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Since I first ran into this talented band when interviewing a past tour mate for them A Skylit Drive, I knew that they would be something to watch before they even took to the stage to play the show! Walking into the venue to catch them mid set, I knew that I was seeing something special and couldn'€™t wait for the opportunity to catch the band again.

It took a while but I ran into the band again at Warped Tour this past summer where I was lucky enough to talk to a familiar face in Chris De Cinque who does lead vocals for the band. The band is definitely something different from the rest at Warped Tour as you can probably tell from the accents alone! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia the band draws you in with their voices but then absolutely kills it live and was a common favorite on the tour this past summer. The boys currently are on a little bit of a break from touring the US but it'€™s worth it as they'€™re currently working on their sophomore full length record as a follow up to the incredibly successful '€˜First Temple'€™. To be perfectly honest with you, this was one of my stand out interviews of the day and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Alrighty! So I actually caught a bit of your set when I was interviewing A Skylit Drive back on your fall tour with them and Senses Fail and I know you'€™ve toured a bunch since then. A bit in the US included as well with Madina Lake and Silverstein so how do you think those tours are helping your success here in America compared to Australia?
Chris: Well at every show, we definitely notice that we do have a Closure In Moscow sort of crowd that'€™s not just people walking by and it'€™s always consistent so I think that'€™s sort of evident of touring last year.

And then the first record '€˜First Temple'€™ it'€™s been out for a little over a year now. How are kids reacting now that they'€™ve really been able to grow on the record?
Chris: I think everybody'€™s grown to love it. I know there'€™s a couple of kids who it'€™s become really special to them-
Nick from the Swellers (walking back): A dingo ate my baby.
Chris: I know yeah! A dingo ate my baby.
So nice.
Nick from the Swellers: I bet it did.
Chris: No it'€™s become special to a lot of people and that'€™s pretty nuts because it'€™s really special to us.

Then now that it'€™s been out for a little over a year, are you thinking of working on a new record? Are you guys writing at all? What'€™s going on with that? I mean I know it'€™s only been out for a year but it'€™s quite the process.
Chris: Yeah I mean we'€™re sort of always writing. We'€™ve been doing a lot of touring lately so I think after this, we'€™re going to get pretty into it but we don'€™t really have any time that we want to do the second album. It will just be sort of like when it'€™s ready is when we'€™ll be able to do it because we don'€™t want to come out with a second album that'€™s like '€˜First Temple: Part 2'€™ or something like that. It'€™s got to be its'€™ own album and its'€™ own piece of music on its'€™ own.

Then how has the Warped Tour been going for you guys? This is your first year on the Warped Tour I believe so how has it been so far?
Chris: So far it'€™s actually been pretty good! We had a lot of people where you hear tons and tons of stories about how good it is and how bad it is. How tough it is especially because we'€™re doing it in a van so we had a lot of friends telling us like '€˜Ooh you'€™re going to hate it. It'€™s going to be rough'€™ but, I mean, so far it actually hasn'€™t been too bad. We'€™ve been having a good time. There'€™s showers and we actually get fed here better then on a normal tour so that makes it pretty good and pretty bearable.

So how is the van going? Being on the full tour and it only being three weeks so far, are you nervous?
Chris: Nah so far it'€™s been going good. I tried my hand at carpentry before we left and built a big flat panel in the back which we covered with foam so we just pretty much are driving around with a bed and any bit of floor space is just a bed so sleeping in the van'€™s been quite good.

Then maybe if you could tour with any three bands off of this tour, who do you think they would be?
Chris: Who do I think they would be or who would I want them to be?
Who would you want them to be? Any three bands!
Chris: I would say The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and Reverend Peyton'€™s Big Damn Band.
Always a good choice!

And then what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen on Warped Tour so far this summer?
Chris: Actually funnily enough, nothing'€™s really been too crazy. There'€™s been a lot of car parks and setting up. I don'€™t think they'€™re on it anymore but there was the Beacher'€™s Madhouse that was out on the tour for a bit and seeing the Oompha Loompas walking around with a cigarette and a beer was just pretty funny. You know because you never really get to see that in Willy Wonka.

Then where can fans catch you this summer? What stage are you playing, are you doing signings at all, like what are you going to be doing?
Chris: Yeah! We'€™ll all be hanging around the merch tent all day and yeah we'€™re playing the Ernie Ball stage for the whole tour.

Perfect then what can they look forward to in these next few months? Are you going to be still on the road? Are you going to be touring here or in Australia?
Chris: No I think after Warped Tour I'€™m pretty sure that we get to just get some time off and as we said before get started on the next piece of the puzzle.
Well thank you so much!

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