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Fans of bands like Asking Alexandria and Bring Me The Horizon are sure to have heard maybe a little bit now about the newest band trying to break into the US While She Sleeps. They just dropped their debut record on November 22nd and are sure to start making their way over here soon! They'€™ve reached a great level of success back home including being at the level to even serve as main support for Attack Attack when they hit the UK after their current US tour and find themselves about to jump on their own European headliner this month!
Sharing the same home as Bring Me in Sheffield, they definitely will have to prove themselves but they seem to be up to the task and luckily I got the chance to sit down with Mat recently who plays guitar for the band where we talked about everything from their plans for 2011, how they went about writing the new record and some of their tour essentials!

Being a touring band, what would you say are your three top tour essentials?
Beer, Ciggs & Breakables.

How did While She Sleeps come to be?
5 dudes from school having way much fun to ever want a proper job.

Why While She Sleeps for the name?
Why not?

Your new record drops November 22nd and considering it's your first, how did the writing process go for this release?
It works out we recorded 12 seconds a day living in a cold barn over the period of 4 months, having no expectations where the record could be in the next year. Haha, it was messy but I think it reflects the lives we lived whilst recording.

Are there plans shaping up to possibly tour in the US soon in support of the release here?
We definatly want to bring the record over and tour in the states as soon as we can. Its a massive dream for all of us just to have the possibility of traveling half the way round the world due to something we made ourselves.

You've gained quite a large level of success in England and will be dropping your first US material like I said November 22nd. Going out on tours like your own headliner in December and heading out with Attack Attack, what are you most looking forward to from all of these shows?
Probably playing shows knowing that the record has been out for a few months and seeing the reception we get from the songs. Being back in our tiny van with 7 dudes smelling like shit, roughing it & being back on the road.

What's the wildest thing you've seen or experienced at one of your live shows?
Playing a floor show in a independent CD shop cafe in Glasgow and literally seeing people falling through tables and diving off booths. It was one of the best shows we've ever played. The messiest thing you can imagine but such intense atmosphere.

Bands like Asking Alexandria and Bring Me The Horizon have obviously had a strong cross over here in the states and are also from Europe with the same style of music. What are your hopes for your music in the US? Where would you like to be say a year from now?
Hopefully touring the country, seeing places we've dreamed of seeing and getting opportunities to do things we all never expected.

You've put out a music video for "Crows". If you were to take any track off your new record to do a video for, which would it be and why?
"The Truth". This track means a lot to all of us, its about your parents which is something anyone can reflect on. I think a video for it would make more sense of the song and give people a better understanding of what it's about

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