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This next band is one I found back in June when I saw them headline the Dirty Pop tour in Cambridge and since then I'€™ve seen them release their debut record and hit the road with powerhouse Mike Posner touring all over the country! Currently they find themselves co-headlining across the country again with Runner Runner this time which found them right back in town just a week after our interview. I sat down with Marc and Tyler who share vocalist duties in the band only minutes after they played their set at Northeastern and we talked about everything from how they feel the record'€™s been doing to their MTV play to their current tour!

If you haven'€™t caught this band yet, get yourself out to one of your live shows and be ready to dance. One of the most original bands I'€™ve had a chance to interview over time, they are definitely a no miss and every music lover should experience a live show from them! The boys definitely bring the party to the show and with their little bit on the scandalous side lyrics, they'€™re sure to make it big and you'€™ll want to be one of the ones who knew them in the beginning!

If we could just go around once and say your name then what you both do in the band.
Marc: Hello my name is Marc and I am one of the vocalists for 2AM Club.
Tyler: And I am Tyler and I am the other co-vocalist with Marc.
Marc: Co!
Tyler: Yes!
Perfect and then like we just talked about, the Mike Posner tour just finished which was a huge tour for you guys with Stephen Jerzak, Bad Rabbits and Far East Movement which is a little bit of a crazy mix up there. How did it end up going for you guys?
Marc: It's really cool. It was amazing because we met Mike like a year, over a year ago so just to see what he's been doing and all the touring he's done and all the hard work and the way he communicates with fans and to really be a part of his first coming out headlining tour was awesome for us. You know it's something to aspire to and look up to. I mean his kind of success and the path that he's taking to achieve it.
And then you already talked about this a bit but you're playing CMJ and you guys are from New York so what are you most looking forward to? Is there anyone that you're going to try to see? Maybe a band that you really listen to?
Marc: Oh man in terms of CMJ? I don't even know who's playing like I'm sure like the coolest things in the world are happening.
There are some pretty big guys like Phoenix and everything.
Tyler: Oh really they are? That would be amazing. What I should do is I think there's always cool websites that are dedicated, like the cool blogs or whatever that are dedicated to like what you should actually see every night. So hopefully because we're randomly going to be there for the next couple nights and we don't really have shows till I guess Friday or whatever so I think you know we'll probably hop around and we'll have to get back to you. We'll tweet to you what we saw-
Marc: Yeah.
Tyler: And then tell you the best.
Marc: And we're definitely going to try and check out Bad Rabbits just because we got to play with them but when you are on a tour with some one, you don't really get to see them. We went on so close together, our set times were close so we never got to like really experience them and they're awesome so that would be fun. You know we're like family now so it's cool.
They're awesome guys. Then the new record, your first one, just came out in September so it's really, really, really new like barely over a month but you've been on tour since and it's being played on MTV so how has it been doing? Maybe just by the kids, not necessarily sales?
Marc: I think it feels like since it's now been a month that in a way it sort of has its' sea legs for us and it's kind of been out in the universe for you know a little tiny span of time. To where I think enough people have it, where like people get to hear the songs that they always just had to youtube or stream online and not be able to take it home and so far the reaction's been amazing. I mean I think everybody, I think what we always feared and what everybody fears in putting out the first official record is that there's going to be like immediate 'you didn't do this!' and 'you didn't do that!' and whatever. I think so far it's been positive like all the reactions and all the kids and the people who have been following us before and the people who are just kind of hopping on now. It's been positive across the board so we all hope to keep that moving.
Then the first video like I said is being played on MTV and kids are watching it, "Worry About You". How does that feel? I mean you guys have been working so hard and to finally have this moment where you guys are known. Kids are watching you all over the country.
Marc: It's a trip. We've pretty much been full time playing shows for about a year now and for the first part of that year, it wasn't as intense. The touring but we were playing, you know, like to four or five people in St. Louis and just to see it now. Everywhere we go, there's just kids screaming for "Worry About You". Throwing their hands up and really connecting with the song and feeling it and just to know that MTV has been a huge part of that is really cool because obviously all of us grew up running home and watching TRL and I think we like missed out on the like MTV TRL phase of the planet (laughs) but it's cool now that it's all incorporated online and people are tweeting about it and on facebook and all these multi-platform things that are going on. So, it's amazing. It's a lot of fun and I think we really also just got to be a part of this MTV VMA tour that was really cool with The Ready Set and NeverShoutNever so I mean it's been great.
Tyler: And honestly like big shout out to MTV.
Marc: Yeah!
Tyler: Because it is primarily, we all see the reality shows and everything that they play but we've been able to develop a relationship that feels like a really,sincere like cool thing. Like we're a new band that nobody really has to care about and none of these organizations or companies or whatever have to get behind us and the fact that they've gotten behind us and have been playing the record and we've done a couple big promotions with them and we did the tour and whatever so it feels like, I think that kind of thing can still happen. Big, bad, evil companies can still, you know, be music oriented and get behind a new act so I think it's cool!
And then how do you normally go about the writing process? Is it the two of you collectively, is it the full band? How does it normally go about?
Marc: We all fight it out. We write together all five or six of us and I mean for this record it was primarily written in a little garage in Brooklyn that had a lot of cool instruments and a lot of vibes to it called Excello and yeah we kind of got in there. Some one would have some sort of inspiration whether it's a song lyric, a melody, a chord progression or even just like a guitar lick and then if we all dig it, we all build it together. That's kind of the way we found our sound and cultivated it was our making sure that we were all happy with what we were doing in our song. If we could look at each other and really feel like 'I'm feeling what I'm doing, are you feeling it' like we're in the same boat right now and this is a happening thing for both of us, that's when we knew it was good. It was kind of like the feeling of having sex or something.
Tyler: I was going to say like a good date. I wouldn't know because I haven't had sex so I'll say a date.
Like I said, I caught a bit of you guys on the Dirty Pop tour at the beginning of the set but like obviously this is very dancey, very fun, you always get the crowd moving. Has it always been this way, is this like what you set out to do?
Marc: We were kind of barber shop quartet at first (laughs) so we were just kind of doing the hair cut circuit.
Tyler: Yeah we did barber shop where we were just kind of cutting hair. I think tonight it was cool because it was a college show but it was a little bit of like a smaller, small room. Obviously intimate, almost like a coffee shop literally (laughs) vibe and we've come sort of full circle in a lot of ways because when we were first trying to book gigs and just finding anyone who would let us play, it was a lot of like playing in like the quad with our own speakers at a college where it wasn't even really a college sanctioned show and so it's cool to like come back around and be able to just have sort of a more intimate experience because a week ago or whatever when we were in Boston, we were at the House of Blues and it was with this big tour that's almost like a festival. There's all these acts on it and it's just kind of madness and amazing but then you have on the other end of the spectrum being able to like sit in a coffee shop and look into peoples' eyes and sing songs and I think get a little bit better of an idea of what people are kind of connecting to and how they're connecting and what songs are doing well. You know you can literally reach out and touch somebody and you know ask how they're feeling as opposed to like saying it on the megaphone with speakers like 'how are you guys feeling?!' so I think it's just always been every type of situation we can get into and connect with people is amazing because that's an opportunity in itself.
Then you guys are actually back in Massachusetts in less than a week I believe on your headliner tour with Runner Runner?
Marc: More like a co headlining tour. We're going to switch around. It will probably just be something where we'll flip a coin and see who plays first and last. Kick off!
But what are you most looking forward to for this tour? Kind of all about you guys if you're coheadlining it's a little different but-
Marc: I think on this last tour we did with Mike, we played a twenty minute set and so that usually equals six songs and our album is eleven songs and we have some b-sides so what I'm looking forward to most is just being able to play more material and every time we would get off stage on the Up in the Air tour, there would always be kids that were like 'oh you didn't play Only for Me or you didn't play you know insert song there' so it will be cool to actually get the whole like thing out there. I mean we live to play live so the more songs we can play and the more experience on stage ourselves and in turn the more the audience can experience with us is our favorite so for me, it's playing more songs and really focusing on getting our whole album out there live.
Maybe not on tour because I'm sure you see plenty of wild things that you could probably never talk about, maybe what's the wildest thing you've seen at one of your shows?
Marc: Man this tour? This kind of sucks actually but there were like a lot of girl fights. Like there was a girl fight every night. It was ridiculous. You would look in the crowd and all of the sudden, there were like two seventeen year old girls punching each other and then the guy runs over and he's like picking some girl up and throwing her this way and we're like supposed to be playing and we're like 'what are you guys doing? Can you please stop!' So that was pretty weird.
Tyler: Just passion. Hopefully if there's enough passion in the room for seventeen year old girls to pull each others' hair out then we're doing our job as performers.
Seventeen year old girls fighting over you. And then-
Marc: Sorry they were all nineteen years old.
Tyler: I didn't say they were pulling my hair or anything. I don't know, this is between them!
And then what can kids look forward to if they haven't seen you guys play before? If they've just heard the CD.
Marc: Just an experience. I think really because we are hopefully getting better at our craft every day and we are by no means anywhere near where we want to be as performers and as musicians and I think if you come to a show, or if I go to a show I think if we go to a show we want to have an experience and have it be like you know you walk in and you enter this realm where you kind of can't get it anywhere else and you can'€™t get it through a CD through some really nice Kenwood audio speakers. So I think that's what we try to bring to people is from when you hear the intro music go on and our set starts and hopefully you can kind of enter a place that's unique and something you can't get through just sitting on a couch or watching TV.
Then what can kids look forward to? Do you think you're going to be back on the road, taking a little break because you have been touring a lot lately.
Marc: There are no breaks. We're going to tour as hard as we can over the next, you know, six months to a year and just bring this live show to all the corners of the earth that will allow us or have us I guess. I mean the holidays are kind of like a dead time in the industry over all so we'll be hanging out with the family as much as we can when we're allowed time off but yeah I mean we want to play for you. We want to come to your city, we want to be there on stage and I think like I was saying before it's our favorite thing to do. Play live and you know the feeling when people have the CD and they can go experience something live and it transcends what they've been listening to and they can really like sing with the singers and air guitar with the guitar players and everything, it's the best thing to see all that interaction go down so yeah we'll be on the road.
And then a little strange one for the next one. Take the bandmate sitting next to you so of course it would be the two of you about each other. What would they be doing career wise if they weren't in music?
Tyler: If they weren't in music?
Yeah. So, like what would Tyler be doing?
Marc: I think Tyler would be in.. The Penis Soliloquies. It says that on the wall.
Tyler: She's like..'And then things got weird!'
Marc: Man that's a good one. For me, I don't know, I would probably say, I think Tyler if he chose to would probably be a very successful writer but I'm not sure in which arena he would be using that skill.
Tyler: Ooh spicy!
Marc: He'd be writing like romance novels that like competed with Danielle Steele (laughs). Multi million dollars. He'd probably have a lot more money.
Tyler: Fuck that bro! I think Marc and I think this is one of the things that Marc really enjoys and this is going to sound like maybe not as much money (laughs) but no, no, no, is playing sports and kids and interacting with kids. I think that there is something in like the interaction between Marc and like young people and I think he really, really enjoys that and I don't know. Maybe like a professional YMCA team leader or something like that but I don't know, maybe it doesn't sound glamorous but it's probably the most glamorous at the end of the day.
Marc: Woah man I kind of want to hug you right now. No joke! I love that. I have a lot of little cousins and brothers and sisters and I love to play catch. It's one of my favorite things!

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