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So I'€™ve been waiting for the perfect time to post my new interview with The Bigger Lights and I think right now is perfect with some new music popping up from the boys! A lot of fans were expecting the band to be constantly hitting the road due to the new release but the boys have been taking a bit of a different route. Just doing the Cute tour, a headlining tour and a few Warped dates since the release, I knew I should take the chance to sit down with Ryan of the band at CMJ this October to get the story behind what'€™s been going on! Warning? You may be surprised why.

The band still has a small December headliner with The Scenic coming up to finish out their year but the boys have been incredibly pro active on getting more educated and focused and have already been writing/recording for their next record! It'€™s not that the band was disappointed in the release but it got them to do a lot of thinking. I had a great interview with Ryan at the festival and while talking to him, besides just typical Bigger Lights music questions, we really talked about their place in the scene and what'€™s coming for them! The band has really grown in such a short amount of time that we'€™ve been talking to the boys and I'€™m sure the interview to follow is one that you can'€™t find in too many other places!

Soft one to start! What would you say is your favorite song to play live at the moment?
Lately we've been bringing back "Revved and Ready" which was on our first EP. I don't know if you've heard that song or remember it. It was on the EP. I really love that song and then "So Crazy" too.

Are there any bands that you particularly want to try and catch at CMJ this year?
We tried to go to Phoenix but you had to be up at 10 am and go to this place to try and get tickets if you were an artist on CMJ. I really want to see Two Am Cinema Club at Purevolume. Topher's going to a lot of the seminars that's where he's at right now actually. He's the one who's going to be asking a million questions. He's really gotten into learning what he can about the industry which I think is going to be really helpful.

How did your CMJ set go last night? I know it was as direct support for Cute Is What We Aim For who you were on tour with last time I saw you guys?
Actually Cute Is What We Aim For had to cancel. They had like a family emergency but it went really well. At the beginning, it was more like journalists and record execs and all that kind of stuff but we also, because it was all ages had a lot of our actual fans there so it became a really great show and experience. It was really fun.

Since we talked last, you went out on your first headlining tour with The Graduate and You, Me and Everyone We Know. How did that end up going for you?
It was great. All of those guys are really awesome. We actually just hung out with the other band Weatherstar last night at the show!
Awesome guy! Him and Billy right?
Yeah his name's Billy Toti I believe.

You just put out the new record in March. How do you feel it's been doing so far?
I mean it's good but I feel like we really made this record have a real pop sensibility and we're not sure if that's who we really are. With this next record, we are going to try something new. We actually when we write, we all lock ourselves into Topher's dance studio so it's really cool when we're surrounded by all these windows and beams and everything. For this record, we all really worked together on writing the songs and it was my first time doing it. I mean I know I'm not that great at singing or guitar and drums is my thing but it was fun to be part of the process.

Why put out a new record so soon after the last release?
Well, we went on four tours this past year around the same markets and we've been playing the same material. We feel like the kids may stop coming out if they just keep on hearing the same old thing or may think that oh well I'll just catch them next time around since they'll be playing the same stuff anyways. I feel like to keep up kids' interests, bands have to steadily put out new music to keep their attention. It's something really happening right now.

So are you happy with the record then even though that may not be the funnest thing to answer?
I mean we're happy with it but kids don't realize that we're a lot older then the bands we tour with-
Yeah! I mean I was talking with JK for a bit last time and while kids were singing along because they used to like listen to Cute in High school, he was like '€˜Not me I'm 27!'€™
Yeah! We tour with all these bands who are all younger then us but we're playing the same styles of music as them. I think that's one of the problems these days and maybe a reason we are working on the new record so soon. I feel like people aren't changing up what they write and it's aimed at a certain age group but if a band keeps on doing that no matter how much older they get, I don't think they'€™re as passionate about it anymore. Why do you think bands break up? I'm turning this interview on you now!
I think honestly as much as it's overplayed and said, the scene is possibly close to it's dying point but bringing it back to the point of you saying well the songs aren't changing like perfect example The Friday Night Boys who you know recently broke up. With all of these bands breaking up like The Friday Night Boys, Sing It Loud, Confide, Jersey leaving Hey Monday, does it ever scare you for what can come in the future for your band in The Bigger Lights?
Well I mean you never know really how it's all going to go. Right now, we're great and we're writing this new record and we're getting really excited.

Then finally what can fans look forward to with in the next few months from the band?
Well, we'll be on a small like week long headlining tour maybe in December. We're still considering the bands. The Scenic may be one as we talked about actually from what you were saying before.

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