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Quite possibly one of the youngest bands on Warped Tour both in age and experience on the tour, We Are The In Crowd killed it every day. With the release of their premiere EP, the band has grown in incredible amounts both in being known and level of success. This time last year, they were opening for DIY tours and since then they have signed to a label (Hopeless!) and have played the entirety of Warped Tour this past summer!

I got the chance to sit down with the incredibly nice Tay Jardine during this year'€™s tour where she gave us the complete scoop and low down on everything happening for the band this year from a sneak peek into their upcoming music video to how the process is going for the first full length. We learned about how they approached their first Warped tour as the newbies and how it'€™s going for them. Be sure to catch the band as they hit the road again on the latest Hey Monday headlining tour and watch for them all over your radars!

So your first EP just came out a little while ago. Being on Warped how has it been doing?
Tay: It'€™s been surprisingly awesome. The EP, you know it'€™s our first EP ever and really our first release and we were kind of expecting like the worst because you know you don'€™t want to get your hopes up and it'€™s just been awesome and Warped tour is definitely helping it. Like being out here, meeting new people every day. It'€™s really, really good for a first release.

And then you'€™re on Warped for the whole summer I believe which is exciting and it'€™s your first time, yeah?
Tay: First time!
How have all the bands been? How have they been welcoming you?
Tay: Everybody is extremely welcoming like I remember the first day, we were just talking about this, was like '€˜Um k, we'€™re the new kids at school and all we want to do is sit at your lunch table'€™. Like any lunch table, not by ourselves but maybe with like one person to give us a little bit of credit. So we were like '€˜ok this will be alright'€™ and it was really easy. Everybody was just like '€˜hey you know I'€™ve heard of you guys'€™ or '€˜oh I haven'€™t heard of you guys. What'€™s your name?'€™ Like everybody was really welcoming and I think that'€™s what'€™s really awesome about Warped Tour is that. Which is funny because the first people we made friends with were Confide and Attack Attack which is weird because it'€™s like completely different music but we watch each others'€™ sets every day now and it'€™s just really cool like two totally opposite genres can be really close friends on Warped.

What'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve seen on Warped this summer? Maybe at your set, someone else'€™s?
Tay: Um when it was raining in Austin or somewhere in Texas, Hurricane Alex came through and I saw a boy/man/teenager/dude, a young adult running in only what looked like a bathing suit bottom but was really a bandana wrapped around his lower regions. That was probably the craziest thing I saw. We were just like so bummed, everybody was all wet, people were only coming in our tent just for shelter and we were like '€˜can you buy a CD?'€™ and all of the sudden just this guy is running through the mud just like with a red bandana on. It was hilarious. Like Tarzan on Warped Tour.

Then where can kids find you this summer? What stage are you playing, are you signing, what'€™s going on?
We'€™re playing at Skullcandy stage and obviously like the time changes every day but we'€™ve been getting late times. For the last couple days, we'€™ve been playing at seven which is really cool because we have like all day to promote and lose our voices yelling but that'€™s cool! Whatevs!

And what can kids look forward to these next few months from you guys? Are you going to be back on the road, what'€™s going to be going on?
Tay: Yeah we'€™re going to be on the road as much as possible. We actually haven'€™t really stopped since December. We'€™ve been out like non stop. We only had like two and a half or three weeks before Warped Tour just to even be home so after that, or after Warped Tour we'€™re going to take some time and write and then just be out again but we'€™re not really sure with who or whatever. A lot of things are up in the air. Hopefully something exciting!

Is there a full length in the near future? Are you working on one, what'€™s the story?
Tay: Yeah that'€™s what we'€™re doing now. Even sometimes like I'€™ll catch Jordan in the back lounge just kind of jamming on something and you know all of us have like pages of lyrics and we'€™re all kind of like you know gradually working on things but yeah full length is definitely in the future! Hopefully by next summer.

The last one is kind of goofy but if you were to take any song off the new EP to make a video for, what would be the craziest video concept you could think of?
Tay: Okay! Well, we did just make it! I don'€™t know if it'€™s too crazy but it'€™s actually kind of funny. We did a video for '€œBoth Sides of the Story'€ and it'€™s like we stalked peoples'€™ twitters for a few weeks and we searched the code words '€˜I found out'€™ because that'€™s part of the song and then like there'€™s a '€˜I hate'€™ and '€˜I think'€™ and we used some of the tweets. For example, I'€™ll give away one of the tweets. It was '€˜I found out turtles could breathe through their butts'€™ so like we actually had like a live turtle like looking at it like what the hell and then there'€™s like live footage too of us playing but it'€™s a lot of like textography and like twitter based which we thought was kind of cool because we'€™re like obsessed with twitter so it'€™s cool!

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