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The Postelles are bringing back the retro and fun of the fifties in a modern way with their debut record dropping this October and luckily they are broadening their horizons all over the US. Since our interview, the boys have been back in Boston a handful of times and are actually returning to the city tomorrow night! Though their debut is just coming out this October, the band has been actively touring since early 2008 and have already created a huge fan base.

Fresh off their full US tour with Hockey, I got the chance to catch up with Daniel and John from the band right after they played an electrifying set at the Great Scott and we talked about everything for the band. Be it their attempts to add bison to the band to how they first got together to their non existent future plans to their not so pc ways of getting people going at their live shows, I had a blast with the guys! Come out to their shows coming up to get a sense of quite possibly the most entertaining band from New York these days!

What'€™s one of the crazier things you have seen while on the road?
Daniel: I don'€™t know, that'€™s a good question!
John: Oh Montana! Just seeing Montana in general was crazy.
Daniel: That was cool! I mean we saw, what was it? Antelopes right?
John: Bison maybe?
Daniel: Bison! Seeing bison in Montana was pretty cool. They'€™re very big and we asked them to join the band but they weren'€™t willing.
They weren'€™t going for it?
Daniel: They weren'€™t going for it, they weren'€™t down, they didn'€™t know any instruments so they didn'€™t join but they were very cool to see from far off. The animals of the earth they were crazy! We had a good night with them. Tipped a few over, they got up and punched us in the face. It was good! Are they buffalo? Are they bison or buffalo? You can make a mix of bison and buffalo but it would just be kind of bison.
John: Let'€™s not go there.
Daniel: Let'€™s go there!

Then I know you all met a while ago I believe in high school. So is this is the original line up today?
Daniel: Yeah! Oh no, I'€™m a liar. Did I just lie?
John: No it is!
Daniel: For the Postelles it is?
John: Well, we'€™ve all known each other since high school. We'€™ve been in various different bands. This line up represents the majority, like three fourths. We went through a lot of drummers. It'€™s always been Billy though.
Daniel: It'€™s all about Billy all the time. I would say yes, he would say more but I'€™m a man of few words.
John: Never are you a man of few words.
Daniel: Nothing wrong about that.

I know your full length is coming out in July, the 27th but your EP '€˜White Night'€™-
Daniel: Yeah March 2nd, you got it! You nailed it. I was reading your questions. You nailed it!
I did my research! How has the reaction been so far for the EP?
Daniel: Yeah you did! I think, I hope good. I mean I think when people say it to our face they like it but hopefully behind our backs they'€™re not saying the opposite but I think it'€™s been pretty good. I think we just wanted to release an EP to sort of have a little taste of what the album was going to be like. I think it'€™s done pretty well. It was actually funny when we went on our UK tour a few weeks ago or few days ago whatever, people there sort of knew the EP a little bit and I was sort of surprised about that because people in Boise, Idaho didn'€™t know the EP at all but people in Sheffield, England knew it so I don'€™t know!

That'€™s so crazy, what can fans look forward to with this full length since there have only been EP'€™s out before?
Daniel: With the album? Hopefully more songs.
John: Full length!
Daniel: It'€™s a full length, it'€™s lengthier and it'€™s a lot longer! I would say like eleven songs.
John: It'€™s really a combination of what we'€™ve been doing for the past couple years so we'€™re really excited for our first real full artistic statement.
Daniel: We feel it'€™s a big representation of our band. It'€™s the best representation of our band and we'€™re really proud of every song I think in a different way. Are you writing it down or are you recording?
Oh, I'€™m just writing who says what.
Daniel: I just don'€™t want to talk too fast.
Yeah I just saw the names and stuff
Daniel: Oh yeah my name'€™s Daniel but I think we'€™re really, really proud of it and it was an incredible experience recording. I think we love playing live and we love recording it in sort of a different way. It was amazing, really excited to show people. Very excited for that date July 27th.

How did you go about the writing process in general? Is it more collective, is it one person?
Daniel: No, it'€™s very collective. I mean it starts I usually have like maybe a chord change or melody and then we orchestrate all the songs together. We really sort of lock ourselves in a rehearsal space and sort of jam out till we think it'€™s perfect. If we really think it'€™s perfect, we sort of look at each other and just have that feeling of '€˜this is right'€™. We love the writing process. I think that'€™s actually my favorite part of the whole thing is sort of creating and coming up with the ideas. That'€™s John'€™s least favorite part but it'€™s my favorite part.
John: Me too!
Daniel: It is? He lies, he lies.

Then how did you both personally start getting into music?
John: I don'€™t know, I just always really listened to my parents'€™ records collections and stuff like that. I played cello from an early age and then started rapping and that'€™s it.
Daniel: I can one up you on that. I listened to my grandparents'€™ records.
John: Nice.
Daniel: So I would go to their house and listen to those records which was strictly Black Sabbath.
John: His grandparents were crazy.
Daniel: They were crazy! My grandfather'€™s hair was dyed green.
Daniel: Yeah yeah no. I'€™m totally lying but I would say that when I was very young I listened to the Beatles and the Stones. I didn'€™t listen to Stones actually, what am I saying. The Beatles and stuff but you know I don'€™t know I always can remember music in my life and it'€™s the most important thing for me in the world.

Then what can people look forward to-
Daniel: Absolutely nothing.
at your live shows?
Daniel: Our live shows are bland. I think that our live shows, we take a lot of pride in our live shows and we really want to have the audience sort of feel like they'€™re a part of the show in a way and I feel like a party and hopefully that gets across in our shows.
John: Right, absolutely! I agree.
Daniel: Because I don'€™t want to hear in the van two hours later that you disagree.
John: I agree fully.
Daniel: So yeah, it'€™s like a party. We spike the punch too.
John: He spikes the punch at parties.
Daniel: I spiked it all. I tried to think of a past tense word for spike and I almost said spoke. Spoke the punch.

Like you said obviously nothing is going on in the future but I know-
Daniel: No! Absolutely nothing.
Absolutely nothing, no Bonnaroo no nothing.
Both: Nope!
Daniel: Canceled because of rain. I canceled it.
What are you most looking forward to? A huge festival no doubt.
Daniel: Yeah Bonnaroo'€™s amazing and it'€™s a great experience and there'€™s so many good bands around. I'€™m most excited for that I think. What about you John?
John: I agree.
Daniel: Do you ever just disagree in public?
John: I disagree but I'€™m really excited for Bonnaroo as well.
Daniel: So what are you most excited for?
John: Bonnaroo! Not the day we'€™re playing though. The next day!
Daniel: I'€™m excited for Thursday, he'€™s excited for the day the festival is over.
John: I'€™m excited for the van ride.
Daniel: Yeah he loves van rides probably. Loves them!
More excited for the van ride.
John: Totally it'€™s going to be great!

And then a little goofy one! If you weren'€™t in music, what do you think you would be doing?
Daniel: Does humming count? Can we be humming? John would be a hummer. The car because he'€™s sort of built like that and he'€™s a gas guzzler but I would be I don'€™t know I have to think about it. I'€™m expanding peoples'€™ minds in this and I would work at Marshall Realty. I would be a rental salesman. I would be the CEO of that company which I think they asked me for a resume and I sort of gave it up but yeah you got to write down that it'€™s right next to us right now just so that people don'€™t think I'€™m completely out of my mind but yeah you know I'€™d like to be one of those police man people who sort of direct traffic. You know they have the orange things on? I like that. I would do that!
John: Always in control man.
Daniel: Yeah you control the traffic. I was going to say it'€™s funny because I pretend to control the traffic. I tell people to stop all the time. It'€™s a lead singer thing.

Then to end it off. What was the first show you went to and the first record?
Daniel: Wow.
And do you think it influences you at all today?
John: For sho!
Daniel: I would say no it doesn'€™t influence me but no, no that'€™s not true. First show I ever went to was James Taylor and randomly Steven Tyler came on stage. I don'€™t know what song he sang I was like four. The first album I had I think was Outkast'€™s '€™Aquemini'€™ and that'€™s not even a joke that'€™s actually true and the second album I had was Spice Girls '€™Spice World'€™.
I'€™ve interviewed some one who had the exact same answer. Christopher Drew.
Daniel: Oh really? I got to meet this guy!
And what about you?
John: First show I went to was Bruce Springsteen.
Daniel: Rick Springsteen.
John: Rick Springsteen brother of Bruce.
Daniel: He talks about this all the time. He'€™s a huge fan of Rick Springsteen. '€œI was born to die'€. That'€™s his big hit.
John: And I think it was probably some Green Day record. Like '€œDookie'€.
Daniel: Oh Dookie actually that was my first record. I lied about the last one. Dookie on cassette. I had a babysitter I think who babysitted me until I was eighteen.
John: Still does actually.
Daniel: And he gave me Dookie. Yeah right now. It'€™s John and he gave me Dookie and I thought it was great. That record'€™s amazing.

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