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Jamaica just released their EP 'Cross The Fader' and on February 15th their full album 'No Problem' will be released. The timeless French duo are currently touring Europe and US till late April. I had the chance to talk with Antoine and asked him about the albums, creating songs, and we even talk about French vs USA being a fun cliché.

[Q]: First off, congratulations on your EP 'Cross The Fader' Please tell us about the EP.

Antoine: Thanks a lot. It was our first release to give our North American followers some sneakpeak at the record during our first american tour in October. We are of course really happy to now reveal the full length (with bonuses of course) on February 15th. We still can't believe our album is soon available in the US.

[Q]: In reviews your music has been described as 'pop perfection'. Since your music is perfect, will this be your last album? If not, in what way can your music evolve when being perfect?

Antoine: I like that you're using that quote, thanks. In my opinion, this enthusiastic journalist tried to describe our effort in recording only singles, at least according to our taste. It's a really nice observation though. But we are fully commited to becoming unperfect and boring for the next album: mid tempo ballads which start in Am, C, F, G should do it.

[Q]: Sorry but I have to know what is the story behind the name 'Jamaica'?

Antoine: Don't be sorry. We picked the name because it refers to a place, like bands we love like Chicago, Boston, Paris. We also wanted a name that ended in "A" because we think Nirvana, Metallica or Madonna are great picks. And of course it was available and sounds timeless.

[Q]: Are there still goals you want to reach as an artist?

Antoine: Touring and making it somehow in America would be amazing, but most of all, writing and recording songs we are proud of and playing good shows. It might sound obvious but it's a really strong drive when you play 13 shows in 15 days.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

Antoine: It's often based on chord changes. Sometimes, an urge to create a song that starts with a chorus, or end with an epic crescendo gives a good scheme to write but we don't rely on being too precise style wise beforehand.

Lyrics come from bits written here and there and are most of the time completely written without any music in mind first. When the two meet, it's time to melt them and make them sound as a whole. I love the initial inspiration, it's raw and comes from nowhere, but the process of making things straight is a really rewarding time too. I think it's the details you manage to fix which make a song special. Unless you're Bob Dylan or The Beatles and you basically write masterpieces for breakfast.

[Q]: In the US tv-series, comedians, etc... are making jokes about the French. In what way does it affect your career & music?

Antoine: We don't count many comedians from TV series among our fans, they probably still listen to Brian Adams according to their looks. So I guess they're pretty harmless. French people make fun of Americans too and I always like a good joke, whether I'm the predator or the aim. Clichés are often a fun starting point. I love when Americans use a fake french accent, it's "délicieux".

[Q]: Any plans for a tour (domestic + international)?

Antoine: It's our everyday life for a year now, and counting. We're touring Europe until April, then we fly to the States and Canada for a 2-week tour mid to late April. We then go back home for the summer festivals, probably Japan again and, hopefully, some North America again. It will depend on your reviews, don't forget that "pop perfection" thing as mentionned above.

[Q]: Final words?

Antoine: Thank you for noticing our band, it's "délicieux". Oh, and we want to play in New Orleans, I've always wanted to visit this city.


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