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Alter Bridge just released their third album "ABIII" and their first single "Isolation". We spoke with drummer Scott Phillips about his favorite song off the album, death, etc... Scott tells about his short and long term plans which includes naturally more tours and albums. Thankfully!

[Q]: 1) First off, love the song '€œIsolation.'€ What's the story behind the song?

Thank you! The song Isolation basically reflects the tone of the album overall. It's about the realization of finding out that something you believed to be an absolute truth isn't true at all, and the feeling of emptiness and "Isolation" that follows.

[Q]: 2) Congratulations with your third album. Any particular reason to keep the album's title so simple?

ABIII started off as a working title for the record. We would post updates online about the progress of the recording and would always refer to it as ABIII. Our fans then started referring to it as ABIII as well and it just began to stick. We considered a few different titles during latter part of the recording process but ABIII just felt right!

[Q]: 3) What is your main goal to reach as a band?
I think the 2 things that any band looks for as goals are some level of success, but more importantly longevity. We love making music and hope that we're able to do it for a very long time.

[Q]: 4) You explain that your third album's subject, "...realization that everything you once believed in might not exist", is not like your previous two albums. In what way can we see this process as some sort of puberty?

I feel like musically and lyrically we've progressed with each album. This album certainly took a darker turn from our previous 2. I think it just it's a reflection of what we, and more importantly Myles, were going through between Blackbird and ABIII. While not every song on the album deals with that specific subject matter, the album overall reflects the journey he's taken between the last record and ABIII.

[Q]: 5) When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?

About 75% of the time we start with music that has some type of a melody attached to it. Mark and Myles are constantly writing, and with both of them the music and melody tend to go hand in hand. There are times where songs are born from a piece that Mark or Myles creates and it transforms into something completely different once the 4 of us work on it together. The original idea doesn't get used but it inspired the new song. Lyrics tend to be born during the process and finished before the recording starts. There are a few songs that already had lyrics established beforehand but most tend to evolve as the writing process evolves.

[Q]: 6) On the song "Words Darker Than Their Wings" Kennedy & Mark both were on the lead vocal. Any plans to make this happen more often?

You never know! That's probably my favorite song on the album. You can really hear the sincerity and passion in both of there vocals. I think it's what makes that song so special. I could certainly see that happening on future albums.

[Q]: 7) The song "Wonderful Life" is about the 'final' moment. What exactly is the final moment for you? What would you say?

I think my final moment will be my "Final" moment . . . Death is an awful subject but none of us are going to avoid it. I hope mine is many, many years from now, and I can be with friends, family, and maybe some type of high roller suite in Vegas!

[Q]: 8) What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future?

That's something we discuss from time to time. We've meet and become friends with some amazing artists on our journey. I could see some of them making an appearance on future recordings, but as of now there aren't any specific plans.

[Q]: 9) Over the years you established a bond with producer Elvis. In what way does the band bring out the best in him?

Elvis just really gets what this band is about. He's a brilliant producer and quickly became a great friend of ours. He's got great ideas and really let's us be ourselves as musicians. A lot of producers will take the bands ideas and "water" them down to make them more easily digestible to the listener. Sometimes that works, but that's never been our style and he really gets that. Hopefully we give him a great platform to work with and inspire him to be as creative as he wants.

[Q]: 10) What are your plans in the short and long term?

We're on a brief hiadous now while Myles is on tour with Slash. We've planned several tours through the U.S. and Europe for this year, and it looks like we'll be headed to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and possibly South America as well. Long term plans will certainly include another album in late 2012 or 2013 and continued touring and albums to follow. Like I was saying earlier, we sure hope to be doing this for a very long time!

[Q]: 11) Recently, what is a typical day like for you?

Well, now that I'm home, a typical day consists of home repairs from all the stuff that broke while I was on the road, my daughters cheerleading competitions (she's only friggin' 7!), being a husband and father, and an attempt to get my golf game back in shape! A typical day on the road can be quite different from day to day, but consists of waking up and immediately searching for coffee, soundchecks, meet and greets, the actual show itself, hoping I didn't forget someone on the guest list when we're halfway through the show, and the ever challenging search for edible food!

[Q]: 12) Final words?

I certainly thank you for the opportunity to do this interview and hope that everyone has the chance to check out ABIII. I'll also send out a HUGE thank you to all of our fans out there! You guys are amazing and we certainly couldn't do this without you!

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