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Their tour just finished in which they also were a support-act for Justin Bieber. The band took some time to discuss their amazing tour, their single and yes naturally also their album. Maybe there is even a possibility for a collabo with Justin Bieber!

[Q]: First off, your single 'My Girl' has been released. What's the story behind the song?
A]: Ray Ray: The song my girl came about one day we were sitting with the head of our production company Walter Millsap & our writer Candice Nelson, we started talking about how when we get girlfriends we always text each other and say how much we like each other over and over so they came up with the song and it's a song that all kids can relate too, adults too I think because everyone now uses texting.

[Q]: In what way does the first single "My Girl" have to do with the album's title "#1 Girl"?
A]: Roc Royal: My Girl is basically how we would act once we found that #1 girl because when you find that special girl you want I would want to text her and she would text me all the time.

[Q]: What steps did you had to accomplish before getting signed up?
A]: Princeton: We were developed for two years by our management team Keisha Gamble and Walter Millsap before we got signed. We danced, practiced, performed and took vocal lessons for 8 hours everyday. We trained very hard to do this, but we love it so it's been worth it. We still do 8 hour rehearsals.

[Q]: What is your main goal to reach as a band?
A]: Princeton: As a band we'd like to sell millions of albums together, get into acting, win major awards, like a Grammy or an Oscar, and we're already planning our own Mindless Clothing line.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme and pre-written lyrics, or do you start with an idea or the music first?
A]: Prodigy: We usually start with an idea, or concept we talk to Walter about it and he and Candice Nelson who is an incredible writer brings our ideas to life. Eventually I would like to learn to produce as well because I love making beats. I bang on stuff all the time making beats.

[Q]: Last couple of months you have been releasing video shout outs to numerous girls. What is the idea behind this?
A]: Ray Ray: Yes our fans mean the world to us, so we like to do things to make them feel special and show them how much we appreciate their support so every week we choose 4 girls to be the my Girl of the week and we shout them out and send them gifts. It's a way to say thank you to them :)

[Q]: December 23rd was the last (official) concert. How was it? Any plans for more tourdates?
A]: Roc Royal: Being on the Justin Bieber tour has been amazing were had so much fun his fans welcomed us an our fans came out to support and have a good time Over all it was an awesome experience.

[Q]: During this tour you were support-act for Justin Bieber. How did that go?
A]: Princeton: Yes Justin Bieber is a great guy he gave us good advice encouraged us to have fun and made us feel very welcomed on the tour. It was great,the crowds were amazing and had lots of energy we loved it!!! Can't wait to do it again.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look out for in the future? Maybe a collabo with Justin Bieber??
A]: Ray Ray: A collab with Justin Bieber could happen that would be cool, also we'd like to collab with Willow Smith, Drake, or Kanye West all of these artist would be dream collaborations for us. :)

[Q]: Recently, what is a typical day like for you?
A]: Prodigy: a typical day for us would be we wake up have breakfast go to tutoring for 3 hours of schooling. Then to the physical-trainer or media training. After lunch we head off to rehearsal for 6-8 hours. Then we get ready for the show and do meet and greets but our schedule changes a lot depending on where we are. We study for another 2-4 hours before bedtime.

[Q]: Final words?
A]: Princeton: oWe just want everyone to know that Mindless Behavior is not just a band but a movement that anyone can be apart of, if your confident, not afraid to stand out or be different then your Mindless. Being Mindless is all about having the freedom to express yourself and that's what were doing through our music, art and fashion. So let's get Mindless and thanks for talking with us! Don't forget to check us out at mindlessbehavior.com for updates on all things MINDLESS :)

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