The Graduate

They were supposed to be the new it boys of alternative rock. What happened? With the release of "Anhedonia" the boys were poised for stardom with extremely positive reviews and a great label backing them. The boys toured all over to wild crowds and then something becoming unfortunately incredibly common happened. The band's label folded which left the band with no financial support and not the greatest ability to tour.

Through the next two years the band just continued to keep their spirits up and dropped their highly anticipated follow up just two months ago and since then have hit the road on two tours with everyone from The Bigger Lights to Ludo. The band is grateful for every day they get and told me everything from the really bad to the really good and everything inbetween. We talked with Max, Matt and Corey during their tour with Ludo and you can read it all below! If Alternative Press and Absolutepunk still believe in them to the fullest, you should to! Fall back in love with your it boys because it's their time once again!

Catch the boys currently out with Automatic Loveletter and definitely keep them on your radar!

I believe you guys were just out with The Bigger Lights and with this new record coming out, you did that tour and now this is your first like full US tour. How has it been? Like have you been seeing any familiar faces? Like how have the kids been?
Corey: Yeah it'€™s been good. We'€™ve been off the road for like two years or something so it'€™s good to get back out there and yeah we see a lot of kids that we'€™ve seen over the past four years or whatever that we'€™ve been touring. You know we started in 2007 so it'€™s really cool to see people that have stuck with our band for the long period between records and they'€™re still coming out. Ludo we'€™ve known almost since we started touring too so it'€™s cool to be out with these guys again.

And then it'€™s a pretty crazy story but when you first dropped your last record '€œAnhedonia'€, like you were featured by Spin and they loved it. You were on Warped Tour and all these festivals and then it happened where the record label folded but now with this new record you'€™re getting all the acclaim back and everyone'€™s excited. I know on your posters the guy who runs Absolute Punk said it'€™s like his most anticipated.
Corey: Yeah!
So maybe what was like your favorite moment of everything? Like the highs, the lows through all the trouble but also the good times.
Corey: I think just finishing the record.
The new one?
Corey: Yeah! I mean we worked on it for so long. I mean we never stopped writing for like two years straight. So I mean when we finally got it done it didn'€™t feel real. You know we'€™ve been working on it for so long and we had so many songs so when we left the studio, it was a really cool feeling to be like '€˜wow we'€™re done.'€™ Now we can tour again and we can play these songs live and we don'€™t have to worry about writing for a little bit so it'€™s kind of nice.
You guys maybe have a high point (towards Max and Matt? Through the good and bad?
Max: I would say the time we pulled up to Baltimore to record our album.
Matt: And we knew we were going to finish it.
Max: Yeah like that second night there was like '€˜Oh finally we got back'€™ so that was crazy.
You got back in the game?
Max: Yeah, we were back.
Matt: I agree.

Great and now that it has been a few years since the last release or so, obviously the sound has maybe changed a bit or the way you go about writing your music has changed. Has it matured a lot? Has it changed a lot or is it still classic Graduate?
Corey: I think we'€™ve matured a little bit. I mean I think a lot of bands say that so I don'€™t want to sound too clich?. '€œOur new record is just'€ '€œOh we'€™ve matured on our sound a lot and we'€™ve grown as musicians'€. I mean I think that'€™s all true but I told Absolute Punk this too. I said we didn'€™t you know go and make a '€˜Daisy'€™. You know what I mean so it still sounds like our band. It'€™s just kind of been the next step forward for us.

And then how do you normally go about the writing process? Has it changed? Is it one person, is it more collective?
Corey: We all write together. I think our writing process is kind of slowly starting to make more sense for us. We typically, like the music comes first and then I'€™ll take it and put lyrics to it from like my notebook or maybe I'€™ll just write something fresh. Then after like I'€™ve had like my input then we all kind of get together again and we sort things out with Brian our producer and we just make it sound as good as we can.
Let me know if you guys have anything to add. I feel like I'€™m kind of-
Matt: No, no, that'€™s totally okay!

I'€™ll sit like this! There we go. Then maybe as goofy as it is, what'€™s the strangest place you'€™ve found inspiration? Maybe you read something or you read the subtitles off the television screen and something catches your eye.
Corey: For the new record?
Yeah like a lyric or a song title or something?
Corey: I got married right before we left for the studio. Like two weeks before so that was kind of a different thing to be thinking about when we were in the studio. You know I had only been married for two weeks then we went to go make an album so that was probably the most unique thing.

Alrighty and then is there anything you'€™ve learned through all the hardships you'€™ve gone through and just like the difficulties of the music industry and how fast things can go that maybe you would have wanted to tell yourself when you just started this band?
Corey: Maybe just don'€™t freak out so much. I think we all had a lot of times where we were all kind of freaking out and I think rightfully so. You know I mean it'€™s something that we all want to do and we want to keep doing it so I mean I don'€™t think we should have freaked out as much as we did. Just because it'€™s not like we were going to quit.

And then as one of the bands that have began to make it from Chicagoland, what advice would you give to all the bands there that are trying to break out? Like there'€™s a bunch of really, really talented people playing down there but what advice would you give to people breaking out like when they'€™re just starting to tour?
Corey: As far as touring or just being a band in general?
Well like I know a lot of bands that have done like one or two tours and then the same situation happened that happened with you guys and some don'€™t make it through those hardships. So like what advice would you give to bands trying to pull through?
Corey: Don'€™t stop writing. Don'€™t ever stop writing. We had other friends that were kind of going through the same thing at the time and I mean it happened to us too. You know we'€™d freeze up every now and then. Like we just had to work our way out of it you know. We'€™d just have to keep pushing through it till we got a song. We'€™d maybe write two or three songs that didn'€™t feel that great and then one would come out later. It made everyone feel really good and stuff and you can'€™t stop writing because that'€™s when everything is just going to drag and bring you down more so if people aren'€™t digging the new stuff that you'€™re writing, just keep going. Just keep writing your stuff and don'€™t worry about what your friends think too much because sometimes your friends can make you paranoid about what you'€™re doing artistically.

And then what can fans look forward to? Like this is your only tour you'€™ve done except for the Bigger Lights which is definitely a younger crowd but are you going to be back on the road, going to keep on going?
Corey: Oh yeah. I mean from what we understand we'€™re not going home until Thanksgiving so we'€™re going to be out on the road a lot. So if anybody wants to come see us live, we'€™re out here. Well, we'€™re booked until mid October right now and there'€™s other stuff that'€™s happening that I can'€™t talk about yet.
Sure yeah!
Corey: But I mean we'€™re not going home until Thanksgiving at least and then we might be going out after that too so yeah we'€™re keeping busy. We'€™re happy to be out here playing again because we had a long break so we'€™re glad to be playing shows again.

And then maybe a little goofy one. What was the first record you bought as a kid and we can like go around to do this one?
Corey: What'€™s this one?
The first CD you bought as a kid?
Corey: Oh um, well I'€™m going to say cassette because I'€™m 25. First cassette I ever bought was Green Day'€™s '€˜Dookie'€™ and the first CD I got was Eve 6. And we actually played with them in Illinois a couple years ago which was kind of funny because I was just like '€˜hey you guys were the first CD I bought.'€™ The dude has the tightest pants I'€™ve ever seen too.
We'€™ll go all around for this one I guess. This could get interesting so what was the first CD that you bought?
Max: I can'€™t remember! I remember having the box set of the tapes of Smashing Pumpkins..what album is that? I remember having the first tape I bought but I can'€™t remember the CD.
Matt: Mine was '€˜Smashed'€™ by Offspring.
Max: Yeah.
Matt: That was my first tape. Yeah it was terrible.

And then the first concert you went to and do you think it has any influence on you today? So embarrassing sometimes.
Max: I have a great one. First concert was Bob Dylan. I probably didn'€™t appreciate it enough at the time but I got free tickets and it was amazing.
Matt: Mine was Boyz II men and yes it was awesome. I don'€™t regret it at all.
Corey: My first concert was actually really embarrassing. I was fourteen and it was Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Eminem and Xhibit. I think it was the Anger Management tour. Oh yeah I was like fourteen years old. First concert I ever got to go to. I was a farm boy so I didn'€™t get out that much you know!
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There for Tomorrow

Being my second time around with the frontman of There for Tomorrow Maika Maile, it came at the perfect time. The band is about to drop their new EP "Re: Creations". It's something that only some of their loyal fans saw coming but it was sure to happen at some point. The EP is a remix EP including a new track the band decided to throw on it. The release date has been announced for October 19th and also serves the purpose of being something to hold fans over as they head back into the studio to record their sophomore full length record this fall. When we sat down to talk before their performance in Boston on their current tour with Ludo we talked about everything from how different this tour is from all the rest they've gone on to their use of the online game recently but mostly we covered all the important bases of the new EP. Be prepared to hear the dubstep influences Maika and the boys have fallen for and definitely be excited for the new project from one of your favorite bands!

A little soft one to start. You'€™re playing in a room that No Doubt'€™s played, REM, ACDC has played in. If you could pick any three of your favorite bands to go on tour with, who would they be?
How about'€¦okay let'€™s just ask the Foo Fighters for the headlining spot. No, no, we'€™ll ask Nine Inch Nails if they'€™d be down to be the headliners. Then we'€™ll bring in Justin Biebs, Garth Brooks, Rick Springsteen.

Then obviously last time we talked, you were two out of five on that tour. It wasn'€™t the greatest. You weren'€™t really ecstatic.
You remembered.
I remembered. You were not a happy camper.
Yeah not really.
But now that you'€™re direct support, you'€™re playing a bigger room. Were there any bigger preparations for this tour because your set'€™s longer and everything?
Not necessarily. I mean I think we put the same amount of effort into a thirty minute set or a twenty five minute set in comparison to a forty five minute thing. Just a different amount of time but this tour is just really cool. It'€™s different because we definitely have to try and prove ourselves to somebody'€™s fan base. Ludo has a great fan base. They'€™re really dedicated to what Ludo does so this is a new experience for us. It'€™s been fun and it'€™s a good spot in our careers. We'€™re young on a older tour. Usually we'€™re among everybody being the same age.

Then I saw, well we never talked about like social media how it'€™s affected you guys and I saw you tweet about a ustream chat that I actually tuned into for a little bit-
(Starts laughing) I'€™m sorry.
No I thought it was funny but you played a lot of '€˜Recreations'€™ which you couldn'€™t really talk about last time.
I think you played almost the whole thing.
I think so yeah.
How long has that project been in the making because I know there'€™s a lot of trance and dubstep in there. How long have you guys been thinking about making that project?
Well we'€™ve really always been into kind of flowing transitions and changing up things for our live performances but everything started really getting into the electronic world of music and I started to understand it more. We always loved the whole remix game and how that works in the electronic world. Especially you know electro, dubstep. Some of my favorite songs right now that I'€™m listening to are of this music style so we just started fooling around with the idea and it came down to just trying it. We play like three tracks live so it'€™s sweet when you can play stuff off a remix EP when the stuff isn'€™t full band. There are two tracks that are not full band.

So you play some of those songs during your set? That'€™s what I was going to ask about next.
Yeah. We do a new song that we decided to just write so that'€™s one of the songs on the EP. We'€™re doing that one and we'€™re also doing the revisionary version of '€˜Stories'€™ and the interlude that comes before that.

And then is it all remixes of just your songs or did you remix someone else?
Yeah. The five tracks are all songs we'€™ve done ourselves. One song is new, one song is an interlude and then there'€™s three remixes on it remastered. It'€™s funny how you can take an acoustic song and make it into a completely new, different thing with it and do a dubstep thing. It'€™s really cool.

Cool. And then when can fans look forward to that? Is it in the next few months?
Yeah it is I'€™m thinking about dropping it but they haven'€™t announced the release date yet. I think I should just learn from my past experiences and not say it as of yet, but right when we do, you will definitely know. Especially if you see us on Ustream and stuff. It'€™s really cool. It'€™s just nice for our fans as well. We don'€™t know the potential of it. We know it'€™s great, we like it and we put a lot of effort into it but its'€™ really for our fans. We just give them a little love and go '€˜hey we did this just because we wanted to'€™ and oh here'€™s the second record which we'€™re going to be recording after this tour.

That'€™s pretty exciting I bet because I know you started writing a little bit. How has that process been? Have you recorded at all, demo-ing?
Yeah no it'€™s still very early. I don'€™t want to use this quote but you take your first eighteen years to write your first album and then you got like nineteen through twenty one to write your second album and that'€™s basically what we'€™re doing. We just figured out that we have to go back into the studio a couple months ago and you know we'€™re still early in the process but that stuff we'€™re writing is just so much different. It'€™s going to be refreshing.

Is it, because you obviously wrote '€˜A Little Faster'€™ when you were still really young and I know you played the Warped Tour really young and still are young compared to a lot of people you'€™re on this tour with. Has it changed at all because you wrote '€˜A little Faster'€™ when you were much younger?
I mean I don'€™t think we can like really see eye to eye with where we were. Especially since we wrote most of those songs when we were like eighteen, nineteen. It'€™s cool to revisit those moments and play those songs to people and see the reaction of the kids but it'€™s like I want to represent my twenty one year old self. I'€™ve learned so much traveling the world and seeing things. A lot of things have happened in the past couple months just on the road and the way things played out with young people all around the world. We'€™ve had all these ideas creatively and that'€™s why we'€™re kind of itching. We don'€™t have it yet but it'€™s coming. You know it'€™s like I can just feel it.

And you also said this last night. You were playing a place you hadn'€™t played in a while and it'€™s probably a whole different vibe and atmosphere-
Then like with Sing It Loud and Every Avenue. Well, and Sing it Loud actually broke up yesterday-
Yeah they did!
But how has it been going back to these places that maybe you haven'€™t played before or with a different tour because like The Graduate and Ludo they'€™re so different.
Well everybody'€™s like a music lover in these rooms and it'€™s not them just there getting drunk but a lot of people are doing both (laughs). That'€™s fun too but yeah it'€™s just not really about taking a picture with your favorite guy in the band. It'€™s more about like listening to what'€™s happening sonically in the room, with the loud speakers and moving your hips to it. That'€™s what it'€™s like every night. You know we weren'€™t expecting to come out and have the whole room going off but as long as heads are moving and bodies are swaying a little bit, that'€™s all we can really ask for.

So this is a different audience, a different style of music you'€™re playing with?
Like from touring in the past with like VersaEmerge and like Rocket.
Well I mean the age difference is the first thing different about it and a totally new experience for us. We'€™ve toured with older bands before like our first tour was with like Anberlin and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. We were like 18,19 then with dudes that are in like their mid thirties. I love those guys. So that was our first thing. I feel bad for them if they had to see that There for Tomorrow. Like that 18,19 There for Tomorrow but it'€™s not candy land at all. Like everybody'€™s a musician on this tour.

Well I think that'€™s all I have except for Ustream like how do you think that'€™s affected you guys today? Is it bad, is it good?
I mean recently I think we'€™re a little more motivated with our online game at least with our family and fans. Yeah I mean it'€™s more then just myspace and who can get the most followers and stuff. It'€™s just about communicating with people and letting them know what'€™s on our mind, just being out there as a individual. When we'€™re on Ustream, that'€™s really funny and it comes up spur of the moment. Whenever we'€™re in a situation and things need to be said, things need to be shown. Like yesterday-
Yeah I had it on in like the background. I wasn'€™t like watching it.
You were!
No I wasn'€™t.
You were. You know I was wearing the same exact thing (laughs).
You'€™re like don'€™t lie! No it'€™s because when I started hearing you play the EP I was like maybe this will be good because we did interview just two months ago-
It came up and I was like I wouldn'€™t want to repeat the same old things.
So when you started to play it, I was like I should hear this.
That'€™s cool. Yeah I mean the music game is so different especially with technology and all of these outlets so now it'€™s not crazy to put something free out there for people. It'€™s going to be free anyways.
Oh really?
No I mean it will be. Put it up on a sharing site. No, our fans will buy it for support but that'€™s just what happens online. That'€™s why we can do things like doing a little twenty minute chat, reading 140 characters, leaving a facebook status or a link to an interview. It'€™s nice. Some people kind of lose that and it becomes a little more gimmicky. We just like playing with those things now being so young.

And then you always talk about natural progression and I know you'€™re going back to the UK in November.
And I believe last time was your first time with The Friday Night Boys.
It was (laughs)! Yeah it was with The Friday Night Boys. This time'€™s going to be different with Dear Havanah and Me Vs Hero because they are from the UK and their fan base is really great. I think pre-sales and everything are looking very nice. Very nice to look forward to. I guess it'€™s more of an appreciation that we would go over there. It should be really exciting, a lot of great energy!

And then the last one. What was the first CD you bought and the first concert you went to?
Oh? Easy. When I was six, I bought the Metallica '€œBlack'€ cassette and it went from there to Megadeath, Pantera, Slayer. And then my first concert I attended was Metallica at a stadium!
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Madison Square Gardeners

In just under a week, this little lady will be covering the CMJ festival in New York City and one of those bands that I'€™ll be sure to catch live is Madison Square Gardeners. Since one girl can'€™t nearly cover everything going on at the festival (I only wish!), we'€™re starting the coverage with some sweet previews for you and post festival, we'€™ll be posting interviews and reviews of my personal favorites playing this year. The first preview? These guys.
Quite possibly one of the most understated yet most known New Yorker based bands, they will be releasing their new EP '€˜Taste the Thunder'€™ on November 4th and will be playing a few CMJ sets to warm up the crowds to the EP. I'€™ll personally be catching them at the Green Room Day Party on the twentieth but check out their myspace for all their set times and take a listen. This band is sure to be one we'€™re talking about soon enough!

How did Madison Square Gardeners come to be?
Mark Stepro and I met when we were both living in Columbus, Ohio. We were on a recording session...he liked my Wilco t-shirt and I was taken with his rugged good looks and his staunch commitment to physical education. It was all down hill from there.

You'€™re about to play this year'€™s CMJ Festival. What are you most looking forward to from this experience?
I'm looking forward to how they spell my name on the's always different every year. I'm also looking forward to taking a lot of meetings and handling my bizness.

How do you normally go about your live show?
We are usually too loud and have gotten mixed reviews for our controversial covers of songs like, "From A Distance" and "Shocking The Monkey" by TLC. We like to mix it up but not too much unless it's the right timing. Most of our show is all about whether or not it's the right time.

What'€™s your favorite song to play live and why?
I like to play "Blessing" because I don't have to sing it and I get to take a solo. Mark's favorite is probably something more artsy like "My Ex Girlfriend Is A Bad Lesbian On Drugs" or "The Loneliest Degeneration."

Your new EP drops in early November '€œTaste The Thunder'€. What can kids look forward to with this release?
The kids can look forward to really getting to know us for who we really are: 6 young men who are young, but not too old; thoughtful, kind, caring, obsequious, purple and clairvoyant. John sings the best song on the whole's number 5 I think and it's called "Lose Someone."

How did you go about the writing process for this release?
Most of the songs I'd already written...I wrote "Born With Nothing" with Keith Christopher from the Georgia Satellites after a bottle of red wine that we spilled some of on my living room carpet. "Shoe Gaze Band" is one that me and Mark and Rich and Rob all wrote together at rehearsal one day. That one might be my favorite.

What can fans look forward to with in the next few months from you guys? More touring, possibly a full length? the next few months we'll start recording our full length album...we'll put out another EP in March...we'll be on the road for most of November in the Midwest...we'll be touring the South in January, doing some dates with Drivin' N' Cryin' and we might be coming to Alaska in the new year...MAYBE.

If the band was to hit the road with any three bands/acts, who would they be?
For me, they would definitely be: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Delta Spirit and the band Dawes. Also Joe Pug would have to tour manage us and sing one song at our show every night to remind us all of why we started doing this in the first place.
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The Young Sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs weren'€™t exactly what I expected them to be but that'€™s a great thing. Hearing songs on their myspace, I imagined them to be one of those indie (which they are!) and softer rock (which they aren'€™t!). When I met up with the boys back earlier this summer, I met a true rock and roll band which we aren'€™t exactly having all over the website right now. These boys were a breath of fresh air for me and are bringing it back to the classic style of music that'€™s been missed. Be it the way they go about making music with vinyl records to their pure love for what they'€™re doing, this band isn'€™t one to miss.

Coming out of Roanoke, Virginia the band had just played their first night with Brian Jamestown Massacre and we talked about everything Sinclairs. From how they got their name to how they normally go through the songwriting process to maybe not their classiest appearance. Read on for everything on this young band and be sure to keep an eye on them. If they keep on going on what they'€™re doing (they'€™re about nine full length records in), you'€™ll want to be the one who knew about them first!

Alright, scoot over here a little bit.
Daniel: Scoot over!
Scooting over! A little soft one to start. If you could collaborate with let'€™s say any other alive artist like touring band or artist, who do you think they would be and why?
Daniel: Anyone?
Sam: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I would love to play with them because I love their music. Man that'€™s a really tough question. There'€™s so many.
Daniel: I knew you were going to say Tom Petty. I mean if I was thinking of like big bands, stuff like that I would kind of want to do that too or like REM would be fun or like something like that. As far as like major like huge bands but otherwise I don'€™t know.
Sam: I don'€™t really listen to a lot of new music to tell you the truth. I listen to old music. That'€™s what I'€™m in too. There are random snatches of coolness out there but nothing really springs to mind except Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Then how did you become the line up you are today?
Sam: Well it started with myself, Daniel and John who plays drums. We actually played a show as a trio. We played a party and it was horrendous.
Daniel: It was really bad. John like puked all over a amp or something.
Sam: He fell out of his drum stool and almost knocked my amp over. Knocked a beer over that was on top of my amp and then we got Sean on guitar. We knew him from working at the Granden theatre like we worked together and I went to high school with him so then he joined and then we actually went through a couple other keyboard players before we got to Jonathan our present one. Daniel plays in another band with him so he was always around and we shared equipment a lot and eventually he just started playing with us and he'€™s been with us ever since.
Daniel: I wouldn'€™t mind playing with Wilco. They would be fun too. That'€™s true. I'€™m not going to mention any like small independent bands. They'€™re a good band, I'€™d love to play with them. They'€™d be fun.

Why The Young Sinclairs for the name?
Sam: The name?
Daniel: Well it just sounds snappy and nice. It sounds good but to tell you the truth-
Sam: There were other-
Daniel: To tell you the truth, the name came from John Sinclair who, you might know who he is, but I was reading something about how he wrote a poem to the undercover officer that put him in jail. He wrote this poem that was like what are you going to do when your children smoke weed and this and this and that. What are you going to do when all the children in the world smoke pot. What don'€™t you want us to be? What will you do then and then it popped into my head but then I just kind of forgot about it until we started playing and then we were thinking of band names and I remembered that. That'€™s really where the band'€™s name comes from. But really it just sounds good. I think it'€™s a nice little name.

And then your last album was recently put out but only released on vinyl-
Sam: Yeah.
Was there a certain reason you chose to release it just on vinyl?
Sam: Um the idea was to do vinyl and then also have it available digitally. Digital download. So the way it is now with digital technology you don'€™t really need the disc anymore because most people, a lot of people these days, listen to music on their computers and their iPods. We, the band and Kindercore Records, felt like to release a new CD would be somewhat like getting on a sinking ship more or less. Just like I said as far as listening to music in digital form, you don'€™t necessarily need to go out and purchase a compact disc with the information on it. You can just get on the internet and download the information directly to your computer so basically the disc serves as like a middle man and we decided to eliminate the middle man. So you either have total digital or total analog with the vinyl.
Daniel: Plus we'€™re fucking into fucking records.
Sam: Records are awesome.
Daniel: Records are a lot more fun then anything.
Sam: They are the most fun.
Daniel: They look good, they sound good, the size is great, the artwork looks good.

How have kids been reacting to it?
Sam: The record?
Are the kids knowing the music? I know some of it is older material..
Sam: In some places, more regionally. Not necessarily places like this but places around Virginia. We will like start a song and people are raising fists and stuff but not so much not that I'€™ve noticed like in cities like this. Daniel?
Daniel: Um I don'€™t know. I think there were some songs on that album that people responded to tonight. So yeah I think people know. I think ones that were on the computer, that are like on the internet, people are kind of familiar with so when we play them live they'€™re like '€˜oh I know that one!'€™ so I think there'€™s a few familiar tunes people respond to off that album.

How do you normally go about the writing process for your music? Is it one person, is it more collective, is it different every time?
Sam: It is different. My method I usually do everything myself because when I write a song, I'€™ll hear the finished product in my head like all of the instruments, all the harmonies and everything. So then what I'€™ll do is go in the studio and just lay it down on every instrument. Bass line, drums, guitars, vocals and so in a way going into the studio is a big part of the process. I don'€™t know how to read music so I don'€™t write it out. I don'€™t write charts or anything so to make it real, I make a demo of it or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes we end up using the original demo as a song just because they sound really cool. That'€™s what works for me but you know a lot of people do it different and not every song we play is like that but a lot of the songs we play are ones that I'€™ve written and that'€™s how I do it but we do collaborate. We all write a lot. We all record a lot and sometimes one person will do the music and another person will do the lyrics. Occasionally not a lot will we all collaborate. It will usually be individual but there'€™s not like a rule to it like '€˜we'€™re always going to do my songs'€™.
Daniel: Sam'€™s the main writer for the Young Sinclairs. Yeah everybody else like writes a little bit here and there and it'€™s definitely like we all have our similar ways of writing. I think we all are into music so much that when we do write, we do hear a lot of stuff so when we do record it ourselves there'€™s like basically a finished product there once it'€™s done being recorded. But then maybe John'€™s hanging around when I'€™m recording like, well I can'€™t really play the bass that well, John can. '€œHey John can you put a bass line on this?'€ There you go!

Then how has this tour been going so far?
Sam: Well this is our first one.
First show?
Sam: Yeah this is the first one.
How many dates
Daniel: It'€™s like five or six days.
I feel bad that you'€™re missing their first performance then.
Sam: It'€™s like four shows total. It'€™s okay! They'€™re going to play a while.
Daniel: Yeah.
Sam: And we'€™re gonna see them plenty more times! Yeah this is our first show and yeah honestly so far it'€™s been tremendous. There was a great communication between us and the crowd. We were all feeling each other and they really responded to it.
Daniel: We just fucking rocked man.
Sam: We rocked!

What made you start getting interested in doing music?
Sam: Each of us individually?
John: What'€™s the question?
Sam: For me it was just always around growing up. My mom plays piano and sings. I have uncles that were drummers. My grandmother plays piano and was in the church choir. I grew up in a church. My mom was in the choir. My dad is a huge music lover. He always had tons of CD'€™s and was always into records and was always playing tons of music. So I just grew up with it and then there was instruments laying around the house too and so I would pick them up and do what I could with them and eventually it just took over. It was like I just was obsessed with music like I was into sports, I was into comic books, trading cards and then all that just fell by the wayside and music just took over and it rules my life and I love it.
Daniel: I think I'€™ve always been subtlety into music when I was younger but I thought about it a whole lot and then as I got older I think that I realized that music is like one of the most important art forms as far as the medium and it'€™s the one that people more directly associate and respond to. It'€™s like if I look at a painting or something like that, I'€™m going to be like '€˜oh okay'€™ but people respond and like what you do through music because it'€™s so much more then visual and it is visual. I don'€™t really know what I'€™m trying to say but it'€™s just super like the most powerful art form I think that has ever existed. And even to call it a art form is to really not call it by it'€™s rightful name. It'€™s super like spirit of rock and roll kind of shit that I believe in and it has control of me. It has control of me like it has control of Sam and I have no control over it. John?
Want to share?
John: Um, I'€™m good.

What can kids look forward to when coming out to a live show? Like how do you go about them?
Sam: Well we play some what short simple and catchy songs. Generally three minutes or less with lots of hooks and if you come see us, we'€™re going to play a lot of snappy, catchy rock and roll numbers and you'€™re going to dance and smile and love every minute of it.
Daniel: Basically music has been existing for a while and we are definitely like reinterpreting things and then we'€™re basically playing that and it'€™s rock and roll. It'€™s a rock and roll show. It'€™s people'€™s music and things like that. If you come see us, there'€™s not going to be any gimmicks or smoke and mirrors. It'€™s just good fucking rock and roll. Good songs. Just great music but it'€™s not just great music. It'€™s not just rock and roll.
Sam: It'€™s not!
Daniel: It'€™s nothing fancy really.
Sam: It'€™s not a fad.
Daniel: It'€™s nothing fancy. It'€™s not a fad. We'€™re not trying to fool you. We do what we do and that'€™s what we do and if you like it, great. If you don'€™t-
Sam: Well fuck you!
Daniel: Well great. No if you don'€™t like it, that'€™s great too and you know that'€™s your choice.

Then a little goofy one. What'€™s one of the craziest things you have seen while on the road?
Daniel: Oh my lord. We'€™ve seen a lot of crazy things. Let me think for a second. I got to think of like the best one.
Sam: Man I'€™ve got one but I can'€™t say it.
Those are the best kind.
Sam: But I can'€™t say it.
John: I mean nothing really jumps to mind.
Daniel: Ugh I can'€™t think of anything good. I mean there'€™s so much. We'€™re so un rock and roll. I thought we were rock and roll.
Sam: What about some times at the Green Dolphin? Crazy things have happened there. This is gonna be a while.
They'€™re like cleaning up the beer bottles and we'€™re still going to be here
Daniel: We'€™ll just make something up. I don'€™t know.
Make up a story yeah!
Daniel: This is our story!
Your crazy story!
John: That'€™s the juiciest stuff! At our old practice space. Guys like hanging outside our space. Huffing paint.
Daniel: People doing really fucked up shit. Trying to create and do this big project and sometimes leaving the door unlocked would be a major mistake because some one could clearly just walk through.
They would just walk on through!?
Daniel: They would just be walking through. All huffed up. That'€™s not that crazy but I mean-
John: We'€™re gonna think of so many things later and we'€™re going to be like '€˜oh my god!'€™ Can we get back to you on this question?
You can!
John: Okay.

Then you boys have quite the online presence with your music, your myspace. I know Daniel you were telling me how you pretty much all do it on your own. How do you think it'€™s affected your success with kids like knowing your songs up here?
Daniel: I think right now it'€™s just kind of what we'€™ve been doing for a while. I mean we'€™ve been a band for like five years so you know we'€™ve put out like eight or nine albums and it'€™s just been all us basically doing it. Yeah I don'€™t know as far as how it affects our success. It'€™s hard to think of answers. All of this stuff is just built into us and it makes it difficult and questions like that are tough because I mean everyone says this but this is like a treat. Us being able to do this but if we weren'€™t doing this, we would be practicing or recording. These things happen and we'€™re blessed to be able to play to this many people but I mean none of this stuff really affects. I mean it'€™s weird to even talk about that outside stuff affecting you because this is just so simple. Like this is what we do. Just like a guy who works on cars. That'€™s just what he does. I mean there'€™s bigger stuff that surrounds this but this is just like every day. Me and Sam have talked. If nothing ever happens and nobody ever bought the music, none of that stuff really matters. If people hear us, that'€™s great but I'€™m going to go home and record and I'€™m going to go home and keep doing this. People want answers to this stuff that'€™s very big and I want to give people answers but at the same time, it'€™s very simplified. Like we just write pop songs and there'€™s other stuff we do but what we'€™re interviewing about is just pop music. With some energy but there'€™s simplicity to all this. Whether or not the outside world existed, we would still be doing what we do now. So I mean whatever. I think if a label really wanted to support us and came out, I think we would be like yeah great, that'€™s awesome. I think we all want to do this for our life and whether or not some one else backs us up doesn'€™t matter because we back each other up right now. Ourselves so we'€™re going to exist whether or not they exist.

And then two little goofy ones to end it. What was the first show you went to and then the first CD you bought as a kid?
Sam: I got mine. My first show was ZZ Top and George Thoroughgood and The Destroyers opened up. That was in third or fourth grade and the first CD I bought it was a cassette tape. It was Another Bad Creation '€œCoolin at the Playground You Know!'€ That was my first album.
Daniel: Okay my first show would have been Poison. It wasn'€™t. My mom wouldn'€™t let me then it would have been Smashing Pumpkins but my mom wouldn'€™t let me but she let me go to Hootie and the Blowfish. So Hootie and the Blowfish was my first show and my first CD that I ever bought was the Smashing Pumpkins but I stole my first CD from my older brother and it was a White Lions CD. Okay John, Sean? You guys want to play?
Sean: Let'€™s see. My name'€™s Sean, I play rhythm guitar. Let'€™s see my first show, my first like full on real concert, was the Doobie brothers at the Roanoke Civic center and there was an opening band that was just kind of a local band that did AC/DC covers. That part was hit or miss but the Doobie brothers were right on and my first CD that I ever bought was Nirvana'€™s '€œNevermind'€. Yeah I bought it because my brother was a big fan and he kind of turned me on to it and it just blew my mind and kind of made me want to play guitar in a sense.
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Great Big Planes

Who likes normal anyways? In our interview with this next band Great Big Planes after the boys told me I was the first to love how they were in a interview, Josh said '€œWhat'€™s normal? Straightening my hair and wearing a deep v neck? I don'€™t think so!'€ These boys are anything but normal yet their music is still the kind that will probably win over girls'€™ hearts every where. They can'€™t help it when they have songs about wanting to be in love. When you first see the boys play though or even meet them as I was lucky enough to do for the interview, you know they are anything but normal and it'€™s a good thing!
Great Big Planes as a band are incredibly new playing their first show just November 22 of last year but they have quickly began their climb in the so called scene. They played on the Bamboozle Road show with headliners like All Time Low and Third Eye Blind along with touring steadily with bands like The Friday Night Boys and The Ready Set. It'€™s been one of my most entertaining interviews yet and one filled with cameos, rounds of applause and fake references to drinking problems. Read on to see a little peek of one of the most fun bands out there currently!

So a little soft one to start..if you could cover any other band or other artist on the tour, who would they be? Who do you think it would be and what song?
Chad: Well we have been doing a Radiohead cover for a while. The song '€œhigh and dry'€. That'€™s been going over pretty well. We just did it full band today. It'€™s a lot more exciting as a full band because we'€™re more of a group.
Josh: We'€™re getting a band! Woo!
Josh takes control of the microphone at this point of the interview ?

And then if you were to tour with any three dream bands, who do you think they would be?
Patrick: Alright Chad you do one first.
Chad: Past or present?
Josh: Dead or alive?
Dead or alive!
Josh (singing): Dead or aliiiive!
Chad: I think it would be Paul McCartney. Very generic but still very cool.
Patrick: The Rolling Stones.
Josh: Even though it wouldn'€™t really make sense? Nirvana. This could become a very long conversation. Okay!

And then now to get down to business. How did the band originally begin? Is this the original line up?
Chad: Yep it'€™s always been the same three people in the band.
Josh: Yess!
Patrick: I met Josh in the back of a car. It was hot.
(everyone starts laughing!)
Patrick: Does this have to be G Rated?
No that'€™s fine!
Patrick: I met Josh at a carnival..on a roller coaster.
Chad: Now how did we meet?
Josh: Seaworld.
Patrick: I think that was the first time we met was at Seaworld. Right? I think so'€¦
Josh: It was in the middle of a Shamu back flip. No it'€™s not where did I meet you at Seaworld, it'€™s how I met you. How did I meet you?
Patrick: He was swimming with the dolphins.
Josh: I was?
Patrick: Remember?!
Josh: Oh we were!
Patrick: We were six years old.
Chad: But when the band played our first show ever was November 22nd, 2009 with The Maine. Very intuitive. But we weren'€™t really a band yet. We hadn'€™t toured yet until February.
Josh: Yep with The Friday Night Boys and Anarbor and The Ready Set and The Bigger Lights! First tour! With the Sea Otter. Go head, go ahead! We'€™re in Boston, go ahead! Go ahead!
Chad: No one'€™s listening to you. Did you see the merch guy that just came on? Doesn'€™t he look like a sea otter?
Kind of.
Everyone starts laughing.
Josh: There he is! That'€™s our merch guy.

Yeah I actually just ran into him. Why Great Big Planes? Because you like planes?
Chad: Actually Josh hates planes.
Hates planes?
Patrick: It'€™s actually pretty introspective. It'€™s really deep and philosophical. Most people won'€™t get it I don'€™t even think we fully get it.
Chad: I don'€™t get any of it.
Everyone starts laughing again.
Josh: Yeah that'€™s pretty much it. It'€™s like you know it'€™s all kind of foreshadowing the sinking of the tech market in 2000 and yeah the name popped in my head. The end!

Then you have an EP out! Being such a new band, how is that been doing on this tour? How are kids reacting?
Josh: Um it'€™s been really really good for us so far.
Patrick: A little different because it'€™s more acousticy and not very full band.
Chad: Yeah.
Josh: Chad'€™s really talkative. He'€™s not usually like this and it'€™s freaking me out. Yeah the tour'€™s done today, last date. It'€™s like the last day of summer camp. Have to say bye to everyone but we'€™re going to go back into the recording studio. I don'€™t know if it'€™s going to be a full length or an EP but we'€™re going to do something and it'€™s going to be a full band and then we'€™ll be touring in the fall and to the end of our lives.
Chad: Yep'€¦'€¦yep. Fo sho!
Josh: Getting that fo sho! Shout out here comes Danny Rukasin. Say something!
Danny Rukasin (tour manager): All big murder, get moving.
Josh: He'€™s in a band called The Hippos. If you ever need a horn player, he'€™s your guy. Okay now that he'€™s gone, phew!
Yeah I met him a while ago when he was working with Hellogoodbye.
Josh: Yeah he'€™s worked with Hellogoodbye. He'€™s a great guy. We love him.

That'€™s what I was going to ask actually. Is a full length in the near future you think? With in the next year?
Josh: Oh yeah! Definitely.
Patrick: Oh yeah! Mhmm.
Chad: Hopefully as soon as possible once we get the full band together. Fo sho.
Josh: Chad'€™s drunk.
Patrick: Oh yeah.
Chad: I haven'€™t had a sip of alcohol all day.
Josh: Oh what time is it?
Like three?
Josh: Oh okay if it'€™s after 2 pm, he'€™s wasted! He can'€™t even see straight look at him.
Chad: Sober.
Patrick: Can'€™t tell if you'€™re looking at me or something else. Well you'€™re drunk so one eye is crooked. Are you going to puke right now? Are you going to vomit on me?
Chad: I haven'€™t had anything to drink.
Josh: Wake up man. Wake up! Keep moving!
Patrick: All big..murder!
You guys are so funny
Josh: First one to like it. Someone does. We get yelled at all the time.
Do you really?
Josh: You have to be more normal in your interviews and I was like '€˜what'€™s normal?'€™ Straightening my hair and wearing a deep v neck? Is that normal? I don'€™t think so! Sorry! Go ahead!
Patrick: Go Ahead! Stop, stop
At this point in the interview, Josh was jabbing Patrick in the face with the mike.
Patrick: Get it out of my face.
All over my face
Patrick(laughing): All over my face.

A lot of kids are really huge fans of your lyrics and your music seems to be really lyrically driven so how do you normally go about the writing process?
Josh: Well it'€™s either like something in my life makes me really happy and I want to write about it or something makes me really sad and then I just try to write something that I think kids could probably relate to and so far it'€™s been pretty awesome. So we'€™re going to try to continue that whole thing. We don'€™t even really consider them fans even though I guess technically they are. They'€™re like friends and if they feel, really if anything we do strikes a chord with them then like it'€™s worth it.
Chad: I'€™m tearing up.
Josh: Well that'€™s because you'€™re drunk, not because you'€™re moved.
Patrick: True. I'€™m broken up by it.
Josh (laughing): Yeah.

If you could collaborate with any other band on this tour so maybe one of the ones that'€™s been around for years and years like Good Charlotte-
Patrick: If we could what with anybody?
Collaborate with anybody.
Patrick: It would be this guy right here. Jordan!
At this point Jordan/The Ready Set walked on the bus.
Josh: Hey Jordan from the Ready Set! Would you say a few words in my interview?
Jordan from The Ready Set: Yeah just every time it'€™s different but you just take the best and put it in a bag. You just take all the best things and swirl them up and make them into a milkshake and you can go as far as you want. Just all the way into the galaxy!
Josh: Hmmmm?! Oh wait..can we?
Everyone does a round of applause!
Josh Um for a collaboration?
Yeah or with anyone else on this tour.
Josh: Yeah me and Jordan want to get down some like crazy crunk nineties hip hop trance dance stuff. With a little like metal.
Patrick: Yeah like real metal.
Josh: Because danger runs in my family. Just so you know.
A lot of cameos in this interview.
Josh: Lots! Say a couple words for this interview.
Ready Set'€˜s Merch Guy: My name is Derek from Metallica.
Josh: His name'€™s actually Derek Strong. Coming to you from the Bamboozle Shitshow, you'€™re drunk. I mean Roadshow sorry. Okay sorry!

No problem! What would you say is your favorite part of touring?
Josh: My favorite part of touring is probably the lack of people eating my food and using my DVD'€™s and leaving them on the floor. No one really does that so that'€™s pretty awesome.
Andy from The Ready Set who had been watching our interview just laughs at him
Patrick: Oh inside jokes! I like being with my friends every day.
Chad: I like not having to drive and sleeping in a bunk.
So much fun right?
Chad: Yeah!
Patrick: I like watching our bus driver Jason make bread at like four in the morning. That'€™s actually a true story.
Josh: And he bought everyone a bottle of this. Double wood matured, aged twelve years.

How do you typically go about your live shows? Like what can kids look forward to?
Josh: You can look forward to total spontaneous wild crazy antics.
Patrick: We usually never know our own set. We kind of just go with it and play songs. Yeah that'€™s really it.
Chad: It'€™s kind of like Cirque De Soleil.
Andy once again starts laughing
Josh: Yeah sometimes we have trampolines and we do back flips over our amps. While the Beatles are playing and we have a bear that walks on a big beach ball.
Patrick: Yeah and sometimes there'€™s a sea otter. There'€™s actually always a sea otter. Um folks Travis Roundtree just walked into the room.
Everyone does a round of applause once again
Another cameo..
Josh: Hold on wait. You need to introduce yourself and say a few things.
Travis Rountree (drummer for The Ready Set): Hi I'€™m Travis. Um I like british comedies um Great Big Planes and tofu.
Josh: What else?
Travis: Um-
Josh: Against Me!
Travis: Against Me'€™s good. Their guitar player James took all my money..
Everyone laughs again
Josh: What a great interview! I like this.
Great one!
Josh: I know, it'€™s good! Can you ask us to describe each other in one word? Were you going to do that?
I can if you want me to.
Josh: Okay. Wait, what'€™s your next question?
Can you describe each other in one word?
Josh: Hmm, I never really thought about that question before. You can go first!
Patrick: Umm, hmm. I have to think about this. Go to Chad first.
Josh: Okay Chad, you are avocado.
Patrick: Oh, that'€™s good. He does like avocado!
Chad: You'€™re'€¦okay.
Josh: No that'€™s stupid. You'€™re like the okay kind but I'€™m not okay, that'€™s okay.
Chad Well alright. So you'€™re alright!
Josh: That'€™s not nice.
Patrick: Josh I think you'€™re very loving.
Josh: Thanks Pat. I think you'€™re swell.
Patrick: I'€™ll take swell. Swell'€™s better than alright. Alright'€™s like a C on a test you know?
Josh: I'€™m a C to you?
Chad: No you'€™re an A++.
Josh: Pssh I don'€™t believe you. He'€™s the only kid I know who drinks cereal with whiskey. Mostly Bailey'€™s but he puts a little whiskey in there with his CoCo puffs cereal but he puts the CoCo puff'€™s in with the Fruity Pebbles well the chocolate ones? What are they called, CoCo pebbles and he like puts the Bailey'€™s in there and then puts a little whiskey in there and then like-
Great way to wake up in the morning.
Patrick: Yeah we actually have syringes in the back and he shoots straight bourbon into his veins.
Josh: Do you really? Everything else I just said was true but I haven'€™t seen that.
Patrick: He hides it and at about 3:30 every day he goes in the back.
Josh: In his toes.
Pat Nielsen comes on the bus!
Josh: (laughs) More cameos! Pat Nielsen, say some words!
Pat: Hiiii!
Josh: Andy!
Andy blows a strawberry into the microphone ?
Josh: Pretty much sums up our friendship right now. Alright! So moving on!

Okay what was the first record you ever bought?
Josh: First record I ever bought? It was actually, I didn'€™t really buy it but the first record any one bought for me was Petra. A Christian rock outfit. They'€™re kind of like Bon Jovi except they sing about Jesus Christ and I saw him at Six Flags with Carmen and Jars of Clay and it sucked. So that was mine. Patrick?
Patrick: I'€™m thinking still. Aw I can'€™t remember!
Josh: Spoon!
Patrick: My first record that I bought was probably Spice Girls?
Josh: The single? No mine actually I just remembered. The first thing I ever bought was '€˜My Way'€™ by Usher and I swear to god this is the truth. Back when singles were cool and bands made money and shit. I got '€˜My Way'€™ by Usher and I got the song from Armageddon from Aerosmith. (starts singing) '€˜I don'€™t want to close my eyes'€™. That song. Chad you?
Chad: I think mine was like South side wonders. LP.

And then the last one( all start laughing) is that you said you had music coming out but what can kids look forward to in the next few months? Are you going to be touring more?
Patrick: Yeah in our performances, I think we'€™re going to start wearing less and less clothes. Starting with shoes.
Josh: Hmm, well. For the people that like the EP, I think they'€™re going to be disappointed. I'€™ve mostly been listening to Slayer and Dragonforce so there'€™s going to be a lot of tapping solos um yeah I'€™m trying to think what else. I'€™m going to invent a triple bass pedal for drums.
Matt (Ready Set manager): There'€™s already one. Called a Dualist.
Josh: Okay I'€™m going to get a dualist but I'€™m going to get three of them at once and then I think like halfway through most of our songs we'€™re going to go into trance beat music then we'€™re going to end with..what are we going to end with?
Chad: I don'€™t know, what are we going to end with?
Patrick: I think we'€™re going to end with like Chipotle ranch dip-
Patrick: And Fritos corn chips with O'€™douls and yeah. We might breathe air too. I might breathe and blink and grow a mouth and use it. Just saying.
Chad: Me too.

Perfect, well I think that'€™s all I have for you!
Everyone laughs!
Josh: Well it took long enough too some how. Thank you! So here'€™s the deal! We just want everyone hear to just clap one time. Well not one time but can we just get a clap for the end of the interview?
Everyone from The Ready Set and Great Big Planes all clap together.
Jordan: Woo!
Josh: By the way Britney Spears is here too. She'€™s been here this whole interview. You can'€™t see her but she'€™s here so tell all your friends. K, bye!
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The Maine

It had been a while since we had caught up with The Maine boys but maybe it was better to do it that way. When we last talked to the boys last November while they were out with Boys Like Girls, we found out that they were about to head in to the studio and with the way their touring schedule worked out the next time we had an opportunity to talk to the boys the record was done and out. The journey for the band has been incredible be it from their smash debut record '€œCan'€™t Stop, Won'€™t Stop'€ to the highly anticipated and loved '€œBlack and White'€ which is now even making the main stream rounds.

When a correspondent caught up with the band in August, the boys were out on their '€œAn Evening With..'€ tour and next time they'€™ll be coming through Boston is on what is believed to be a co-headlining tour with Never Shout Never on November 17th! This band'€™s fame is getting bigger and bigger every day and luckily enough we'€™ve been able to catch up with the band as they take everything new on. In our latest interview with Kennedy from the band, we got a little more than a typical interview. Natalie talked to him about everything from how he'€™s felt along this whole ride to what he thinks is the black and white in his life to why they chose to do the tour set up they did that time around. Read on for everything they talked about and catch the boys soon ...even on your radio!

What were some of your initial fears, and then setbacks when putting ideas together for this tour?

Truthfully, we haven'€™t had any setbacks really on this tour. And the idea kind of came about'€¦Garrett was joking around about how he didn'€™t want to do a big tour. And he goes '€œwe should just tour'€”just us. And we'€™ll bring out This Century'€ and he goes, '€œnobody has ever seen them, and It'€™ll be awesome'€ and it'€™s just kinda, we called up Tim because it was me, Garrett and Pat over at Pat'€™s house, and we were talking about it, and we called Tim, and Tim was like '€œAlright, well let'€™s try to make it work'€. So I think a big fear about it was that maybe people wouldn'€™t show up, but I think so far we'€™ve been very blown away by how many people have been coming to the shows, so it'€™s been great. I think it'€™s everything we really wanted it to be this whole tour, like having our best friends and stuff and it'€™s awesome.

What do you think about when you are onstage? Has the feeling you get changed since your first tour?
Definitely! The first tour we did I was very nervous sometimes on stage. Still figuring out songs, still figuring out how to play and do things. I think now it'€™s just a little more excitement instead of being nervous. It'€™s not like nervous jitters, I just get more excited to play. It'€™s just been really cool, like this tour especially has been the loudest we'€™ve ever had the crowd be, and for us at least. It'€™s been really cool, and everyone has been knowing the lyrics even to the new songs and stuff, and singing them really loud, so that'€™s been really cool.

With so little personal space and free time in your schedule how do you channel emotions when things get crazy?
Generally, there is not too much tension or anything at all with anybody. I think it starts with good preparation with having the right people out with us, and people that don'€™t get on each other'€™s nerves. If I need personal space I can just go to my bunk which is nice, and pop in headphones. I'€™ve really been ecstatic on this tour the whole time. I haven'€™t had a problem. I'€™d rather not go home, I'€™m excited to be on this tour, it'€™s awesome. There are no real complaints.

Your website has become a huge resource to help you connect with fans in a time when Myspace is losing relevance. Can you compare your experiences with the website verses Myspace? Which do you think has helped the band more?
Myspace for a long time has been the easiest place for people to go to find the music and stuff, and to have all of our updates in one spot. We have been slowly trying to get people to go over to our website instead just because of the lack of interest that people are having sometimes with myspace. I feel like maybe it was oversaturated for a while, and now it'€™s dying out. Regardless, we want to keep people locked in with us, so either way whether they go to our myspace or website the same goal gets accomplished.

In Whoever She Is there is a lyric that says '€œquit that old job'€. What was that job for you?
It wasn'€™t me, it was John so I'€™m not sure which one he was talking about. I think more than anything that song is just trying to be kind of vague in just explaining that no matter what your problem is'€”it could be a girl, it could be a physical thing, whatever; it'€™s all good, things can be worked through.

What is the black and white in your life right now? And what is the color?
That was kind of the point behind the album. I think in general, in my personal opinion I would say the way people are brought up and things are very forced fed, and just as far as anything goes, music, morals whatever it may be is kind of black and white, and as you kind of grow up and experience different things, you can find your own meanings for things, and make it not so black and white, and see things in a different light or color.

Do you feel like you put up walls sometimes when all people want from you is autographs and pictures? Do you ever forget how to make a real connection with fans when they want so little from you?
For the most part, I would rather someone say '€œhi, how are you?'€ something like that but, sometimes when we are rushed people just want to get a quick picture. I'€™m not really bothered necessarily by the lack of connection; sometimes I'€™m tired too so it'€™s all kind of situational. Sometimes for instance, somebody might be sick, and completely not in the mood, and it may seem rude in the same way that somebody coming up to talk to me may seem rude. I like interaction for the most part as long as people are nice and easygoing with me. I'€™ll give my time when I can, and when I'€™m busy, I'€™m busy.

Has the thought of material for a new album even crossed your mind?
Not realistically, but definitely. We are constantly writing music. During sound check for this tour we'€™ve just been jamming and writing new songs. Maybe not with any goal of putting them out right away, but I'€™m sure we'€™ll be putting out something whether it be a single song, or an ep or something. We like recording and writing, so we might as well put it out. I think the real focus right now is Black and White. We are really trying to push that hard and we are proud of all the songs on there. Hopefully we can continue to put them out for a while.

Can you talk a little about your show in Indonesia for fans that might be unfamiliar?
We are really excited. We have been to the UK and Canada before, but it'€™s really going to be a whole different world, and I'€™m really excited for it. The response is really cool. We'€™ve been getting a lot of messages from Indonesia, and then also our fans in the UK too so it will be good to go over and see all of them. Hopefully the crowds are excited.

What do your siblings think of your accomplishments and success?
I haven'€™t really discussed it with my sister, or sisters. I'€™ve kind of talked about it with my brother. My brother is always really supportive, not that my sisters aren'€™t. We get along really well. I don'€™t talk to him about it much. Usually it'€™s not brought up for the most part.

What is one thing that constantly amazes you about this whole ride?
Just the fact that I get to do this. I get to have my best friends around me at all times. It'€™s pretty crazy. I don'€™t know many other people my age that get to be their own boss, and that are so self-sufficient as we are. I feel like we are very on-top of our game so to speak. I enjoy everything about this, so it'€™s really cool.
What music/artists are you currently listening to?
Lots of different stuff. Just off the top of my head, I'€™ve been listening to The Dead Weather, that'€™s Jack Whites new band. Ryan Adams still.
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