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When you take a look at me, I may not be your typical bet to be covering hip hop and r&b but as of late I'€™ve taken chances which has allowed me to be able to interview several of the top up and coming acts today in this genre. One of those groups? Cali Swag District who are becoming more and more known everyday due to their success with '€œTeach Me How To Dougie'€ and their brand new single '€œKickback'€. C Smoove, Yung, M-Bone and JayAre have already reached over eighteen million views on you tube for '€˜Dougie'€™ alone along with having the backing of Capitol Records! Along with the you tube success, they will be dropping their first full length record in early 2011 along with hitting the road on a headlining run in January to start off their year!

We were able to catch up with the full band where we talked about everything from their dream tour line ups to their craziest place they'€™ve found inspiration to their first musical experiences. Keep your eye on this band and in this section of the website because this group has definitely whet my appetite to bring you more of this kind of coverage! We'€™ve also sat down recently with Starshell and Far East Movement so look for those interviews soon as well!

If you could head out on a dream tour with any three bands that are current, who do you think they would be?
C Smoove:My dream tour would be Drake, E-40 and Michael Jackson!
Yung:This is Yung speaking and my dream tour would be Nicki Minaj, Monica and Keyshia Cole.
JayAre: Nicki Minaj and Ludacris.
M-Bone:Eminem, Ludacris, Chris Brown. That'€™s it!

Being a relatively new project, how did you all come together as a group?
We live in the same city. Minutes away from each other so we knew each other at school.

'€œTeach Me How To Dougie'€ has become a huge hit all over the country. How has that felt for you guys?
It'€™s honestly a blessing like to see the song grow. We'€™ve been watching all ethnicities doing it, kids all over in the country and even in other countries. We'€™ve been able to see it all over the place like we'€™re here in New York today and we see it here, to see it in Chicago doing it and we'€™re all the way back home in Cali. To see everyone out here doing it, it'€™s just crazy. Oh and this is Yung speaking

What affect do you think the internet has had on your success. Like posting things on you tube, using your myspace?
JayAre speaking. It'€™s dope because I mean we brought it to The NBA. It'€™s just crazy and wild. Once one person is doing it, everybody is doing it. It'€™s just like a disease.

Where'€™s the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration be it for anything from a song lyric to a song title?
C Smoove: I think I can speak for everybody here with this. We were in Harlem and we talked to Dougie Fresh. We had a long conversation and he taught us a few things about the game that we definitely didn'€™t know before. He is the creator of the Dougie, with out him there wouldn'€™t be a dance. He'€™s a visionary for us.

What was the first CD/cassette you bought and what was the first concert you went to?
JayAre: My first concert was Janet Jackson with my mom and my CD was a Tonic album.
C Smoove:My first album was Nelly'€™s Country Grammar and my mom didn'€™t want me to play it in front of my little brother. First concert was Etta James was also with my mother (the full band laughs).
Yung: First CD was? What was the first CD? I don'€™t really remember. I think it was 50 Cent '€œGet Rich or Die Trying'€. I went to a Prince concert, just playing. It was a Nickelodeon concert! (laughs) It was nuts and I even think it was like Backstreet Boys supporting.
M-Bone:I think my first CD was Dr. Dre and honestly I think my first concert was really actually me like our band performing.

Do you think either has an influence on what style of music you'€™re doing today?
Yung: 50 Cent influenced me in like business. Like to do better business because with his music he has a good business mentality and he knows what he'€™s doing and what he'€™s talking about and that'€™s something that I want to know about too.
C Smoove: Nelly influenced me because he sold a lot of albums and that'€™s what I want to do. He sold a lot, a lot of albums.
JayAre: I don'€™t want to say the tonic album influenced me but it was the clean version it wasn'€™t the Dirty version so (laughs)!
M-Bone: Dr. Dre has got the crazy beats.

What can fans look forward to with in the next few months from the band? New music, maybe even a full length record, touring, what'€™s in the plans?
We'€™re hoping we'€™ll be on the road. The Young Stars tour headlining that in January and we got a new single up '€œKickback'€ with a new music video that'€™s pretty much in every viral place you can go so look for that and we'€™ll be on the road!

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