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Being my second time around with the frontman of There for Tomorrow Maika Maile, it came at the perfect time. The band is about to drop their new EP "Re: Creations". It's something that only some of their loyal fans saw coming but it was sure to happen at some point. The EP is a remix EP including a new track the band decided to throw on it. The release date has been announced for October 19th and also serves the purpose of being something to hold fans over as they head back into the studio to record their sophomore full length record this fall. When we sat down to talk before their performance in Boston on their current tour with Ludo we talked about everything from how different this tour is from all the rest they've gone on to their use of the online game recently but mostly we covered all the important bases of the new EP. Be prepared to hear the dubstep influences Maika and the boys have fallen for and definitely be excited for the new project from one of your favorite bands!

A little soft one to start. You'€™re playing in a room that No Doubt'€™s played, REM, ACDC has played in. If you could pick any three of your favorite bands to go on tour with, who would they be?
How about'€¦okay let'€™s just ask the Foo Fighters for the headlining spot. No, no, we'€™ll ask Nine Inch Nails if they'€™d be down to be the headliners. Then we'€™ll bring in Justin Biebs, Garth Brooks, Rick Springsteen.

Then obviously last time we talked, you were two out of five on that tour. It wasn'€™t the greatest. You weren'€™t really ecstatic.
You remembered.
I remembered. You were not a happy camper.
Yeah not really.
But now that you'€™re direct support, you'€™re playing a bigger room. Were there any bigger preparations for this tour because your set'€™s longer and everything?
Not necessarily. I mean I think we put the same amount of effort into a thirty minute set or a twenty five minute set in comparison to a forty five minute thing. Just a different amount of time but this tour is just really cool. It'€™s different because we definitely have to try and prove ourselves to somebody'€™s fan base. Ludo has a great fan base. They'€™re really dedicated to what Ludo does so this is a new experience for us. It'€™s been fun and it'€™s a good spot in our careers. We'€™re young on a older tour. Usually we'€™re among everybody being the same age.

Then I saw, well we never talked about like social media how it'€™s affected you guys and I saw you tweet about a ustream chat that I actually tuned into for a little bit-
(Starts laughing) I'€™m sorry.
No I thought it was funny but you played a lot of '€˜Recreations'€™ which you couldn'€™t really talk about last time.
I think you played almost the whole thing.
I think so yeah.
How long has that project been in the making because I know there'€™s a lot of trance and dubstep in there. How long have you guys been thinking about making that project?
Well we'€™ve really always been into kind of flowing transitions and changing up things for our live performances but everything started really getting into the electronic world of music and I started to understand it more. We always loved the whole remix game and how that works in the electronic world. Especially you know electro, dubstep. Some of my favorite songs right now that I'€™m listening to are of this music style so we just started fooling around with the idea and it came down to just trying it. We play like three tracks live so it'€™s sweet when you can play stuff off a remix EP when the stuff isn'€™t full band. There are two tracks that are not full band.

So you play some of those songs during your set? That'€™s what I was going to ask about next.
Yeah. We do a new song that we decided to just write so that'€™s one of the songs on the EP. We'€™re doing that one and we'€™re also doing the revisionary version of '€˜Stories'€™ and the interlude that comes before that.

And then is it all remixes of just your songs or did you remix someone else?
Yeah. The five tracks are all songs we'€™ve done ourselves. One song is new, one song is an interlude and then there'€™s three remixes on it remastered. It'€™s funny how you can take an acoustic song and make it into a completely new, different thing with it and do a dubstep thing. It'€™s really cool.

Cool. And then when can fans look forward to that? Is it in the next few months?
Yeah it is I'€™m thinking about dropping it but they haven'€™t announced the release date yet. I think I should just learn from my past experiences and not say it as of yet, but right when we do, you will definitely know. Especially if you see us on Ustream and stuff. It'€™s really cool. It'€™s just nice for our fans as well. We don'€™t know the potential of it. We know it'€™s great, we like it and we put a lot of effort into it but its'€™ really for our fans. We just give them a little love and go '€˜hey we did this just because we wanted to'€™ and oh here'€™s the second record which we'€™re going to be recording after this tour.

That'€™s pretty exciting I bet because I know you started writing a little bit. How has that process been? Have you recorded at all, demo-ing?
Yeah no it'€™s still very early. I don'€™t want to use this quote but you take your first eighteen years to write your first album and then you got like nineteen through twenty one to write your second album and that'€™s basically what we'€™re doing. We just figured out that we have to go back into the studio a couple months ago and you know we'€™re still early in the process but that stuff we'€™re writing is just so much different. It'€™s going to be refreshing.

Is it, because you obviously wrote '€˜A Little Faster'€™ when you were still really young and I know you played the Warped Tour really young and still are young compared to a lot of people you'€™re on this tour with. Has it changed at all because you wrote '€˜A little Faster'€™ when you were much younger?
I mean I don'€™t think we can like really see eye to eye with where we were. Especially since we wrote most of those songs when we were like eighteen, nineteen. It'€™s cool to revisit those moments and play those songs to people and see the reaction of the kids but it'€™s like I want to represent my twenty one year old self. I'€™ve learned so much traveling the world and seeing things. A lot of things have happened in the past couple months just on the road and the way things played out with young people all around the world. We'€™ve had all these ideas creatively and that'€™s why we'€™re kind of itching. We don'€™t have it yet but it'€™s coming. You know it'€™s like I can just feel it.

And you also said this last night. You were playing a place you hadn'€™t played in a while and it'€™s probably a whole different vibe and atmosphere-
Then like with Sing It Loud and Every Avenue. Well, and Sing it Loud actually broke up yesterday-
Yeah they did!
But how has it been going back to these places that maybe you haven'€™t played before or with a different tour because like The Graduate and Ludo they'€™re so different.
Well everybody'€™s like a music lover in these rooms and it'€™s not them just there getting drunk but a lot of people are doing both (laughs). That'€™s fun too but yeah it'€™s just not really about taking a picture with your favorite guy in the band. It'€™s more about like listening to what'€™s happening sonically in the room, with the loud speakers and moving your hips to it. That'€™s what it'€™s like every night. You know we weren'€™t expecting to come out and have the whole room going off but as long as heads are moving and bodies are swaying a little bit, that'€™s all we can really ask for.

So this is a different audience, a different style of music you'€™re playing with?
Like from touring in the past with like VersaEmerge and like Rocket.
Well I mean the age difference is the first thing different about it and a totally new experience for us. We'€™ve toured with older bands before like our first tour was with like Anberlin and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. We were like 18,19 then with dudes that are in like their mid thirties. I love those guys. So that was our first thing. I feel bad for them if they had to see that There for Tomorrow. Like that 18,19 There for Tomorrow but it'€™s not candy land at all. Like everybody'€™s a musician on this tour.

Well I think that'€™s all I have except for Ustream like how do you think that'€™s affected you guys today? Is it bad, is it good?
I mean recently I think we'€™re a little more motivated with our online game at least with our family and fans. Yeah I mean it'€™s more then just myspace and who can get the most followers and stuff. It'€™s just about communicating with people and letting them know what'€™s on our mind, just being out there as a individual. When we'€™re on Ustream, that'€™s really funny and it comes up spur of the moment. Whenever we'€™re in a situation and things need to be said, things need to be shown. Like yesterday-
Yeah I had it on in like the background. I wasn'€™t like watching it.
You were!
No I wasn'€™t.
You were. You know I was wearing the same exact thing (laughs).
You'€™re like don'€™t lie! No it'€™s because when I started hearing you play the EP I was like maybe this will be good because we did interview just two months ago-
It came up and I was like I wouldn'€™t want to repeat the same old things.
So when you started to play it, I was like I should hear this.
That'€™s cool. Yeah I mean the music game is so different especially with technology and all of these outlets so now it'€™s not crazy to put something free out there for people. It'€™s going to be free anyways.
Oh really?
No I mean it will be. Put it up on a sharing site. No, our fans will buy it for support but that'€™s just what happens online. That'€™s why we can do things like doing a little twenty minute chat, reading 140 characters, leaving a facebook status or a link to an interview. It'€™s nice. Some people kind of lose that and it becomes a little more gimmicky. We just like playing with those things now being so young.

And then you always talk about natural progression and I know you'€™re going back to the UK in November.
And I believe last time was your first time with The Friday Night Boys.
It was (laughs)! Yeah it was with The Friday Night Boys. This time'€™s going to be different with Dear Havanah and Me Vs Hero because they are from the UK and their fan base is really great. I think pre-sales and everything are looking very nice. Very nice to look forward to. I guess it'€™s more of an appreciation that we would go over there. It should be really exciting, a lot of great energy!

And then the last one. What was the first CD you bought and the first concert you went to?
Oh? Easy. When I was six, I bought the Metallica '€œBlack'€ cassette and it went from there to Megadeath, Pantera, Slayer. And then my first concert I attended was Metallica at a stadium!

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