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So here at Music Remedy, I'€™ve been able to steadily keep up with Never Shout Never be it at Warped tour to their headlining slot on the AP tour to most recently The Harmony Tour which is where our new interview took place. Along with talking to Chris, I'€™ve also had the opportunity to talk to several of the band members including Taylor, Hayden and Nathan and through all of this I'€™ve realized something. Never Shout Never is one of the most down to earth, if not the most, band I'€™ve met and interviewed.

They are one of the only bands who are really in this to just do what they love and get to write some sweet songs and through our time with the band we'€™ve seen them go from '€œWhat Is Love'€ to '€œHarmony'€ and spend some time with some of the biggest crowds on Warped Tour this summer! This time around, we talked about everything from what the boys would be doing if they weren'€™t in this band to Chris'€™s spots where he gets the most inspired to what he really cares about. We'€™ve been lucky and incredibly grateful for our time with this band and hope to continue to watch them grow and talk to them through out this time! Read on for our latest and hope you enjoy it! The band has wrapped up the Harmony tour but they will be out on the road for a few dates in January so far and will be working on their new record very soon!

Since we last talked, you guys obviously did all of Warped Tour and now you'€™re doing this (The Harmony Tour) pretty much right away. It'€™s a little goofy to start but what would you say are like your three top things you guys must have with you to survive a tour?
Hayden: Three top things we what?
Three top things you must have on tour!
Chris: Okay! My top three things would have to be sunflower seeds, my iPad and my guitar!
Hayden: I guess my top three things would have to be my cigarettes-
Chris: I forgot that one.
Hayden: Gosh, my music equipment. Well make that a guitar there has to be a guitar and I need my shampoo and my body wash. Got to take showers!
Nathan: My three top things would have to be a practice pad, sticks. That'€™s one entity and then coffee and my computer.

And then I know you all are very serious about music, but what do you think you would be doing if you weren'€™t in music?
Nathan: I'€™d probably would have done the whole drum corps college music thing honestly.
Chris: I would have wandered the world.
Hayden: Probably be working on my ping pong career and getting really good at that. I don'€™t think anybody can beat me but no really I would seriously try to go with my ping pong career.

Since we last talked, I had a quick question at Warped but it was just about Harmony and thinking it was very different from '€˜What is Love?'€™. How has it been going over?
Chris: I don'€™t know.
Because it is different. I know you had talked about '€˜What is Love'€™ in that way.
Chris: I think it'€™s been going pretty good. I mean it'€™s just another album. We'€™re going to put out more you know what I mean.
Yeah you had said like two a year.
Chris: Yeah it'€™s just another album. Not really anything to talk about on it.

Then you said the new record was more for the fans. I listened to a bit of the older material from when you first started but has it always been a tinge folky then?
Chris: Not really I mean it started out on my acoustic but it was kind of because in garage band, I only had acoustic and then I would add other instruments in on that. I don'€™t know, I'€™ve always tried to keep it kind of acoustic based. I mean that could mean folky but yeah kind of folky I guess. I don'€™t know it'€™s hard to explain.
And then like you said last time, you'€™re always writing so I'€™m assuming a new record is probably coming from you with in the new year?
Chris: Yeah we'€™re going to try to do it early like next year and then put it out in like the spring or something.

Then what would you say is like the strangest place any of you have found inspiration? Like for a part of the music? Like from a comment some one made or a place you were at?
Chris: Hmm I think the greatest place for me was my old attic. Whenever I lived in my parents house, I lived in the attic and it was the most bad ass place ever. It had like three rooms but it wasn'€™t finished and we had to put like gears up there. Yeah that was probably my most creative spot in my life. It'€™s hard to be that creative, it'€™s hard to be creative with out like a solitude you know what I mean. Whenever you'€™re on the road, eighty percent of the year you'€™re on this bus and there'€™s no way to get in your element you know what I mean so the songs I write on the road are pretty alright but I like the ones I write when I'€™m at home in like my comfort spots.

Then actually I just found out today that you announced a little run of club shows.
Hayden: Yeah like five dates in January.
Are you excited to go back to that? I know you'€™ve been in these big places for a while, excited to get back home?
Chris: Umm I'€™m down for whatever. I just go with the flow. I don'€™t really think about anything that'€™s booked or care about anything except writing songs and living a good life.

And then I actually talked to Modsun a few weeks ago-
Chris: Nice!
And he told me that he'€™s worked with you a lot and is good friends with you.
Chris: Mmhmm!
Obviously he does something a little different with the hippy hop side of it so if you could collaborate with like anyone, who do you think they would be? It doesn'€™t have to be your style obviously.
Chris: I think collaborating with Modsun would be sick. We like reggae music so we could make some reggae. He could bust out some flow. We were talking about doing it for a while but I don'€™t know. We'€™ve just been really busy. Hate being busy.

So once again last time, we had all these predictions of how you wanted Warped to go because it was your first time around. How did it end up going for you? I mean you guys had some pretty big crowds with so many different types of music!
Chris: Nathan, do this one!
Nathan: Sorry, say that question again? I like spaced out.
Chris: I caught ya, dude (laughs)!
(laughs) Being on Warped Tour, you guys are obviously something different on a tour that has bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Attack Attack to Motion City Soundtrack so how did that tour end up going for you guys? I know you had some pretty big crowds!
Nathan: Umm it went well. We stood out I think as a band because we were different but overall I think everyone seemed to bond with everyone even if they were different genres and different music. We kind of all just came together you know and it was a pretty good experience. Yeahh!

So over the past few years obviously you'€™ve gotten to a point where you'€™re playing the House of Blues same as last time. You'€™re playing all different kinds of music and have come so far from just being known around your town. Are you happy to have gotten to this point, do you really not care? It'€™s just about writing the songs?
Chris: I mean I kind of on and off care. Usually for about three months I'€™ll care and then for about six months I won'€™t care. But really, all it comes down to is music. You know what I mean it'€™s just music. That'€™s the way I look at it. Music'€™s great but I don'€™t want it to rule my life. You know I want to live like a fun life. I have my girlfriend back home so I just want to chill with her. Chill with my family and not let it like rule my life. Like move out to LA and fucking turn into like a rock star you know what I mean. I think that would suck!
You think that would suck?
Chris: Yeah.
Well thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
Chris: Of course!
I know your time is precious!
Chris: No, not really (laughs)!

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