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When I last talked to these next boys in Pierce The Veil, it was at this summer'€™s Warped Tour which is an event that is both a love-hate relationship for me. It allows me to talk to some really talented bands yet it kind of makes it hard to catch those bands live that day. I was lucky enough to get that opportunity this time around with the band when we sat down again near the end of their next US club tour with Attack Attack, Emmure, Of Mice & Men and In Fear and Faith!
The boys have plenty of exciting things coming up be it their tour with Silverstein starting in early January to their tour with A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon and we talked about it all! When I told the boys it would be my first time catching them live that night, we joked about what was to come and the show was great. The kids were incredibly into it in the crowd and the band is so high energy when it comes to their live show. Catch it on these upcoming tours for the band and read my exclusive interview with Jaime, Mike and Tony of the band below to hear all about what they'€™ll be doing!

Obviously a lot'€™s gone on for you since we talked at Warped. You guys just announced your newest tour which is insane with Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember. How has it been, like with Selfish Machines coming out last June, how has that record been going over with kids?
Jaime: It'€™s been awesome. I'€™m Jaime by the way I don'€™t know if that matters. No, it'€™s been really, really awesome. Kids have been singing along. They know the songs since we started playing on Warped till now and this is like the first club tour since Warped so it'€™s kind of cool.
Mike: We were a little worried too, this is Mike, that we took so much time off to write and record the record that we weren'€™t sure if kids were really going to stick with us. I mean we know our true fans are always going to be there but just taking so much time off and then just coming back and having even more and more fans coming out to the shows is cool. It'€™s pretty intense! Right Tone?
Tony: Yeah. This is Tony by the way. Tony says yeah. I agree!
Jaime: Write that down!
Mike: Provolone!
Tony: Tony agrees!
Jaime: Provolone.

Perfect then how did Warped Tour end up going for you guys? I mean you barely take a break and you went to Australia.
Jaime: Oh it was perfect! Because really it was the first time playing the new songs in front of kids and that record was made for that exact reason. To play in front of kids. You know we went in writing a record like '€˜hey let'€™s write some songs that are fun to play live'€™ and they were (laughs)! I had a great time on Warped. It was hot, sweaty.
Mike: Warped was definitely the hottest, hardest tour a band can do.
Tony: Go from that and now we'€™re freezing out here. You can'€™t even go outside!
Mike: Yeah Australia, Japan was insane.
Jaime: They know how to party!
Mike: And then we got the next tour coming up with Silverstein and Miss May I. Probably going to be even colder and then A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon!
Jaime: That'€™s just going to be sexy hot.
Mike: So pretty much we'€™re never gonna be home. Ever.
Tony: That'€™s when it warms back up, right?
Jaime: Hope so!
Tony: Otherwise that would suck for us!

That'€™s what I was going to ask you about. You'€™re always constantly touring and I know with the first release you were touring so much too and the situation is looking like you'€™re not stopping (Jaime holds the mic for me) Thank you (laughs!) that'€™s perfect. It seems to me like you'€™re non stop, how do you get through all these tours? Like what must you have on the road to survive?
Jaime: Nyquil!
Tony: We have an RV that just like provides everything we need. I mean we have bunks, we have space and on top of that like when we finally do get home we'€™re so used to doing this. We get back and after you'€™re there for like a day, you like get bored and you want to go do something. Like when I'€™m at home, I feel so useless. I just sit there. I don'€™t know what I'€™m supposed to do with myself.
Jaime: I think we'€™re at the point now where we'€™ve done this so much that we all know how everyone works and stuff so I think just our band and crew work together so well that we'€™re just like a big family.
Mike: I mean we do sometimes fight it out.
Jaime: We just box. Swedish box. Greco-roman wrestling.
Mike: Swedish box?
Jaime: That'€™s why I went to Greco-roman wrestling. I don'€™t know what Swedish boxing is (laughs).
(laughs) That'€™s perfect.
Jaime: And then Jaime does a weird dance (laughs).
Mike: No, I think our fans help us out a lot too. When we'€™re on the road, they bring us gifts every single day and that just makes it easier for us to keep on doing it.

Perfect and being that you have so much announced and happening for you guys and I'€™m sure there'€™s still more that'€™s coming for you guys, where do you want to be like in a year? Do you want to be on a headlining tour? What do you guys want to have going on?
Mike: Yeah I hope to be doing a headliner pretty soon. I mean we'€™ve only done one and it was so much fun.
Jaime: Hopefully we do it sooner then a year. We definitely need to do a headlining tour soon but yeah definitely playing arenas. Opening up for Linkin Park and U2.
Mike: Maybe we'€™ll let U2 open.
Jaime: Yeah maybe.
Tony: Hopefully in a year we'€™ll have made a quick mill.
Jaime: A quick mill.
Mike: Each have our own bus.
Jaime: I'€™m gonna have four Porsches.
Mike: I'€™ll have a plane. Can I borrow one of your Porsches? Our techs will have busses.

Then obviously you guys have toured your fair share. If you could take any three past bands to tour with today, you can be headlining or you don'€™t have to be headlining, who would they be like on a dream tour? Like three from your past.
Mike: That we have toured with?
That you have toured with.
Tony: I hate having questions like that out there because every other band is gonna be like '€˜Well Pierce The Veil didn'€™t say us.'€™
Jaime: I think honestly the tour that we'€™re about to do with A Day To Remember and Bring Me. Those guys have always been our friends and stuff. Especially with A Day To Remember. I remember playing shows with like you know just a hundred kids in a little teen center. Going that far back. It'€™s pretty surreal to see like these shows and how like massive they'€™re going to be. It'€™s going to be insane. Some of the rooms are-
Jaime: Gigantic.
The one you'€™re playing in Worcester is huge. I don'€™t know if you guys have played the downstairs yet at the Palladium but it'€™s gigantic.
Mike: Chaos.
Jaime: Yeah Taste of Chaos we did there. But there were only like two hundred people there. We'€™ll see!
Mike: Add a couple thousand.
Jaime: I mean two thousand!

Then I have a question! Is it a co headlining tour with the two or is it A Day To Remember headlining?
Mike: A Day To Remember is headlining.
Tony: I heard it was a co-headliner but they'€™re not switching.
Jaime: It'€™s supposed to be co headlining.
But A Day To Remember will still play last every night?
Jaime: At the end yeah I think that'€™s what I heard. That'€™s what Dean told me.
Mike: I know we'€™re flip flopping.
With Romans (We Came As Romans)?
Mike: Yep!
Jaime: Mexicans verse romans. Who will come out on top? Doo de doo, doo doo dum!

Then what was like the first CD or the first cassette you bought as a kid?
Jaime: The first CD I bought was Mariah Carey. It was the one where they did the collab with Boyz II Men. Remember that song?
Tony: My first CD was '€˜Dude Ranch'€™ but my first tape was the Top Gun soundtrack. I remember I was really into that. I was so into it.
Mike: I remember having the tape of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony '€œE:1999'€. That was pretty intense for me. Cd? Tough one. Probably Guns and Roses.
Jaime: Those are all cool and then I have Mariah Carey. I actually bought, literally the next day, No Doubt'€™s '€˜Tragic Kingdom'€™.
Mike: Yeah, had that album.

And then the first concert you went to?
Jaime: Oh forget about it (Mike and Tony laugh)! I beat you guys straight up. My first concert, it was Korn, Powerman 5000 and Papa Roach.
And how old were you?!
Jaime: And it was sick! Oh I was like in sixth grade, seventh grade. It was like right when those bands were like coming out and it was just like insane. I had never been so into like a band before.
Mike: One of my first, like real, concerts I went to was when I was like probably fourteen. It was Blink 182 right when they released '€˜Dude Ranch'€™.
Tony: My first, well, I went to like little local shitty shows but my first one was probably the Warped Tour. I don'€™t even remember the line up back then.
Jaime: It was Limp Bizkit, Eminem.
It was that year (laughs)! The Eminem year.
Jaime: Crazy!

Then maybe what'€™s like the strangest thing you'€™ve seen at a show? Maybe on this past tour because I'€™m sure you guys see a lot of pretty wild things in your crowd. I haven'€™t seen you guys play live yet until tonight but I know the shows get pretty crazy.
Mike: Well tonight (before it happened) I saw the drum tech from Emmure come on stage half naked during our G6 part.
Tony: With a bottle of Hennessy.
Jaime: With a bottle of Hennessy yeah. That'€™s pretty intense! In San Diego, this is kind of funny, I had a shoe thrown at me in our own home town.
At your hometown show (laughs)?
Jaime: (laughs) Yeah! Here'€™s the best part. Hit me with the shoe and I was so like '€˜holy crap! I can'€™t believe I just got hit with a shoe.'€™ After the show like all my family was there and my friends were there, my friend comes up to me and he'€™s like '€˜Dude! That was me who threw the shoe and I'€™m so sorry! I didn'€™t mean to throw the shoe (band laughs). Someone hit me with the shoe and I just took it and threw it and apparently it hit you right in the chest!'€˜ Like it was my next door neighbor who came to the show and like has been one of my good friends since we were in fourth grade. That'€™s so sick! I was like '€˜haha that happened!'€™ There were two thousand kids there and you'€™re the one guy who throws the shoe. It'€™s unbelievable. Who throws a shoe?

And then your most recent video that came out for this record, '€˜Carapharenelia'€™, is a collaboration with Jeremy McKinnon who obviously you'€™re touring with so I'€™m sure you guys are working something out with that but how did that collaboration come about?
Jaime: When the song was getting written, there was a part that Vic had in mind that he wanted to have a screaming part that he didn'€™t think he could do justice. We'€™re always like trying to collab with as many people on tour like as possible so we just thought his voice was like perfect for that low scream. Like we had a demo of it and it was just like a weird sketch scream. We were like we gotta make it sound insane. He agreed to do it and it was awesome. Turned out really cool I think it makes the song that much better.
Tony: With that tour coming up, hopefully he gets up there and does it with us.
Jaime: My throat is getting so tired.
Wait, you do his part right now during the show?
Jaime: Yeah I do his part. I'€™m the screamer but I think I can give him the chance.

Then obviously not in the next few months because we all know what you guys are doing. We know you'€™re touring and stuff but for the next year, do you guys just plan on being on the road still constantly or are you going to write for the new record?
Mike: We'€™re trying to work out the plans right now because we don'€™t want to just keep touring and touring and then just forget writing.
I'€™m sure you guys don'€™t want to wait three years again.
Jaime: Slowly writing.
Mike: We'€™ll take a little bit of time off here and there to write but mostly it'€™s just going to be tour, tour, tour.
Jaime: Maybe make a music video. I don'€™t know!
You never know what'€™s going to happen.
Jaime: Get a down payment on a bus. Well, on Doug'€™s bus. Be so legit.
Well thank you so much!

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