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While most bands take a break from the road at this time of year, Amely went right back on the road the day after Christmas with There for Tomorrow, VersaEmerge and Conditions! It'€™s just one example of how hard working this band has been this past year in the scene and why their name has already become known so I knew I should take the time to sit down with Petie from the band while they were here on their previous tour with Sparks The Rescue! The band has dropped their first EP and with their first full length record on the horizon, we talked about how they go about the writing process to how it will actually change with this release along with when they aim to have it out.

Petie let me in on '€œthe curse'€ that comes with their band along to letting me know what their Warped situation was and told me that they plan to be steadily on the road up until the record drops! Seeing that you'€™ll have plenty of chances to be able to catch this band live, I strongly recommend it and hope that you'€™ll take a look at our interview to get excited about everything that is coming up for the band!

Now coming to the end of this tour obviously and having Sparks The Rescue being from the same label, how has this tour been going?
It'€™s been great. Honestly we had no idea what to expect going into it because, you know, we had heard of Sparks The Rescue but we had never heard their music or really knew anything about their history but it'€™s been amazing though so far.

Then you have the EP '€œHello World'€ out so far. How has that been going over?
The EP has been great. It came out in September and this was actually the first tour that we'€™ve had to support the EP.
We probably haven'€™t really toured since the EP came out. We played some dates here and there but not a proper tour so this is the first and it'€™s been going great.

Perfect and the first full length. Is it like happening in 2011? Is it still going to be a while? How is it going?
Yeah the full length we'€™re actually, after this tour, going to start writing it. I'€™ve already started writing some of it. Got like maybe five or six songs. We'€™re trying to get as many songs as possible. We want to probably have like thirty or forty and just take like the best twelve you know but we'€™ll start writing that after this tour'€™s done. January and February will be writing and it will be out next year some time. We don'€™t know if it'€™s going to be like a summer thing or a fall thing or later who knows but it will be next year.

Good and then how do you normally go about the writing process? Is it just like one person, does it vary?
It kind of differs every time. Sometimes I go out and write by my self and like put together demos and bring them to the band or like sometimes they'€™ll come to me with like an idea, like a little melody idea, for like a chorus or something. Patrick'€™s really good at that so it all just kind of depends and in January we'€™ll be writing altogether as a band. Just like jamming it out so we'€™ll see!

So maybe what'€™s like the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration? Like something some one said. Maybe recently because I know you said you'€™ve started writing a bit.
Yeah um, I don'€™t know like I kind of write like based off of every day experiences. I took a trip to Nashville recently and that was pretty inspiring. I wrote with some people out there, stayed in some crazy places so that was kind of inspirational. Seeing the ways that different people write and like where they write was cool.

And then you'€™re not really taking much of a break, well besides this next week. I know you go home, a week later you'€™re out with VersaEmerge and There for Tomorrow the day after Christmas (Petie laughs). I know you haven'€™t been touring a lot recently like you said for this record but that'€™s pretty crazy so how do you use that time the most when you'€™re home? Like what do you try to do at home since it can'€™t happen too much?
Write a bunch when I'€™m home. I, you know, hang out with my friends and stuff. We haven'€™t really had a lot of time. Like every time we go home from a tour, it'€™s like a week or two maximum which is cool because that'€™s about the time when I go insane. If I'€™m in one place for too long and after touring for a year, I start to just go crazy. I have to be moving around all the time. I'€™ll take like random vacations and just kind of like run around town but yeah it'€™s kind of hectic.

No that'€™s good and what are like the three things you must have while you'€™re out on the road?
Alright, three things I have to have on the road.
Doesn'€™t have to be like instruments and that stuff.
Yeah, um my phone. My iPhone 4, you know!
(laughs) So proud!
It'€™s pretty much the thing that gets me through the day. You know we get our daysheets for all the dates on the tour. Like emails and like all kinds of stuff. I do like everything on my phone so that'€™s one. Two, my pillow. I bring my pillow from home. It'€™s the best pillow ever except it'€™s like one of those Temper Pedic. Not a tempur pedic but it'€™s got like memory foam and I don'€™t know if you know but memory foam freezes. It gets really rigid and stiff in the cold so it kind of like turns into a rock when it'€™s in the van for too long but it softens up (laughs) and third item..man what would I need to survive? I think that'€™s pretty much it besides my credit card (laughs)!

Pretty much covers it and then if you could take, I know you haven'€™t been doing crazy amounts of touring well you'€™ve done them but-
We'€™ve done a lot of tours just not like recently. When the record came out in September, we did some dates after that and like a little solo run here and there but like this has been the longest tour we'€™ve done. What were you going to say sorry?
I mean maybe not like you headlining but if you could take any three like past bands you'€™ve toured with back out today, like if you all were on a tour together?
Past bands? I mean absolutely Sparks The Rescue. That'€™s currently going on but they'€™re like our best friends right now and they'€™re amazing. Let'€™s see what other bands. See the problem is we have a curse and I will talk to you about the curse. Every band that we'€™ve toured with, not every band, but maybe three out of four bands that we'€™ve toured with have all broken up. Like we toured with the band iRival last year they broke up.
They broke up? I didn'€™t hear about that.
Yeah! We toured with this band Mandy K. A few weeks run they broke up. We toured with Sing It Loud and they broke up so if you want to go on tour with us, it'€™s probably not a good idea because the curse may get you. So I wouldn'€™t recommend touring with us but Sparks The Rescue should definitely take us out again. I think we'€™re trying to plan something for next year maybe even. Definitely Sparks The Rescue and let'€™s see what others. There for Tomorrow, they were really cool and they'€™re from Orlando as well so definitely would love to tour with them again.

Then these next two are kind of goofy. What was the first CD or cassette you ever bought?
First CD I ever bought. Wow, it'€™s really strange but Radiohead was probably the first and it'€™s playing now which is strange but I bought the '€˜Ok Computer'€™ album or it was '€˜Kid A'€™ The was my first and well, it might have been Linkin Park'€™s '€˜Hybrid Theory'€™ actually. I can'€™t remember.

Then the first concert you went to and do you think either influences you? Like what you'€™re doing today or just personally?
The first concert I ever went to? NSYNC.
Aw! I get that a lot no worries.
I mean when you'€™re young like that. That was going on and what was the second half to that question?
Did either of those experiences like your first CD or your first concert influence you at all like today? Maybe as Amely or just like in general?
Definitely the CD purchase like Linkin Park and Radiohead. Two totally different bands but we try and draw from every thing. I try and draw from everything when I write and kind of get in different moods so it'€™s definitely been helpful in the writing process. Inspirational.

Then the last one! I know you have the tour with Versa and There for Tomorrow coming up and you say you'€™re going to be writing the new record so what can kids look forward to in 2011? Like we know the full length is going to come, are you going to be back on the road?
2011. What you can look forward to is us not playing Warped Tour because we'€™re not on it so stop asking.
People ask all the time and it sucks because like we tried. We tried and it didn'€™t happen so there'€™s that (laughs) but yeah you can definitely expect a new record. We'€™re going to start touring in March most likely. Either the end of February or March and hopefully we'€™ll get on some good support tours and open up for some cool bands. We'€™ll be touring all the way up until the new record comes out. We'€™ll probably record the record sometime in the summer. So just expect a lot of touring and a CD.
Well thank you so much!

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