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There are a few handfuls of bands that I have been lucky enough to steadily keep up with across the musical spectrum from screamo to boy bands to pop rock and one of those bands that we'€™ve been able to keep up with is The Downtown Fiction. Our first time around when we talked to Cameron was just this summer at Warped Tour and we did a quick run down of everything Warped along with their new record!

Then just this past month, we had the chance to sit down with both Cameron and David hours before they hit the stage in Boston and we learned a few things be it what actually was wrong with Cameron'€™s vocal chords, when we can expect the full length album and some of their first tastes of music be it their first concert and record! The boys actually just put up their '€œDouble EP'€ for preorder as well which isn'€™t new material but it is all of their EP'€™s on one CD for easy access? Pick that up if you'€™re new to the band or a long time fan to keep you held over to their first full length which will be dropping at the latest Spring of 2011!

Take the person next to you so David, you would do this for Cameron and he would do it for you. What would they be doing if they weren'€™t in music?
David: What do I think he would be doing? Probably being in school like we all would.
Cameron: He would be a professional skate boarder.
David: Yep.

Perfect then last time we talked was at Warped. You were only on it for a few days but how did it end up going for you?
Cameron: It was great. It was exhausting though because we were doing it in a van and when you'€™re not in a bus, it'€™s pretty rough. The drives are long and the load ins are early so there'€™s not really any time to actually sleep but it'€™s only a test of endurance. We'€™re happy that we made it through barely but yeah it was a great experience and you know every kid, like in a band in our age group, has like revered the Warped Tour. I'€™m sure just like a million others it'€™s been our dream to play Warped Tour so it was really cool.

And then you had also said the album was in progress, the full length at least. At the time you said early 2011. Is that still the plan or is it going to be a little longer?
Cameron: Yeah 2011 definitely. It'€™s going to be-
David: Probably closer to Spring.
Cameron: Yeah Spring. Looks like it.

And then maybe where'€™s the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration like where were you, was it for a song lyric, song title?
Cameron: I mean I won'€™t go into specifics but some of the strangest things are just things that friends say that kind of inspire a weird lyric. I don'€™t know, I mean just life happens and you write about it. Usually life is pretty strange so it'€™s pretty easy (laughs).

Then the last physical material you put out was the EP '€œBest I Never Had'€ and it'€™s been out for a while now. I think it came out in March, late March just about. How has it been going over maybe not just by sales but you guys have been touring. You were on Warped Tour for a reason obviously you had to miss out on the last Stereo Skyline tour but how has it been going?
David: I think it'€™s been awesome because we put this out so long ago and it'€™s still had a lot of life. Like it'€™s just these six songs but we'€™ve really been able to push them for a while now.

Then maybe what'€™s your favorite song to play off that EP right now?
David: '€˜I Just Wanna Run'€™ definitely. So much energy.
Cameron: And kids really respond to it. They'€™ve been getting into it so it'€™s always fun to close with a song like that.

And then I know right before the Stereo Skyline tour, you had to get throat surgery, Cameron. What was going on with that like you had to skip the tour?
Cameron: Yeah I got, thankfully it wasn'€˜t too bad, but I got a polyp which is an irritation on your vocal chords and the doctor said it was from being sick and touring while being sick so that was a bad idea and I'€™m trying to avoid being sick at all costs when I'€™m touring. Or else, it could bring back the problems but I'€™m fine now. I'€™m totally fine. I'€™m better than ever actually (laughs).

Good and then you put out the video for '€œI Just Wanna Run'€ not too, too long ago. I believe it'€™s your first one, if you were to take another track out of the music you'€™ve put out so far what would the song be and why?
Cameron: I think we would do something like '€œBest I Never Had'€. I think we just all like the song and I think it would make a good one. The music just kind of lends itself to a video but I'€™m not sure if we'€™ll have an opportunity to make another video for the EP but certainly for the record.

And then maybe what'€™s the strangest thing that has happened at one of your shows? Not necessarily wild because that could be a lot of things obviously!
Cameron: One time on tour, we were willingly-
David: Tasered on stage.
Cameron: Tasered ourselves.
Cameron: One of the dudes who worked for another band we were touring with at the time had a taser and we decided it was a funny idea to have him come up and taser us on stage. We did it, we manned up.

Crazy and then maybe not necessarily a dream tour like any three bands but if you could take out maybe three past bands you'€™ve toured with to be on a dream tour, who would they be?
David: I'€™d say definitely like Amely. These are like bands we'€™ve toured with?
Yeah bands you'€™ve toured with in the past like a dream package tour.
David: Just like Amely-
Cameron: Great Big Planes. They'€™re some really cool dudes. Yeah we haven'€™t done that much touring and most of the touring we'€™ve done are with bigger bands so we wouldn'€™t want to say that we would take them out. It would be them taking us out.
Yeah that may not work too well.

Perfect then maybe what was the first concert you went to as a kid? Like obviously there'€™s a lot of kids out in line waiting for you to play and it may be their first concert.
David: I don'€™t remember.
Cameron: Really?
David: Yeah. I literally don'€™t remember.
Cameron: (laughs) Well, what was one of your first?
David: Uh, probably Coldplay I think was one of the first big ones.
Cameron: For me, not that I really remember it but I think when I was like four years old my parents took me to see the Rolling Stones.
Cameron: Yeah that was a pretty good first show. Not bad.
No, not bad at all!

Then maybe what was the first CD you bought and do you think it has any influence on like what you guys are doing today? Like your style of music!
David: I think the first CD I ever bought was maybe like Relient K. It was like their first album and definitely yeah! We'€™re like that sort of pop rock and I mean they had a lot of cool bass stuff on there so that definitely influenced my bass playing.
Cameron: The first record I distinctly remember buying was '€œEnema of The State'€ by Blink 182 and that'€™s been a huge inspiration. Continued to be an huge inspiration on our song writing and yeah I think a lot of credit has to go to Blink 182. For like a lot of bands in our genre.

Perfect and then the last one. I know you talked about the record in 2011 but do you think you'€™re going to do more touring before the release, maybe taking a little break, what'€™s going to be going on?
Cameron: I think we'€™re going to have a little time off at the end of this year in December.
Yeah like the holidays.
Cameron: And January but I'€™m pretty sure-
David: Probably touring.
Cameron: We'€™ll be touring a lot more. Even before the record comes out.

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