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With a front man trying to be crazier then Tyson Ritter every day and the rare girl drummer being included in a line up, I knew when The Summer Set came through town earlier this month I definitely wanted to take the chance to catch up with the band! We talked to lead singer Brian Dales at Warped quickly about their plans for their new record and how Warped had been going for them but this time around I sat down with the full band just minutes before the show started in Boston!

The current headlining tour the band finds themselves on will be kind of like their last '€œhurrah'€ for this record so definitely make sure to catch the band near you as the tour comes to an end soon but be excited for so much more to come! The band plans at the moment to head into the studio this winter to have a record out for you this upcoming spring and to hold you over to then, definitely take a look at the interview. Topics range from the serious being how this new tour came about and how they decided the direction to the goofy with what they think each other would be doing if they weren'€™t in this band to their inspiration for '€œThe Boys You Do'€! Thanks again for the interview guys and we'€™ll see you in the spring!

Alright! Take the band member sitting next to you so you would do it for John first. What would they be doing if they weren'€™t in this band, I'€™ll pass it around!
Brian: (Laughs) Living on the streets? (whole group laughs) A homeless drug dealer.
John: That'€™s awesome! What would Josh be doing? No, no, it'€™s like for the next person so you'€™re going to say what Jess would do. Um, well Josh would actually be a nurse because he was actually going to nursing school. Very prestigious.
Josh: Jess would be-. I think Jess would probably be donating a lot of her time. She'€™s really into like philanthropy. She'€™s definitely big in that. She'€™s probably the biggest philanthropist I know or is it full on rapist?
Jess: Full on rapist.
Josh: I don'€™t know Jess, you know-
John: Iron Chef. She'€™d be a cook.
Josh: That was the typical response. I was trying to mix it up a little bit I'€™m sorry.
Jess: Alright, I like this. I think Stephen would be, I don'€™t know he'€™d probably be a teacher because he'€™s studying. Teacher or-
Brian: President of the United States!
Stephen: Well, that'€™s coming later.
Jess: Yeah president for sure. Something in politics.
Stephen: Do I do Brian? Oh Brian, if Brian wasn'€™t in this band he'€™d definitely be in college like playing tennis. Definitely playing tennis in college.
Brian: (singing) I love college!
Stephen: He'€™d probably be on like student government and stuff and like just being really obnoxious and loud. He would! He'€™d be in college playing tennis and doing student government.

And then last time we talked (to Brian) was actually at Warped in Hartford but you told me about the new record-
Brian: Hopefully.
Hopefully working on it. Is that still going? Have you guys started writing? What'€™s been going on?
Brian: Yeah we finally started writing. I think we'€™re going to hopefully make a new record this winter like January, February, get back on the road in the Spring.
Stephen: And we'€™re all very excited about this new record.
Stephen: All very excited!
It'€™s been a while since the last one?
Josh: Not really it'€™s been about a year and two months (burps). I apologize.
Jess, don'€™t you have fun?
Jess: I love it!
John: You mean Jeff, right?
Stephen: Courtney burps.
Josh: More like grenades.

And then maybe what'€™s the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration? I know you said that everyone has a part in the writing and the music process.
Brian: To me it'€™s still the fact that like all of '€œThe Boys You Do'€ was written solely off of one scene in the movie '€˜Baby Mama'€™ in the kitchen. It was written from a scene in Baby Mama which is really not the best movie ever and we wrote it in the kitchen. So essentially, still the weirdest inspiration.
John: That was the weirdest place.

When we talked in Hartford, it was still pretty early on in Warped Tour. How did it end up going for you? Like what was one of your wildest shows?
Brian: Detroit was my favorite show on Warped Tour.
Stephen: New York.
John: Yeah New York and Detroit were amazing.
Jess: And all the Canada dates.

Then when we talked, all you could say is that this tour was going to be wild. It'€™s obviously a little different and you have like your pop punk and your rock but then you have Modsun who'€™s like hip hop right in the middle of that-
John: Yessss!
I know it'€™s just begun but how is it going so far? I mean obviously this show is insane right now with all these kids.
John: The kids have been really good. It'€™s like the kids every night have been having a really good time from what I'€™ve seen! When we first made the tour line up It seemed like a lot of tour line ups, especially in the last two years, especially in this kind of scene have happened a million times over and over again. You go to a show and you hear literally like three hours of music of bands that all sound the same and like that was the last thing we wanted when we did our first headliner so we wanted to take a chance and branch out a little bit. Brought Gibbs out who-
Brian: A friend of ours from home.
John: is a friend of ours from home. He'€™s folk rock. Yeah we just wanted to give a different vibe and every band on this tour officially does sound different which is awesome.
Brian: And pretty much no band on this tour has ever really toured together.
Josh: So it works out really well. Really wanted to take a step out.

And then how has your first headliner been going? I mean you guys have been touring in general for a long time. I think since at least '€˜08 all five of you.
John: Yeah.
Brian: It'€™s great. Like last night in New York was like one of my favorite shows probably in the history of this band.
John: And everyone, it feels weird when you start a tour you always want to see like who'€™s the douche bag on the tour, like who'€™s the quiet guy. Everyone on this tour like, every tour there'€™s always some one who'€™s like a little rockstar or something like that. I legitimately like every one on this tour. Everyone'€™s awesome.

Then what would you say, you guys have been touring a lot, are like three tour essentials that you need when you go out? I mean Warped is probably a whole different story but-
Brian: God don'€™t say that word.
(Laughs) Don'€™t say that word? You guys are like, we'€™re done! No more!
Brian: Um'€¦what was the question again? You lost me at Warped.
What are the three like tour essentials that you always need?
Brian: Ipod.
Jess: Computer!
Brian: That'€™s about it. Honestly I'€™ve slowly gotten to the point where honestly I don'€™t really think I need to take my computer on tour anymore. I feel like I use it less on every single tour now.
Josh: I don'€™t have a computer but I still rely on everybody else'€™s computer.
Brian: I rarely use it anymore.
John: I'€™ll come into the green room and Josh will have my computer out. He'€™ll be like '€˜oh yeah, by the way'€™.
Josh: Oops sorry about that.
John: Yeah I need a good book like for sure. Ipod.
Josh: We haven'€™t really done any reading on this tour though because John and I become True Blood junkies.
Brian: We also haven'€™t been doing any reading because we honestly haven'€™t been doing much sleeping and a whole lot of driving.
John: And a lot of True Blood.

Then maybe not a dream tour but like any three past acts you'€™ve toured with, who would you go out with again like on a dream tour?
Stephen: Past acts that we'€™ve toured with. Rocket!
Josh: A rocket to the moon!
John: Rocket for sure.
Brian: Eye Alaska!
John: The Cab.
Brian: Everyone on this tour and who else would be fun to tour with?
Josh: Oh Cartel!
Brian: Cartel yes! Number one.
John: Those guys are awesome!
Stephen: This Providence too.
Josh: I was just thinking about This Providence today. I really want to know what'€™s up. I want to know! I want a new record!
I talked to them back in April actually here and they said they were taking time off for a new record like really making sure it'€™s exactly how they want it
John: Yeah I love them.
Brian: David lives in LA now and makes clothes. I didn'€™t even know he moved because he'€™s from our hometown.

Then maybe what would you say is your favorite song to play live? Obviously you'€™ve been playing these songs for a while now off the first record.
Brian: Right now definitely we'€™re playing a lot of new songs on this tour that we'€™ve never gotten to play before. Well, not like new songs but like songs off our album that we'€™ve never played and '€˜Where Are You Now'€™ is like far beyond my favorite song we'€™ve ever played. We also add some cool shit.
Josh: I also get to play a sweet guitar solo.
John: Give a little love to Tom Petty.

Then I know you guys did the AP Sessions, I think it was right after the AP tour?
John: Yeah the last day.
Jess: In Cleveland?
Brian: Oh that live thing? The video thing?
You forgot? That was great.
Brian: That was awesome.
Stephen: The video turned out great.
Brian: (starts singing) Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun. Sorry.
Perfect, how did you choose the songs because I think it was only like a handful?
Brian: We played..what was it? Punch Drunk Love, The Boys You Do and we played part of Lit by accident. We really just kind of made those up on the spot.
John: Like we didn'€™t play Chelsea. We never even discussed it. Just all of the sudden we started playing that riff on my guitar because we were just in this giant room, cameras all around us and frankly we just felt a little unprepared and just felt like fucking around.
Brian: But I mean we didn'€™t even play like '€˜Chelsea'€™.
Stephen: We did play Chelsea.
Brian: No we didn'€™t. We played Punch Drunk Love and The Boys You Do. We were just like '€˜alright cool'€™. It just happened, I guess we were just in the mood to play those two songs.

Then maybe we can go around for this one. What was the first concert you went to and the first CD. Do you think it influences you at all today like what you guys are doing as a band?
Brian: First concert I ever went to I was like two or three months old and it was Bruce Springsteen and I guess technically it was when my mom was pregnant with me but I was kicking along to the Bruce Springsteen concert. First CD was somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Hanson. Mmmmbop!
John: You bought a Hanson record?
Brian: I think so. I think I thought they were girls. I thought they were really hot on the cover. Turned out they were all guys.
John: My first record, no, first concert was, like first real concert was Blink 182 and No Doubt which was awesome before they broke up and then my first CD was You, Me and-. Who was it?
Brian: Matchbox 20?
John: Yeah Matchbox 20. That was the first record I ever bought which is really cool because we just went out to LA and we wrote a couple songs with Matchbox 20.
John: Yeah that was during our first record. It was really cool.
Stephen: Yeah that was pretty sweet!
Josh: Um, my first concert was pretty life changing. I mean not that it was some epic band but it was a band from our hometown Authority Zero but it was just like the craziest show ever. When you'€™re twelve or thirteen, you see a band and everyone goes bonkers for them, for your first concert experience, it'€™s like holy moly!
Jess: I think my first one was like Spice Girls?
Brian: Makes sense.
Stephen: I think my first concert was the same with John being Blink 182 and No Doubt!

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