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Warped is both a tour for the oldies and classics but for the new as well and these next slew of interviews are going to be from some of the newer acts on the tour. It'€™s something I love about Warped and I had the chance to talk to a lot of the newer acts around. With in the next few days, I'€ll be posting new interviews from new guys in the pack like We Are The In Crowd, Breathe Electric and this next band The Downtown Fiction!

I'€™ve been hearing about this talented band for at least a year now which saw the band hit the road with American Hi Fi, get signed to a record label (Photo Finish!) and release their first EP with the backing of a major! I finally sat down with the band at Warped Tour this summer when I talked to Cameron who does lead vocals for the band. We talked about everything from how their time on Warped was going, how the EP has done and actually a tour they were supposed to do with Stereo Skyline along with some hints of the first full length! Shortly after our interview took place, Cameron had to go into surgery for a problem with his vocal chords so they had to end up canceling the tour. Don'€™t fret though as the band will be back out on the road soon on the new Summer Set headlining tour hitting the road this fall that also includes past tour mates from Bamboozle Stereo Skyline along with Modsun and Austin Gibbs! Read on for our interview and catch the boys when they pop through your town!

So a little quick one. If you could tour with any three bands on the Warped tour right now, who would they be?
Let me think, All American Rejects they'€™re great. Motion City Soundtrack and Sum 41. All bands that I kind of grew up listening to.

And then the '€œBest I Never Had'€ EP came out in March. How is it going so far with just playing on Warped and touring?
It'€™s all been going great! This is our first time ever playing Warped and it'€™s been quite an experience. Obviously we'€™re doing it in a van which is different from touring in a bus and if we were doing the entire tour, it would be a little different but since we'€™re only doing a few dates, we kind of hopped in the van not knowing what to expect and it'€™s been pretty crazy but definitely an experience and definitely something we want to do again.

Then you'€™ll be on the '€˜Stuck on Repeat'€™ tour, the new Stereo Skyline headliner with the Audition, Cash Cash and Cady Groves. Pretty stacked line up, what are you most looking forward to from that experience?
Yeah, it'€™s a full month! I don'€™t think it goes all the way to California so I think it goes as far as Texas but I'€™m really looking forward to it. We'€™ve toured with Stereo and Cady before. We'€™ve never done anything more than just a one off with Cash Cash and I don'€™t think we'€™ve ever played with The Audition so I guess I'€™m looking forward to meeting The Audition and just getting to hang out with everybody more. We'€™re already really tight with a lot of the people on the tour so it'€™s going to be really fun!

And where can fans find you on this run of tour dates? What stage are you playing, are you doing signings, what'€™s going to be going on?
On Warped we'€™re playing the Kevin Says stage. Times change every day and we'€™re just going to be hanging out at our merch tent all day. We aren'€™t really doing any planned signings because we just want to meet everybody so we'€™re going to be hanging out walking around all day and come say hi!

Perfect, and then is there a full length in the process?
It'€™s already well into being completed but I don'€™t think it'€™s going to be out until early next year. There'€™s a lot of preparation to go through for our first full length so I think we'€™ll probably be writing a few more songs but we already have ten recorded but it will be a while.

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