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I'€™ve always covered a bit of everything writing about rock and a band that really recently sparked my interest was the incredibly young Drive A based out of Los Angeles! The band currently finds them selves out on the Dead Masquerade tour with Escape The Fate but in the short few years that the band has been playing together they'€™ve toured with everyone from HIM to The Cure with everything from Good Charlotte to Black Tide in between! With the sophomore record dropping this Spring, I knew it was the perfect time to sit down with the lead singer of the band Bruno where we talked about everything from how the writing process changed for this record to where he got the inspiration from for some of the material on the new record '€œThe World In Shambles'€! Catch the boys on the rest of this tour that also features Motionless In White, Alesana and Get Scared and watch for the CD hitting shelves with in the next few months!

So a little one soft one to start! Obviously you'€™ve got a lot of things going on for you with the new release but soft to start, what are like the three things you must have while on tour being that you tour so much?
What I need on tour? Water. Obviously but on tour it'€™s even more because like when you'€™re at home, you get used to like having access to water but on tour if the venue doesn'€™t give you water you get really lazy. I get really lazy and sometimes I'€™ll try to make maybe two water bottles last way longer then they should last and I end up getting dehydrated. I ended up getting myself sick last year when we toured with HIM and I was like in the hospital for two days. I was like too lazy to go find water so water is definitely one. Some sort of privacy like headphones, like music to keep you sane and then a lot of sleep. That'€™s the three things you need on tour.

Perfect, and then Drive A has been together for about three years now. How did it come together? I know you'€™re an original member.
I met the guitar player Jason at a concert three or four years ago and we kind of became friends and we listened to the same type of music. We wanted to start a band and then we met our drummer Cody through a music club so all we needed was a bass player. We went on one tour where a friend of ours'€™ was helping us fill in on bass and we were looking for a bass player so he saw us with Set Your Goals almost two years ago now. He saw us and messaged us on Myspace and he was like '€˜Dude you guys rule. Like I play bass'€™ and he sent us a video. He'€™s from Milwaukee and we'€™re all from out in LA so he sent us a video and we were like '€˜Dude the kid'€™s cool. He'€™s good, he likes the band'€™ like that dedication to the music at the point. Like everyone'€™s here for the music. We then flew him out and we became great friends and yeah, that'€™s how it worked.

Then '€œThe World In Shambles'€ is coming so soon and I know it'€™s been a while in the making. I know you guys were about to start writing right after Bamboozle so what can kids look forward to? Is it more mature? A different sounding record?
Yeah definitely! A huge progression from '€œLost In Desire'€. I mean it'€™s like we played two hundred shows since then so we got that. It'€™s been about three years pretty much since our last record so we'€™ve grown as people and lyrically it'€™s more there. Like '€œLoss of Desire'€ was the debate of like do you go after what you really want to do in your life or do you like kind of go fuck it? It was kind of a debate and '€œThe World In Shambles'€ was like the world'€™s fucked but we'€™re going to go after what we want to do so it'€™s more almost like a positive record. There'€™s some negative stuff but it'€™s really therapeutic. On this record, we also wrote thirty songs and then we picked like twelve of our favorite songs that really fit together and on '€œLoss of Desire'€ we wrote eleven songs and we recorded those eleven songs. Definitely different.

Great then how does the band normally go about the songwriting? Maybe it changed for this record because I know you said you wrote a lot more songs this time around so how does it normally go? Is it like one person, more collective?
It changed a little bit but it'€™s pretty much the same thing but we'€™re closer friends now. I'€™ll bring in ninety percent of the songs, show the guys and then they'€™ll make changes to it because everyone'€™s got their music chops. Yeah so I would bring in most of the ideas. What I did on this record that'€™s different then '€œLoss of Desire'€ is I kept like a journal of things I wanted to write about. So if something pissed me off, something really made me excited, I'€™d write down the idea and then go back to it and write lyrics from that idea so it was all like a story kind of.

Awesome it sounds really good and then maybe what was like one of the stranger places you found inspiration? Maybe with this record or recently?
On this record?
Like something someone said or like something that happened or like a dream or something.
Oh let me think about that!
Of course!
I remember getting really inspired when I traveled to Europe this past summer for like a week. When I was over there, it really seemed like, just going around the city, I went to Italy but seeing people interact way more over there and there'€™s more of like a community. It really kind of got to me and I thought '€˜You know what? Like people in the states are like '€˜Fuck You'€™ it'€™s like me and only me'€™. '€˜If you'€™re not helping me, get out of my way'€™ and it was like over there it seemed like Fuck the man let'€™s help each other kind of. So that was an inspiration for a song called '€˜Revolt'€™. I just remember seeing all these people like kind of united about stuff. It was cool!

Perfect then maybe obviously this show was nuts but how has this tour been? Like obviously a lot of these kids are so young and crazy. How has it been opening especially being something a little bit different and not the screaming side of things? How has it been going over for you?
It'€™s been great. It'€™s been so much fun. I think the bands they'€™re all different bands. We'€™re extremely different from the other bands but I think the energy is there in what all of the bands do so kids get it. So it'€™s been one of the best tours we'€™ve ever been on. Escape the Fate we toured with them in September last year we'€™re all pretty good friends with them so it'€™s awesome to tour with them again. We played with Get Scared with The Used like two years ago and Motionless in White we haven'€™t really played with them but I feel like I'€™ve seen them before. Like Bamboozle or something but really this tour like all the kids, the fans are really young and that'€™s great though. The younger the crowd is, I think they'€™re more open minded to new music so it'€™s cool.

And that was the tour with Black Tide, right?

Then maybe what'€™s like the strangest thing you'€™ve seen so far like in the crowd or not necessarily on the road because I'€™m sure it'€™s a pretty crazy bunch of bands that are together but maybe at the shows?
Oh, like at one of the shows?
Yeah or you can say on the road but I'€™m sure the road'€™s pretty nuts.
Oh yeah (laughs). We get..(laughs) ah yeah. I'€™ll stick to shows! Shows like as far as crowd goes?
Yeah like maybe something strange in the crowd or like some one body surfing? Like I came in right when they were holding you in the crowd.
Yeah that'€™s always definitely a crazy part at a show. I thought tonight was kind of weird. Like some girl in the front row got really ticked off that I would dare to go out in the crowd. It was just the most ridiculous thing. It'€™s like you go to a concert like this knowing the bands that are going to play then you wait in line for front row tickets you know then you get mad when the singer goes out in the crowd. Like give me a break, like really? I went up and she like waved her hand at me and was like all mad but I looked at her and I was like '€˜Yo, easy! I'€™m not trying to kick you. I'€™m trying to show you that this is how a concert is supposed to be'€™. It'€™s ridiculous!

Perfect then they'€™re kind of goofy and it may be embarrassing but what was like the first CD or cassette you bought then the first concert you went to?
Mine'€™s not really embarrassing the one I'€™m thinking about. Actually, I'€™ve got two. The first one is Blink 182'€™s '€˜Enema of the State'€™ and then the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. So those two are like the first I remember then my first concert was also Blink 182 and Green Day which was amazing and I wish they would tour together again.

Because you guys are like heavier punk but you guys are punk so do you think that'€™s influenced you at all? Like those bands?
I guess so I mean like it'€™s just the music we all grew up to. This whole generation really was brought up on those bands. Like you'€™re unable to avoid them unless you listened to Britney Spears but like those bands were just really cool. Had great songs, fun bands and we'€™re more like heavy I guess but really like we care about the same things. I'€™m not saying we'€™re the same type of band. The energy and the songwriting is more important then being like heavy you know what I mean.

Then maybe what'€™s coming up? I know you have the record coming out so obviously that'€™s huge but are you going to be like touring for the record? Are you going to be taking a little break until it comes out?
(laughs) Nah!
I mean-
You guys don'€™t know breaks. You'€™re not too good at the whole break thing.
No and we tried it.
You'€™re constantly out.
It didn'€™t work. Actually, you know what? We have four days off.
Oh jeez!
Yeah we couldn'€™t go to the Canada dates because we had a bunch of bullshit.
So you guys have like four days off in a row because of Canada?
Yeah we have the Canada dates and we played in Buffalo a few months ago so we dropped off that. We have a bunch of stuff that we have to go take care of back in California so it'€™s kind of like a break.
Then you probably can'€™t say-
What we'€™re doing back there?
No well that as well and tours.
Well yeah then new tours can'€™t be really talked about but there'€™s one in April and May and probably one in the summer. The record'€™s coming out in the Spring and also another cool thing is we filmed two videos with the director that did all the Paramore videos and it'€™s like a continuation. We did one for our single '€˜Let'€™s Have A Wreck'€™ and then one for '€˜Revolt'€™ and they look fucking awesome. They'€™re almost done. They'€™ll be out soon. Maybe March or April.

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