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AVANT's new album 'The Letter' is out now and is a great success! His debut was released a decade ago in 2000 and he still is the voice of modern soul which he explains in this interview. Furthermore, Avant talks about his latest song 'Never Give Up The Fight' which is about cancer, his upcoming tour, his fans, and much more...

[Q]: First off, congratulations on your hit-single 'Kiss Goodbye' and your new album 'The Letter'! My woman loves it but sorry she does not need your number (I won't allow it). Seriously, please tell us about the song.

AVANT answers [A]: A kiss is a very intimate thing shared between two people who have an emotional connection. I would say it'€™s the most intimate.'€œKiss Goodbye'€ is a warning to the fellas that if your woman kisses another man, she'€™s basically kissing your relationship goodbye.

[Q]: Your music is described as 'new voice of modern soul'. How do you describe 'modern soul' in comparison' to 'ghetto soul'?

[A]: There'€™s a sophistication to modern soul. There'€™s a story and a lesson behind the music. I grew up listening to Luther Vandross, Gerald Lavert and Babyface. These guys taught you something. I am doing what they do but with a contemporary twist.

[Q]: Your debut was in 2000, exactly 10 years ago! Congratulations on reaching your decade of making music. In what way has the music developed itself during this decade?

[A]: I'€™ve grown up and learned a couple things: about this business, about music, about relationships and I think it shows lyrically. The writing has definitely developed as I'€™m not just singing about a guy who meets girl and now he wants her. I'€™ve been writing and singing more about the state of the world, love and appreciation of women, inspiration, and triumph. So that has changed but overall, I think I'€™ve been consistent with the quality of the music. Or at least my fans think so.

[Q]: Are there still goals you want to reach as an artist?

[A]: Of course! That'€™s still the reason I am an artist and continue to work in this business. How about a Grammy? How about a world tour? I'€™ve been blessed to be able to visit different countries and various parts of the world, but never embarked on a full world tour. I also love acting and have made a few appearances on some shows but I'€™d like to invest more time into that. And most importantly, I'€™d like to use my music as a platform to give back and help people.

[Q]: Cancer is a terrible disease. "Never Give Up The Fight" is a song about people undergoing cancer treatment. To what extent can a by-stander understand what is happening during their battle? Any advice for people who are supporting their loves ones?

[A]: I can'€™t say to what extent a by-stander can understand, but I can definitely say that it'€™s hard. I lost my father and uncle to cancer. And two of my closest cousins are undergoing treatment right now. It'€™s a helpless feeling to know that you can'€™t do anything but just be there for them. Pray for them. Help them. Stay positive for them. Spend time with them. Cancer affects everyone, not just those diagnosed.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

[A]: It depends on what I'€™m going through. Sometimes a melody comes to me head. Other times the lyric comes first. It'€™s about pairing the right two and making the best combination.

[Q]: Any plans for a tour (domestic + international)?

[A]: I have upcoming shows up on my website (www.avantofficial.com) and facebook. And yes, there are plans for more dates. I'€™m heading to Amsterdam in April. Hopefully there will be more shows that take me oversees.

[Q]: Your album 'The Letter' is a letter from you to your fans. What I missed is what your typical day is like? So please tell us...

[A]: If I have a morning TV appearance, then I wake up extremely early to be able to sing on TV and then it'€™s go go go all day. Interviews, photos, meetings, performances, and more. It'€™s busy. When I have days off, I still get up somewhat early to work out and spend time with my son.

[Q]: Final words?

[A]: Be kind to people- treat them the way that you'€™d want to be treated. And if you'€™re unkind to yourself, start treating yourself right.

Thanks to you and all my fans. '€œThe Letter'€ is available now. Please come see me at a show, or keep in touch with me on Facebook and Twitter.

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