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After her hit-single 'Roll', up-and-comer R&B star Shontelle just released her album 'No Gravity'. The preview for new same-titled single is already gearing up. We sat down with her to talk about her album, her Caribbean roots, her goals and she even gives a couple of pointers for indie-artists!

Shontelle interview
[Q]: First question, love the new song '€˜No Gravity'€™. What'€™s the story behind the song?
The story behind '€˜no gravity'€™ is umm'€¦its like a cute love song really. I was literally just thinking about what you feel like when you have that love - it just makes you so happy and excited and you really do feel like you'€™re walking on thin air in a bubble and singing '€œla la la'€. That'€™s literally what it is you'€™re just happy to be in love. And so you feel like there'€™s no gravity, you'€™re just floating through space.

[Q]: Okay here'€™s something I didn'€™t know and you can let me know if it is true '€“ although your aunt was a popular artist your family had concerns about your music career. How come?
Even though my aunt was a popular artist back home in Barbados they were '€“ you know- that'€™s my mom'€™s sister so my mom would know first hand the challenges and like the struggles and how easy it is '€“ more easy to not work out than it is. So they were just really nervous more so, I guess as parents they were gonna be nervous.

[Q]: What was your aunt'€™s name?
Her name is Kim Derrick. And she still has a band in Barbados.

[Q]: Nice, and do you play with the band every now and then at home?
Yeah I actually used to play with them just before I got signed too. I had started performing with her it was pretty cool.

[Q]: How did you manage to craft songs for top artists while attending university?
Wow I sometimes wondered that. I don'€™t think I really thought about how '€“ you know when you love something you just do it so time management wasn'€™t really that challenging for me I would just do it. I would just figure it out. I know I had to go to to school there were certain things I wanted to accomplish academically and I just knew I had to do it and likewise with music there were certain things that I just love doing - I just loved it and I couldn'€™t help myself anyway. And that was basically it I never thought about it I just did it.

[Q]: What is your main goal as an artist for you right now?
I think for me right now the most important goals for me its really just establishing myself as an artist '€“ as a household name. I want to win grammys I want to really be accepted as an established artist and really touch as many people as I possibly can so for me another goal is to establish myself worldwide I don'€™t really want to be in a box. I think primarily for me as far as goals is definitely just really using this second album '€“ my goal is that it'€™s really gonna establish my career.

[Q]: When creating a track, do you have a set theme or pre-written lyrics or do you start with an idea or the music first?
When I'€™m writing a song it can be either of those things or a combination. There are times when you completely start from scratch sometimes you have a theme or a concept that you know '€“ ok this is what we'€™re gonna write about today. Some times u hear the music first - a beat and it just inspires a theme or it inspires you to go a certain way with the writing. It can be either way and I have and still do write using all those different methods.

[Q]: What collaborations could your fans look forward to in the future?
In the future well on this album as far as collabs go there'€™s Ashel Roth, theres Pitbull theres The Dream. I got to work with really cool people like Rock city, the Jackie Boyz, Bruno Mars, tony kanal from no doubt Rodney jerkins of course, you know I got to collaborate with an amazing slew of talent. Right now I'€™ve been able to collaborate with Rihanna so we actually worked on a song together that'€™s gonnna be on her upcoming album '€˜Loud'€™. That'€™s pretty exciting. Other than that I don'€™t know we'€™ll see where it goes. Hopefully I get a lot more phone calls also I recorded a song with JLS and they'€™re like a huge boy group from the UK. The collabs are comin in '€“ we'€™ll see- there are some people that I would like to work with, like Alicia Keys and Jay-Z.

[Q]: In what way do you reap the benefits in the music-business of your law-study?
Ah well law definitely '€“ the fact that I have studied law definitely helps '€“ there are benefits. I really call it shark repellent because what it means is that because people know this usually they don'€™t even come to me with half the stuff that they usually go to other artists with because they know that I already know [ laughs]. I actually am probably one of the few artists you know '€“ I actually read the right contracts. It makes it easier to weed out BS for lack of a better word.

[Q]: Is your law study helping you choose the right contract?
Yeah definitely. Even as far as me being able to know if my lawyer is any good. It helps you make a lot of good decisions and definitely I do read every contract that comes my way. I don'€™t even leave things to my lawyer. We work as a team together.

[Q]: Could you spare indie-artists a few pointers/ tips when signing a contract?
Like I said, It'€™s definitely important '€“ even if you think you don'€™t understand the legal words the most important thing is that you '€“ just don'€™t a sign a contract until you really understand. So even if you feel like '€˜I have the best lawyer in the world or the best manager in the world'€™ its still really important that even if you don'€™t understand what you have read, ask a million questions until you really understand what that contract means because it really is just a matter of saying '€œyes and no'€ '€“ agreeing to the terms and conditions. That'€™s the most important thing. Even if you don'€™t get it, ask until you get it. Don'€™t sign it until you understand.

[Q]: Recently, being that your other album'€™s coming out what'€™s a typical day like for you?
Oh my gosh yeah, a typical day for me is crazy but of course with an album coming out my day starts for me before the sun comes up. I'€™m either on my way to the airport, flying to a radio show or flying out somewhere to do press. I spend long hours doing phoners or interviews '€“ like right now and it gets later to the evening time when there'€™s shows so I might be doing club appearances or performances or radio shows and stuff like that so right now my schedule is extremely hectic.

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