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Taking a little breather from the Warped coverage, let'€™s head back to Bamboozle Roadshow! Bamboozle Roadshow normally takes about five bands out like a normal tour yet this summer they tried something a little bit different. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to watch both scene legends like Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind yet try out of the some newer acts like Cady Groves, Great Big Planes and our next featured band Stereo Skyline!

Since we talked, they have released their debut full length record along with headlining the successful Stuck On Repeat tour featuring a slew of past interviews in The Audition, Cash Cash and Cady Groves! I had the opportunity to talk with Kevin, Rob, Brian and Clayton on the last date of the tour and just a month before their record released where we talked about everything from how the tour went for the guys, where they found the latest addition to the band and much more. Was it at a Clay Aiken reunion show, on Match.com or on the street corner? Read on to find out!

So if you could just go around once and just say your name?
Clayton: My name'€™s Clayton! I play guitar for Stereo Skyline.
Kevin: My name'€™s Kevin and I sing and play guitar.
Rob: My name'€™s Rob and I play drums.
Brian: And I'€™m Brian and I play bass.

I know the Roadshow ends today so you'€™ve obviously been able to see a lot of the bands play. With a good mix of new meets old with bands like Simple Plan, Third Eye Blind and Good Charlotte, were there any that you particularly listened to growing up?
Clayton: That'€™s right! Oh yeah!
Kevin: Every time we'€™ve done an interview for the past year and a half, they asked '€˜what band would you love to tour with?'€™ and I always answer with Third Eye Blind consistently. You can look it up! There'€™s never an interview where I don'€™t say that and now we'€™re on tour with them and I mean Good Charlotte'€™s another one that we all like look up to, Simple Plan.
Brian: Hanson!
Kevin: Yeah we got to see Hanson every day for a while.
Rob: Plus all of these bands have given us like more advice then you could ever have asked for. I mean Good Charlotte, I think they say every day on stage that they'€™ve been a band for fourteen years. I mean that'€™s unreal.
Clayton: And we just turned fourteen!
Brian: I'€™m sixteen!

And then you'€™re going on your first headliner-
Kevin: Yes mam!
And it'€™s a pretty stacked line up. You'€™ve got the Audition who have been around for a while, Cash Cash, Downtown Fiction and Cady. What are you most excited for? It'€™s the first time where most kids are coming just for you!
Kevin: I think it'€™s cool because we'€™ve never really done a tour that'€™s like, well it'€™s not just ours. There'€™s obviously a bunch of bands but it'€™s going to be cool to see like what a Stereo Skyline show like turns into.
Rob: And I think it'€™s really great too that the bands want to come out with us because I think it'€™s going to really make a great package deal. I think everyone that'€™s there is going to have a good time. I think the shows are going to turn out sick!

And then what would you say is your favorite part of the touring experience?
Kevin: My favorite part of touring is getting to get to see all the different cities'€™ like foods. Like go to Philly and get a cheese steak, like New England clam chowder.
Rob: I love being able to tour with so many different bands and literally making like at least thirty new friends every tour and a tour like this, we'€™re leaving with probably like a hundred new friends. It'€™s insane.
Brian: Yeah I think it'€™s like so sick that on tours, you feel like people come together, stuff like that and such diverse people. I think that'€™s the coolest thing I'€™ve seen lately is like we'€™re friends with the most crazy people. Like if my mom saw a picture of us together, she'€™d be like what are you doing with them but we'€™re just like good friends! So I think that'€™s a cool part of the touring.

And your first full length comes out so soon (next month 7/20 out now!)-
Kevin: Yep!
Brian: Yes mam!
So what can kids look forward to? Is it a bit of a new style then you'€™ve played in the past?
Clayton: It'€™s the same Stereo Skyline that kids have kind of come to know and love, just I think done better. The songs are really, really good. We actually re-did '€˜Heartbeat'€™ as well, it will be on the album. It'€™s a lot of fun! It'€™s only going to be eight songs but every one of those eight songs is a song that-
Brian: Is a jumper!
Clayton: Is a jumper, it'€™s fun and they'€™re high energy great songs.

And then I know you recently joined the band.
Clayton: Yep!
It was a three piece for a while and then you came on. How did that come about?
Clayton: Basically once again Brian and Kevin have an account on Match.com and I was on there too looking for a band and they were looking for a guitarist and It just kind of worked out. It was crazy!
Kevin: I mean he'€™s obviously kidding. He had a rough childhood and his parents pay us a lot of money to keep him around.
Brian: But that'€™s a joke too. But seriously like we met him on the street corner actually in New York and he was begging for money and we were like '€˜woah I mean can you play guitar or anything cause like we need some one to play guitar for us'€™ and he was like '€˜yeah I can do that'€™ and then that'€™s how we met him.
Rob: And now for the real answer! Me and Kev were actually in Texas at Brian'€™s house checking out a show of our friend'€™s and Clayton was there and like he was just like '€˜hey you guys look familiar'€™ and we were like '€˜you look really familiar'€™. We just kind of met each other, started talking, and then we saw each other again like three or four months later back in our hometown and we just hung out again and then before we went on the Take Action tour recently with We The Kings and Mayday Parade, we needed a live guitarist. So we were like '€˜oh hey, how about Clayton? He'€™s awesome!'€™. Did the tour and we were just like we want you to be in our band! So that'€™s how it worked out!
Clayton: And then we became best friends! I think we did.
Well because it'€™s been a really short amount of time since Take Action?
Kevin: Oh yeah it'€™s very new.
Rob: It was kind of love at first sight.
Brian: Yeah it kind of came about at the right time.
Clayton: It really is crazy though. I really think things happen for a reason and I don'€™t honestly think I could be happier with a better group of guys then the guys I'€™m with right now. It'€™s true!
Brian: We love you man!
Clayton: By the way, I quit.

A lot of bands lately who have started on myspace have really grown really quickly including you guys in that group. How has it helped you because a lot of these other bands never had that medium. Good Charlotte didn'€™t have it back then, I had an interview with Benji awhile back and he was saying how all the young guys are helping them?
Kevin: Oh yeah! It works both ways like we'€™re teaching them about all this internet stuff like '€™what to do? What to use?'€™. I mean they do but they'€™re always like asking us and they'€™re like '€™yo, what'€™s twitter? What do you do about this, what about that?'€™ but we had a talk with'€¦was it Benji or Joel? It was on the bus.
Brian: Oh Joel!
Kevin: Yeah it was Joel. We were like '€™How did you guys like come up without myspace or internet?'€™ and they were like telling us, they were like '€™We recorded like cassette tapes and sent them out to record labels, like thousands of them.'€™ We were like wow!
Rob: They'€™re learning how to promote their band and push their band digitally. We'€™re learning how to do it how they used to do it like at shows, just walking around with fliers, stickers.
Brian: Meet a million fans, sell a million records!

How do you think it'€™s affecting your journey today? I mean looking at the tour that you'€™re on, etcetera.
Rob: I mean we owe the internet a lot of what we are. I mean a lot of people complain about how like now you can download music so easily and it takes away from record sales and it'€™s becoming like a problem with the music industry but at the same time, it'€™s helping the music industry because I feel like a lot of bands or artists wouldn'€™t have come up as quickly or at all rather without the internet. Because I mean back then, you could have been super talented but no one could have ever heard you. So it works both ways I think!

Then the last two to end it up! What was the first CD you ever bought?
Kevin: Wow, I know mine! Eminem. What was it? With the red curtains on the front? Something show'€¦The Eminem show!
Rob: Clayton, go first!
Clayton: Mine was Hanson '€œMiddle of Nowhere'€. That was the first band that really inspired me to start pursuing like bands and music and stuff.
Rob: I don'€™t remember exactly but I want to say it was Offspring. I'€™m not sure'€¦
Brian: My first record was, well the first song I can say this. The first song that I was ever like obsessed with is that song that goes like '€œI would walk five hundred miles'€. Like I remember like when I was a little kid, my mom thought it was hysterical that that was just like my jam because like my brother and sister were always into like you know the little kiddy stuff but yeah, those guys!

And then the first show you went to and do you think it influences you at all today?
Kevin: The Starting Line, who else played? I don'€™t remember anybody but the Starting Line but I saw them play and I was like '€˜Dang that was cool'€™. Like I should be in a band.
Rob: The first show that I went to was the All American Rejects, The Academy Is'€¦ and Rooney which was really cool.
Clayton: Honestly I can'€™t really remember. It'€™s kind of a blur just like always going to shows since I can remember since I was probably like twelve or thirteen. Small shows never really went to any big shows until later on but now we'€™re playing big shows which is great!
Brian: Um my first concert ever was Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday and like Cypress Hill I think it was. I don'€™t know but I do remember I was just starting to play guitar and Blink 182 was my total inspiration and I remember after my first concert, I went home and had school the next day. It was like 2 in the morning but I was just playing guitar all night I was so inspired.
Rob: I think Clayton actually you told me your first show once. It was the Wiggles live in concert.
Clayton: No I said that'€™s the first show I performed at.
Brian: Oh I thought you said the first show you performed at was the Clay Aiken surprise party!
(everyone laughs)

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