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Brit-pop band Scars On 45 are about to release their debut self-titled EP on January 18th, 2011. We spoke with the band about their EP, forthcoming album, their desire to release more albums, and yes they are willing to write the 2014 World Cup Song! Last but not least you are given an advice which coffee to order at Starbucks and a request for the fans to go watch the movie 'Winter's Bone'. C'mon!

Scars On 45 Interview
[Q]: First off, congratulations with your single 'Give Me Something'. What's the story behind the song?
[A]: Thanks so much! It's basically about being a persistent f*cker who never gives in to be honest! haha. Seriously, I suppose the point I was trying to get across in the song is that even the best of relationships go through difficult times or periods where everything seems to be going against you, but more often than not, things works out for the best in the end..............but sometimes they don't!

[Q]: Your EP is coming out before the full album. What can we expect from the EP in comparison with the full album? (vice versa)
[A]: Well the EP has 4 songs, 2 of which will appear on the album in some way, shape or form. It also has an acoustic version of another song on the album and a b-side which didn't seem to fit in with the other songs on the record. The general theme of this record is mostly about relationships really, both the good and bad sides. We produced it ourselves so we tried to make it as uplifting as possible and fill it with catchy melodies, big choruses, plenty of harmonies.......and of course, male and female lead vocals.

[Q]: Which steps did you had to accomplish before getting signed up?
[A]: The biggest step for us was learning how to record ourselves. We never had the money to track demos in a $500 a day studio so we just gradually bought our own equipment and started to experiment with things. It enabled us to take things at our own pace and do exactly what we wanted to do with the songs. Eventually those recordings led to us sign with Chop Shop/Atlantic which kinda made up for the endless nights spent sleeping on our disgusting studio sofa!

[Q]: Most of the band members were on completely different paths before getting into music. Looking back are you glad you took a leap into this path (music)? Please elaborate.
[A]: Oh yeah, we're all chuffed to bits we ended up involved with music. This band's already enabled us to travel places and experience things we could only have dreamed of and to do it with your 4 best friends is the icing on the cake.......mmmmmmmmm cake! We'll never take it for granted.

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as a band?
[A]: We want a career. The aim is to just carry on recording and releasing albums with Chop Shop/Atlantic for as many people as possible to hear. We feel extremely privileged and happy with where we are and where we're heading at the moment, we don't ever want it to stop. A multi-platinum album, a stadium tour and a few Grammy's wouldn't go amiss either of course!

[Q]: From soccer to band(-member). Did the soccerfans', and on the field, screaming helped you to get your voice high-pitched? Any soccer related influence in your music?
[A]: It wasn't so much the on-field screaming that enabled me to get my voice high-pitched, it was more the David Beckham style free-kick that blasted me in the groin during the summer of 2001!! No there's no soccer influences in our music.....but there can be if the US ask us to write their 2014 World Cup Song!

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?
[A]: I always write with a dictaphone, so I just press record and see what comes out. I listen back to it and we usually stick with the same chords and melody whilst I just elaborate on the lyrics. For us, we always think the best songs pop out from nowhere in a near completed form. We've been known to spend an eternity writing a song, changing a single word or piano note over and over again because we thought we'd written something so monumental....................and it ends up sounding like it was written by a Donkey with no legs! Absolute rubbish!

[Q]: In what way are their comparisons to be made between making it in soccer and making it in the music bizz?
[A]: Apart from the fact they're the most unsecured careers around, I suppose you have to have a massive amount of belief and dedication to even stand a chance of succeeding. They're both obsessions more then anything, it's takes over your life. Most soccer players or musicians would carry on what they're doing without any financial gain whatsoever and most of them do.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?
[A]: At the moment, we don't have any planned for the near future but it's definitely something on our "to do" list in 2011 along with visiting Graceland and keeping Nova sober during SXSW 2011!

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?
[A]: Ohhh, let's see. I usually wake around 9am, cup of tea and toast, shower, head to the studio around 10.30am (stopping for an Venti Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte with an extra shot of espresso from Starbucks!), we write and record ideas until around 4pm, have something to eat (usually a curry) and then we either rehearse or record until around 12am. Head home, Facebook, TV, bed. Perfect!

[Q]: Any advice for new bands?
[A]: The two best pieces of advice I can give is 1) Having a band where you're all friends and work as a team is essential. It's easy to turn a blind eye to a member you don't get on with for the good of the band, but it actually does a lot more harm than good. If you don't want to spend any time with someone outside the rehearsal room/studio or they're not pulling their weight, then it's probably time move on without them and start again, because it will never change. As difficult as it may be at first, things are always much better in the long run. 2. When on tour, don't share a bed with your piano player, they have a subconscious desire to take up the entire bed and knock the living crap out of you when you're asleep! So unless you have a part-time job as Mike Tyson's punchbag........just sleep in the bath!

[Q]: Final words?
[A]: Has anyone seen a film called 'Winter's Bone'? I saw this film by myself and absolutely LOVED it but I've never spoken to anyone who's seen it and I have things to discuss! There must be someone! Anyone??! Thanks everyone xx

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