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Easily one of the hardest working bands in the scene (and becoming one of the most well known!), The Cab are about to release their follow up to Whisper War! It'€™s been well over two years since their debut release and '€œSymphony Soldiers'€ is aimed to drop this fall. After numerous members leaving through the extremely hard process for the band, the three main members have continued to be the original three and during our exclusive interview with Alex DeLeon, he told us that despite all the hardships the record should be released this fall.
Our interview focused on the new record since it'€™s been so anticipated and we talked about everything from the recording process to what Alex really feels impacted and maybe even changed the record'€™s sound for the band. Through this time as a band they'€™ve toured with such huge names as The Hush Sound, Plain White T'€™s and We The Kings but I'€™m sure the best is still to come for this extremely talented band. We were definitely lucky to be able to talk to the band during this period with such a huge record coming out along with how they went about the very risky sophomore album for any one!

It'€™s one of the most anticipated records of the year and it'€™s been a while since Whisper War-
You think? I hope it'€™s anticipated! I hope kids are really looking forward to it.
Has the sound matured or changed at all from the last record?
I mean it'€™s very different. I think my voice has changed a lot too. It almost sounds like a different person singing because when I did the first record, I'€™d only been singing for not long. I mean I hadn'€™t been singing for that long so I feel like my voice is like completely different.

Hopefully better. On the new record, musically everything'€™s kind of like the first record but on steroids. Like the stuff that was a little bit pop is very pop, the stuff that was kind of rock and roll is like extremely rock and roll so like it'€™s definitely different.

Then I know you recorded all of this record in so many different places. Was there any place that you really feel had the biggest influence on this record?
Well, I was old enough to, on this record, drink and go out more so like being in Vegas and New York and Cancun and being able to like party and have fun and kind of experience that side of life definitely influenced the record a lot. It'€™s a very fun record!

And with this record, did the writing process change it all? Is it one person, more of a collaborative effort?
I mean it'€™s always kind of been me and Marshall you know doing a majority of the stuff and Johnson will come in and lay his like beats down over it so it hasn'€™t changed too much. We definitely spend a lot more time writing.

Then what can fans look forward to with this release? Are you going to be back on the road with just doing the AP tour recently?
Well, if our record comes out in a few months then hopefully we'€™ll tour you know this fall for the record. I don'€™t know if it will be a support or a headliner but we will definitely be touring.

So there'€™s no set date for the record yet? It'€™s still in the works?
Early fall probably. There'€™s not a date yet. It should be coming soon though.

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