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Need some true and blue '€œreal'€ pop punk? Well I have your next band for you in The Scenic! The Philadelphia raised boys are currently on the road with fellow Victory Records band Thieves and Villians and will be here near me on Saturday! They are dropping their new full length record on Tuesday '€˜Bipolaroid'€™ and if the new single '€˜Uh pop punk it seems these days but these boys bring something incredibly fresh and I'€™m sure soon enough they'€™ll become a huge name! Oh'€™ is a sign of what'€™s coming then we'€™re in for a real treat. Everyone calls themselves.

The band has changed the line up a little bit with this new record and included in that group is much loved local Boston musician Jay Gatt who previously led the band Lannen Fall. After this extremely loved group disbanded this past spring, we haven'€™t heard much from the guys and after checking out their latest video before this interview I thought I recognized him! Read on for everything The Scenic in our interview Zach be it about the craziest thing they have seen on the road to how the journey has been being on a label to what kids can look forward to with this new record.

You start your new tour tonight with Thieves and Villians and being that it'€™s so close to the new record coming out, what are you most looking forward to with in these first few days? Like being excited about the record and the kids getting excited?
Oh well I mean we'€™re just excited to get out and play. It'€™s been a while and we have a couple new guys and I'€™m just stoked to play some shows and try and play the new stuff as tight as we can and be energetic about it and we want to get out and do what we do!

Then the new record hits shelves in less then a week on Tuesday. What can fans look forward to with this release? Do you feel it'€™s(the sound) matured at all since the last release?
Yeah it'€™s definitely a different sound for sure! We all grew up just you know loving like mid nineties pop rock like Weezer and Third Eye Blind, Nirvana, Everclear and all that like kind of stuff. With this one, there is definitely a lot less of a effort on this record to fit in to any sort of scene like the effort was just to write some pop rock tunes that we dug. I don'€™t know I feel like we accomplished that. So it'€™s definitely different!

Victory'€™s definitely one of the bigger indie labels out there. How is it been working with a major record label compared to doing everything all on your own?
I don'€™t know Victory, one of the great things about them is they just kind of as an artist you just get to be who you are. There isn'€™t any pressure from them to do one thing or another. They sign you and they sign bands they believe in and they'€™ve just kind of turned us loose. The one difference is that they give you a great recording budget which allows you to work with who you want to work with and lets you have a good quality recording and then I think the thing that really benefits us the most is just that there'€™s a team of people working for us! I mean we just went out to Chicago where Victory is and we did a video with them and it was all done in house and it was just awesome! I think we accomplished all of that for a lot less money then it would have cost us to hire out and find another director and all those kinds of things. It'€™s cool because it'€™s definitely a label where so many bands come up and it'€™s a kind of DIY thing. Like booking shows and trying to figure out how to build your band and I feel like they have that kind of same idea. Like they get that, not just a signed band like twelve million out there in pick up sticks. I feel like they actually take an interest in their artists.

Then how did the decision to sign to Victory come about? Like how did it happen?
Well I actually wasn'€™t in the band at that point but I'€™ve heard the story so I'€™ll give it to you as best I can. The guys had gotten together and I think they went and recorded like three decent quality demos and Frank our bass player just started kind of blasting labels. Victory was one of the first to respond and they had the guys come out and play a showcase and I think they signed pretty quickly. I think that with in even three months of being a band Victory had a deal on the table and they just kind of jumped at it and went for it.

Crazy and then how did The Scenic come to be? I know you weren'€™t in it originally but maybe like how the line up is today?
When I came out I was the first guy that wasn'€™t one of the original members. Since the guitar player Dan left, I'€™ve been playing out with The Scenic for probably a little over a year and a half at this point. Trying to think how the whole thing went down. It was just nothing new. Band members change it'€™s never easy. It'€™s not easy being a band at our level. There'€™s not a whole lot of money involved, there'€™s tons of shows and you'€™re gone all the time but just through some different things that came to pass like our drummer needed to leave and then our other guitar player was kind of dragging his feet so when we finished recording he decided that it wasn'€™t for him anymore but the guys we have now. We'€™ve got a buddy of ours'€™ playing drums. He'€™s a great drummer, great kid. We'€™ve known him for a while and we love him. He'€™s been playing awesome and he'€™s really contributing as far as working for us doing whatever needs to be done and then just recently our buddy Jay who was in another band in Boston called Lannen Fall for years and years. His band'€™s just kind of disbanded recently and he'€™s come down and is playing shows with us. Definitely the most talented line up I'€™ve been a part of since I'€™ve been out here. I think the set is definitely sounding big I'€™m excited about it. I think that all these things like the ups and downs of a rollercoaster being in a band kind of happens with a purpose. I think we'€™re in a good spot as result of, not as a result of but through all the turmoil, things have worked themselves out pretty great.
I actually thought I recognized Jay because I actually interviewed him when he was in Lannen Fall when the band was together!
(laughs) Oh yeah?
Yeah I thought I recognized him because of the interview and seeing him play at local shows I was covering.
Cool! Yeah it'€™s very cool because he'€™s just a killer guitar player and then we found out he'€™s a great singer too and I'€™m really excited to play some shows with because I feel like our live show between me doing background vocals and obviously Jeremy he'€™s our lead singer and then now with Jay on board, we'€™ve really just got like a sick vocal presence live so I think that could be cool and I'€™m excited for people to hear it.

That'€™s what I was going to ask about too. I know it'€™s been a while since you guys have been back on the road. What can fans look forward to when coming out to these shows? Are you playing new music live? Maybe it'€™s someone who'€™s never seen you before, what can they look forward to?
Yeah that'€™s kind of been a thing lately. Looking outward, we'€™re thinking over a lot of things. I mean we'€™re not a huge band, we haven'€™t sold a ton of records so we'€™re kind of like '€˜okay what do we think we'€™re going to do?'€™ Right now the set is kind of half stuff from the old record and half of the stuff from the new record because we definitely don'€™t want to alienate anybody but at the same time we are really excited about the new stuff and we feel that our identity now as a band with this record we'€™ve got a good mix. I feel like we can win some one over that'€™s coming out for the first time. We'€™ll just kind of see how it goes. I hope you know like we were saying I hope that we can be more mobile I don'€™t know (laughs). It'€™s kind of hard to say because you know you go out and you just want to play your tunes as best as you can and be energetic and have a good stage presence and hopefully you know make some further impact on kids.

Fantastic and then two little stranger ones. What'€™s the craziest thing you'€™ve probably seen at one of your live shows or during touring? Just generally on the road!
Craziest thing at one of our live shows. I'€™m trying to think I don'€™t know if there'€™s anything completely insane. Jeremy every night finds something extremely inappropriate to say to somebody while I'€™m rolling my eyes but that'€™s kind of crazier then a few stories. As far as like crazy stuff on the road, we'€™ve actually had a pretty smooth ride so far touring like we haven'€™t come across anything insane. Never had any accidents, nothing weird has happened apart from driving a little bit sleep deprived and like having delusions of seeing elephants and giraffes on the road. Besides that, we'€™ve been pretty good. We'€™ve been pretty fortunate so far.
Delusions are still pretty crazy though.
(laughs) Yeah well this past summer, not this summer but during the one before we had like this seven or eight days worth of shows run on Warped Tour but we decided we were going to go out and try to promote. We were working for The Ataris, friends of ours, and they were on the first three or four weeks of Warped Tour. I don'€™t know exactly but we were just in a van and trailer and we were just hustling records all day and then doing their, you know, tech-ing for them and they would play and we'€™d just get in the van and drive all night. That was probably the most intense road stretch for the band so far that I'€™ve experienced since I'€™ve been out here but that was good times. That was rough but it was a good bonding time.

And then let'€™s say if you could hit the road with any three maybe dream bands for you personally or bands in your scene, who would they be?
Oh dream bands! Well we'€™re all huge fans like I'€™ve said of like Weezer, Third Eye Blind. Those would probably be the ultimate dream bands those two and then I think for me personally I would love to throw Brand New in there somewhere. I'€™m sure Jeremy would come up with a whole bunch of off the wall ska bands and punk bands that we don'€™t like actually sound anything like and then Frank would probably want to be on tour with Nirvana but obviously that'€™s not going to happen.

Perfect and then the last one! With the record coming out and obviously being on this tour, what can fans look forward to with in these next few months? Are you going to be out on the road for a while supporting it? What'€™s going to be going on?
Yeah we'€™re just going to be out touring. We have this run with Thieves and we'€™re working on some things for October. We had some plans for fall touring which kind of drained but we'€™re going to scramble and put together a bunch of local stuff so they can keep their eyes out for dates in the northeast. In November, we'€™re going out with Just Surrender. That'€™s going to be a full US tour and then in the first part of December we'€™re talking to a handful of different bands that are packaging up. It'€™s going to be good! Hopefully we'€™ll be busy, be on the road and just keep pushing. Hopefully we can land some good support tours to help ourselves get a broader audience.

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