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Thieves and Villians are pretty much a perfect complement to their tour mates on their current tour with The Scenic. Their pop punk jumps around all over with their new record '€œSouth America'€ and is definitely a winner! I got the opportunity to sit down with Joe Penna from the band just before my interview with their tour mates and he made for a great interview. We talked about everything from how they believe the record is doing, the craziest things they'€™ve experienced while on the road and their touring plans for the next few months! Check it all out below and give the tour a chance. They'€™ll be pulling through Melrose, MA on Saturday and are in New York tomorrow night!

A little soft one to start! If you could tour with any three dream artists like in your scene, who do you think they would be?
If we could hit the road with any three artists in our scene, who would they be?
Definitely Manchester Orchestra would be a definite. Tokyo Police Club and I don'€™t know. Oh Weezer!

And then I know the tour is just starting today with The Scenic but with '€œSouth America'€ just coming out two months ago, what are you most looking forward to with this tour? Like continuing to be back on the road?
Well we took about like ten days off from being out since early June so we'€™re definitely looking forward to it. We'€™re touring with The Scenic! They'€™re great guys and definitely looking forward to having some fun. It starts tonight in Brooklyn and works its way up and then down the east coast but looking forward to making some new fans and definitely hanging with The Scenic a lot.

Good! And then it'€™s been a little under two months I think it'€™s more like a month and a half since the last record dropped and it'€™s been a while for you guys to put out new material in a full length form. How has it been doing so far maybe based on the tours, how have shows been?
Oh they'€™re doing very well. The response has been great! A lot of the reviews that we'€™ve been getting back from outlets like AbsolutePunk.net and the other various outlets have been all positive reviews and people seem to love it. We get great feedback on twitter and on face book, myspace, etcetera so we'€™re really excited. We'€™re really happy with the way everything'€™s going and it'€™s definitely different so we figured it would be not very quick out the gate but everyday it'€™s growing bigger and bigger so we'€™re definitely excited about it!

Then how did the band actually come to be? I know you guys have been around for a few years now!
Yeah actually Chris Penning, the guitarist and vocalist and he actually plays keyboards too, he was in a different band and so was Sergio and they met just through the local music scene. Sergio and Chris the bassist now knew each other from a previous band so he knows Chris and I know these guys through a mutual friend that helped me to get into it with them and that'€™s pretty much how we'€™re all here now.

Perfect and then how did the decision to sign to Victory Records come about for you guys and to put out the new record with them?
Basically Victory reached out to the band Thieves and Villians and they talked and stuff like that. They showcased for them and then one thing lead to another and we signed!

Perfect. With the record out, how does the songwriting process normally come about for you guys? Is it different every time, is it one person, more collective how does it all come about?
As far as writing goes, it'€™s collective and it'€™s not that every song is very different. Sergio and Chris Pennings are the main song writers of the band and they would bring like an idea to the table and then we would all kind of mix it together with all of our ideas put together so it'€™s definitely collective and initially most of the songs are written by Chris and Sergio and then the rest goes from there.

Alright and then the last two to tie it all up! What'€™s the craziest thing you'€™ve experienced maybe at one of your shows? Maybe not necessarily on the road in general!
The craziest thing we'€™ve seen on the road you guys(while on phone talking to the rest of the guys in the band!) I don'€™t know it'€™s a hard question to answer because we see crazy things on a daily basis. There'€™s got to be something that sticks out to some one. For me I don'€™t know it would definitely be that I got attacked by a scorpion in Arizona. That was pretty crazy and it was really small so apparently the smaller they are the more poisonous.
Oh ew!
Yeah it jumped out of my drum case and it was in the middle of the desert. It was definitely an experience. That'€™s probably not the craziest thing but that'€™s all I can think of right now.

That'€™s still pretty crazy and then the craziest place you'€™ve found inspiration like maybe for anything from like a song lyric or a song title?
The strangest place we'€™ve found inspiration (to the guys once again)? Ah Sergio? Album covers, etcetera?
Sergio: Oh for like a song? Um books. Books would definitely be one.
Yeah like there'€™s a song on our record called '€œA Song for Dean Moriarty'€ for Dean Moriarty from the books or the novel '€˜On The Road'€™. And then there'€™s a track called '€œVirginia Woolf'€ on the record that'€™s inspired by the author Virginia Woolf. Mostly books and stuff like that.

Awesome and then the last one. I know you'€™re on the tour now and then you come back out with Just Surrender I believe soon after. So what'€™s going on for you guys? Are you just going to be constantly on the road promoting this album, playing new shows, what'€™s going to be going on in the next few months?
Yeah our plan is to basically keep grinding as hard as we possibly can staying on the road. We'€™re going out with Just Surrender in mid October to the end of October and that rolls into another tour. We'€™re going to be doing a West Coast tour in November with a band called Motel Lights out there. We won'€™t be home for Thanksgiving and we don'€™t really care. We just want to keep pushing and keep going as hard as we possibly can.

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