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The majority of alternative music fans knew who Craig Owens was. The dynamic front man who had gotten the boot mysteriously from Chiodos last year. We saw him do a few solo shows but then his plans became a little under the wraps. What was he doing? He was making his brain child D.R.U.G.S. happen! It'€™s been something Craig has been working on for at least a year and every other member in the band comes from another successful project to make this band what it is today.
We got an incredibly exclusive opportunity to talk to Matt Good from the band recently and he has had plenty of success on his own coming into this band. Known as the front man from the band From First to Last, he joined the band around the beginning of July and couldn'€™t be more excited for what is to come with this band and I'€™m feeling the same way that he is about it! This a true super group and with a full length being prepped to drop and playing some incredibly insane shows right now on their first tour, these guys are sure to be a huge success with this project. The feedback has been insane and nothing the boys expected! Read on for our exclusive interview with Matt and learn about all they have in the works for you along with his first musical experiences and how the shows have been going!

So obviously D.R.U.G.S. is kind of like a super group. How long has this project been in the making?
I'€™ve been involved since the summertime. Like around the beginning of July but Craig'€™s been working on it for about a year making sure all the members were the right fit and would work well together.

Tonight you'€™re on the second show of the first tour for D.R.U.G.S. How has it been going so far, how are the kids reacting?
Our first show was last night and it was in Craig'€™s hometown. It was at this place called the Crofoot kind of a smaller room but it was really fun and fans of all our previous bands came out. Tons of the kids knew all the words to the song we had released and one other and when we sang those songs, it just went nuts. They were kids crowd surfing and going insane. Even the kids who maybe hadn'€™t heard of the songs were still grooving and moving and jumping around. Actually, the set ended up with people just all over the stage which was amazing at the end. It was really exciting!

For a dream package tour with this band, what two bands would you choose to go on the road with?
That'€™s a hard question because there'€™s just so many bands to choose from them. I would like to tour with My Chemical Romance just because they'€™re our friends and I think our sounds would really pair up and go well together. Can I bring back a band, like have them re unite and go back out?
Of course!
Cool! I think it would be At The Drive In! We would go out on their reunion tour with them.

You'€™ve released the first track for the band on Youtube, online and everything. How have the reactions been off the first material?
Oh um, it'€™s been great. It'€™s been super good. It'€™s way better than I even expected. We wanted to see what kids think, it'€™s a new sound and who we are now. It'€™s seen more positive feedback then I'€™ve ever seen before for what I'€™m doing so that'€™s really great. It'€™s making us think like '€˜what'€™s going to happen now? What'€™s going to go on?'€™ I'€™m really excited about what'€™s going to happen.

So as of now, a full length release hasn'€™t dropped from you guys but I know you'€™ve been working on it and recording it. How far along is it in process? Do you have an idea yet of when it may drop?
Oh we'€™re done. Just making the motions right now to get it all set up to come out. So now it'€™s just the details of packaging and artwork and getting it into circulation which is something that the record label has been handling so we'€™re just getting everything ready for the release but like all the music is done and ready to go!

How does this band in particular go about the song writing process? I mean obviously you all come from different bands and different ways of writing so is it one person, more collective?
Yeah I mean that'€™s definitely true. We kind of had to feel each other out and see like basically how everyone would get along the best. We obviously like you said we all came from different writing styles and different experiences. So what we did is we just tried all different kinds of techniques and every day at the end of the day, we would sit down and pick the songs that we all liked. We would do it all different ways like I'€™d write music and get the vocals put to it, Craig would write a song and bring it to us. We really tried everything!

What can fans look forward to at these live shows? Are you going to be road testing a lot of obviously new material? Is this a sign that the release is soon to come?
Yeah we'€™re playing a bunch of songs off of it but we'€™re still trying to keep it at some kind of a minimum. We still want to keep it under wraps as much as we can so we'€™re playing some songs that aren'€™t going to be on the record or like songs that we wrote as extra material that we never actually tried to record that we really felt would make for a good live show.

What was the first CD/cassette you bought as a kid?
Is it the first one that was given to me or the first one that I went out and purchased with my own money?
The first one that you purchased with your own money!
The first one ever (laugh) oh no. It'€™s really not that embarrassing but it was like Limp Biskit '€œThree Dollar Bill'€ but I can'€™t really say it'€™s embarrassing because his guitar player actually played with From First To Last for a long time!

Well thank you so much Matt for your time and I hope to make it out to your Providence show!
Thank you! That'€™s awesome. That'€™s actually where I'€™m from!

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