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Who likes normal anyways? In our interview with this next band Great Big Planes after the boys told me I was the first to love how they were in a interview, Josh said '€œWhat'€™s normal? Straightening my hair and wearing a deep v neck? I don'€™t think so!'€ These boys are anything but normal yet their music is still the kind that will probably win over girls'€™ hearts every where. They can'€™t help it when they have songs about wanting to be in love. When you first see the boys play though or even meet them as I was lucky enough to do for the interview, you know they are anything but normal and it'€™s a good thing!
Great Big Planes as a band are incredibly new playing their first show just November 22 of last year but they have quickly began their climb in the so called scene. They played on the Bamboozle Road show with headliners like All Time Low and Third Eye Blind along with touring steadily with bands like The Friday Night Boys and The Ready Set. It'€™s been one of my most entertaining interviews yet and one filled with cameos, rounds of applause and fake references to drinking problems. Read on to see a little peek of one of the most fun bands out there currently!

So a little soft one to start..if you could cover any other band or other artist on the tour, who would they be? Who do you think it would be and what song?
Chad: Well we have been doing a Radiohead cover for a while. The song '€œhigh and dry'€. That'€™s been going over pretty well. We just did it full band today. It'€™s a lot more exciting as a full band because we'€™re more of a group.
Josh: We'€™re getting a band! Woo!
Josh takes control of the microphone at this point of the interview ?

And then if you were to tour with any three dream bands, who do you think they would be?
Patrick: Alright Chad you do one first.
Chad: Past or present?
Josh: Dead or alive?
Dead or alive!
Josh (singing): Dead or aliiiive!
Chad: I think it would be Paul McCartney. Very generic but still very cool.
Patrick: The Rolling Stones.
Josh: Even though it wouldn'€™t really make sense? Nirvana. This could become a very long conversation. Okay!

And then now to get down to business. How did the band originally begin? Is this the original line up?
Chad: Yep it'€™s always been the same three people in the band.
Josh: Yess!
Patrick: I met Josh in the back of a car. It was hot.
(everyone starts laughing!)
Patrick: Does this have to be G Rated?
No that'€™s fine!
Patrick: I met Josh at a carnival..on a roller coaster.
Chad: Now how did we meet?
Josh: Seaworld.
Patrick: I think that was the first time we met was at Seaworld. Right? I think so'€¦
Josh: It was in the middle of a Shamu back flip. No it'€™s not where did I meet you at Seaworld, it'€™s how I met you. How did I meet you?
Patrick: He was swimming with the dolphins.
Josh: I was?
Patrick: Remember?!
Josh: Oh we were!
Patrick: We were six years old.
Chad: But when the band played our first show ever was November 22nd, 2009 with The Maine. Very intuitive. But we weren'€™t really a band yet. We hadn'€™t toured yet until February.
Josh: Yep with The Friday Night Boys and Anarbor and The Ready Set and The Bigger Lights! First tour! With the Sea Otter. Go head, go ahead! We'€™re in Boston, go ahead! Go ahead!
Chad: No one'€™s listening to you. Did you see the merch guy that just came on? Doesn'€™t he look like a sea otter?
Kind of.
Everyone starts laughing.
Josh: There he is! That'€™s our merch guy.

Yeah I actually just ran into him. Why Great Big Planes? Because you like planes?
Chad: Actually Josh hates planes.
Hates planes?
Patrick: It'€™s actually pretty introspective. It'€™s really deep and philosophical. Most people won'€™t get it I don'€™t even think we fully get it.
Chad: I don'€™t get any of it.
Everyone starts laughing again.
Josh: Yeah that'€™s pretty much it. It'€™s like you know it'€™s all kind of foreshadowing the sinking of the tech market in 2000 and yeah the name popped in my head. The end!

Then you have an EP out! Being such a new band, how is that been doing on this tour? How are kids reacting?
Josh: Um it'€™s been really really good for us so far.
Patrick: A little different because it'€™s more acousticy and not very full band.
Chad: Yeah.
Josh: Chad'€™s really talkative. He'€™s not usually like this and it'€™s freaking me out. Yeah the tour'€™s done today, last date. It'€™s like the last day of summer camp. Have to say bye to everyone but we'€™re going to go back into the recording studio. I don'€™t know if it'€™s going to be a full length or an EP but we'€™re going to do something and it'€™s going to be a full band and then we'€™ll be touring in the fall and to the end of our lives.
Chad: Yep'€¦'€¦yep. Fo sho!
Josh: Getting that fo sho! Shout out here comes Danny Rukasin. Say something!
Danny Rukasin (tour manager): All big murder, get moving.
Josh: He'€™s in a band called The Hippos. If you ever need a horn player, he'€™s your guy. Okay now that he'€™s gone, phew!
Yeah I met him a while ago when he was working with Hellogoodbye.
Josh: Yeah he'€™s worked with Hellogoodbye. He'€™s a great guy. We love him.

That'€™s what I was going to ask actually. Is a full length in the near future you think? With in the next year?
Josh: Oh yeah! Definitely.
Patrick: Oh yeah! Mhmm.
Chad: Hopefully as soon as possible once we get the full band together. Fo sho.
Josh: Chad'€™s drunk.
Patrick: Oh yeah.
Chad: I haven'€™t had a sip of alcohol all day.
Josh: Oh what time is it?
Like three?
Josh: Oh okay if it'€™s after 2 pm, he'€™s wasted! He can'€™t even see straight look at him.
Chad: Sober.
Patrick: Can'€™t tell if you'€™re looking at me or something else. Well you'€™re drunk so one eye is crooked. Are you going to puke right now? Are you going to vomit on me?
Chad: I haven'€™t had anything to drink.
Josh: Wake up man. Wake up! Keep moving!
Patrick: All big..murder!
You guys are so funny
Josh: First one to like it. Someone does. We get yelled at all the time.
Do you really?
Josh: You have to be more normal in your interviews and I was like '€˜what'€™s normal?'€™ Straightening my hair and wearing a deep v neck? Is that normal? I don'€™t think so! Sorry! Go ahead!
Patrick: Go Ahead! Stop, stop
At this point in the interview, Josh was jabbing Patrick in the face with the mike.
Patrick: Get it out of my face.
All over my face
Patrick(laughing): All over my face.

A lot of kids are really huge fans of your lyrics and your music seems to be really lyrically driven so how do you normally go about the writing process?
Josh: Well it'€™s either like something in my life makes me really happy and I want to write about it or something makes me really sad and then I just try to write something that I think kids could probably relate to and so far it'€™s been pretty awesome. So we'€™re going to try to continue that whole thing. We don'€™t even really consider them fans even though I guess technically they are. They'€™re like friends and if they feel, really if anything we do strikes a chord with them then like it'€™s worth it.
Chad: I'€™m tearing up.
Josh: Well that'€™s because you'€™re drunk, not because you'€™re moved.
Patrick: True. I'€™m broken up by it.
Josh (laughing): Yeah.

If you could collaborate with any other band on this tour so maybe one of the ones that'€™s been around for years and years like Good Charlotte-
Patrick: If we could what with anybody?
Collaborate with anybody.
Patrick: It would be this guy right here. Jordan!
At this point Jordan/The Ready Set walked on the bus.
Josh: Hey Jordan from the Ready Set! Would you say a few words in my interview?
Jordan from The Ready Set: Yeah just every time it'€™s different but you just take the best and put it in a bag. You just take all the best things and swirl them up and make them into a milkshake and you can go as far as you want. Just all the way into the galaxy!
Josh: Hmmmm?! Oh wait..can we?
Everyone does a round of applause!
Josh Um for a collaboration?
Yeah or with anyone else on this tour.
Josh: Yeah me and Jordan want to get down some like crazy crunk nineties hip hop trance dance stuff. With a little like metal.
Patrick: Yeah like real metal.
Josh: Because danger runs in my family. Just so you know.
A lot of cameos in this interview.
Josh: Lots! Say a couple words for this interview.
Ready Set'€˜s Merch Guy: My name is Derek from Metallica.
Josh: His name'€™s actually Derek Strong. Coming to you from the Bamboozle Shitshow, you'€™re drunk. I mean Roadshow sorry. Okay sorry!

No problem! What would you say is your favorite part of touring?
Josh: My favorite part of touring is probably the lack of people eating my food and using my DVD'€™s and leaving them on the floor. No one really does that so that'€™s pretty awesome.
Andy from The Ready Set who had been watching our interview just laughs at him
Patrick: Oh inside jokes! I like being with my friends every day.
Chad: I like not having to drive and sleeping in a bunk.
So much fun right?
Chad: Yeah!
Patrick: I like watching our bus driver Jason make bread at like four in the morning. That'€™s actually a true story.
Josh: And he bought everyone a bottle of this. Double wood matured, aged twelve years.

How do you typically go about your live shows? Like what can kids look forward to?
Josh: You can look forward to total spontaneous wild crazy antics.
Patrick: We usually never know our own set. We kind of just go with it and play songs. Yeah that'€™s really it.
Chad: It'€™s kind of like Cirque De Soleil.
Andy once again starts laughing
Josh: Yeah sometimes we have trampolines and we do back flips over our amps. While the Beatles are playing and we have a bear that walks on a big beach ball.
Patrick: Yeah and sometimes there'€™s a sea otter. There'€™s actually always a sea otter. Um folks Travis Roundtree just walked into the room.
Everyone does a round of applause once again
Another cameo..
Josh: Hold on wait. You need to introduce yourself and say a few things.
Travis Rountree (drummer for The Ready Set): Hi I'€™m Travis. Um I like british comedies um Great Big Planes and tofu.
Josh: What else?
Travis: Um-
Josh: Against Me!
Travis: Against Me'€™s good. Their guitar player James took all my money..
Everyone laughs again
Josh: What a great interview! I like this.
Great one!
Josh: I know, it'€™s good! Can you ask us to describe each other in one word? Were you going to do that?
I can if you want me to.
Josh: Okay. Wait, what'€™s your next question?
Can you describe each other in one word?
Josh: Hmm, I never really thought about that question before. You can go first!
Patrick: Umm, hmm. I have to think about this. Go to Chad first.
Josh: Okay Chad, you are avocado.
Patrick: Oh, that'€™s good. He does like avocado!
Chad: You'€™re'€¦okay.
Josh: No that'€™s stupid. You'€™re like the okay kind but I'€™m not okay, that'€™s okay.
Chad Well alright. So you'€™re alright!
Josh: That'€™s not nice.
Patrick: Josh I think you'€™re very loving.
Josh: Thanks Pat. I think you'€™re swell.
Patrick: I'€™ll take swell. Swell'€™s better than alright. Alright'€™s like a C on a test you know?
Josh: I'€™m a C to you?
Chad: No you'€™re an A++.
Josh: Pssh I don'€™t believe you. He'€™s the only kid I know who drinks cereal with whiskey. Mostly Bailey'€™s but he puts a little whiskey in there with his CoCo puffs cereal but he puts the CoCo puff'€™s in with the Fruity Pebbles well the chocolate ones? What are they called, CoCo pebbles and he like puts the Bailey'€™s in there and then puts a little whiskey in there and then like-
Great way to wake up in the morning.
Patrick: Yeah we actually have syringes in the back and he shoots straight bourbon into his veins.
Josh: Do you really? Everything else I just said was true but I haven'€™t seen that.
Patrick: He hides it and at about 3:30 every day he goes in the back.
Josh: In his toes.
Pat Nielsen comes on the bus!
Josh: (laughs) More cameos! Pat Nielsen, say some words!
Pat: Hiiii!
Josh: Andy!
Andy blows a strawberry into the microphone ?
Josh: Pretty much sums up our friendship right now. Alright! So moving on!

Okay what was the first record you ever bought?
Josh: First record I ever bought? It was actually, I didn'€™t really buy it but the first record any one bought for me was Petra. A Christian rock outfit. They'€™re kind of like Bon Jovi except they sing about Jesus Christ and I saw him at Six Flags with Carmen and Jars of Clay and it sucked. So that was mine. Patrick?
Patrick: I'€™m thinking still. Aw I can'€™t remember!
Josh: Spoon!
Patrick: My first record that I bought was probably Spice Girls?
Josh: The single? No mine actually I just remembered. The first thing I ever bought was '€˜My Way'€™ by Usher and I swear to god this is the truth. Back when singles were cool and bands made money and shit. I got '€˜My Way'€™ by Usher and I got the song from Armageddon from Aerosmith. (starts singing) '€˜I don'€™t want to close my eyes'€™. That song. Chad you?
Chad: I think mine was like South side wonders. LP.

And then the last one( all start laughing) is that you said you had music coming out but what can kids look forward to in the next few months? Are you going to be touring more?
Patrick: Yeah in our performances, I think we'€™re going to start wearing less and less clothes. Starting with shoes.
Josh: Hmm, well. For the people that like the EP, I think they'€™re going to be disappointed. I'€™ve mostly been listening to Slayer and Dragonforce so there'€™s going to be a lot of tapping solos um yeah I'€™m trying to think what else. I'€™m going to invent a triple bass pedal for drums.
Matt (Ready Set manager): There'€™s already one. Called a Dualist.
Josh: Okay I'€™m going to get a dualist but I'€™m going to get three of them at once and then I think like halfway through most of our songs we'€™re going to go into trance beat music then we'€™re going to end with..what are we going to end with?
Chad: I don'€™t know, what are we going to end with?
Patrick: I think we'€™re going to end with like Chipotle ranch dip-
Patrick: And Fritos corn chips with O'€™douls and yeah. We might breathe air too. I might breathe and blink and grow a mouth and use it. Just saying.
Chad: Me too.

Perfect, well I think that'€™s all I have for you!
Everyone laughs!
Josh: Well it took long enough too some how. Thank you! So here'€™s the deal! We just want everyone hear to just clap one time. Well not one time but can we just get a clap for the end of the interview?
Everyone from The Ready Set and Great Big Planes all clap together.
Jordan: Woo!
Josh: By the way Britney Spears is here too. She'€™s been here this whole interview. You can'€™t see her but she'€™s here so tell all your friends. K, bye!

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