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The current Escape The Fate headlining tour '€˜The Dead Masquerade'€™ is a huge tour happening right now that also brings out Alesana, Get Scared, Drive A and Motionless In White who this next interview is with! It'€™s been known to have some insane and incredibly passionate fans in the audience which is creating for some tension filled moments with some of the bands and musicians on this tour. When talking to Chris who provides lead vocals for the band, we came upon the topic of how far fans will go right now it seems to get a piece of the band. Later even that night, Nick the lead singer from Get Scared even talked about he has had seventeen pairs shoes of stolen off his feet on this tour!

While talking about the current plans for the band, their latest video for '€˜Abigail'€™ and the new record this really ended up being a large portion of what we talked about in the interview. When Chris told me about an incident where he actually bled when a girl dug her nails into his shirt which also included his skin, it reminded me of past interviews in particular with Andy Six of Black Veil Brides and we ended up discussing the issue. Read on for the full interview with Chris and let me know what you think but definitely do pick up their first full length '€˜Creatures'€™ and look for the title track'€™s music video after the tour finishes!

So maybe a little soft one to start. You guys are always touring I know with like Black Veil Brides and Warped Tour and stuff. Maybe what are like the three things you must have while on tour?
Absolutely my iPhone. I think I can vouch for everybody in the band iPhone. Make up for me. Can'€™t live with out that and I'€™m going to go with water because I drink a lot of water. If I don'€™t have any, I get like severely dehydrated within a day so yeah make up, water and my iPhone.

Perfect then how did Motionless In White come to be?
Me and Angelo, our drummer, kind of like were in different bands in high school and then we started this band awhile ago, a couple years ago, and over the years we kind of just acquired more and more members and became what we are now. So it'۪s just your clich̩ met in high school, found more members as time went on and became the band that we are today. Wasn'۪t that crazy!

Then '€˜Creatures'€™ came out pretty recently in October and it'€™s your first full length I believe. So how has it been going over being pretty new still?
I mean for me personally it'€™s going over a lot better then I ever expected it to do at this point. Like I thought it would start out small and then hope that it would pick up the pace and get out there more but we actually started out pretty good for what anybody predicted and then since then, it'€™s been going constantly. People are receiving the songs pretty well live and everything'€™s good. It'€™s going awesome! Way better then I ever thought.

Perfect then maybe how do you go about the song writing process? Is it just one person, is it more collective, does it change?
For '€˜Creatures'€™, it was more so like ninety percent me. Like I write all the music, I write all the lyrics, all the singing and everything and then our drummer Angelo and our bassist Ricky kind of have ideas that they'€™ve wrote and like everybody kind of has little parts but the primary writer is me and it'€™s more unified. It just beat the way that we used to write songs where it was a group and it just took forever and just wasn'€™t flowing but for our next record, we'€™ve already kind of started writing and it was more so like me and Ricky writing then just me. He has a lot of really good ideas and we'€™re kind of a team effort on it.

And then maybe what'€™s like the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration? Like for a song idea or a thought that came to you?
I don'€™t know most of my stuff that I really do, as strange as it is, is not really that strange. That'€™s a good question. Most of my songs or my lyrics are about personal stuff or I might do something through the eyes of characters in movies and books and stuff so I wouldn'€™t say really any of it is strange because they'€™re all pretty commonly known characters or the stuff that I go through in my life really isn'€™t that unique compared to what other people go through. I guess I don'€™t really have anything that'€™s really strange inspiration. Yeah I don'€™t think I have an answer to that one. Stumped!

Then this past year, you'€™ve toured with some pretty big bands like Black Veil Brides and Aiden'€™s William Control so maybe if you could go with like any three dream bands right now, who would they be?
Well I guess, not so much any more, but Bleeding Through has always been my favorite band and my biggest inspiration in life and my biggest influence for everything that I do. I would love to tour with them for the rest of my life but as far as like bigger acts, Cradle of Filth is a very big one. I don'€™t think it would ever fit but I would love to tour with Manson or AFI. Just bands that kind of inspired me to do what we do. Cradle of Filth was a big inspiration musically to us or influenced us I should say so as of now, I would probably say Cradle of Filth. We did tour with Bleeding Through last year actually and that was pretty awesome. It was like a dream come true. I was a major fan boy for them the whole time. It was just us, them and two other bands. It was just a ten day tour. It was really, really awesome. It was my favorite tour we'€™ve ever done. (Shows me the Bleeding Through patch on his jacket).
Yeah that must have been good! I saw your patch earlier.
I have Cradle of Filth too(shows other one and laughs). I'€™m a fan boy.
Maybe a little bit!
I'€™m terrible (laughs).

Then this tour is obviously some pretty crazy crowds I'€™m sure with Alesana and you guys and of course Get Scared, Drive A and Escape The Fate. Maybe what'€™s like the strangest or craziest thing you'€™ve seen in the crowd so far? Maybe not just on the tour but like at a show?
Definitely the thing that kind of like made me really just think about some stuff was surprisingly the first day of this tour. We'€™ve played some shows where fans would go crazy like they'€™re in the moment and they flip out and go crazy. We played this one time on this old tour where this girl just like started freaking out, screaming and grabbing my arm and just like ripped into my skin and up until this tour, that was the craziest thing I'€™d ever had happen. Since then, I'€™ve always wondered what would happen if I gave the people even more allowance to get at you. Like what would they do? So this tour the craziest thing that has ever happened has been we played in Tucson, Arizona and I went down to like get in the crowd. Like get up against the barrier and get in people'€™s faces and this girl, I don'€™t know how she did it I was blown away, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me into the crowd. Literally nails dug into my skin, grabbed me by my shirt pulling me in and I was just like what are you trying to do right now? Are you just trying to get my shirt or are you trying to pull me in and eat my flesh like a dog? I had to drop the mike and because she had me from behind, she like grabbed from a weird angle and I couldn'€™t get my arm around and I had to signal to a security guard. The security guard had to rip me out of the crowd. This girl was not letting go and it really made me kind of think like what is the end result of this? If that security guard didn'€™t get me, what would have happened? Like if I just let go and stopped fighting her, would she have pulled me in and really started like eating me? Would she have pulled me in and just stop once I was in there? Like what could the guard actually do? So that was super weird to me that like that girl was that crazy about it. Like she was not letting up and the guy had to rip me out of there. So that'€™s definitely the strangest.
Is that like a regular occurrence? Like that happens a lot?
Some kids have no respect for your personal stuff like kids will just grab your necklaces and your bracelets and rip them right off of you.

That'€™s what Andy (of Black Veil Brides) told me. They'€™ll just tear stuff off of you!
Oh yeah! Not that this is a big deal or anything but like I can'€™t wear necklaces or bracelets or even rings while I'€™m playing and going in the front because they just don'€™t care if it'€™s yours, they will rip it right off of you. It doesn'€™t bother me like yes I understand that you want something from the show but really. When it comes to stuff like your tour pass, I'€™ve had tour passes ripped off me, how could you not realize that the band guy needs that? Like I need that because that'€™s my access way to get to into the show and stuff like that. Don'€™t steal my keys off of me. Stuff like that kind of, it doesn'€™t bother me, it just kind of makes me question what people are thinking about.

That'€™s really bad! I'€™ve seen people like try to take the guy'€™s pants off. Like when I did Pierce The Veil, they just tried to grab his pants or put their hands even in his pants while he was playing.
Yeah! I just want to know, like I kind of want to take a day where I can see some crazy, crazy fans and just let go. Just give me to them and see what happens. I really want to do it but at the same time I don'€™t feel like going to the hospital if they try to fucking eat me or something.
If they eat you! (laughs)
I wouldn'€™t think that they would try until that girl dug her nails and made me bleed. If that didn'€™t happen, I would have probably been like oh they just want my shirt or whatever but no, this girl was ripping me to shreds.

Ouch, that'€™s crazy! Then '€˜Abigail'€™ was the last video that dropped really recently. Like it'€™s your last non-live music video. So maybe how did you come up with that idea? Is it really truly about '€˜The Crucible'€™?
Yeah I mean when we were trying to come up with an idea, I didn'۪t know if it would be clich̩ or not but I kind of wanted to just, you know, reenact The Crucible with our band. When we talked to the director who did the video, he kind of wanted to bring like the old era of The Crucible and just put it in like a modern day setting where, you know, The Crucible meets like CSI or those forensic shows. I definitely wasn'۪t into it at first because I was just like this doesn'۪t make sense. It doesn'۪t go with the song and it doesn'۪t go with the lyrics or even '۪The Crucible'۪ but fortunately enough, it worked out to where I don'۪t hate it but it'۪s still not what I wanted it to be. I like the band performance parts and I like the parts with the creep and all that stuff but I don'۪t like the cop stuff at all. I'۪m kind of down about that but it'۪s whatever. I'۪m not the one who'۪s watching it so as long as the fans like it, I'۪m cool.

If you could take another, I mean you may have already made a video for another track I'€™m not sure-
We are as soon as this tour is over.
Aw that'€™s exciting!
Then I won'€™t ask the song because you may not want to give that away!
Well I can tell you what song it'€™s for. It'€™s for the song '€™Creatures'€™ that we did. Once again, not the song I would like to do but it makes sense. It'€™s alright!

Then maybe as embarrassing as this may be considering the music that you'€™re doing today, what was the first CD or cassette you bought then the first concert you went to?
First CD I bought was Weird Al'€™s '€˜Bad Hair Day'€™. I'€™m pretty sure I'€™m not the only one who'€™s heard that CD. Probably because Weird Al was the shit back then. So yeah that was my first CD and then my first concert was No Doubt in 1995. I was in fifth grade. Magic Kingdom tour and it was awesome! It was my first concert so it was like really boring for me and really awkward for them to play songs not like they were on the CD. You know I had never seen a band live before. It was just the fact that they didn'€™t play their songs exactly like they were. They would stop and talk in the middle of the songs and change things around. They would be different live and it was like a weird experience for me but at the same time, it was awesome! I was super into No Doubt.

Then obviously those are a little different then what you'€™re doing today but do you think they still influence you like those musical experiences?
Yeah I mean not so much like what those bands did musically but seeing what a whole live show was and seeing how you just can'€™t go up there and play note for note just a line up of your songs and expect it to be a show because people could just listen to your CD. You got to do something else in the midst of your sets. What I do is I try my hardest to get the crowd pumped up as much as possible. That'€™s something I saw in No Doubt. They'€™ve got sing alongs, they got people to do chants and stuff so it like opened up my eyes and made me realize that there'€™s a difference between live and CD and that if you'€™re playing a live show you'€™ve got to put on a show!

Perfect and then the last one! What'€™s going to be going on? Are you guys just going to continue to tour like crazy? Are you going to be taking a break?
We already know what we'€™re doing all the way to the end of this year. So like there'€™s no more surprises or anything. Like we already know every single thing that we'€™re doing this year so we'€™re going to record a new record at the beginning of 2012. I can'€™t say what tours we'€™re on but fortunately we have some pretty awesome shit coming up. Especially in the summer! So yeah we actually have a lot of cool stuff coming up.

Perfect, well thank you so much!

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