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Through this time, I'€™ve worked with several Fueled by Ramen bands be it the love song singing boys in Rocket To the Moon to the rock and roll crew in This Providence to the newly signed to the label Fun but the most recent and quite possibly one of the most interesting bands on the roster is The Swellers! Being a band that I'€™ve had on my radar for years be it on tour line ups to myspace play lists, I knew that it was an opportunity I should definitely take to talk to co-founder Nick Diener.

Nick started the band in 2002 with his brother Jono and ever since then, the band has put out several records, played with punk rock legends like Paramore and Anti Flag and have no signs of slowing down any time soon. Being on the road constantly, the band directly after playing their run of the Warped Tour continued to hit the road on their current tour with Fireworks which is stopping by here on Thursday and we talked about all of that and much more! From how the new record is shaping up to who they would take out on a dream tour to everything that'€™s going on at Warped for them, we covered everything all in our exclusive below!

So a little soft one. If you could tour with any three bands on this tour, who do you think they would be?
How many bands do I have to choose?
You can do three, you can do two.
Okay three. I'€™ll take Motion City Soundtrack because they'€™re just the best. I would love to put Bouncing Souls on that tour. Oh man and then our new friends in Fake Problems. I think I would put them on too, I think that would make a really good tour. I'€™d probably have to add like a couple more bands and make a different tour because if I had to do another one I would do Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and Polar Bear Club. So yeah there are a bunch of different worlds that I want to combine like we have so many awesome friends in bands on this tour that it'€™s hard to pick but it'€™s so much fun watching them every day.

And then Ups and Downsizing has been out for a good while now. What have fans reactions been to the record so far maybe in comparison to the past because I know this is your first major label release?
Yeah like basically we started making records on our own and then we moved on to making records on a really small label and this is our first record on a big label. It'€™s definitely sold way more copies then any of our other ones just because of all the help and all the touring that we'€™ve been doing. So we always thought like in our punk rock community the mantra is '€˜I liked their first album the best'€™ and kids always say that they always mean it but with us, we try to play some of our old songs and kids just don'€™t know them. Kids are just watching us like nodding their heads and then we'€™ll play the new songs and kids sing along. So we'€™re in a pretty weird demographic where people are actually liking our new stuff better then the last record and I'€™m really happy about that. I mean obviously there'€™s some people who like our older stuff better but you know everybody has different tastes but I'€™m really happy with the response. All the reviews were great, the label loved it and I'€™m just ready to get working on number two already.

And that'€™s actually what I was going to ask about next. Are there plans to start writing/recording the new record? What'€™s going on?
Yep! We'€™re always writing. Always, always and we actually record whenever we'€™re home. Just getting ideas down and stuff like that but I think with this one since we know it'€™s going to be on Fueled by Ramen we have a lot more support behind us and we have a lot more ambition to make this something awesome. With Ups and Downsizing, we recorded it before we even knew who we were going to sign to. We just kind of made the record and said alright, now what? Yeah so this next one is definitely going to have a lot more focus and drive and I'€™m really excited to get it done finally because we'€™ve been waiting for so long.

Perfect, and then I think you'€™re jumping pretty much right back on the road after Warped tour. I believe it'€™s a full US tour, can you talk a little more about that?
Yeah we'€™re touring with our good buddies in Fireworks. They'€™re a band out of Detroit that'€™s doing really well. They'€™ve been blowing up in like the pop punk scene touring with New Found Glory and all those guys and there'€™s two up and coming bands that are doing really well with Transit and Man Overboard that are opening and it'€™s going everywhere! It'€™s going all over the US, parts of Canada and it'€™s like six weeks long. It'€™s out of control but it'€™s going to be good. It'€™s sweet after being on Warped tour because we'€™re going to hit up all the places we just played and then places we didn'€™t play yet.
That'€™s like four months straight on the road, crazy!
Yeah we haven'€™t really stopped touring since the record came out. We haven'€™t had more than a month off!
It'€™s out of control but it'€™s what we do so I'€™m loving it!

Perfect, then it'€™s been a while for the band but you guys aren'€™t newbies to the tour. You have been on the tour in the past right?
Yeah we played only a few shows here and there but this is our first time on a big leg of it so it'€™s really exciting to see how everything works behind the scenes but yeah 2005 was the last time we did like five or six shows on the Warped tour. So we'€™ve been long overdue to make it back here.

So how has Warped Tour been doing for you guys so far this summer?
It'€™s been great! I think it'€™s one of the coolest tours we'€™ve ever done. Really, really hard tour. You have to really promote yourself and let people know when you'€™re playing and that you exist. Um, it'€™s really hot so most shows you know you show up at night, the sun goes down, you play then you leave when it'€™s dark. This is like you wake up and it'€™s hot and you pack up and it'€™s just still hot and you drive. Pretty much out of control. Good though!

Then what'€™s one of the crazier things you'€™ve experienced or seen on this tour? A lot of people are saying things citing the Rejects but maybe something a little different.
Oh yeah, there'€™s a bunch of our friends who get really crazy and you know everybody'€™s drinking and doing whatever and eating a bunch of food at the end before bus call but I'€™m more laid back. I like to just hang out, watch movies and talk, do things like that. So I usually just hang out with Justin from Motion City Soundtrack and we work out together and then we also just have movie nights when we'€™re too lazy to work out. So we kind of have our little geek club. We will go out and hang out with our friends and we'€™ll all have a good time but most of the time we like to hole ourselves up so I think that'€™s one of the coolest things about Warped tour is the fact that we'€™ve gotten to strengthen some friendships and just do all kinds of stuff. It'€™s really cool.

And then where can fans find you at the tour? What stage are you playing, are you going to be doing signings, what'€™s going to be going on?
Oh well we play on the Ernie Ball stage! We'€™re one of the headliners with like Mayday Parade and Emarosa so we'€™ve been having a really cool time slot every show so far. We kind of got started on the Ernie Ball stage back in 2003. We played like the local show in Detroit so now we'€™re actually headlining half the Warped tour and I think that'€™s really cool. We do signings at our tent, The Swellers tent, after every show we play and sometimes we do them elsewhere like we'€™ll post it on twitter. We go to the Atticus tent or something like that but yeah otherwise we just wander around promoting trying to sell stuff and make ends meet I guess.

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