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It had been a while since our last time we had caught up with Blake, Devin and Sierra of VersaEmerge and since our first time in November with the band, they have recorded and dropped their debut full length, had played most of the Warped tour playing it all this summer and announced their first headlining tour of their career! This time around we didn'€™t have too much time with the extremely time deprived band as most are at Warped but we still learned about how the new record is doing in their live shows and what kids can look forward to in the future. It was short, sweet, a pre cursor to what should be an amazing fall/spring for this talented band. Plans are in the works to cover or interview the band in a fuller sense when they come back to Boston at the end of November so look to catch up with them then but for now read one of our catch up interviews we did at Warped with Sierra and Blake!

'€˜Fixed at Zero'€™ has been out for so short but already everyone'€™s talking about it which is awesome for you guys as your debut. How has it been doing at Warped? How are the kids?
Sierra: It'€™s actually doing really well. A lot of kids like it. Kids who haven'€™t heard of us who have just happened to check us out, they'€™re getting it. They like it and they tell us which is really cool.
Blake: It'€™s really cool too because we'€™re playing like four songs off of the new CD live so like I don'€™t know, we'€™re just really happy to be playing new songs finally.
Sierra: Yeah (laughs).

Last time we talked, you were about to jump into the recording studio for this record. How did the process go for you? Was it up to your expectations?
Sierra: Yeah it was a great process. I mean we'€™ve never been in the studio that long to work on a full length record, just little quick EP'€™s so going in there with the songs that we had and being able to kind of twist and work on new songs and write while we were there, experiment with different sounds and kind of like delve into the music a little bit more was definitely a great experience.

What can fans look forward to these next few months? Are you going to be on the road again pretty quickly supporting this record?
Blake: Definitely! We'€™ll be touring in the fall whether we'€™re headlining or supporting. We'€™ll be definitely touring the record.

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