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If I had to pick one breaking band for this year, one that really broke into the music scene and brought their sound all over, it would have to be Arizona based The Summer Set. It'€™s been a few years in the making but after all their hard work, the band is truly finding a place in the music scene. Playing all of the Warped tour this past summer and coming onto the one year anniversary of their debut full length '€œLove Like This'€, they have clearly matured. Be it their latest video for the song '€œThe Boys You Do'€ to their naked picture they took for their myspace, they are growing up and living like there'€™s no tomorrow!

Recently, I got the chance to sit down with lead singer Brian Logan Dales where we talked about everything from breaking his ankle right at the beginning of the AP tour this past spring to hopefully writing/recording a new record this fall. '€œWe'€™re The Summer Set so I feel like it would be fitting to release the record during the summer time so hopefully next summer we can have a new album out which would be sweet.'€ This is a band I'€™ll definitely be keeping my eye on and so should you!

So '€œLove like Swift'€ just dropped earlier this summer as a new version of '€œLove Like This'€.
So besides having all the covers from Bamboozle on it, why should kids buy it?
Um, you can buy it at Walmart which I guess isn'€™t really an incentive.
No, it'€™s the same thing except it has five sweet live Tay Swift covers and I guess you can buy it at Walmart which really isn'€™t that great.

I know you played the Taylor Swift covers at Hoodwink but if you could pick maybe any other band to cover, who would it be?
Bruce Springsteen.

And how has Warped been going for you guys?
Awesome, it'€™s like maybe my favorite tour we'€™ve ever done. It'€™s just fun. It'€™s an all day thing. It'€™s like being at the coolest summer camp of all time.

Then now that '€˜Love Like This'€™, it'€™s been out for a while so are there plans to start writing a new one?
Oh yeah!
We honestly want to make a new record this winter so we can try and release it next summer. We'€™re The Summer Set so I feel like it would be fitting to release the record during the summer time so hopefully next summer we can have a new album out which would be sweet.
It'€™s definitely a long process so it makes sense to do it this winter, perfect!

So how does the band typically go about the songwriting process? Is it one person, is it more collective?
It'€™s all of us and anybody can come up with an idea and then they'€™ll bring it to somebody else and we'€™ll all just kind of work on it together I feel like. Maybe that'€™s because we like working together or maybe it'€™s because none of us can finish something on our own but we just have to see.

And then the new video just dropped for '€œThe Boys You Do'€. It'€™s very crazy but you guys have two out now for Chelsea and this one. If you could pick any other single off this album to do, what do you think would be the craziest concept? You'€™ve done the party and you have the Saved by the Bell parody.
Since day one, I'€™ve always wanted '€œYoung'€ to be the single off of that album and I think we'€™ll probably give it a little bit of a shot but um I want to make a vampire video for it. I mean the lyrics are '€˜we'€™re never going to be as young as tonight'€™ and vampires are huge. It seems like it could make sense but I'€™ve always wanted to make a vampire video for '€œYoung'€. A hateful one.
Scary one?
Yeah something that'€™s dark and cinematic. I don'€™t know, I like music videos! Kind of my jam.

And then what'€™s one of the craziest things you think you'€™ve seen so far this summer or experienced?
I watched Tyson Ritter during an All American Rejects set singing '€˜Gives You Hell'€™ on a raft in the crowd, surfing the crowd.
Oh my god.
Every single day I go on stage thinking to myself '€˜Alright, what can I do to make myself seem crazier then Tyson'€™ and then he pulls that stunt. I don'€™t know how to top it at all. Last time I jumped off stage, I broke my ankle so!
I know, right before the AP tour?
During the AP tour!
Oh true, it was one of the first few days wasn'€™t it?
Yeah it was like five shows into the AP tour but yeah he surfed the crowd on a raft and didn'€™t fall. He was like standing.
What?! He was standing?
Oh yeah he was standing on it, he was laying down, he was moving on this thing.
Oh god!
It blew my mind! I don'€™t know how he did it but I watched it and I don'€™t think I'€™ll ever be as cool as that.

Then where can fans find you this summer at Warped? Like what stage are you playing?
Glamour Kills stage. At least once a day we have a signing at our own merch tent and once a day we usually do a signing at either the Glamour Kills tent or like the Alternative Press tent or the Amethyst Jeans tent. So you can always find out! We'€™re hanging a lot!

And what can fans look forward to post Warped? Are you going to be back on the road? Taking a little break?
I think we'€™re going to do another tour in the fall.
And you probably can'€™t say.
I'€™m not telling you what it is-
You'€™re not going to tell me, I know!
But it will be wild. It'€™s going to be crazy! It should be cool and then we'€™re hopefully going to make a new record.

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