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It had been a while since we had caught up with The Maine boys but maybe it was better to do it that way. When we last talked to the boys last November while they were out with Boys Like Girls, we found out that they were about to head in to the studio and with the way their touring schedule worked out the next time we had an opportunity to talk to the boys the record was done and out. The journey for the band has been incredible be it from their smash debut record '€œCan'€™t Stop, Won'€™t Stop'€ to the highly anticipated and loved '€œBlack and White'€ which is now even making the main stream rounds.

When a correspondent caught up with the band in August, the boys were out on their '€œAn Evening With..'€ tour and next time they'€™ll be coming through Boston is on what is believed to be a co-headlining tour with Never Shout Never on November 17th! This band'€™s fame is getting bigger and bigger every day and luckily enough we'€™ve been able to catch up with the band as they take everything new on. In our latest interview with Kennedy from the band, we got a little more than a typical interview. Natalie talked to him about everything from how he'€™s felt along this whole ride to what he thinks is the black and white in his life to why they chose to do the tour set up they did that time around. Read on for everything they talked about and catch the boys soon ...even on your radio!

What were some of your initial fears, and then setbacks when putting ideas together for this tour?

Truthfully, we haven'€™t had any setbacks really on this tour. And the idea kind of came about'€¦Garrett was joking around about how he didn'€™t want to do a big tour. And he goes '€œwe should just tour'€”just us. And we'€™ll bring out This Century'€ and he goes, '€œnobody has ever seen them, and It'€™ll be awesome'€ and it'€™s just kinda, we called up Tim because it was me, Garrett and Pat over at Pat'€™s house, and we were talking about it, and we called Tim, and Tim was like '€œAlright, well let'€™s try to make it work'€. So I think a big fear about it was that maybe people wouldn'€™t show up, but I think so far we'€™ve been very blown away by how many people have been coming to the shows, so it'€™s been great. I think it'€™s everything we really wanted it to be this whole tour, like having our best friends and stuff and it'€™s awesome.

What do you think about when you are onstage? Has the feeling you get changed since your first tour?
Definitely! The first tour we did I was very nervous sometimes on stage. Still figuring out songs, still figuring out how to play and do things. I think now it'€™s just a little more excitement instead of being nervous. It'€™s not like nervous jitters, I just get more excited to play. It'€™s just been really cool, like this tour especially has been the loudest we'€™ve ever had the crowd be, and for us at least. It'€™s been really cool, and everyone has been knowing the lyrics even to the new songs and stuff, and singing them really loud, so that'€™s been really cool.

With so little personal space and free time in your schedule how do you channel emotions when things get crazy?
Generally, there is not too much tension or anything at all with anybody. I think it starts with good preparation with having the right people out with us, and people that don'€™t get on each other'€™s nerves. If I need personal space I can just go to my bunk which is nice, and pop in headphones. I'€™ve really been ecstatic on this tour the whole time. I haven'€™t had a problem. I'€™d rather not go home, I'€™m excited to be on this tour, it'€™s awesome. There are no real complaints.

Your website has become a huge resource to help you connect with fans in a time when Myspace is losing relevance. Can you compare your experiences with the website verses Myspace? Which do you think has helped the band more?
Myspace for a long time has been the easiest place for people to go to find the music and stuff, and to have all of our updates in one spot. We have been slowly trying to get people to go over to our website instead just because of the lack of interest that people are having sometimes with myspace. I feel like maybe it was oversaturated for a while, and now it'€™s dying out. Regardless, we want to keep people locked in with us, so either way whether they go to our myspace or website the same goal gets accomplished.

In Whoever She Is there is a lyric that says '€œquit that old job'€. What was that job for you?
It wasn'€™t me, it was John so I'€™m not sure which one he was talking about. I think more than anything that song is just trying to be kind of vague in just explaining that no matter what your problem is'€”it could be a girl, it could be a physical thing, whatever; it'€™s all good, things can be worked through.

What is the black and white in your life right now? And what is the color?
That was kind of the point behind the album. I think in general, in my personal opinion I would say the way people are brought up and things are very forced fed, and just as far as anything goes, music, morals whatever it may be is kind of black and white, and as you kind of grow up and experience different things, you can find your own meanings for things, and make it not so black and white, and see things in a different light or color.

Do you feel like you put up walls sometimes when all people want from you is autographs and pictures? Do you ever forget how to make a real connection with fans when they want so little from you?
For the most part, I would rather someone say '€œhi, how are you?'€ something like that but, sometimes when we are rushed people just want to get a quick picture. I'€™m not really bothered necessarily by the lack of connection; sometimes I'€™m tired too so it'€™s all kind of situational. Sometimes for instance, somebody might be sick, and completely not in the mood, and it may seem rude in the same way that somebody coming up to talk to me may seem rude. I like interaction for the most part as long as people are nice and easygoing with me. I'€™ll give my time when I can, and when I'€™m busy, I'€™m busy.

Has the thought of material for a new album even crossed your mind?
Not realistically, but definitely. We are constantly writing music. During sound check for this tour we'€™ve just been jamming and writing new songs. Maybe not with any goal of putting them out right away, but I'€™m sure we'€™ll be putting out something whether it be a single song, or an ep or something. We like recording and writing, so we might as well put it out. I think the real focus right now is Black and White. We are really trying to push that hard and we are proud of all the songs on there. Hopefully we can continue to put them out for a while.

Can you talk a little about your show in Indonesia for fans that might be unfamiliar?
We are really excited. We have been to the UK and Canada before, but it'€™s really going to be a whole different world, and I'€™m really excited for it. The response is really cool. We'€™ve been getting a lot of messages from Indonesia, and then also our fans in the UK too so it will be good to go over and see all of them. Hopefully the crowds are excited.

What do your siblings think of your accomplishments and success?
I haven'€™t really discussed it with my sister, or sisters. I'€™ve kind of talked about it with my brother. My brother is always really supportive, not that my sisters aren'€™t. We get along really well. I don'€™t talk to him about it much. Usually it'€™s not brought up for the most part.

What is one thing that constantly amazes you about this whole ride?
Just the fact that I get to do this. I get to have my best friends around me at all times. It'€™s pretty crazy. I don'€™t know many other people my age that get to be their own boss, and that are so self-sufficient as we are. I feel like we are very on-top of our game so to speak. I enjoy everything about this, so it'€™s really cool.
What music/artists are you currently listening to?
Lots of different stuff. Just off the top of my head, I'€™ve been listening to The Dead Weather, that'€™s Jack Whites new band. Ryan Adams still.

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