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The Wonder Years are living the life right now, honestly. Currently finishing out some time in Australia along with playing as main support for the upcoming Four Year Strong full US tour, it'€™s sure to be their season. Not to even mention the re-release of their January full length '€œThe Upsides'€ with a bunch of bonus tracks. Knowing all of this was going on for the band, I knew I should jump on the opportunity to talk to front man Dan '€œSoupy'€ Campbell when I could!
Since it was my first time around with the band, we covered a lot of the basics as I normally do. I learned why they chose The Wonder Years for their name which is something they chose because they didn'€™t think they would even last to why this new re-release is so special. Read on for our exclusive and learn something new about quite possibly one of the most well known underground bands out there currently!

If you could tour with any three acts that you've toured with in the past to make a dream tour with, who would they be and why?
Blink 182 for getting me into this genre, the Get Up Kids for being my favorite band of all time and Living With Lions to cause trouble and have a good time with.

How did the Wonder Years come to be?
We got bored and started writing songs for fun and it just continued to progress.

Why the Wonder Years for the name?
Because when we started, we never thought we would play a show so we picked the first name that came to mind.

How does the band typically go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, more of a collective effort?
It always starts with one person with an idea but a song is never complete until each of us have helped work on a song.

Your new release comes out September 21st. What can fans look forward to with this release? Has the music style changed, matured? Is it classic Wonder Years?
This release gave us a lot of freedom because it was just adding bonus material to The Upsides (our full length that came out in January) so we were able to write songs that we wouldn't typically put on a Wonder Years record. I think we did some creative stuff and I think people are going to like it for what it is but shouldn't expect future Wonder Years songs to sound like these.

What's the strangest thing you've found inspiration in, be it for a song, an album cover, etcetera?
I find inspiration all around me all the time. I guess it depends on your perception of strange but we certainly have songs that reference everything from Lucky Charms to Blacklisted to Arrested Development.

You're about to head on a tour of Australia and then almost immediately after you'll be going out as main support for Four Year Strong. What can kids look forward to when coming out to one of the live shows? Will you be playing new music at all?
Kids can expect 100% of us on stage every night. We never play half ass shows and we always leave stage knowing we poured everything we had into a set. There is a chance we'll be playing one new track on these tours but I'm not totally sure yet.

And what's one of the crazier things to end it off that you've experienced so far on the road?
A few days ago, I got to hug a kangaroo. I think that tops the list!

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