are insane and you have been touring really steadily so how do you think it'€™s been going over? Maybe not by sales but by like actual kids'€˜ reactions?
Brad: It'€™s been going over very, very well. There are certain kids who like get stuck on the old stuff but we haven'€™t really gotten any negative feedback on it. They seem pretty excited about it and we'€™re just getting more excited for the full album to come out. It'€™s been really good so far! If anything, those kids that are into the old stuff they'€™re still just as excited about the new stuff.
Johnny: Kids are loving it, it'€™s great! They'€™ve gotten way more excited about it then I could ever imagine. To see it grow and see how kids are getting into it, it'€™s like '€˜alright our hard work is paying off'€™.
Dan: Are you eating chips?
Johnny: I am eating chips. Chips and dip!
I'€™ve had people like eating apples it will be fine!
Johnny: They'€™ll be able to hear what I'€™m saying. I'€™m just hungry man, come on! I'€™m on tour.
Nick: Wait, we'€™re on tour?

Perfect then obviously you guys do have the two EP'€™s out but is the full length in the near future?
Johnny: Yeah in late Spring.
Brad: Yeah we actually just randomly did pre-pro for a new song that actually might be on the album too.
Johnny: Yeah it'€™s a good one! We had a day off on this tour and we met up with our A&R rep from our record label. He was like '€˜hey you guys want to hang out, get some coffee, maybe record a song?'€™ so we were like '€˜Alright!'€™ We just went and had an awesome day just hanging out with the guy and just recorded it.
Nick: It'€™s no thong song but I mean it'€™s pretty good.
Brad: It'€™s no thong song but it'€™s pretty good. The words of a true saint.
Nick: I only speak when necessary.

Then maybe how do you guys normally go about the writing? I mean you already have so much physical material out with the full length coming so quickly.
Brad: The writing'€™s definitely collective. It'€™s a complete group effort. There'€™s definitely not one song writer in our band which is awesome. Dan writes just as much as Johnny. I write just as much as them and Nick of course writes all the melodies because he'€™s the singer so for the most part, Nick will bring a guitar and we write the riffs.
Johnny: It'€™s a huge group effort which is awesome. There'€™s just like no position where we have to tell some one what to do. It'€™s just everyone collaborates and we enjoy it. Our goal is that everyone'€™s a part of every song. It turns out very well apparently because we'€™re all stoked on it.
Brad: We all have like totally different styles and tastes in music but at the same time, we still appreciate each others'€™ views of music.
Johnny: I can love Korn and he can like Lady Gaga.
Brad: When it comes to writing, we never get stuck on any parts because there is always some one with an idea that maybe I would have never thought of or something that Johnny would never have thought of that Dan did.

Perfect then maybe this tour is obviously a pretty wild bunch of bands that are on this tour. So maybe not necessarily on the road in general because I'€™m sure a lot of crazy stuff goes down but maybe what'€™s like one of the stranger or wilder things you'€™ve seen in the crowd?
Brad: Strangest what?
What'€™s one of the wilder things you'€™ve seen in the crowd, like at one of the shows?
Brad: At one of the shows. Actually, I remember one night I think in Georgia some poor little girl had a seizure and passed out. It was awful!
Dan: At first, you'€™re excited because you'€™re like oh yeah they'€™re rocking out to it but then you get the scariest look on your face and you'€™re like '€˜Oh this is not going too well'€™. A person is just a floating body in the crowd!
Nick: Kids keep taking my shoes.
Johnny: Yeah kids are robbing Nick of his shoes.
I talked to Chris of Motionless and he said the kids are nuts with that on this tour.
Brad: He'€™s gone through seventeen pairs of shoes.
Seventeen pairs of shoes?
Nick: The crowds are like swallowing them.
Johnny: What'€™s weird is that they'€™re stealing stuff but we'€™ve also been given stuff. We'€™ve gotten like two jackets and a scarf.
Nick: Yeah they'€™ve been throwing stuff up at me.

Then maybe as embarrassing as this may be considering the music that you guys are doing, what are the first CD and cassette you bought then what was the first concert?
Johnny: I know it exactly! The first cassette I ever had was No Doubt'€™s '€˜Tragic Kingdom'€™ and the first concert I ever went to, man I just sound like a huge No Doubt fan, it was No Doubt! And Black Eyed Peas before Fergie.
Nick: My first CD I think was Michael Jackson.
Johnny: And then your first show?
Nick: I think it was Green Day.
Brad: Alright my first cassette was the '€˜Black'€™ album from Metallica. What about you Daniel?
Dan: Man my first concert was Kiss.

And then as strange as this may sound, do you think it influences you guys? Like those first musical experiences?
Johnny: I mean not for me but probably Dan for sure!
Dan: Wait, what was the question?
Johnny: Did those first things, like your first cassette and concert influence you?
Brad: I mean mine did influence me. They made me know that I wanted to rock and play rock ultimately. It influenced me that way! As far as like writing music, no not really.
Dan: As far as like musical writing, I don'€™t think it really influenced me but as far as like doing rock.

Perfect and then what'€™s coming up? I know you guys have the record but are you guys going to keep on doing this straight touring?
Brad: Yeah we'€™re not allowed to say yet, but there'€™s definitely tour dates.
Johnny: Yeah right now we'€™re just planning on touring as much as possible. Just trying to meet as many kids as we can. Just like get out there and then release the album and tour some more and then a lot more touring after that.
Brad: Pretty much just touring a lot for the next little while!

Yeah I mean you guys have already grown so much since that tour with Black Veil Brides. I remember you were like first to play in the other (smaller) room.
Johnny: Yeah that was like our first real tour. Black Veil Brides, they'€™re awesome! They have really, really loyal fans so it awesome and now we kind of like share fans I guess.
Brad: We stole them! Now they'€™re ours!
No more!
Johnny: That tour really helped us out!
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Walk The Moon

I'€™m a sucker for interesting music videos and one of them that definitely struck gold in my mind was '€˜Anna Sun'€™ by Walk The Moon. It'€™s a single shot for about three minutes that includes dance sequences and lead singer Nicholas Petricca walking through what seems to be a scene kid house party filled with black lights, sparklers and wild outfits to end up in a field with painted faces and drum beats! After I saw the video, I definitely knew the band was one that I wanted to sit down with and I recently got that opportunity while the boys were en route to playing some special dates with Tokyo Police Club.

We talked about everything from the video itself in depth with who worked on it and how the concept came about to how the bands the guys were listening to changed and influenced the records they'€™ve released so far to how it all began. I definitely see the band as a great find and know personally hopefully I'€™ll be able to be dancing along with you guys at their next Boston date on April 9th. For all you SXSW goers the band is also playing their fair share of sets at the incredibly famous festival so I hope you take the time to give your ears a taste of something incredibly refreshing and thanks, as always, for checking out my exclusive interview!

You'€™re about to play some shows with Tokyo Police Club. What are you most looking forward to from this experience?
Nick: It will be my first time seeing them and playing with them. Although a few of us are big fans and it'€™s always a really fantastic opportunity for bands like us who are just getting some attention to open for a band that'€™s really well established and as we say, It'€™s an opportunity to play for a bunch of people who wouldn'€™t otherwise have heard us.

Then maybe if you guys could go out with any dream bands or acts, who do you think they would be?
Sean: I guess we'€™d really like to go on stage with like, oh sorry this is Sean speaking, Miike Snow and Vampire Weekend.

Perfect then how did Walk The Moon come together?
Nick: It started a few years ago, this is Nicholas, I'€™m like the remaining member from the original line up but these guys came together about a year ago or so. A combination of old friends and high school friends just people in the local music scene.

Perfect then the first full length record '€˜I Want! I Want!'€™ it'€™s been out since November so it'€™s still pretty new but how do you think it'€™s been doing so far? Like how is it going over? Maybe not just by sales but by the kids at the shows?
Nick: The response has been incredible. It was a long time coming. It was sort of keeping the CD mostly to ourselves until the tracks were ready. Till the whole thing was packaged and in its'€™ complete form then when we put it out it'€™s been selling really quickly. Probably my favorite thing is that people come up to us and tell us their favorite song and it'€™s different every time so it'€™s our ten favorite songs on the album. So we'€™re pretty stoked with that.

Great then how do you guys normally go about the song writing process? Is it one person? Is it pretty collective? Is it kind of different every time?
Nick: It'€™s slightly different every time. I'€™m the primary song writer but whatever way it starts being that I bring a whole song or I bring in a piece of a song the rest of it is always really collaborative. Especially sonically, as opposed to lyrically, so sonically it really gets fleshed out with the four of us.

Then do you think the music or maybe the writing changed? I know you guys put out an EP before the record. Do you think it changed at all? Did you write it differently? How did it go?
Nick: Yeah absolutely. Between '€˜The Anthem'€™ EP and '€˜I Want! I Want!'€™ I think the whole sound and the whole sort of song writing style just took a very different direction. I think it was influenced just from being introduced to new music at the time. Being around Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend and Talking Heads. Before, the influences were more sixties and seventies sort of song writers and then when '€˜I Want! I Want!'€™ was being created it was more like eighties and new age and then like contemporary indie artists.

Perfect then you'€™ve put out a pretty crazy video for '€˜Anna Sun'€™. I know for the first few minutes at least it'€™s a single shot taken with the dance sequence and then ending up in the field. Where did you come up with the idea for that video? Like how fun was that to shoot?
Nick: It started when I was working with the videographer who'€™s name is Patrick Meier with Contrast Productions. He basically called me up really late one night and was like '€˜Dude we have to meet! I have this idea for Anna Sun'€™ and it was a one shot, one take sort of journey idea and over the course of a few months and involving a choreographer named Kim Popa from a group called Pones Inc. The whole thing was conceived and we found the location which is at the building called The Mockbee and it started to really flesh out in rehearsals and we involved the other band members. Eventually involved the whole community on the day of the shooting.

Then the last one! What'€™s coming up for you guys in the next few months? Do you think you may do the touring thing again? Maybe new shows or taking a little breather? What'€™s in the plans?
Nick: Definitely not taking a breather! Only rolling with the momentum that we'€™ve had from the video and the album. We'€™re planning on hopping on tours in the summer. We'€™re going to South by Southwest in March and so looking forward to a lot of dates on the road!
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Zion I and The Grouch

Zion I & The Grouch are about to release their second collabo album on March 22, 2011. With this album they want to inspire people during these challenging times. In this interview they talk about their own hardship and their solution. Naturally, their new album and working together is the main topic. So go ahead and while you are reading, get yourself a coconut to drink - The Grouch's advice.

[Q]: First off, congratulations on your new album 'Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation'. What's the story behind the album?

Zumbi (emcee of Zion I) [Z]: We came together with the intention to create a work of art that would inspire people during these challenging times. It's all about the evolution of consciousness and learning to empower ourselves and one another.

Amp Live (producer of Zion I) [AMP]: We wanted the title to be similar to the last album [Heroes in the City of Dope], to continue the theme. But we also wanted to update. It's definitely a healing time for the world. So the title applies in globally.

The Grouch [G]: We're all were born into this universe as perfectly imperfect divine spiritual beings. Sometimes we forget that. We put together an album to help people remember. I feel like we're all heroes and the more everybody knows that, the better off we'll all be. Each one teach one.

[Q]: A lot of people are in difficult situation nowadays. Have you ever been in a difficult situation? Anything recent? How did you resolve the issue?

[Z]: Definitely, that's part of life. A close friend of mine was recently put in a mental hospital. It was an unnerving experience, but I just prayed and visited him as often as I could. Eventually, he came out of it, and returned to normal. In situations like these, faith is essential.

[AMP]: Of course. I am in a difficult situation everyday. Part of being a adult I would say. Life gives you obstacles and choices. You just do your best to follow your inner voice.

[G]: I was diagnosed with and treated for a health condition by western medical doctors when I was 18. Nothing too serious but recently as a result of the treatment some issues popped up that really kind of scared me. I did a lot of studying and went to see some alternative healer types. We came up with a proper plan (mostly, diet, exercise and natural supplements) which didn't involve synthetic drug prescriptions (like the doctors prescribed). I feel improvement everyday.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[Z]: There is not a set way that we create. Sometimes, the beats come first, and other times the concept weighs more heavily from the onset.

[AMP]: It goes both ways. On this album we mostly went off the music first. On the song "Be a Father" and "Journey To Forever", the vibe was set before the music was done.

[G]: I usually like to marinate with the music and let it help generate what comes next.

[Q]: Which song on "Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation" took the longest to complete? Why?

[Z]: Like a G took awhile, because it took a minute to find a concept and hook which matched the music.

[AMP]: Definitely Journey To Forever. The song is totally different from where it started. I wrote this song with Eric Rachmany from Rebelution last year and they used a different version for their album. That version wasn't fitting our album, so we had to flip it.

[G]: Both the songs that they mentioned. Those are the last two songs on the record. Hmmm

[Q]: Whats the deal with 2 groups/artists releasing a collabo album?

[Z]: It's a way to combine forces and energize our fan bases together. Just like jazz, hip hop is all about collaborations.

[AMP]: Grouch and Zion I have always done good music together on the first couple of Zion I albums. So when you have two artists with good chemistry, good things happen. So we want to continue it by doing this project.

[G]: It's good to collaborate with other people. It brings about results that you don't get when creating alone. There's a time and place for each. Art and experimentation go hand in hand. I like to work with Zion I because the process is completely different than when I get together with Eligh or Living Legends. When it's all said and done I just like the music we make.

[Q]: How hard is it, after releasing multiple albums on your own, to work with another artist/band?

[Z]: The making of the music is easier, but the business decisions can be more difficult because there are more minds involved. So, it's just a matter of everyone getting on the same page.

[AMP]: If you give yourself time and space, it is easy. The more cooks in the kitchen, the more crowded and difficult. So you get a bigger kitchen.

[G]: I have to write less lyrics when we team up but money is also split more ways. Two groups together ideally means more fans. It's fun to be on the road with more folks. Great people mean great times.

[Q]: What can your listeners and fans expect from your tour?

[Z]: Great energy, an exceptional show front to back, and impassioned lyricism.

[AMP]: Fun elevating street slaps.

[G]: Good vibes, strong performance, exceptional merchandise, happy faces, deep bass, positive messages, talented opening acts, new music!

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as a band?

[Z]: To inspire people to seek the higher aspects of themselves.

[AMP]: To heal the nation.

[G]: To learn how to be the best people we can be and inspire others through music that they like.

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

[Z]: Wake up, stretch, feed the dogs, check emails, watch my baby, make calls, hopefully write, practice wushu, kiss my lady, go to sleep.

[AMP]: I get up, go to my studio and check emails. Then start crackin' away at beats. Go to lunch. Come back, work some more. Then head home.

[G]: Right now I've been working too hard, I rather not list it out. My goal is to be on the computer and phone a lot less than I've been. I give thanks that I've been around my family everyday and that I'm blessed to run an independent business making music amongst many other things.

[Q]: Final words?
[Z]: Peace, love, and prosperity! Check out

[AMP]: Hope you enjoy this project. See you at the show!

[G]: Can I go drink a coconut now?
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Small Talk

In these first few months of 2011, I'€™ve gotten the opportunity to talk to a lot of the bands growing in Boston that are getting their name out there and one of the clear stand outs is this next band in Small Talk! Their live show is incredibly dynamic including the set I caught last night at All Asia from the boys and I knew they were a band I wanted to sit down with.

Back in January, I sat down with the boys for the first time and through our interview it became clear how much the band gets along and how far they'€™ve come already in the writing process and everything that is important for a band to succeed! Playing on huge bills including a spot on the upcoming Love Via Dance Machine headlining show on March 26th, the band hopes to be touring starting this spring and can be currently found playing tons of shows in the New England area for the rest of the winter. Read on for what the boys think would be their careers if they weren'€™t in the band to how they chose Small Talk as a name and catch the boys at their next show with Stereo Skyline this Sunday at The Middle East in Boston!

Perfect, so a little soft one to start! I know you guys have done a little bit of touring from what I understand. I know you went out with like Matthew Barletta so if you could go out with any three dream acts, who do you think they would be?
Brian: Three? For touring?
Jimmy: What do you think?
Brian: I actually feel like I could answer for you.
Jimmy: Alright, answer for me then!
Brian: Can we answer for each other? Okay I'€™m going to answer for Jimmy. So for Jimmy Welsh because I know this kid very well, he would go with number one this artist from the UK that he really likes, actually, we all pretty much enjoy him. His name is Jamie T. He'€™s kind of like this indie rock and roll rap artist all combined into one. It'€™s just really fun music. I feel like he would want to do like a UK tour with him. Number two would be Kings of Leon. Big Kings fan. He'€™s got a lot of favorite artists but for the third one, I'€™m going to go with the classic Beatles. Hands down! How did I do?
Jimmy: Pretty good!
Brian: Pretty good (laughs)?
Jimmy: I'€™m answering for you? Alright let'€™s see! First-
Brian: Drew'€™s the easiest.
Jimmy: Drew would go on tour with Katy Perry. For sure!
Drew: Oh yeah, in a heart beat!
Jimmy: I don'€™t know, Drew'€™s pretty hard. Second, I feel like we would go, if it was up to Drew, we would go on tour with just like a deejay who just does mash ups.
Drew: Maybe Girl Talk.
Jimmy: Like Girl Talk yeah and third let me think. What has Drew been listening to lately? I need help.
Drew: A lot of stuff.
Brian: What'€˜s the one band?
Jimmy: Oh what is it? Empire of the Sun?
Drew: Yeah!
Jimmy: Dude I'€™m going to pick that because I would want to do that too.
Brian: How'€™d he do?
Jimmy: It was pretty good right?
Drew: It was pretty good.
Looking through your iphone?
Jimmy: You got cheats over there?
Drew: I got cheats. Alright so Brian, easy. His first act, all time favorite, Dashboard Confessional.
Brian: Oh that was a good one!
Drew: But I mean, who wouldn'€™t? So obviously. I'€™m definitely going to throw out Kenny of Person L so we'€™d probably go on tour just for that and then let'€™s see here definitely finally last Four Year Strong.
Brian: (laughing) Yes dude, that'€™s perfect!
Drew: He would love to see them every night!
Brian: I'€™d feel like a little kid every night.

Then another kind of goofy one! Like what are the three things you must have while on the road? I mean you'€™ve been doing a little bit of touring but you'€™re starting to break out nationally.
Jimmy: Three things? I'€™m going to say peanut butter sandwiches, what else do I need? I'€™d need my computer just to fill time. I don'€™t know why I'€™m having so much trouble today. You need baby powder because you don'€™t get to shower that often and we learned the trick that baby powder makes your hair not look quite as greasy as it is so that'€™s a very important thing to have.
Brian: I'€™m going to go with one, a toothbrush because dental hygiene is important for everybody not just for a rock band (everyone laughs).
Only important for people who are in bands!
Brian: Number two would be my phone just because I get homesick very easily. I make sure that I can keep in contact with my friends at home and family and like also I have one of the smart phones so I can browse the internet and do whatever to kill time. Then number three? iPhone 4! Three would be my hair products because (Jimmy laughs) if I don'€™t put anything in my hair, I look like a fool. Like it'€™s night and day. Call me superficial but whatever. It makes me comfortable.
Drew: Easily my labtop. My labtop is awesome and it is everyone'€™s essential and a clean pair of socks.
Jimmy: Clean ones.
Drew: You can not go wrong with a clean pair of socks and a blanket. Easily a blanket.
Jimmy: You'€™re just a cold guy.
Drew: Pretty much what you want to pack on tour is something like you would bring on like a hiking trip. Really like something that would get you by.
Jimmy: You don'€™t know if you'€™re going to have a bed or not.
Drew: Yeah exactly!

Perfect then I know you'€™ve probably have answered these questions a lot but I haven'€™t seen many interviews of you guys yet online and stuff so why did you choose Small Talk for the name? I know these are lame questions sometimes but you guys are just getting your name out there!
Jimmy: I held off on a band name for a little while just because I wanted something that just came naturally but then I realized that Small Talk just fit us.
Brian: It'€™s our personalities.
Jimmy: It'€™s our personalities yeah!
Brian: We come off as very shy, I mean we'€™re not shy guys really.
Jimmy: Yeah but we get it all the time and I mean we love talking about anything really. We love talking small talk!
Brian: As a band we obviously do the van talks. Like we love going off track and like talk about whatever.
Jimmy: And I felt like it fit'€™s the songs too because like all the songs we have are true and they'€™re sort of each a story and I felt like that fit with the band name.
Then I know you have a few EP'€™s out, two? So how do you normally go about the writing process for you guys as a band? Is it different every time?
Jimmy: Yeah there'€™s definitely no set structure. I write songs a lot and I barely ever like sit down, write a song and just finish it. I'€™ll just start something, get side tracked about something else and start a new one. So then we'€™ll go back and I'€™ll finish the lyrics to something and we just kind of play it out sometimes and just see what music would fit best with the story for the song. We like to make it all about the story. We'€™re not gonna have a heart break song with real upbeat music. So it really just as long as it falls together that way in the end there is no structure.

Then are you guys hoping to write a full length or is that like far off in the future?
Jimmy: Well, we'€™re always writing. Like the day we put out the last EP, we were still writing. So we'€™ve talked about it. We definitely want to do it. We'€™re just trying to figure out when we want to, when we think it will be ready enough. So no official plans.
So no official plans? If it happens, it happens.

Then has there ever been like a really strange place you'€™ve found inspiration? Strange place like something some one said? Like for example, Lights said she reads like sci fi space magazines and that'€™s what she gets inspired from.
Brian: I don'€™t know our songs are more about personal experiences.
Jimmy: Like all the songs we write are all about personal experiences but they are actually a couple that we have and they'€™re still a work in progress that I wrote about a book I was reading. Like as if I were a character in there and about all the other characters so for a few songs at least we definitely do that. But for the most part, it'€™s just inspired by real life. Just kind of putting it out there. I feel like we don'€™t really have a theme. Eclectic.

Then what was like the first concert you guys all went to? There'€™s a second part too!
Jimmy: I know mine! Alright the first show I ever went to was Warped Tour. My mom brought me I was a little kid and she was just mortified but it was great. I went back the next year.
Brian: My first real concert I went to, I mean when I was younger I went to a lot of local shows but the first real one where I paid to see like a touring band would be when I moved back here from out of the country. I saw this band called The Mighty Mighty Bosstones which is funny because the venue that we'€™re playing today are their old stomping grounds. They actually have a CD that was recorded here. I don'€™t know I was really into ska and pop punk back then. I still am now but it was just a blast. Oh my god. On a high school night, like school night, it was great.
Drew: I think the first legitimate concert I went to was this thing called Edge Fest in Texas and it'€™s just a huge concert pretty much run by a radio station. It was all hard rock, like Papa Roach and like Breaking Benjamin. It was like all this stuff that I didn'€™t really listen to.
Brian: I listened to that! I would have gone to that!
Drew: I know you would! Pop rock!
Perfect! Then the first CD you ever bought or cassette?
Brian: Oh no!
Even if it'€™s embarrassing!
Brian: Oh it'€™s so embarrassing!
Jimmy: I'€™m proud of mine! When I was younger my dad gave me money because I was going to the mall or something and I got '€˜Bringing Down The Horse'€™ by The Wallflowers. That was the first CD I ever purchased myself.
Drew: Wow that'€™s a great album.
Brian: Alright I'€™m going to answer twice because my first album wasn'€™t on CD. It was actually on a cassette so that'€™s why I separate the two answers. My sister got me this album by Green Day called '€˜Dookie'€™ and I had that album on my walkman on repeat all day. I had so much fun with that and then my first CD I purchased was a band called Boyz II Men. Their album '€˜II'€™. I looked up to those dudes they were so cool.
Drew: My first CD purchase was the Good Charlotte album which I actually can'€™t think of the name. What was that called?
Brian: Cardiology (laughs) yeah that'€™s it! Young and The Restless?
Drew: The Young and the Hopeless.

Then one last one to send it off! You guys are all still young and first year graduated.
Jimmy: Yeah I was the last one. I'€™m fresh out!
Fresh out of high school.
Jimmy: I got out a little early actually so we could go on our first tour and..never went back! I guess so yeah this year is the first one I'€™m not going to school. I can'€™t talk today something'€™s wrong with me (laughs). So yeah we'€™re fresh out! It hasn'€™t been that long.
It'€™s kind of goofy so obviously you'€™ve been doing music but you'€™re still really young so maybe take the person next to you what would they be doing if they weren'€™t in music.
Brian: Should I go first? So if Drew was not playing drums he would be in college with probably a business major and on the side he'€™d be very passionate about online gaming. I'€™m sorry Drew! The world needs to know and he'€™d just be living it up. Simple life style. He'€™d be very successful because I think he'€™s a very, very smart dude.
Drew: Alright, Jimmy Welsh! If he was not doing music, I think that he would probably be a mathematician of some sort in college right now.
Brian: He'€™d be playing soduku.
Drew: Yeah!
Brian: He'€™s really good at it.
Drew: He'€™s filthy at it.
Brian: Record timing.
Drew: He'€™s a very smart individual and he'€™d be doing something very well in college.
Jimmy: Man you called him smart, he called me smart and I was ready to throw you under the bus (laughs) but I feel like if Brian wasn'€™t doing music. Let me think about this. What would you be doing?
Brian: Dead end jobs.
Jimmy: No I feel like Brian would have a really awesome job but I feel like for some reason, I don'€™t know why it'€™s just something in my head, but something would happen but you'€™re innocent don'€™t worry! Then you got to go on the run for like years and years and you had to make like different names and stuff. So therefore Small Talk saved Brian'€™s life. Thank you!
Brian: They'€™d make a Lifetime movie that'€™s based on my life.
Jimmy: Yeah I mean I'€™ve already started the script.

Perfect then what'€™s going on for you guys? I know you'€™re playing here again next month I believe so when I saw the schedule so obviously you have shows coming up.
Brian: Yeah we'€™re going to be playing with The Sophomore Beat. We'€™ve played with those guys a couple times.
Drew: The Sophomore Beat. We'€™ve played with them a couple times (laughs). We got this new band Directions on the bill. We'€™ve played with them twice those guys are really tight. They'€™re great!
Brian: Then we'€™re here March 26th.
Jimmy: Oh yeah we have a show downstairs. We played downstairs once but this is our second show down there with Love Via Dance Machine and the line up is pending right now.
Brian: Patent Pending. Don'€™t tell anybody!
Jimmy: But yeah we'€™re really hoping that show will be great because we'€™re hoping that we'€™ve built a great following in this local scene with all of these other bands. We think that we could do it and put on a great show. It sounds great down there too so we'€™re excited about that.

So are you going to try and get back on the road do you think? Like start leaving Boston?
Jimmy: We have some things being thrown around right now for future tour plans but once again like our full length nothing is set in stone but we'€™re pretty set on wanting to leave this spring. Like as soon as possible I'€™m thinking this spring. I mean hopefully with in the next couple weeks we'€™ll have it all sorted out and we'€™ll post it up so everyone can see.
Perfect well thank you so much!
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