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Next up is something a little bit different then we'€™ve been covering in the past but kind of serves as a pre-cursor to what interviews are to come tomorrow. I'€™ll be posting my latest with two extremely talented girl fronted groups tomorrow in Versa Emerge and Gold Motel and decided that a great introduction to that group would be the up and coming Poughkeepsie raised The Best Week Ever!

Fronted by Lacey Caroline and Tom DeGrazia, some may compare them to fellow Poughkeepsie band We Are The In Crowd but they bring an incredibly fresh sound that sets them apart! In our interview with Tom, we talked about everything from who their dream tour would be to their major influences and how they typically go about their live shows! Read on for our exclusive interview and catch them live if you live in the New York area next month!

If the band could tour with any three dream bands, who would they be and why?
I'€™d say we would be into touring with U2, Blink 182 and Something Corporate because they are all huge influences and they draw well!

How did The Best Week Ever come to be?
Tom and James have been writing music for awhile and eventually found Lacey through mutual friends. Dave joined on drums about a year later!

Who would you say are some of the bands'€™ bigger musical influences?
Pretty much all the late 90'€™s/early 2000'€™s pop punk like Yellowcard, The Starting Line, New Found Glory, etcetera.

What can fans look forward to when coming out to one of your live shows?
High energy, a TON of crowd involvement and a few one liners that may make you laugh!

What'€™s the craziest thing you'€™ve experienced or seen so far as a band, maybe at a show, on the road?
Well we'€™ve had a few crazy experiences! A more memorable one was when we got lost somewhere in Connecticut and ended up at the '€œNitey Nite Motel'€. It was straight out of a slasher flick we heard screaming and banging all over! It totally freaked us out.

What can fans look forward to within these next few months from you guys?
We'€™ll be releasing a TBD cover song and playing a few regional dates in October and then plans for a Christmas EP are also in the air.

And then to wrap it up, what was the first CD you bought as a kid and the first show you went to?
First EP I ever bought was Saves The Day'€™s '€œThrough Being Cool.'€ First show ever was LFO at Jones Beach, haha.

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