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I attended only one to two shows to round out 2010 this past December but one of the bands that was sticking it out on the road was a common face to Music Remedy in Sparks The Rescue and we sat down with them again to catch up on everything the band'€™s had going on..including the new record! With in the ten months that had come between our last interview and this new one, the band played all of the Warped Tour, toured steadily with Mayday Parade and wrote and produced the new record!

Sparks fans have been waiting for over two years for new material from the band and will get to have that new record in the spring. Considering how challenging it is to write a sophomore record, I knew it was a topic I wanted to cover this time around along with catching up on everything from the video for '€œHello Mexico'€ that we had talked about to their extensive time on Warped this summer. Read on for our exclusive second time around with Alex and Toby and look for the boys to be back on the road soon!

Obviously a lot has gone on since our last interview but a soft one to start. Take the person next to you, what would they be doing if they weren'€™t in music like as a joke?
Alex: Toby would probably be a teacher. A substitute teacher because he already is a substitute teacher so I think he would be pursuing his substitute teacher role even harder and just subbing like crazy.
Toby: And I think Alex Roy would open up a thrift store with all of his clothes in order to make money to buy sweeter clothes.
Alex: Yes!

Perfect and then I know you guys are making the new record. I don'€™t know if it'€™s finished yet, if it'€™s still in progress, supposed to come out in the Spring?
Alex: Yep it'€™s going to come out anywhere between March and May. We'€™re not really sure of the exact date yet but it'€™s all done now. It'€™s going to be called '€™Worse Things I'€™ve Been Cursed With'€™ and it will be out and we'€™re really stoked on it. We should have a single out really soon and a video out and we'€™re like super excited about it.
Yeah because you'€™ve had Eyes Set To the Sun out for so long. Like before you got signed to Fearless so how excited were you to like start writing and working on this record?
Toby: It was awesome. It was a lot different because last time we had written a record over like the course of two years and this time we wrote the record in like a month and a half. We all lived in a house together so that went pretty well.
Alex: Just home in Maine. It was crazy!
Toby: Yeah it was crazy and we got five weeks in the studio and it was all done. It was like the quickest we had ever written a record but I think it'€™s like way better then the last one.

So with this release, did you write it differently? Did people have more part in it?
Alex: Yeah I mean we went into it a little bit differently then the last one. The last record came together in two years and this record came together in four months. So there was just a lot more like pressure and it was more intense of a writing process like when we were writing. The last record was like we had jobs while we were writing. This record was just like write, write, write, write. Like we were in the house to write and that'€™s what we did so it was awesome.

And then you went on Warped Tour this summer which was your first time around and I know you were on it for a month I believe. Right, you guys stayed the same?
Alex: Yep!
How did it end up going for you? Like it'€™s such a crazy experience as such a young band.
Toby: It was awesome. Alex Roy was a hustling man.
Alex: Machine! Every morning I'€™d get up and sell CD'€™s to the line and be like '€œYou got to check out my band! You got to buy my cd'€ and it was great! I mean the hardest part of Warped Tour was us doing it in a van and driving it all ourselves. Literally we like lived, ate, slept in the van and then were outside in hot weather all day like all we did was just drive and be at Warped Tour. Drive and be at Warped Tour. There'€™s no hotel rooms, no crashing at peoples'€™ houses, no showers.
Toby: It was awesome!
Alex: But it was awesome!

Then maybe if you could take like any three past bands you'€™ve toured with on a dream tour today, who would they be?
Toby: Every Avenue..
Alex: Every Avenue, Mayday Parade and All American Rejects.
Toby: Yep! That would be my exact line up.
Alex: I think we'€™d probably open the tour.

Perfect then what is coming up for you guys in the next few months? Are you going to be back on the road after this tour, putting out the record, taking a breather?
Alex: Yeah we should be heading back on the road in February. We have a bunch of tentative tours that we'€™re not allowed to say.
Of course yeah!
Alex: Because they'€™re not confirmed but Bieber is probably going to happen (Toby starts laughing). Bieber tour going on and then the Tay Swift tour so we got some good things going on. But we'€™ll be back on the road and we'€™ll be doing just some club tours. Hooking up with some other bands just doing some like support slots. Maybe doing another headliner in the future but not in the near future.
Toby: Right now we'€™re just like focused on getting the record all wrapped up. Like artwork and all that stuff and getting that out. I think that'€™s priority number one is just getting the new CD out right now and then we'€™ll be hitting the road real hard I bet.

Are you playing songs off the new record right now or is still too early for that?
Alex: There'€™s like three or four songs on the record that we like choose one from every night and we play one new song a night just because most people don'€™t know it yet. They want to hear the old stuff so we'€™re trying to break it in slow.

Then you were talking about making a new video for '€œHello Mexico'€. Did that end up happening or is that still coming?
Alex: Yeah we made like a little video for '€œHello Mexico'€ on the John Lennon bus which was us like dancing around and stuff. It came out pretty cool. We had like a bunch of bands in it. It wasn'€™t like a video with a story line or anything like that.
Toby: It'€™s on you tube you can check it out. I thought it came out really cool.
Alex: Yeah it'€™s like me dancing like a goofball a lot.
Toby: It'€™s like every day on Warped Tour two people won a contest to go on the bus and be in our video and then at the end they made it all together. Like anyone in the past month who came on the bus like got in the video so it was like really cool.

Perfect and then being a band that does obviously tour a lot, I mean you guys have been touring for a few years now pretty steadily, what are like the three things that you must have while you'€™re on the road?
Toby: Toothbrush, clean underwear and my computer!
Alex: Yeah I'€™m a labtop nerd. I'€™m always on my labtop and I would say clean socks and clean underwear if I can group those together and pretzels.

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